VW Campervan Update-VW reveals electric iconic version of campervan called I.D. Buzz | Daily Mail Online

VW Campervan Update

VW Campervan Update

VW Campervan Update

This really is a concept car(camper). The disappearing steering wheel is electrically operated by pressing the VW logo. The idea of this is that the car could then become driverless. Especially, if the driver feels tired and need s rest. Hence, the camper which will be fitted with an array of cameras, radar sensors and ultrasonic sensors. The vehicle will be powered by batteries making it completely emissions free.

Hence, the only downside would be the cost of such a vehicle. VW Camper owners are renowned as DIY owners and spend hours of time renovating their beloved machines.


The iconic VW camper van has been reborn, this time powered purely by electricity. It’s the second in the upcoming ‘I.D.’ sub-brand the German car maker hopes will repair its flagging reputation.

Source: VW reveals electric iconic version of campervan called I.D. Buzz | Daily Mail Online

European Union Car Servicing-2010 E.U. Rules about garage working practices?

 Post Updated 1st Jan 2014/25th march 2016

European Union Car Servicing; Equality was the key word for car servicing

European Union Car Servicing

European Union Car Servicing

European Union Car Servicing were up for renewal in May 2010. The standards were all about setting out the rules. Consequently, to take into account the huge amount of trade competition. Of course, in the automotive industry markets for the way that a fair distribution of new motor vehicles. Including, technology and their prospective replacement parts, and for the fair provisions for the car servicing (Car Service Costs). Repair and maintenance sectors of the common market. This is part of the scheme to protect smaller auto companies. Subsequently, from getting unfairly treated regarding the flow of information freely. Of course, from the car makers to the rest of the car sector.

The markets for competition for new cars was thought to be healthy in the new car sector. But the garage repair and for spare parts distribution was not as intense. This is meant a danger to motorists who could be harmed by anti-competitive practices. Importantly, that would push up repair bills. The car servicing and garage Repair industry are very valuable for motorists if it was not for the EU rule the price of car servicing would go sky high, as much as 40% (predicted by the EU)

Many motorists are already feeling the effect of increasing car servicing and repair costs

Because of rising oil costs and the existing recession. So they are more price-sensitive. Tending to own much older cars that need more regular car servicing. The EU have put in place a much stricter set of rules. Governing these automotive markets that will make it easier to enforce the new regulations. One of the problems that were a specific issue. Of course, was that car makers were holding back technical information. Not releasing some of the specific parts to the aftermarket. Including, also refusing to honour car warranties. Because motorists were having their vehicles repaired at independent garages. Not the main dealers where the cars were bought.

Independent garage facilities and repairers are very important. Because they give a better choice to motorists. Keeping the cost of services and repairs very competitive. So, by placing pressure on the car manufacturers, Including, main dealers and authorized repair networks. Independent service centre has been set up to give the independent garages a nationwide service to their customers, one of the best being Unipart Car Care Centres (UCCC) for short.

It is also very important that garages can get the technical information necessary


Of course,to do the repairs and carry out the work on increasingly sophisticated cars with increasing amounts of equipment, due to stricter emission and greener controls, this to me is what is not happening, we at Pellon auto centre here in Halifax are forever coming across new fault codes in the engine management systems that our machines can not correct, because the car manufacturers have so called updated them, they are always moving the gate posts to try to outfox us and our computers. Most garages are buying new diagnostic machines and computer-based analytic equipment that can plug into the database of most cars computer systems. Because of the new European Union Car Servicing directive, the majority of new cars coming onto the market will be able to be serviced at independent garages and auto centres, such as Unipart (UCCC).

The other European Union Car Servicing rules are the parts used in servicing are compatible with the manufacturers and main dealer components, for example, an oil filter must be of the same quality as a manufactures oil filter. This is now carried out at most independent garages, we always use equal quality parts or we use parts from the main dealers themselves, most service parts are actually made by the same company that supplies the car manufacturers, a good example is LUK clutches. They make clutches both for the replacement market and the car makers.

