All Battery Information

All Battery Information

As the batteries become fully charged and are no longer able to accept any further electrical energy. Consequently, the battery voltage will rise. Of course, when the voltage reaches the regulation level (varies with battery type see below) So, starts to dump power the controller’s lights are a solid red. Naturally,this energy is dissipated as heat into the surrounding environment. Significantly,more or less power is diverted to the dump load. According to how much is being supplied to the battery from the turbine.

power blackouts in UK

Battery Maintenance Tips: To Survive the winter

Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery Maintenance Tips
Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery Maintenance Tips

My name is James, and I am a spokesperson for Quality Source, a leading UK retailer of lithium-ion batteries for motorhomes. Unexpected battery malfunctions during the winter months can be a real nightmare.

That’s why we have used our expertise to create an article about battery maintenance that I know your readers will enjoy. We will talk in detail about battery maintenance tips that will help you protect your car’s battery from the harsh cold.

This article could not be timed much better, as energy prices soar. So, it looks like this year’s winter will be especially cold for a few households. Some families almost pay triple to heat their homes. The price cap spiked in April 2022 by 54% and is set to increase to 80% in October 2022, according to the UK House of Commons.

Furthermore, the UK is expected to experience scheduled blackouts. It may become necessary for some people in the UK to effectively manage their usage and charge their batteries just to keep the lights on.

6 Tips for my car battery to survive the winter cold: Battery Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep your battery clean: Clean terminals, cables, and clamps help maintain a good connection and ensure that power is flowing properly.
  2. Keep it charged: A fully charged battery is less likely to freeze in cold temperatures.
  3. Insulate the battery: A battery blanket or insulating material can help keep the battery warm in cold temperatures.
  4. Park in a heated garage: If possible, park your car in a heated garage to protect the battery from the cold.
  5. Avoid short trips: Short trips put extra strain on the battery, so try to avoid them during the winter months.
  6. Keep an eye on the battery’s age: An older battery may not be able to hold a charge as well in cold temperatures, so consider replacing it if it’s getting old.

It’s also important to mention that if a battery is nearing the end of its life, it’s more likely to fail even with all the steps above, so a good practise is to have your battery checked by a mechanic to be sure it’s still in good shape before extreme temperatures come.

Gas suppliers are seeing a shortage in the supply of fuel.

which will lead to scheduled blackouts across the UK. Accordingly, these blackouts will be timed for around 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. During this period, households across the UK will have no electricity. Smart ways to deal with these high bills and power outages are to manage your energy well and use it well.

Our cars are essential to our everyday lives, which is why we need to maintain, replace, and repair their batteries during the winter. At the moment, the UK is experiencing a battery shortage. With essential raw battery-making materials in short demand like lithium and cobalt. That’s why we need to stretch the longevity of our batteries as much as possible.

In light of this distressing news: Battery Maintenance Tips

it is important to save and make the most of the energy we have. That’s why researchers at Quality Source, a lithium battery specialist and one of the leading suppliers of high-quality batteries in the UK, are so concerned.

Importantly, you have decided to compile maintenance tips and advice on ways your readers can ensure their batteries remain strong during the winter.

A great afterthought to all this bad news about power cuts Of course, motorhome owners can move out of the house and watch TV, use their computers, or perhaps just play cards! Because all they have to do is keep their batteries charged during the day for use at night! Including the longer-lasting “Lithium Motorhome Batteries now becoming more popular.

Of course, these blackouts (if they occur) will be music to the ears of the wise people who invested in solar panels and battery solar systems.

UPS Batteries Have Many Uses

Replacement car battery

Replacement car battery

Replacement car battery
Replacement car battery

Replacement car battery

Understanding Car Battery Failure Symptoms:

A Yorkshire Driver’s Guide
Yorkshire, ah! is home to scenic vistas, winding roads, and sporadic downpours that put our driving skills to the test. However, nothing ruins a picturesque trip through the Dales more quickly than a car battery gone bad. It’s imperative for drivers to recognise the warning signals of a failing battery in order to avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Now let’s examine the warning indicators that your car battery may be dying and what you can do to prevent them.

