Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Tyres

So, going back in time then Goodyear were the big inspiration and influence! So, in my life long love of the tyre industry. Starting way back in time by working for a Goodyear owned Earthmover Tyre Company. Known as “Kurt Neilds” in Leeds West Yorkshire UK.

Working for this tyre company was a very special time for me and my career in the tyre industry. Significantly, one of the best times of my life!

Tyre in your blood

So, Goodyear also were the first to offer help. When I became manager of a Goodyear owned tyre retailer, Tyreservices, Huddersfield also in West Yorkshire UK. This Giant company were the first to offer me a credit deal when I started my own tyre business. Importantly, they supported my business with specials deals on their full product range! So, for years later right up to today at pellon Tyres in Halifax UK.

Up to the present time Goodyear still give support

So, even all these years later them Goodyear are still one of our main stock items. Consequently, always coming out with new products. Leading up to today’s high standards and eco friendly tyre products. Goodyear tyres are the product of over 100 years of innovation. of course, including state-of-the-art technology. Producing,  test winning Summer, Winter and All-season tyres across Car and 4×4/SUV. Offering very high levels of performance and safety.

Rice Husk tests tyres

So, to find more eco friendly materials then Goodyear tyres are at the forefront of development. Incredibly, with rice, husks. So have been carried out over the past two or three years. Importantly, and so far the results have been excellent. The rice husks derived silica has to be a good impact.

Especially, on the performance of the tyres that have been produced from it. The world produces a staggering 700 million tonnes of rice a year. The disposal of the rice husks has been a great challenge in the past. The traditional way of disposing of the waste has been to burn it and send the resulting ash to a landfill site.