Are the new rules working for the car servicing sector ?

 The new rules will help to enforce the competition for the independent garage, auto centre, and parts outlets. They are designed to help create a level playing field between the replacement car section and the car manufacturers, which will help drive down the cost of servicing the community of Europe and the UK.

This ruling is now two years old and although things appear to be going to plan, the speed of the development of EV cars is outstripping the rules on sharing the technology from the manufacturers. One example is the advent of the Li-On batteries fitted to the electric cars. These batteries are now Leased to the car owners when they buy a new car. Is this how the car makers are going to get around the European Union Car Servicing laws, in my opinion I think it is ?.

Eric Roberts


Regular Wheel balancing-Extend the Life of Your Wheels with Regular Tyre Balancing – Rock Hill, SC

Regular Wheel balancing

balancing wheels

balancing wheels in an up to date tyre shop.

    Regular Wheel balancing

     Static balancer

So, like any other man made thing on our planet then someone had to invent a wheel balancing machine. Vehicles were getting      faster and the need to balance wheels became imminent. Wheel wobble became a common problem and in 1945 an American        by the name of Marcellus Merrill invented the the “electronic dynamic wheel balancing system”.

So, I remember at the time when I was a junior tyre fitter. The only way we had to problem with steering shaking was to remove the wheel and place it on a small “static wheel balancer”. Incidentally, the machine had a bubble in the centre. Similar to a spirit level bubble. So, wherever the wheel tilted we would place a lead weight opposite to the tilt.

This was done to the best of our ability but was far from perfect.

Dynamic balancer introduced to the UK

So, I can clearly remember when this new American idea was introduced to the UK. Hence the first one I had to learn how to use was a sit on machine. We would press a revolving wheel on to the tyre while the wheel was still on the car. When switched on the machines drive wheel would spin the vehicles wheel to a great speed. pressing a strobe light would highlight the part of the cars wheel that required a lead weight to be fitted.

I must confess that this machine made the worst noise possible and frightened me to death. Luckily these machines were soon replaced by the stand alone balancers that we now use today. However certain aspects of the Merrill machine have been included in the newer inventions.

Finally balancing is now an exact science and probably eradicated vehicle balancing problems that we were plagued with in the past!

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Source: Extend the Life of Your Wheels with Regular Tire Balancing – Rock Hill, SC

Supercar Tyres-Taking on Winter with Mr JWW

Supercar Tyres

Supercar Tyres

Supercar Tyres

The supercar tyres are the end product of many hours of tyre testing from the major tyre companies. Hence, Pirelli are a fine example of this. naturally, Pirelli are well involved in the motorsport field. Thus, they are the sole suppliers of tyres to the F1 scene and have been for the past four years. Michelin tyres are also deeply involved in motorsport. Of course, both these tyre companies are involved in many motorsport events. Including, the French Le Mans 24 hour racing scene.

Therefore, it is not rocket science to see why these tyre companies are top of their game. Pirelli are developing tyres with much experience in different compounds and tread designs. Especially, for this new class of supercars. As expected, these cars can reach high speeds in race track situations and also run on regular roads.

The end result for this is the Pirelli P Zero tyres .

Eric Roberts

What Pirelli say-

A reference point for the Ultra High Performance segment, it is characterised by an asymmetric tread pattern. Ideal for all top of the range sports and high-powered cars, it can also be considered for powerful mid-range vehicles.

A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, Pirelli P ZERO™ has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance orientated and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control. Excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations.

Its new nano-composite compound ensures maximum grip and stability. The structural integrity of the tyre improves steering response, which is essential in sports driving, and also ensures uniform tread wear.

The special “S-shaped” grooves in the tread area deliver lower cabin noise levels, enhancing driver comfort.

Source: Taking on Winter with Mr JWW

Air Filters Explained-Car Servicing tips What Your “AIR FILTER” Does

Air Filters Explained

Air Filters Explained;Make sure that your Air Filter gets changed not just cleaned ?