The Syndrome of the Slow Crank

Imagine this: On this clear morning in Halifax, you’re eager to begin your day seeing the countryside. When you turn the key (or push the button, for those with current motors), the engine grunts slowly, almost reluctantly, rather than with a joyful roar. This is the notorious slow crank, my friends. It frequently indicates that your battery is having trouble holding a charge. A slow crank today could mean no crank tomorrow, so pay attention to it.

Darkness, Dark Nights
The warm glow of streetlights makes the lovely villages of Yorkshire even more charming. However, if the headlights on your car are beginning to seem like a few fading torches, it’s obvious your battery is getting weaker. One common sign is dim or flickering lights, both outside and indoors. Remember to use your headlights the next time you’re travelling through Hebden Bridge at dusk. It could be time to examine the batteries to see if they’re not functioning properly.

Cautionary Signals: Take Note!

Modern cars are fairly adept at alerting us to problems. Don’t ignore the battery warning light if it appears on your dashboard. It’s your battery’s cry for assistance, not just a Christmas decoration. That small light is your car’s way of telling you to check it out before it’s too late, whether you’re driving to work in Bradford or spending the weekend at Scarborough by the sea.

Numerous Electrical Problems: Replacement Car Battery
Ever notice how slowly your electric windows move on a hot day—faster than a snail? Alternatively, perhaps your power locks are acting up or your radio has begun to cut off. All of these indicate that your battery is having trouble keeping up with your car’s electrical needs. Keep in mind that a dead battery could be the reason behind your electrical mess while stuck in traffic on the M62.

The Old Enlarging Battery Box
For the more active among you, here’s one. A bloated or enlarged battery casing should raise red flags when you remove the cover to inspect the battery. Usually, it indicates that the battery overheated—mostly as a result of overcharging. During those sweltering summertime journeys across the Yorkshire Wolds, this may occur. Your battery needs to be replaced immediately if it appears like it might explode.

Getting Older Gently—or Not-Replacement car battery

Like anybody else, batteries have an expiration date. A car battery typically lasts between three and five years. Even though it appears to be functioning well, it’s still worth having a look to see if yours is operating at the higher end of that range. Nobody wants to be stranded in the middle of the Moors due to a dead battery, after all. Many hassles can be avoided with a little preventative maintenance.

What Comes Next?
When you see one or more of these indicators, what should you do next? Make sure your battery is tested first. The majority of garages, including mine in Halifax, can rapidly check the condition of your battery. If it’s time for a replacement, think about getting one of our premium batteries, which are made to survive the weather in Yorkshire.

Additionally, pay attention to your car’s electrical system. Frequent inspections might assist you in identifying possible problems early. And never forget that a little care today can prevent a great deal of worry later.

Last Words
Travelling through Yorkshire ought to be enjoyable rather than stressful. You can make sure your travels remain trouble-free and seamless by keeping a look out for these indicators of a failing car battery. Thus, remember your reliable batteries the next time you’re driving down the A1 or taking in the scenery from Ilkley Moor. It’s your car’s unsung hero, and it merits some attention.

Drive carefully and enjoy yourself!

In my humble opinion then most of this article is now out of date. Especially when it comes to modern cars and their batteries. Many of the new model are now start stop cars. Requiring AGM or EFB batteries. These batteries are maintenance free and cannot be examined through the screw tops that were fitted to old model vehicles.

Back in the old days this was an important job. To check the fluid levels in the battery top cells. Access was through a plastic top that you had to screw out. The acid level could then be checked and topped up accordingly. In fact I am sure that many new drivers of the past 5 years wont know that this type of battery exists.

Another myth in the article is that you need to charge your battery

if the car is not regularly used. I admit that it could shorten the life of the battery, but drivers today do not have the time to take their batteries off for charging, whether it be by a smart charger or any other type of charger.

People’s time is valuable in today’s super-fast world. Car batteries are now hidden away in a plethora of plastic casings and wires. It can take a trained technician nearly an hour to change a battery these days; the public has no chance.

Replacement car battery
Replacement car battery

Battery replacement can be stressful at the best of times, however, as the cost of living continues to rise, never has the potential cost of a battery failure loomed so large. It’s widely known that the

Source: How motorists can avoid the expense of a replacement car battery as cost-of-living rises

Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Energy Batteries

Solar Energy Batteries

The rapid development of rooftop solar and

Solar Energy Batteries
Solar Energy Batteries

Eric Roberts’ insight: Solar batteries

Ernest Moniz, the Energy Secretary of the United States

has made a statement that resonates with the discussions I’ve been having for the past few years. He envisions a future where the USA could achieve energy independence from national providers. How, you ask? Well, it all hinges on the remarkable growth of solar, renewable energy, and other sustainable resources.

