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Hankook Tyres Visitor-MD Tony Lee calls into PellonTyres

Hankook Tyres Visitor

Surprise Hankook Tyres Visitor from Hankook tyres UK number 1 Tony Lee

Hankook Tyres Visitor

Hankook Tyres Visitor,Tony Lee MD of Hankook tyres UK.

So, after joining the independent tyre dealer group Point-S . Of course, we have had many new faces through the door to see our MD Eric Roberts. Mainly the visitors were representatives from many of the tyre manufacturers.

Been a member of Point-S ! Has enabled us as a relevantly small Tyre company tucked away here in Halifax. Benefiting from deals with much larger tyre manufacturing companies. Because of the size and strength of being in a National group.

We at Pellon tyres went years without seen a sole from any organisation at all which includes all the major tyre companies. We have been able to secure great deals from the suppliers of many accessories such as tyre repair materials, but more importantly also with the tyre manufactures such as Hankook tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Firestone tyres, Continental and Avon tyres and the list goes on and all these benefits will be passed onto our customers in Halifax and the surrounding district of Calderdale.

I now get weekly visits from some of these tyre companies,but at least once a month from very large tyres companies, which makes me feel important and the meetings keep me in touch with the outside world. We actually feel that we are more important and stronger by been a member of Point-S.

Hankook tyres rep called me

To my surprise the Hankook tyres representative Vincent Gibson gave me a phone call earlier on this week and asked if it would be OK to call to see me along with their Managing Director, Hankook Tyres Visitor,Tony Lee. This was a great surprise for me and I was very pleased and honoured that such a high standing person From Hankook tyres would want to call and see us in “little old Halifax”. I would like to thank the Hankook Tyres Visitor for creating an interesting conversation about the current state of the tyre industry and for informing me about Hankook tyres future plans.

members of Tyresafe

Eric Roberts

Deadly Car Brake Pads

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. Working for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. So, before starting my first business. Now owning a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Consequently, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. Of course, we are members of Point-S and MotorCodes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


7 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

So, we are now starting to increase our work-power after the drop in business due to the “Corona Virus” pandemic. Importantly cars are now been driven after the long lockdown. Because vehicles of many shapes and technologies have been stood about unused then different problems are occurring. The other day was no exception with various cars turning up. Including a Nissan Navara with engine running problems.

The Navara was suffering from a few problems! Mainly suffering  from a reduction in power. Hence the car was struggling to accelerate without much power. Immediately, we suspected a problem with the EGR valve. Importantly, EGR valves play a vital role in controlling your vehicles exhaust emissions. Introduced to aid vehicles that are controlled by strict emissions regulations in place.So, our laws governing this come from the European Union at the moment.

However like most mechanical and electrical parts can eventually go wrong! Including this Nissan Navara. So here at Pellon-Autocentre, Halifax, then we make sure that we have all the latest electronic diagnostic tools and associated equipment. Of course all my regular customer know that we have a team of highly trained technicians. Categorically, enabling our staff to diagnose and treat any EGR valve problems.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR)

There is no doubt that the EGR valve is an important part when it comes to the smooth flow and running operations of the modern car engine.  Failure of this valve can lead to a reduction in power as in the Nisan presented to us. Other problems ensuing will include a reduction in fuel efficiency, the vehicle will start using more fuel. This problem is often picked up on the MOT emissions test. Causing the vehicle to fail the test due to emissions failure.

The EGR valves eventually get sooted up. Especially when the vehicle is only used locally. Of course, motorway driving increase the heat of the engine and therefore keeps the soot level down by burning the soot off.

So, this Nissan was found to have a very heavily sooted up EGR valve as seen in the image. After cleaning with a special fluid the EGR valve worked fine and the Nissan was back to normal running, including fuel efficiency.

Eric Roberts

eric roberts




Continental Tyre Advice- That Warn You Of Vehicle Overloading your car tyres.

Continental Tyre Advice

Continental Tyre AdviceContinental Tyre Advice-Continental tyres make new gadgats

Conti Car Tyres has been stepping up its line of products as it already delivers tyres which are equipped with a sensor that tells the user just how much…


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

New Tyre Advice just one of things to come?

