Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres-DIY into How To Check Tyre Pressure and Inflate Tyres

Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres

Auto Talk 101: How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tyres – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Checking and inflating your tyre pressure is usually a simple process. Firstly you should check to see what your correct tyre pressure should be and you have to determine what is proper inflation for your cars tyre. Consequently, there is two pressure settings. It looks simple but some drivers may not understand this. There are two readings but most people do not realise this. Hence, the difference is what we call the regular operating pressure and also what we call maximum pressure. Of course, the maximum pressure is for when your car will be fully loaded, such as when you are loaded for your holidays.

The heavier loading may read a  maximum inflation 44 PSI. What that means is that is the maximum amount of air you can put in that tyre.Of course, without affecting the structural integrity of the tyre. This should only be done when your car is fully loaded. Therefore,you should inflate your tyre to the normal operating pressure which can be found on the inside of the door pillar or in the cars owner manual. Pressures can even be found online these days.  It is important not to over inflate your tyres. It can be dangerous and make your car uncontrollable.

Inflating your tyres

naturally, the first thing to do is remove the cap that covers your tyres valve.If your cap is ever missing you can buy a 4 pack of these at any auto parts store. Of course, you will need a pressure gauge. These are relatively cheap and can be bought from any auto-store.

If the pressure is correct to what the manual says. Hence, toy can replace the cap and you go to the next tyre. If it requires some more air, because the pressure is low, you can use the air line at the local petrol station.

car wont start

Car Wont Start-No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

Car Wont Start

Car Wont Start; No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

This video looks at a very common problem. You turn the car key and the engine wont start. At this stage there are a few different noises that come from under the engine. Sometimes it is a clicking noise, or a loud whirring sound. Of course, you could hear a continuous clicking sound.
In most cases the problem is a battery problem. hence, your car may require a new battery. A common problem could be bad or faulty battery connections. Naturally, your battery cables could have rotted from the inside, resulting in a poor connection.
Another problem is that the connection between the negative battery cable and the earth could be broken and not working. Therefore, all these things must be checked first of all. Of course, if they are all fine and working, then it must be another problem.
The car in the video is losing voltage between the battery and the starter motor. This is a sign of a bad or faulty starter moer solenoid or the starter itself. A common problem, is the part of the starter that engages with the cogs on the flywheel is well worn and will not engage. This problem can also make a loud and scary noise.

Car Wont Start

This problem can also affect certain car models. For example, the 2000-2006 Ford Taurus in America would not start.Because of starter solenoid problems. Another make and model with starter problems developing, was the Toyota Camry. The starter would make a clicking sound, but would not work and start the cars engine.
Starter motors have changed over the years. hence, early starters were repairable, but now they are just exchange units. Hope you enjoy the video, as this is what we have to do to correct our customers with starting problems.

This is one of those situations where someone has gone in replacing a bunch of parts trying to correct a starting problem only for me to find that it was the battery cables and terminals the entire time. Next time you run into a no crank no start situation and you have these cheap battery terminals or damaged battery cables it’s probably a good idea to check there first before you start replacing batteries and starters, it might just save you some money.

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Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems-Brought to light on this video.

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Standard Steering and Suspension Problems-Here in the UK, steering and suspension problems, account for many of the MOT failures. Your car can fall victim to any number of suspension and steering problems, but there are a few that are more common than others. Here’s a guide to a couple of the most common suspension and steering problems and what the MOT test says.

Steering and suspension Failures

Things to check Inside the car
The steering wheel and steering column, check for movement and wear.
Steering wheel condition, check for wear and breakages.
 Your steering wheel must be securely fixed to the steering shaft
• upper bearings of the steering
column must be inspected for wear
The steering shaft is checked for excessive end float
Clamping bolts security, visual inspection.
The split pins and locking nuts
 Check for any’free play’ in the steering
 Check the Flexible couplings and universal joints.

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Under the bonnet checks
This procedure is dependent on the type of vehicle and steering system used.
 A check must be made on the security of the steering rack or steering box and its mountings
• Test for any movement in the steering joints
 The same for the Swivel joints which are part of the steering system and can be readily inspected from under the bonnet will require inspecting.The new MOT test now includes a check on the presence and correct function of the cars steering lock where fitted as a standard Item.
Any missing, or split and damaged rubber dust covers on all the steering and suspension ball-joints will result in a failure if they will allow dirt and grit to enter the joint.Power steering fluid level must be above the minimum level indicated on the reservoir.• Vehicle stands on special Swivel plates the wheels are turned from lock to lock and checked to ensure that wheels and tyres do not foul of either the structure of the vehicle or any brake pipes or hoses.
Wheel bearings are checked.
Steering rack gaiters/front outer constant velocity joint boots are examined.
Metal and rubber bushes are checked as