And this isn’t just an American dream; Solar Energy Batteries

It’s a global shift that’s taking place right now. Across the Atlantic, both in the United States and here in the UK, it’s heartwarming to see how the public has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of generating their own clean energy. Take, for instance, the picturesque town in West Yorkshire, UK, where the residents have been tapping into the power of the sun since February.

Rows of solar panels grace their rooftops, silently converting sunlight into electricity.

What’s particularly fascinating is that this surplus electricity flows seamlessly into the grid, and the electric company rewards the homeowners for their contribution. In America, there’s a growing inclination towards storing this solar electricity for later use.

This is especially valuable in rural and isolated areas where the grid might not always be reliable. These regions have found a solution in the form of solar energy batteries. These high-capacity batteries serve as reservoirs, storing the daytime-generated electricity for nighttime use.

It’s like having a stash of sunlight in a box. Solar Energy Batteries

Now, when it comes to choosing the most effective type of solar energy battery, AGM batteries are shining stars. While they may come with a slightly higher price tag initially, they are worth every penny. The secret lies in their ability to endure a significantly higher number of charge and discharge cycles compared to standard lead-acid car batteries.

This durability means they’ll be there to support you for the long haul. If you’re considering setting up your own solar energy battery system, fret not.

There is a wealth of DIY videos available online

guiding homeowners through the process. One standout choice for solar enthusiasts is the Lucas AGM battery. These batteries are tailor-made for solar energy applications and have earned a solid reputation for their performance and reliability. Much like Secretary Moniz, I find myself pondering the future.

How far are we from a scenario where we, as individual homeowners and communities, produce more electricity than the national providers? It’s a tantalising thought, one that hints at a future where energy production is democratised.

What happens when we reach that point?

Well, it’s a question that invites exciting possibilities and perhaps some challenges too. Will there be a shift in the energy landscape? What role will the national providers play in this new era of energy independence? These are questions that deserve attention and discussion.

For those interested in delving deeper into this topic, I recommend exploring for further insights and perspectives on the evolving energy landscape. In closing, let’s keep harnessing the power of the sun and exploring the potential of solar energy. It’s a journey that promises to bring about a brighter and more sustainable future for us all

leisure battery

Leisure battery storage

Leisure Batteries Storage

Leisure Batteries Storage
Leisure Batteries Storage

Leisure Batteries Storage

It is storing your Leisure battery Storage time

The extremely mild weather here in the UK. Has brought out all the spring flowers,(earlier than normal). It is also bringing out the caravan and motorhome users, into thinking about their first 2014 trips out. Hence, judging by the amount of leisure batteries that we are selling at the moment.

Normally, we see a surge of sales and inquiries just a few weeks before Easter. But this year, the sales are coming early. One of the most popular batteries that we sell. Thus, for the caravan and campervan (RV) fraternity, the XV31 110-amp leisure battery . This battery manufacturer in South Korea is the one who makes this battery.It also covers smaller battery sizes, including the XV 23, XV 24, XV 27, and, of course, the XV31. This battery, along with the LV26 and the smaller LV 22 are made by Johnson Controls . Of course, it’s one of the world’s leading battery developers and manufacturers.

This year is a particularly good time to buy this Leisure Batteries product. Because of the mild winter.Subsequently, the sales of car batteries have dropped. Meaning the leading battery companies are well down on sales of car batteries.So,are looking forward to the next battery season. Which includes the sale of leisure batteries, motorcycle batteries, mobility scooter batteries, and golf cart batteries. Including other seasonal things such as lawn mower batteries. Of course, there are the guys who are lucky enough to own a classic car. Classic car batteries are huge sellers.

Leisure Batteries Storage. Leisure Batteries Storage

What normally happens is that the owners of these types of battery-driven machines equipment will get them out as soon as the weather improves and start getting warmer, which is normally around April time here in the UK. But this year we are about three weeks to a month in front, due to the mild weather. In fact, I have recently seen a butterfly and many bees flying about and also the grass on my lawn needs cutting for the first time after the winter.