Now that we will all be using TPMS systems in the future . So, it comes as no surprise that other gadgets will be developed.Naturally, to aid the motorist. Hence, in the constant drive for more road safety on our cars.

This new device from Conti will be no exception. Significantly, will tell the driver if the car is overloaded or not. Overloading is one of the main dangers associated with the cars handling. Of course, this can be very dangerous when cornering with an overloaded car.

No doubt there will be many more gadgets coming through in the years to come. Thus, to aid drivers probably on German cars such as the BMW’s and Mercs. Working in conjunction with the German tyre giant  Tyre Advice professionals . These devices will also become more common on vehicles such as caravans and motor-homes. So, as they will warn the driver of any loss of air pressure, thus resulting in a safer journey.

Post compiled by Eric Roberts…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Of course, we also sell Continental Car Tyres online from our website www.pellontyres.co.uk. So, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Consequently, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists .Needing to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Finally, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

See on www.ubergizmo.com

Nokian Tyres Vice-President-Nomination to Nokian Tyres’ management team – Automotive World

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

Mr. Frans Westerlund has been appointed Vice President, CIO and Processes. He will join Nokian Tyres plc as a member of the management team on August 1, 20

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

As the new appointed Nokian tyre dealer for the Halifax area of the UK. Then I will be bringing my blog readers any news referring to Nokian tyres. For this reason, this appointment is no exception. As a result, Nokian make one of the best tyre products in the world . Including the summer and winter range of tyres.

Eric Roberts

Source: Nomination to Nokian Tyres’ management team – Automotive World

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant-This Restaurant Is Dedicated To The Michelin Man | Londonist

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

This London restaurant is well a look at. Furthermore, the whole interior of the dining area is dedicated to the famous Michelin man. Therefore, it makes me wonder if they are looking for a cheeky star or two?

Michelin stars are very hard to come bye.For this reason, then I have only visited a Michelin star restaurant, The “Star Inn” Harome near Helmsley  a great little market town in North Yorkshire UK. Consequently, I have also written a couple of blogs about our experiences at the Star Inn. Because I have always been interested in anything to do with Michelin tyres. Finally, you must take a look at this special restaurant. Who knows one day you may eat there?

Eric Roberts

Dining with va-va-voom.

Source: This Restaurant Is Dedicated To The Michelin Man | Londonist

Tyre labeling- is now considered good for the motorist to check on?

Tyre labeling

tyre labellingTyre labeling is too vague for modern tyres

Brain twister  labeling is fraternal against the taxidriver.: .RXP http://t.co/3ZC6K6aCDx


eric roberts‘s insight: Since this post was first release. Hence, I have now changed my opinion. As a result of  regarding tyre labeling. For this reason, at first i did not think that the buying public. Would take any notice of the tyre grading’s. But now we are getting many drivers. That are comparing the makes of tyres. Thus, before they make their purchase. Consequently, I did not think that this would ever happen. Therefore, I thought that most people would  buy on price alone. But I admit that i was wrong. I would say that out of all of our  purchasing customers about a third now compare the Tyre labeling ratings. We now show all the different Tyre labeling ratings of all the tyres that we offer on our website, so that our customers can look at the different labels and make a more informed choice of tyre for their cars.

Tyre labeling does not affect tyre virtues

What do i mean ?. Manufacturers have always been torn between two things, Good grip or high mileage. it is very difficult to get the correct balance, we all know about the Michelin “X” when it came out ? it knocked the socks off mileage compared to all the other manufacturers, but also became famous for not been very good in the wet.

This is a great example of the imbalance that can take place between the two things that the tyre makers are trying to achieve. With today’s modern tyre testing techniques these  companies have a much better chance of getting the balances correct. So much so that tyres can now be made for specific car models such as BMWs and Mercedes, who have their own specific ones to aid the cars performance.

What i am getting at is that in my opinion tyre labeling is not a good way of determining how good a tyre really is and is just another piece of bureaucracy that came from the European Union. The tyre companies are way ahead of these stupid labels, that really tell the motorist nothing. Also how true is the tyre labeling on imported economy brands ?

