Car battery care advice for the Female driver (and men of course)

Car battery care advice, the early signs?

In the days of equality. Giving advice to women drivers is important to me. All drivers should really be treated the same. But there may be some things that lady drivers do not know about. Female drivers now make up more than 60% of our drop-in customers. To me the correct advice is important.

The sure thing about a cars battery is that it will let you down at the wrong time and the wrong place. You will be all dressed up to attend a new job interview, or at an important meeting. When your battery dies on you?

The thing is that your battery will give you a few signs of problems. Before this happens. Car battery care is the first line of defence against early car battery

car battery care

This is a battery light that you will see in many models of car

failure. Car battery care starts if you notice that your car’s engine sounds a little sluggish and could be slow to start. Early days of winter are usually when the first sign may occur.

Car battery care

There is also a Car battery care light inside your car that will start to light up when your battery starts to fail. If your battery suffers from a rapid fail, the Car battery care light comes straight on and then you will need to have it checked out. The Car battery care light looks like a battery, so it should not be mistook for any other light.

If the light does come on, then take your car to your local garage, before your battery fails and lets you down.

Another Car battery care sign is if your cars lights dim in any way. This is difficult to notice, but you may notice it more if you live in an urban area with little or no street lighting. Drivers often take more notice of things such as lighting when they are driving and have to use their lights all the time especially in wintertime.

Unfortunately these are the main early signs of car battery failure. If they do happen though get your car checked out. Another good point is also by having your car serviced at regular intervals. Your garage will check the battery condition as part of the service. If the battery is showing poor results then the garage will notify you and advise you about a new battery. here in Halifax Yorkshire UK, we offer all our customers a free battery check, with no obligation to buy.

Hope this helps Eric Roberts

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes? Should we take notice of them?

In my opinion the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes have taken a back seat in recent times.

What I mean is that the tyre trade has put them on the back-burner? Or have they?

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes showing the Mercedes code

I don’t know about you but I find that in many cases the mention of Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes only complicates things, when advising a customer on which tyres they should have on their cars.

You can sit in my reception at any time of the week and it is surprising the number of drivers who really know nothing about their tyres. We all rave and rage over the internet, but a large number of our customers still come into my depot because they trust us and they and their families are long standing visitors when it comes to buying their car tyres.

We in the tyre trade know all about Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes. These codes were introduced when car manufacturers gave the tyre customers the engineering specs for a new model that would be coming out. The tyre companies then made tyres to suit a specific car. This in reality means that you could have six tyres that all look the same, with the same name.

You could (and do) have 8 different 20555v16 Continental tyres that look exactly the same, but have been developed for different makes and models of cars.

To differentiate the car tyres designed for specific cars, the tyre manufacturers added a code that was to be part of the tyre sidewall markings.

Technically these tyres that were made say for Audi were different to the tyre which was designed for a Mercedes. They look exactly the same as each other except for the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes. The Audi would have an “AO” tyre code and the Mercedes would have a “MO” tyre code.

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Some drivers want to keep to the exact same tyres that were fitted as original equipment. In my opinion it is up to the quality of your staff, whether or not they can detect which customer will need the full explanatory treatment or not.

The Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes come in the big mix of knowing your customers and knowing what they want. We can all recollect spending half an hour

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes

Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes showing N1 for a Porsche

explaining about which tyres they should buy and at the end of it, they just say that they want the cheapest tyre on offer. We just keep smiling and get on to the next customer.

I think that perhaps we should be more professional. If they do have Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes for their particular car. Then we should explain this and also why it is important. Different tyres for different cars. Could have effects on important things such as low-rolling resistance which could alter your fuel economy, a special tread pattern for water evacuation and noise(perhaps for sipes in the tread), long tread life, specific ride characteristics, high load or speed ratings, and wet and dry-grip requirements.

All this adds up to what may be a different type of tyre to a straight forward replacement. I have included some images so that a customer can see what the difference may be and here is a list of some of the Car Manufacturers Tyre Codes that you are most likely to come across.