People all over will be getting. Leisure Batteries Storage

out their golf and gardening equipment only to find that their battery is flat and will not work. Most of the time the battery will recover when it is charged, but people are reluctant to charge their battery throughout the winter months. Up to recent times, the battery chargers were of the old fashioned types that you put onto your battery

and then took off when the battery was fully charged but these days you can buy what they call “intelligent battery chargers”. These chargers are made by well-known companies such as Ring Electrical and “Numax”, and are well worth the investment. What you have to do is find out the correct amps that you require for the size of the battery, remove the Leisure Batteries from the caravan or lawn mower, whatever it is on, give the Leisure Batteries a clean and if it is not a sealed battery, check the levels.

You can then connect the leisure battery to the smart charger

, (preferably in a frost free place) and leave it to charge all the winter long. The charger will then keep your leisure battery charge topped up to the correct levels and automatically switch on and off when charging is required. This way you will end up with a nice clean fully charged the battery when the time comes to use it.

UPS Batteries Have Many Uses

New Type of Battery: For Storing Solar Power

New Type of Battery

New Type of Battery
New Type of Battery

New Type of Battery

Aquion manufactures New Type of Battery, long-lasting batteries for storing renewable energy. (Demo: #Aquion manufactures cheap, long-lasting batteries for storing renewable energy.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Another New Type of  Battery for solar energy  Hits the Road

Mount Pleasant in Pennsylvania will be the site for the production of yet another new type of battery. The company will be known as Aquion Energy and will start producing a new type of battery. As a result, Professor J. Whitacre was the inventor of that. So, from the material science department of Carnegie Mellon University.

These new type of battery are expected to cost about the same to produce as lead-acid ones. Naturally, those are in common use today for a multitude of applications. But are expected to last twice as long. They  will be primarily used for the storage of the solar power generated .

Significantly, solar panels for electricity and turbines.

Offering a storage facility for homes in rural and isolated areas. That uses a solar-powered off-grid system knowingly. So, which  supplies require storage for night use and bad weather when the sun is not available. At the moment, these people use different types of lead-acid engines and fossil-fueled engines powered by diesel as standby supplies when the sun does not shine for whatever reasons.

For the reasons that I have explained, this new type of battery

So, is expected to be used in countries that do not have an electric grid, but are expected to get electricity in the near future and because this new type of battery will be available for storage, then these countries will save a huge amount of money by running diesel generators when the sun does not shine and at night. I am sure that Africa will be one of the first places to benefit from such inventions.

The new company have also used ingenious ways of saving money

during the manufacturing process of the new batteries, using machines that were originally used for making aspirin pills to make the thin plates used to make the positive and negative electrode materials. They also use parts from a sweet wrapping machine to pack the electrodes together to collect current.

The company expects to start full-scale production in early 2014 and hopes to make enough batteries to supply 150 solar-powered villages.

Up-to-date information about Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy was well-known for its sustainable saltwater batteries, which provided a cutting-edge method of solar energy storage. But as of my most recent update, Aquion Energy had halted operations and filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Before the company’s demise, the Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries were particularly well-known for being non-toxic, non-flammable, and made of readily available materials like cotton, manganese, carbon, and saltwater.

Because of their lengthy operational life and ability to withstand thousands of cycles, these AHI batteries were special and could be used for long-term energy storage applications like solar power. Their 100% recyclable nature and ability to function across a broad temperature range further enhanced their attractiveness for use in sustainable energy systems.

Since Aquion’s bankruptcy, other businesses may have obtained part of the technology or may be creating batteries that are comparable. If you’re looking for the newest advancements in saltwater or eco-friendly solar storage solutions, you may want to check out organisations that have kept up with this technology.

Visiting the most recent technological expos, industrial shows, or conferences on renewable energy may provide information about emerging and novel storage solutions. I can research any new developments or businesses that have stepped up to lead this field of technology if you’re interested.

Aquion Energy Now back in business

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Could Driverless Cars Empty cities

Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers
© Can Stock Photo / XXLPhoto

Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers BEWARE of M1 and M62 Speed Cameras

So, I am a resident of Kirklees and have been a user of the M62 motorway ever since it was built. In my opinion, it has been a great asset to the people of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. In fact, I do not know what we would have done. Including, how the roads would have coped without this motorway.