Eric Roberts…www.pellontyres.co.uk

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Tyre labeling

Tyre labeling with the tyre attributes are now becoming more and more popular with the public and to my surprise some drivers are specifically targeting the best advice from these labels and it will make the tyre manufacturers open their eyes to making a better product.


Six-month MOT exemption to end 1 August, here’s your questions answered – Garagewire

The six-month MOT exemption for cars, vans and motorcycles will end on 1 August, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced this week (29 June). All drivers whose car, motorcycle or van is due for an MOT

Source: Six-month MOT exemption to end 1 August, here’s your questions answered – Garagewire

Brake fade: What it is, how it happens and how to avoid it – Garagewire

In its latest technical bulletin, Comline has defined the causes of brake fade and provides practical advice for how best to avoid it. The term itself is largely self-explanatory and applies when the braking power of

Source: Brake fade: What it is, how it happens and how to avoid it – Garagewire

Humber Saloon original owner Found-Vintage Man reunited with vintage car – BookAclassic – Official Site

Humber Saloon original owner Found

Humber Saloon original owner FoundBook A classic news feed and articles about everything going on in the world of classic vehicles.

Humber Saloon original owner Found

This article is just one that I had to put onto my blog. Because, we sell classic car batteries, then I think it will be of interest. Hence to some of our classic car battery customers. Consequently, the car was reunited with its former owner, the article tells all. Summer time is the time for getting the vintage cars out of the garage. Thus, giving them a good check over. Including the batteries and then having a run out. Especially on a nice warm summers day. There are many vintage car shows in the UK this year. For this reason, we often see the cars making their way to the shows.

Eric Roberts

Bert Davidson, 83, thought he’d seen the last of his 1929 Humber saloon when he sold it for £185 nearly 60 years ago, until he was contacted out of the blue by engineer Robin Wills.

Source: Man reunited with vintage car – BookAclassic – Official Site

038 Morgan Battery-Beautiful Morgan Calls In for a new Battery

038 Morgan Battery

Excellent Morgan sports car is owned by a Greek Guy (dont know his name) (but I know his battery size) 038 Morgan Battery?

 The owner of this Morgan is from Greece but now lives in the Halifax area. Here in the UK. For this reason, I am overwhelmed by the number of classic cars and sporty cars that we supply batteries to .Hence, this is proof that we are rapidly becoming one of the top battery centres here in Yorkshire. Therefore, we supply cheap batteries . Also, the more expensive batteries . Thus, like the start and stop batteries that are now supply on the new BMWs and Audis.

038 Morgan Battery

Beautiful Morgan calls in for a new 038 Morgan Battery fitting



Of course, the battery that was fitted to this Morgan was an 038 part number. Consequently, the 038 is one of the oldest modern type car battery. That we now sell . Subsequently, this battery was originally fitted to the old type BLMC Minis and Triumph Spitfires .Along with a host of other car models.

 We can supply these batteries in different size

Along with the 037 which was fitted to the early Fords, such as the Escort Mk1s and the Cortinas. We offer the 038 Morgan Battery and the 037 in both Lucas batteries and Tungstone Car Batteries.

Morgan Motor Company have been making sports car at the pretty market town of Malvern in Worcestershire. As well of being the home of the Morgan Motor Company, Malvern is a well-known tourist centre and is well worth a visit for more information … http://www.visitthemalverns.org/home

A factory tour of this famous car maker can be organised through the Malvern tourist office, where you can even hire one of the Morgan cars for the weekend. These cars are a mixture of racing cars and touring cars and no two cars are the same they all have the same quality craftsmanship, combined with materials, they one that we had call in for a 038 Morgan Battery was owned by a Greek guy who had four or five similar cars in a collection, should I say “wealthy” Greek  guy.

Article and pictures by Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and I am MD for online battery company www.batteriesontheweb.co.uk.


Members of Point-S

038 Morgan Battery

Mike fitting the new 038 Morgan Battery behind the seat