Typical Steering and Suspension Problems

Under vehicle steering and suspension checks
 Check all the steering joints.
 Inspect the power steering systems.
 Inspect the security of attachment of the steering rack or steering box. Check the tightness of the nuts and bolts, and structural cracking or corrosion of the vehicle chassis where it is attached.
 Inspect also the split pins and locking nuts and other locking or retaining devices relate to steering components. Some cars have an element of rear wheel steering which is checked from beneath the car. The front suspension is checked, but also the rear for:
 Lookmout for any excessive wear to the Wheel bearings.
  Finally look at the condition of the front drive shafts and CV joints.

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Battery Boxes-Selecting the Perfect Battery Box

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

Battery Boxes

A battery box is a necessary luxury that every automobile/boat owner should purchase. It keeps the battery safe from vibrations, heat as well as dust. If you are looking for the perfect battery box on the internet, here are the few features that you must look out for.

Perfect Fitment

A box that fits the battery in loosely is very dangerous. Such boxes can actually do more harm than good. You can find battery boxes on the internet that have adjustable sizes and filler materials. These fillers keep the battery intact in one position even in case of a jerky and tough vibrations. The perfect fitment will also keep the battery correctly fixed to the bottom of the box to safeguard the delicate electrical connections.

Waterproof Nature Box

In case of a marine battery, it is very important that you choose marine battery boxes that is lined with waterproof materials on the exterior. If excessive saltwater enters the battery through the vent holes, the electrolyte can be permanently damaged. The waterproof nature of the battery box/casing will prevent such mishaps, keeping your battery safe even in case of major water splashes.
The battery box in case of a marine battery should also come with extendable plastic covers to keep the vent holes safe and away from any saltwater.

Adjustable Straps

Most automobile battery boxes do come with adjustable straps to keep the battery intact in one position. However, these straps have a very small limit of tolerance. Make sure that the straps on your battery box have a large number of settings on it to keep the battery comfortably tight. You should not tighten the straps very hard either. This might result in constant wear and tear due to the vibrations.
The adjustable straps also help in putting a small room for clearance between the walls of the battery box and the battery itself. This clearance prevents the transfer of shocks and vibrations from the external environment.

Easy to Lock/Unlock

The best battery boxes are easy to lock and unlock. This feature allows you to easily remove the batteries for a recharge. The easy lock/unlock feature should not compromise on the safety of the battery in the first place. Instead, the perfect balance between easy access as well as safety is the number one criteria for a battery box.

Vibration Proof Lining

The highest quality of battery boxes features a vibration proof lining on the inner walls. This lining helps in dampening the shocks and vibrations from the external environment correctly. The vibration-proof lining also keeps the battery intact in case of sloshing of the electrolyte on the sides of the walls due to turbulence on the vehicle.

Choosing a battery box that fulfills these 5 criteria will allow you to keep your battery safe and sound. Apart from this, it is always advisable to mount the battery box in a position where it takes minimum damage due to turbulence. Doing so will increase the life-cycle of the battery significantly.

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

General Tyres Altimax Sport-General tyres are no doubt one of the best Car and 4X4 tyres.

General Tyres Altimax Sport

General Tyres Altimax Sport

Of course,  General tyres are now part the large Continental tyres organisation.  Continental General Tyre Corporation, is a leader in the manufacture, marketing, and export of all types of tyres.

The large European manufacturers of tyres fit tyres as original equipment on multiple makes of vehicles. Including Ford, Chevrolet, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Toyota. Continental replacement tyres are sold all over the world and are sold under the Continental and General brand names. Along with the company, they also manufacture, what is known as private-label tyres. These tyres can be shipped across Europe and the rest of the world through a network of independent dealers across the world. Consequently, we at Pellon tyres, in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

General Tyres Retro Commercial-General Tyres Altimax Sport

1987, was the year when Continental added General tyres of America to the list of companies. General tyres are one of leading manufacturers of 4X4 tyres in the world. The company fitted a gap in the Continental tyres portfolio. Continental tyres have since carried on with the tradition of making excellent 4X4 tyres.The 4X4 tyres are the same high-quality materials as go into the manufacture of all the other Continental tyre products.

When first purchased, the General tyre company was downsized. Firstly the Canadian manufacturing facility plant was closed. Secondly, the General tyres retail chain was sold off because it was surplus to requirements. The big downer was the reduction number of employees by 20 percent. A massive blow to the workforce. General tyres split into three major business units. Unfortunately, along came the recession of the 1990’s. Further layoffs were necessary, reducing the moral of the remaining workforce.