The big problem with the motorway, as we all know,. Of course, there are stretches between junction 25 (Brighouse turn off) and junction 27 (Gildersome turn off). Over the years, this stretch has had many accidents and hold-ups. So, making it one of the major black spots on the UK motorways. It came as great relief to the Yorkshire Car drivers, “including myself.”. When it was announced that this section of the M62 was to be upgraded and turned into a controlled system,. Similar to the one in Birmingham on the M 42 and part of the M 1 Motorway south of Sheffield.

50 MPH Road works

The work began about three years ago. Strangely, we were all subjected to a 50 mph speed limit. With many delays due to accidents and vehicles breaking down,. Eventually, the work progressed, and we started to see the rise of the gantries covered in motorway traffic cameras over the road. Which would be used to control the traffic in the various lanes. I could not wait, and gradually the work was completed. As a result, the speed signs direct us to what speed we should be doing.

In my opinion,

The new system is excellent, and it is nice to see some progress on the road system for Yorkshire car drivers in the North, where I believe that previous governments have heavily neglected us in all fields of investment. As I drive all around the country, I cannot believe the investment that has been poured into the South and places like Wales and Scotland. I truly think that we have been starved of money here in West Yorkshire at the hands of politicians to please other regions of the country.

However, we must not complain that the car driving population of Yorkshire has now got a new controlled section of the great M62, knowing that we will see fewer holdups and witness fewer delays.

Keep your car speed below 70 mph?

There is, however, one thing that we should all watch out for, “DON’T TAKE YOUR CAR ABOVE THE 70 MPH LIMIT.”. It is now known that when the traffic lights are off, the speed cameras are still working and have been “flashing” drivers who have been exceeding the speed limit. I am an older driver and rarely take my car over the limit, but there are thousands of Yorkshire car drivers who think that the limit is now 80 mph. So when you are driving your car on this section of the M62, beware, the speed cameras are there to get you.

Speed Camera Gantry signs now in operation ?

As an update, I have observed that the gantries are regularly switched onto the white cross over each lane. Signifying the no speed limit signs . The information box on top says “Speed Camera.”. In my opinion, this is a good development! I presume that this is a clear signal, and any driver exceeding 70 MPH will be flashed and prosecuted. Other devices will not be switched on as “speed Cameras” . So giving a definitive line not to cross ?

According to the Huddersfield Examiner, “West Yorkshire Police refused to comment further but the Highways Agency has now confirmed the new £150 m overhead gantry system between Huddersfield and Leeds CAN catch speeding Yorkshire Car drivers, even when it is not being used to slow the traffic”…More Reading…

Early nickel-iron Batteries from Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison-An Early nickel-iron Battery

Early nickel-iron Batteries from Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Surprisingly, it was only recently when I was doing an article about something else. So that I came across an interesting fact. About the American inventor, no other than Thomas Edison. So, why I should  I have been surprised I did not know ! Because he invented some mind bending things . Of course, that we still use today. Thomas Edison Invention Light Bulb and the communications breakthrough of the first ever phonograph (a type of early record player).

Thomas Edison was working on improvements to another invention. His  telegraph transmitter and he noticed that the tape of the telegraph machine. Could give him human type voices when he ran it at a fast speed.

This set his highly intelligent mind at play which resulted in the genius trying a stylus onto a tin foil cylinder and it played back the tune “Mary had a little lamb”. This discovery was to end up as the first machine to record sound and play it back, in other  words the World’s first type of record player, Batteries UK (although he used cylinders not discs). This made him famous all over the World and the devise was known as the “Phonograph”.

New battery invention !

The part of Thomas Edison Timeline . Of course, that interests me . So is the new type of storage battery that he invented. His invention could have been started off when he noticed that it was a struggle to start the engines in the cars of that period only using a cranking handle. I can remember when I was an apprentice mechanic in the late sixties; when a 12 Volt Battery went flat for some reason we had to use a cranking handle to try start the engine and it was very hard indeed.

More reading… 

New life for the nickel-iron batteries ;from Stanford University.

Thomas Edison came up with a new type of battery known as the nickel-iron battery and car ownership was open to everyone who could afford a car and not just the strong people who could crank an engine to start by using only muscle power. To bring you to my main point the old Edison invention may now be brought up to date by staff at Stanford University.