I say this because when I was an apprentice mechanic. Hence, the garage that I worked at never changed an air filter.In those days they just blew it out with an air-line.Thus, or washed it in petrol, but they always

Air Filters Explained

Air Filters Explained;A mechanic carrying out a service

charged the customer for a new one fitting. I remembered all these little things.So in life as I grew older and vowed to myself never to make the same mistakes. If you can not do the job properly, or “don’t do it at all”. This is one of the reasons that I teamed up with Unipart Car Care Centres  (UCCC) for short. We are regularly checked and vetted .Hence, to make sure that our

Air Filters Explained

Air Filters Explained;air filters come in many shapes and sizes

servicing is done correctly.Therefore, and no short cuts are taken. Indeed we save all the old parts to show to the customer.Therefore, should he ask to see them. However the air filter is one of the important parts of your car.

Air Filters Explained

That you need to change at certain service intervals. After all, it is one of those parts that do an unseen but very important job. Hence the “Air Filters Explained”. Remember that its main functions is to actually prevent dirt and particulate matter.Thus, from entering your engine. It does what it says on the tin. it cleans the air that enters your engine.
What is very important. Is that you should change air filter regularly. Service centre experts suggest that you should at least replace an air filter once a year. However, there are exemptions to this rule. Because, these exemptions depend on the what kind of performance that your car has and the frequency the car is used for.

Air Filters Explained

Air Filters Explained

As part of your service the cars engine performance increases with the addition of a new air filter If air filters are new, they actually increase your car engines efficiency.

The new air filter is made up of layer upon layer of thin paper and other materials that make the filter very porous and allows air through, dirty air comes in at the inlet and clean air enter the engine after been filtered. If a mechanic only cleans the filter then it is impossible to do a correct cleanse, due to all the layers of paper, this is done by some . But it is not good practice.
Replacing your air filters are done as part of a service and need not be expensive

Air Filters Explained

The job is fairly simple but it is best to go to a mechanic or your local Unipart Automotive  service centre. You actually can do it yourself, but it is best done by a professional.
The air filter is usually mounted on top of your engine. However, for some older cars with carburetors, you would see that the Car Air Filters are located in front of the carburettor

usually on the side of the engine. In a fuel injection car, the more common type now, the air filters would be enclosed in a square or a rectangular housing (some are very large)which could be mounted somewhere on the side of your car’s engine and not on top of it.

Air Filters Explained

If you do intent to fit the air filter yourself then when the old filter is removed you should then clean the filter housing with a recommended cleaner. Try using a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust in the filter pan before putting the new filter in and re-assembling the whole thing back on to the engine. It is highly recommended though that the air filter is changed as part of your annual service.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

AVON TYRES a great British Product.


Post Updated 31st Dec 2013

 Avon Tyres over 100yrs of history

Avon tyres have always been a great favourite tyre company of mine and I have traded with them on and off over my 35 year period in the tyre trade.

Avon Tyres Logo

Avon Tyres Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Avon tyres still trade in the same premises that they now occupy in Melksham, Wiltshire. The business was transferred there in 1890, when the business made  rubber products which included conveyor belts, solid tyres and rubber components made for the railways. The first pneumatic  to be made was for the then popular bicycles and it was not until 1906 that the first tyres for cars were produced. Over the years the company grew at a steady rate and in 1933 they were floated on the stock exchange market.

The company bought out a rival company in 1956 called G,S. Moulton, and the joint venture began to make inflatable boats in 1959. The boat division did very well but was sold off in 1994 and in 1998 became part of a French company.