  • Aston Martin- AM
  • Audi- AO
  • Bentley- B in a circle
  • BMW- five-pointed star
  • Chrysler -C1
  • Ferrari- K
  • GM TPC spec
  • Jaguar- J in a circle
  • Lotus- LTS
  • Mercedes-Benz M0
  • Porsche- N0, N1, N2

Eric Roberts

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Winter Car Check-Winter conditions will soon be upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere?

Winter Car Check a Bargain?

Winter Car Check

Breaking down in winter time is not a pleasant thing so consider Winter Car Check

This reminder about a Winter Car Check from Burrows Garage in Doncaster here in the UK, reminded me of the winter checks that we also offer to our customers here in Halifax, Yorkshire UK.

For a small sum of £19.90 we will give your car a Winter Car Check. When the winter conditions are imminent we check out the washer and wiper and replenish them with de-icing fluid (anti-freeze). We check the anti-freeze levels in the cars cooling system, as well as the lights and tyres.

This is a popular service for our customers and helps prepare their cars for the worst of the winter conditions ahead.

If we do find any problems with the tyre or lights, then we inform the customer before any other action is taken. We never fit any new parts on a Winter Car Check without the customer’s permission.

Winter Car Check

Fresh, clean oil reduces friction inside the engine, meaning less energy is needed to run the vehicle and that means less fuel is used. Modern oil uses clever technology to ensure more of it bonds to engines internal parts, reducing friction and further wear. In winter conditions it helps keep viscosity in cold and freezing weather.

There are many different grades of oil and you must ensure the correct oil is used for your engine – but take your car to a garage for a Winter Car Check, and all this will be handled for you.

Winter Car Check are now ongoing from October to any other time throughout winter. This time of year can be particularly busy, because it is the start of the winter tyre season. As soon as the winter conditions arrive the phones never stop ringing.


Pellon Autocentre Halifax Winter Car Check includes:

  • Top up of coolant
  • Top up of screen wash
  • Battery test and light bulb check
  • Full lights and wiper check
  • Tyre wear and pressure check and report
  • Complete visual health check and report

All this for just £19.90 ,a great bargain.

Eric Roberts


Servicing your vehicle? Are the words that we garage owners keep harping on about.

Servicing your vehicle a few things to look out for?

It is in fact a very important part of owning a car or a van? Looking after it. A vehicle requires care and attention just like any other machine with millions of moving parts.

Servicing your vehicle can be as cheap or expensive as you like. The Servicing your vehicle costs all depend on where you take your car or van to be serviced. In my opinion, and as a garage owner for the past forty years, then one of the first things to look for is the appearance of the garage from the outside.

servicing your vehicle

Unipart car Care Centres can carry out servicing on cars that are still under warranty without affecting the cars warranty

A good clean and well-presented garage will reflect the care and attention that owners should be looking for, to provide their vehicle with the best of care.

Also look for an independent garage if possible (the Unipart website will give you the name of your nearest garage). Big chain garages look good but they are driven by bonus schemes and I have heard of some horror stories, about overcharging their customers. Independent garages are looking for a long term customer relationship; we want you to return to us in the future. We also want you tell your friends and family about the good experience and value for money that you had when you visited our vehicle  servicing workshop.

Servicing your vehicle

Dale one of our MOT Testers servicing a vehicle at our Halifax Garage

In fact servicing your vehicle here in the Halifax area of Yorkshire, should be a good experience without hurting your pocket.

Servicing your vehicle

Another good thing to look out is, are they busy? From my own personal experience I know that we are busy all the time. We do sometimes have a quiet period in the main summer holidays, but the rest of the time we are busy. Like restaurant’s, busy garages must be doing something right to maintain the level of customers.

Is the garage a member of a trade association? This is also a good point; because trade association’s usually have a vetting procedure for quality, which will go a long way to making servicing your vehicle  a more pleasant experience.

Does the garage have a clean and tidy reception area? This is a must in today’s modern world where half the drivers on the roads are lady drivers. Ladies in my opinion demand a higher standard of cleanliness and they will not go back to a filthy garage, for their repairs and servicing.

Just a few points to help servicing your car a better experience for all car drivers

Eric Roberts

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