The nickel-iron batteries that are used today will be used mainly for storing the Suns energy from the use of wind turbines and solar panels. These modern type batteries have a much greater charging speed, but the scientists and students still, need to work on improvements to time that the batteries can actually store the electricity that is produced. In fact the batteries can be fully charged up in only a couple of minutes and it only takes ½ a minute to discharge its load.

There is still a great deal of work to be done. But this updated type of battery will be expected to be competition. Especially, to the Lithium-Ion batteries presently used on electric car production. The new version of the nickel-iron batteries. Could even be used to accelerate the charge rate to the lithium-ion battery. So, giving it a power boost to generate faster acceleration and regenerative braking.

Thomas Edison
© Can Stock Photo / stockphototrends

Rechargeable nickel-iron batteries are a type of battery that are also known by their brand name, Edison batteries.

Thomas Edison was the one who came up with the idea for them in the early 1900s. Plates of nickel and iron are used to construct the batteries, and these plates are then submerged in an electrolyte solution.

They have a reputation for being extremely long-lasting and durable. If they are cared for properly, the batteries have a lifespan of more than twenty years. The resistance of nickel-iron batteries to overcharging and overheating is another one of their well-known qualities.

They are frequently utilised in solar power systems that are not connected to a grid as well as electric vehicles. Nickel-iron batteries, despite the fact that they have a number of benefits, are not as efficient as other types of batteries and are therefore not typically used in consumer electronics.

Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Storage Batteries

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Solar Storage Batteries using AGM Batteries

This attached article by Kalyan Jana. Senior applications engineer for Trojan Solar Storage Batteries renewable energy group. Thus is one of the most informative articles on the subject that I have ever read.

The World of Solar Power Systems and Solar Storage Batteries. So, has now become a crazy mixed up mix of different peoples. Setting up different ways of storing their renewable energy. There are also many Universities all over the Planet looking for different types of batteries to use for storing the suns energy or the energy created by wind turbines.

Indeed it was only a few days ago that I wrote an article about Stamford University in the USA developing the nickel-iron Solar Storage Batteries, first invented by Thomas Edison and these batteries have been ear marked for the use of Solar Storage Batteries from the sun to store the large amounts of electricity that sun produces.

 The future from Trojan batteries

Many countries in the world do not have access to a grid electric supply. This sort of thing is taken for granted in the western world. But for many

When shopping for Solar Storage Batteries for a renewable energy (RE) system, it is important to choose a battery designed for deep-cycling, and one with a track re (Understand batteries to buy the right ones for your #RE system

countries, such as parts of Africa. So, an electric supply is just a dream. In these days of the rapid growth in solar energy production,. Hence, the dream is starting to become a reality. It is difficult to believe that over 1.6 billion people do not have any mains electric power supply.

As the price of electricity continues to rise, solar battery storage is becoming an increasingly important technology. Solar battery storage allows for excess energy generated by solar panels during the day. Of course, then, it is to be stored and made available for use during the night, when there is a greater demand for energy.

This helps to reduce reliance on the grid and reduces the amount of money spent on electricity. Homeowners who use solar battery storage can also become more self-sufficient while simultaneously increasing their independence from the grid.

In addition, solar battery storage can aid in the reduction of carbon emissions by facilitating the increased utilisation of renewable energy sources. As the price of solar battery storage continues to fall, this technology is becoming an option that is more readily available to both residential and commercial property owners.

Solar Storage Batteries
Solar Storage Batteries

With the solar power revolution.

Solar battery storage is an important technology that enables homeowners and businesses to store excess energy generated by solar panels during the day for use at night or during periods of high energy demand. This allows homeowners and businesses to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. Solar battery storage is becoming an attractive option for many people who want to reduce the amount they spend on their monthly energy bills and become more self-sufficient as a result of the rising cost of electricity.

One of the most significant benefits of solar battery storage is that it enables residential and commercial property owners to reduce their reliance on the electrical grid. This is of utmost significance during times of high energy demand, when the grid has a greater risk of becoming overloaded and prices have a greater potential to soar. Solar battery storage systems are able to help alleviate pressure on the grid and reduce the likelihood of power outages by storing the excess energy that is generated during the day from solar panels.