The next major change in the company was in 1997 when Avon tyres were sold to American company Cooper tyre and Rubber Co. In my opinion I think that Cooper bought Avon to close it down, but as time went on I think that they realised that Avon was a great British institution, and the product was very popular here in the UK. I remember becoming a tyre dealer in Halifax for Cooper tyres but after a while I realised that the product was not as good as they said they were and started to deal with Toyo tyres, and dropped Cooper from my product range. We still bought the Avon Tyres for two reasons 1 – We liked the product and so did our customers

2- Avon had a small warehouse in Manchester which was very convenient for us to collect tyres from if we were stuck.

avon tyres

avon racing tyres

Over the years we have always sold Avon tyres on and off, mainly buying them from tyre wholesalers, but it was only a matter of time before we would be buying the tyre direct from Avon again. That time has come round again and in August of this year we at Pellon Tyres we will be doing just that, and will be buying Avon tyres direct from the manufacturers again.

New products from Avon Tyres

Avon tyres have recently been bringing out new tyre products the latest being the ZZ5. This tyre is an Ultra High Profile (UHP) tyre, and has been tested and developed with an Asymmetric tread pattern, the three tread zones are developed to give the tyre enhanced wet grip and water clearance, this gives this tyre great handling and cornering in very wet and dry conditions. The tyre is made from a compound loaded with polymers and silica , helping the tyre to have a quiet and smooth ride on all types of road surfaces, making these Avon tyres  an excellent choice for all types of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my

Timing Belt Time Yet ? When Do I Need To Replace My Timing Belt? – ClickMechanic

Timing Belt Time Yet-cam shaft drive system

Timing Belt Time Yet-cam shaft drive system

Of course keeping a check on your vehicles timing belt time change depends on your cars make and model. So, in some instances the time could be as much as 100,000 miles. However because of improved materials the “cam shaft drive system” belts can be changed at 150,000 miles. In fact one of out Ford Transit vans is due at 150,000 miles.

Here at pellon Autocentre we always check the drive belt changing times when we do a regular service. Advising our customers is the best policy. Consequently, this gives them time to reflect and possibly save up to have this important job done. Thankfully,  we do find that our customers do heed to this, saving them the embarrassment of having a broken belt and consequently a new engine.

The cam shaft drive system is often also called cam belt.


Importantly is one of the most crucial components of your vehicles engine.  but also one of the most fragile ones and if they snap you could face a major repair bill. Finally many of the larger cars and vans are fitted with chain belts. Of course these are far more substantial and robust. Subsequently it rare to have these chains replaced. Of course unless a major engine overhaul is required.

Generally though most customers now regard this as just part of their motoring costs. Finally it should be regarded as essential for garages to inform their customers of the belt changing times.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Lots of car owners come to us asking when their timing belt (or cam-belt) needs replacing. Replacement intervals will depend on the make and model of car, with some belts lasting up to 100,000 miles. This belt is one of the most important components of your engine but also one of the most fragile […]

Timing Belt Time Yet

Source: When Do I Need To Replace My Timing Belt? – ClickMechanic

BMW Mini Brakes-must have regular servicing for your safety

BMW Mini Brakes

BMW Mini Brakes How your Mini brakes work

 With millions of the new BMW Minis driving about on today’s roads it is worth thinking about your Brakes. When did you last think about your cars stopping ability.

BMW Mini Brakes

BMW Mini Brakes new disc brakes fitted after a free brake check


Just think about your brakes, when speeding down the motorway. If you have a soft top Just imagine the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. This is the type of feeling that you get when you are at peace with the world and your Mini Cooper s driving like never before. Feels great, doesn’t it? This time, imagine having to slam on the anchors as a car hurtles towards you on the wrong side of the road, then finding out that your cars do not work. Now that would be a bad thing to happen, but if your BMW Mini Brakes were serviced regularly then you would have no problem stopping your Mini and carrying on with your journey.


Over the years and in particularly recent times the cars braking system has been continually up dated and modified. The modern BMW Mini Brakes system has now become extremely dependable,I can remember when years ago cars were always having problems with faulty brakes, in fact the brakes were one of the parts that failed the most, but with modern cars such as the new Minis, the braking systems have been developed by the manufacturers with some of the development coming from motor-sport.