Over the next years, General tyres struggled to make a profit, despite millions of dollars pumped into the company from the mother Continental company. The company was to be known as the Continental-General Corp. Increased tyre sales to the original equipment market for car and truck tyres, increased the companies profitability, and they are now one of the world’s leading tyre company.

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Auto Air Conditioning-101 Made Easy-An Insight into your cars Air Con System

Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning

Of course, the air conditioners found in the car works similarly to the air conditioners used at present in the offices and houses. In simple words, the air conditioning system of a car is the smaller unit of window air conditioning systems found in many homes.

Although they come out with the same end result. So, the mechanism of a car air conditioning system is quite different from the conventional domestic air conditioning units. The car system in my opinion is a little more complicated.  The car system takes the warm air from out of the vehicles cab and recycles the air. Hence, through the cars air-con system. Returning the air to the cab as cold air.

Auto Air Conditioning-Not for DIY motorists

The system is really a heat exchange unit fitted under the cars bonnet. Therefore the air-con system can be very complicated to repair by the DIY motorist. So if you got certain problems in the car air conditioning system then you need to visit your local car service centre. Such as Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre in Halifax UK.

In order to understand, how the car air conditioning system operates. Then, it is required for you to know some of the various parts of the air-con unit. Although systems slightly differ? so In this system, there are two types of valves. There are expansion and dryer valves, which are required for the correct functioning of the air-con system. The function of expansion valves is to regulate the internal temperature of air, and it controls the refrigerant flow inside the system.

This also reminds me that air-con systems are serviced by specialized equipment. Subsequently, our operators have to attend a course and be certified for using this specialist machines that we use.

Auto Air Conditioning-Leaking gas is the main problem

In general though, if your air-con system is giving you certain problems. So, call a local garage. Off course most of the problems that we encounter ares not a simple job to rectify. I recommend that drivers should have an annual air-con service. Possibly, at the same time as as your cars full service. Leakages take out all the gas present inside the air conditioner unit. This is probably the commonest problem that we encounter. Of course with the passage of time, the system becomes useless.

This attached video gives an excellent description of how the Auto Air Conditioning system works in most models of car.

This video represent a “Typical Auto Air Conditioning System – How It Works” as well shows the potential problem of over-charging systems with TXV Valves. Our solution at AC AVALANCHE is to use SMART CLIP Technology for the correct fill!

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

Volvo Winter Tyres Test-Carried out at the Snowdome with Louise Thompson a Volvo Driver

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

One of my customers is a Volvo owner. Hence, one of my business objects is to talk as much as I can to my customers. I was recommending to him about the benefits fitting winter tyres to his Volvo. he referred to the fact that he had purchased a set of Nokian winter tyres. In addition he explained how he bought the tyres to combat a snow storm in January. However, by the time that he had fitted the winter tyres a bit too late to try them out as the snow had cleared quickly.

He went onto tell me the following- As a result, the bad January snow had all gone . Hence, by the time I got my Nokians fitted to steel wheels. However, there was a light dusting of snow a few weeks later.

Of course, that allowed me to experiment briefly on our very steep driveway. Consequently, our Polo, which had behaved much better than the S60 in the heavy snow. Naturally, would get stuck almost immediately it hit the slope.
As a result, I bought winter tyres for the first time last January. Soon after discovering that the S60 was worse than useless in the snow. Fitted out with regular Michelin summer tyres on 17 inch wheels.

Moreover, as soon as it hit the slightest slope it just spun the drive wheels and refused to move. Regardless of driving style and regardless of traction-control settings.

[bctt tweet=” I could feel the Nokians sliding a little. So but nothing that a passenger would have ever noticed” username=”pellonauto”]

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

There was another incident in February when I hit sheet black-ice on a country road, which had already caused three recent vehicles (one a police car) to be stranded in the ditch and another embedded in a telegraph pole.

Safely for me, I could feel the Nokians sliding a little. So but nothing that a passenger would have ever noticed . My Volvo had no trouble at all slowing down. Luckily, keeping my car on the road, and driving around the crashed cars.
It is true that in  Europe they are recommended to fit  purely winter tyres.

Although we are now looking to fit more all-weather tyres. I think that the truth is that if you live in hilly district, then proper winter tyres should be used. In countries that are flat then all-weather tyres should be fitted. Therefore ,any upgrade of your tyre in winter will benefit us all with much safer roads.

After my conversation with the guy, I felt better about the public perception. Hence, about the knowledge that more and more drivers are more savvy about winter tyres.