Solar battery storage has the potential to both lessen one’s reliance on the grid

and cut down on the amount of carbon emissions produced. Homeowners and businesses are able to increase their reliance on renewable energy sources and decrease their consumption of fossil fuels if they store the excess energy that is generated by their solar panels. This has the potential to contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change and the promotion of a more sustainable future.

As the price of solar battery storage continues to fall, this technology is becoming an option that is more readily available to both residential and commercial property owners. Increasing numbers of utility companies are beginning to offer financial incentives for solar battery storage, which makes the practise an even more appealing option for people who want to lower their energy bills and become more environmentally responsible.

It means that for the first time people will have the doors opened for better lighting. Including, better communications that will lead them to better education. Educated people can become nurses and business men. This will also mean that the people will have better school facilities. Of course,  and more access to clean drinking and bathing water.

All this will be possible because of smart grid technology that we are developing in the western world. New renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines and better Solar Storage Batteries systems that are developed by Trojan batteries are all playing a hand that is making the dream of electricity come true to some of these poorer nations.

We think that one of the best  Types of Energy battery storage products at this present time is the Trojan AGM batteries for this purpose.

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UPS Batteries Have Many Uses

Lithium-Sulphur Battery

Lithium-Sulphur Battery

Lithium-Sulphur Battery
Lithium-Sulphur Battery

Lithium-Sulphur Battery

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are hot on the trail of a lithium-sulfur battery that packs four times the punch of conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Is the lithium-ion battery under threat from the lithium-sulphur battery?

A battery has been developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. One of the USA-owned Department of Energy scientific facilities (ORNL for short).

This new battery has been developed using a chemical that we all know as sulphur. Which is a very abundant and low-cost material. The new battery has been tested as having at least four times the energy density as the new one that now powers many of our electric products, the Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Scientists at the ORNL facility. I have been able to use new types of sulphur-rich materials. Consequently, we were then able to join the new type of sulphur cathode. With a lithium anode and a solid electrolyte material.

So, to produce an energy-dense solid type,. Because the scientists have used sulphur in the resulting product,. Of course, it is much safer and more cost-effective than lithium-Ion batteries. Hence, it is in use at the moment. It was considered to be a great breakthrough.

Examining the Possibilities of Lithium-Sulphur Batteries:

A Revolution in the UK Market?
Hi friends! You’ll want to learn about the newest development in battery technology, the lithium-sulphur (Li-S) battery, if you’re as passionate about batteries as I am. It appears to be bringing excitement to everything, including electric cars and cell phones.

Let’s explore why the lithium-ion battery has the potential to be a game-changer and how it might completely transform the landscape of green technology in the future.

Why sulphur and lithium?
Lithium-ion batteries are fantastic, all right. For years, they have functioned like a dream, powering our devices and electric cars. Like anything worthwhile, though, there is always space for growth. Here are lithium-sulphur batteries, which claim to be superior to their lithium-ion counterparts in a number of crucial areas.

Notably, since sulphur is more plentiful than the cobalt used in lithium-ion batteries, they may be less expensive to build. We’re talking about increased energy density, which translates to longer battery life.

A Slight Tech Talk—But Not Too Much of It!

The anode in lithium-sulphur batteries is lithium, and the cathode is sulphur. Approximately four times more energy density than lithium-ion batteries is possible with this combination! Without stopping for refuelling, it would be possible to travel from London to Edinburgh in an electric car in the future, made possible by Li-S technology.

However, and there’s always a but, they’ve experienced some teething problems. They deteriorate more quickly than lithium-ion batteries, mostly because of sulphur’s breakdown when it interacts with lithium during charging and discharging. It is comparable to having amazing shoes that become worn out after only a few wears.

Right now, where are we?
Scholars, including some very smart people here in the UK, are putting a lot of effort into addressing these issues. As we speak, innovations are being made to stabilise the battery’s chemistry and extend its longevity. Universities and tech companies in Britain are conducting research to find ways to increase the longevity and commercial viability of Li-S batteries.

A Look Towards the Future
Imagine living in a world where charging an electric car takes less time than making a cup of coffee or where a smartphone can run for days on a single charge. That is the world that lithium-sulphur technology has the potential to build. And Li-S batteries may be essential to powering our future sustainably, given the UK’s aim for greener technologies and lower carbon footprints.