BMW Mini Brakes

The BMW Mini Brakes system generally consists of disks all round. The front and the rear brakes are usually discs and pads. The brakes are connected by a system of low pressure metal pipes.Hence, from the rear and the front discs and wheels to the “Master cylinder”. For this reason, the system also includes the hand stop mechanism or (parking brakes). Consequently, the anti-lock system that most cars have these days.

When you apply the BMW Mini Brakes pedal.Thus, to stop or slow down you car. The pedal operates a plunger that applies pressure.Thus, to the fluid that is in your brake pipes. Of course, then to the master cylinder. The pressure from the pedal is then spread to the other wheels by the master cylinder. It is important that your master cylinder is topped up to the correct level, because it is impossible to stop your car without brake fluid in the cylinder at the correct level.

When you apply the foot pedal to stop your car, the pressure is spread out throughout all of your brake pipe system, and when the pressure is released then the pressure goes back to normal and the brake pads are released so that you can drive your Mini normally. These are some of the reasons that it is important to have your brakes serviced at a reputable Autocentre and by using Unipart approved parts, your car will be safe to drive in all weather conditions and will stop when you want it to stop, not an extra ten feet further on than you wanted to be.

BMW Mini Brakes

If there are air bubbles in the brake fluid your Mini will not stop efficiently. Air bubbles are caused by a leak in the braking system. When the fluid leaks then the leak allows air to

BMW Mini Brakes

BMW Mini Brakes fitted onto a BMW Mini

penetrate your brake system. This can be detected on a brake inspection or on the floor where you park your Mini. You will see a small patch of what looks like oil on the floor where you park your car. If you see this, then please have your brakes checked as soon as possible, it could very serious and perhaps lead to a total loss of your brakes.
In Halifax we offer a complete Unipart brake check on all models of car, and we love Minis.

Eric Roberts

Watch: Hampshire independent explains how it’s dealing with coronavirus – Garagewire

Source: Watch: Hampshire independent explains how it’s dealing with coronavirus – Garagewire

Tough decision to close Pellon Tyres until virus problem ends

Barry Parker of BTE Automotive in Bordon Hampshire has spoken out about how his family-run business is responding to the coronavirus outbreak. In a video statement recorded for GW, Barry explains the decision to close his

There is no doubt that things are going to be tough when we come out of this terrible problem. Because we are a garage we are classed as important and so can stay open. However, our main income earner is of course MOT testing. Disappointingly, the government suspended MOT testing for six months. Thus taking away our main income source. Fortunately, we are also an online battery business. Because of this we are also able to carry on doing business. battery sales have soared ! Mainly because of the inability of people to buy batteries at their local garage. Hence our battery sales have probably doubled in recent weeks. Of course we will be looking forward to return !Hopefully in a few weeks time- Tough decision to close Pellon Tyres

Consequently we are going to close the garage part this Tuesday. It will be a sad day.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts -Tough decision to close Pellon Tyres

Pirelli Motor racing-Pirelli expect fewer pitstops in new-look F1 | Daily Mail Online

Pirelli Motor racing

Pirelli Motor racing


Pirelli Motor racing

The reason that I decided to put the image of this Pirelli P Zero tyre. Hence, is because in my opinion there is a link between the Fi racing tyre article and the development of tyres for regular passenger vehicles. Pirelli have spent billions of dollars. For the reason, of supplying F1 with their race tyres.

The information that Pirelli can get from taking part in motorsport, is invaluable. Especially, when you discover the number of compound changes that have been made. Thus, over the past few years. These compounds are all recorded and checked out in real life situations.

When a new type of tyre is required. As expected, in recent times. For the new breed of supercars, then Pirelli will and have come up with the new compound and tread design for this speedy class of car.

Eric Roberts Pirelli P Zero tyres 

Source: Motor racing-Pirelli expect fewer pitstops in new-look F1 | Daily Mail Online