Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Proposals Idiotic-IAAF says MOT proposals are “fraught with danger”

MOT Proposals Idiotic

MOT Proposals Idiotic

The thing I do not understand is who or what actually brought this request in the first place. Of course some lobby group from somewhere have asked for a four year gap before an MOT test can be carried out on new cars. Or is this some watered down proposal from the EU?

We all know that brakes and tyres are not going to last the four years. Hence, before they require an MOT test. At present the time is three years which is most adequate. As a result, this protest report from the IAAF highlights some of the points against the new proposals.

So bringing this post into 2020 then I believe these proposals have now been scrapped. We are now in the process of leaving the European Union. Of course this will all be looked at in the future by the UK department of transport!

Source: IAAF says MOT proposals are “fraught with danger”