Connecting the Dots with Regional Charm

Let us remember the local heroes of this technological revolution as we draw closer to this bright future. Local inventiveness is what’s propelling global change, from the colleges located in our ancient cities to the tiny tech clusters dispersed around the nation. Selling batteries isn’t the only goal; we also want to fuel innovation on this verdant, peaceful land.

That’s it:

Lithium-sulphur batteries are becoming more and more popular, offering a more sustainable, effective, and long-lasting power source for all of our demands. Both eco-warriors and IT enthusiasts should be excited about this time. The future of batteries is bright and full of possibilities, so keep an eye out!

Good luck, and never forget that the correct battery can make all the difference in your home, automobile, or portable electronics. Continue buzzing and remain energised!Sulphur comes from waste

The sulphur that is used is a waste product from the petro-chemical industry and so is almost free of charge. This makes it possible to re-cycle a waste product (sulphur) into a useful new battery.

The new batteries are not on the market just yet. But a patent has been applied for. Subsequently, it is thought that this excellent new invention will be available. Naturally, for commercial purposes in the near future.

One of the problems that the scientists

have come across the fact that lithium-sulphide battery compounds can leak out from where they should be, which causes the battery charge to deteriorate. The researchers set out to find a way to restrain these escaping compounds.

To get around the problem, the scientists have  made very small, hollowed shells out of a type of carbon, which will conduct the element. The researchers then coated them with a film of polymer to help keep the Li-S compounds inside.

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Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care
Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care: during the winter months

The Rome Observer

(METRO) — Few things can be more frustrating than jumping into the driver’s seat on a frosty morning, turning the key in the ignition and failing to hear the engine roar to life.

Car batteries care: Why do your Car Batteries fail in the Winter?

As silly as it may seem, many drivers hardly use their cars. Especially in the winter months,. Indeed, some drivers lock their cars away in the garage (if they have one).

Nothing can be more stressful. As a result trying to start your car on a cold winters morning. Therefore, only to find that your car wont start. Of course, it is one of the saddest sounds that you as a driver will hear. When the battery just makes a slow grinding noise. Hence, made by the starter motor. As it tries to start up your car. Normally the engine just zips up. Hence, at the turn of the key and off you go. So but not this morning, it’s frosty and -2 C or bellow. Therefore, the car will not start up.

This is the scenario .That thousands of motorists a day will experience. Of course, a bit of knowledge goes a long way. Setting out a few facts can help the motorist understand. Consequently, a little more about their 12 Volt Battery car batteries. Including, how they respond to the climate. The two extremes of weather conditions, the cold and the heat will affect your car batteries performance.

Here in the UK we rarely experience excess heat, so I will concentrate on the cold.

In cold weather the chemical action in the battery will be slowed down and I have actually seen the battery liquid (sulphuric acid) frozen solid.

Car batteries care: the corrosion on this battery must be removed- Car batteries Care

So of keeping your car in a garage if possible, either in really cold weather or overnight. What happens is that although it may be cold in the garage, the heat from the engine when the car was run the day before, will act as a heater for the battery as the engine compartment will still retain the heat.

If the battery is over five years old, then it should be replaced with a new battery, Most car batteries will fail after the five-year period, and this is what we have found over the years. Also, imported cars from the Far Eastern countries such as Japan, China and South Korea are imported with 038 car batteries that have lower specifications that the ones made for the European market, These batteries do not stand up to the cold weather and usually fail early in the cars life.

The best thing that drivers can do is to have their car batteries checked before the onset of winter and replace It if necessary, but in really severe cold as experienced in the USA recently, then the battery could still fail without further protection from the cold.

 Car batteries care: a few things to look out for when buying your new battery. Car batteries Care

Make sure that it is the correct battery for the car and has the same power, the same number of amps and cold cranking amps. It will be all right to go bigger if it will fit the cars battery compartment as long as the battery has the same voltage, usually 12volts and 6volts on classic cars and vintage cars.

Here are a few more tips if the weather forecast is for really cold conditions. You can use a battery blanket to cover the battery and stop it freezing. You could also use a trickle charger, because the battery will retain some heat as it is been charged up and stop it from freezing. If your car is stored in the garage for a period of time, then disconnect the car battery and try to keep it on a trickle charger when the battery is in storage, You can buy cheap intelligent chargers now that will do this job.

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