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Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres-Shows what a winter tyre can do in this snow test

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

General tyres was acquired by Continental in 1987. Hence,today, operating worldwide. As a result General manufactures tyres for cars, trucks and industrial applications. Including, specialty tyres for 4×4 vehicles.

From the start, the brand has been making tyres for all kinds of motor vehicles. Creating, a large choice of tyre sizes and patterns. Thus, General Tyre continues the long tradition of being the customers’ choice when it comes to Quality, Value and Performance. Especially, for the 4X4 and Altimax products that are produced.

Subsequently, founded in 1915. General Tyre are now based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. So can look back on a proud heritage. Having proven its ability to compete in the ever changing tyre industry. With manufacturing and technological advancements for 100 years.

Unknown, to many motorists. Of course, General tyres are owned and manufactured by the great Continental tyres group. As a result, the famous AT 4×4 tyre ranges are also made by General tyres. Consequently, some in the USA and some in Europe. Therefore, the attached video shows the great performance that these tyres can cope with in winter snow conditions and also in mud and slush.

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

These days our customers are very well educated about the virtues of winter tyres. As expected, these tyres are also much safer than summer tyres in winter driving conditions. Many drivers also know about the 7 degrees temperature rule. Of course, many do know this. Accordingly, I will explain in simple terms. Hence, that winter tyres contain a “Silica”based component. Hence, this silica, allows the tyres compound to be flexible when the outside temperature falls bellow 7 Degrees.

Summer tyres do not silica added to their compound. This flexibility allows the tyres more aggressive tread grip better. Therefore, clearly seen in the video. As a result winter tyres are much safer than summer tyres when fitted in the winter months.

Eric Roberts  General Winter tyres.

Text to go with the above video-General Tyre Altimax Winter + test in snow and mud road in Chistau Valley (Huesca – Spain)

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

Wheel Alignment Explained Video-The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

It is a proven fact that correct wheel alignment can help extend your tyres life. Regular, alignment checks helps you identify if your vehicle wheels are out of alignment. Therefore, it is not rocket science, to have your wheel alignment checked. Thus, at the same time as you have new tyres fitted. This video is a good example and explains what the alignment process includes.

Of course, many of our customers, do not know what the alignment procedure involves. Therefore this video, defines what common alignment is and adjusting the settings such as positive and negative camber and toe-in and toe-out.

The other complaint from our customers, involves their steering wheel. Accordingly, we may get a complaint, that their steering is pulling from left to right and visa-versa. This is often after we have fitted new tyre. Especially to the front of the vehicle.I must admit, that in busy periods, then we sometimes neglect to ask the customer to check their cars alignment.

With early snow fall. So this winter is especially busy with our customers buying winter tyres. I know that some will return with steering wheel problems. Time is always a problem in a very busy business. Unfortunately, we cant devote the time to every customer. As a result, we always advise the client to call us back if they have a problem and this has worked over the years.

We charge the driver £29.90 for a full front alignment. This is if the steering is not seized. Of course, this is a problem on the older cars. As a result, if the steering is too bad to adjust, we then re-quote for each individual job. As expected, we have to use heat equipment to release seized up parts and this costs extra money.I must stress though that most alignment jobs are straight forward and require no heating.

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Steering Wheel Not Straight ?-Why do you have to to check your Wheel Alignment?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

Steering Wheel Not Straight ?

This article reminded me of the number of customers that come to my garage here in Halifax with the same problem. Hence, their steering wheel is not straight.

or many of them say that when the steering wheel is straight then their car pulls to the left or the right. It really does make driving uncomfortable when this is the problem.

Modern cars now have much more refined steering and suspension systems. This makes wheel alignment even more important than ever.

Correct alignment also ensures that your tyres do not wear out prematurely. Another problem after this long wet and snowy winter is the large amount of potholes that are appearing everywhere.

As a result many cars steering has been knocked out of alignment. many cars will show this by pulling to one side. Thus making driving more difficult and not a pleasurable experience.

This also wears your tyres out prematurely.

You would be surprised at the number of cars that come to us for new tyres with one of the sidewalls worn out. As a result sometimes down to the steel cords of the sidewalls. Of course this is the best time to set your alignment up correctly. So, when you buy some new tyres. many of our customers do actually do this. Enabling your tyres to get off to a good start. many tyres now, especially on SUV’s  are very expensive.

Therefore the tyres really do need looking after correctly. We do balance your wheels when we fit new tyres but wheel alignment is a separate job altogether. When we fit a customers tyres we do inform them if we suspect the alignment is out. We do a free check and charge from £34.90 upwards for the alignment to be corrected.

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If you have a car then this is very important thing which you should do.And the thing is to check the Wheel Alignment.Because this can save your many important things.

Source: Why to check Wheel Alignment?