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Engine Carbon Clean Service: Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK

Engine Carbon Clean Service

Engine Carbon Clean Service
Engine Carbon Clean Service

Engine Carbon Clean Service

Howdy, everyone! Car emissions are going to be today’s topic of discussion, so pay attention because we’re going to dive right into the thick of things. You’ve been keeping up with the news, right? The United Kingdom is taking a tough stance, and automobile manufacturers? They’re putting in more effort than ever before; that much is clear. Let’s take a look at how these bigwigs are cleaning up their act in order to comply with the newly enacted emission laws.

To begin, we need to have a conversation about hybrid forms of technology.

In all seriousness, it’s in every single place now! The days in which hybrids were a novelty have long since passed. Automobile manufacturers are cleverly integrating electric systems so that they can function in conjunction with internal combustion engines. Result? Reduced our emissions by a significant amount. Isn’t that ingenious?

The turbochargers are up next. You heard that right: small is the new big. Those cumbersome engines are being phased out in favour of more streamlined, turbocharged alternatives by automakers. It may be hard to believe, but these smaller engines pack a powerful punch while significantly reducing their CO2 emissions. More power comes at the expense of less pollution. Win-win!

Do not overlook the importance of exhaust filters. Engine Carbon Clean Service

These stunning devices intercept the harmful particles even before they have a chance to enter the atmosphere. Filtration systems for particles? Check. Converters for catalytic emissions? Verify everything. These devices are a significant step forward in terms of eliminating those odours and fumes.

You ask about diesel, so let’s talk about that. Wonderful question. Technology is based on AdBlue, folks. This liquid solution is sprayed into the exhaust, and as a result, harmful NOx emissions are converted into water and nitrogen, which are not harmful at all. Unbelievable; I’m sure of it.

Let’s talk about stop-start systems as our very last topic of discussion. You are stopped at a red light when suddenly your engine dies. The light changes to green, and it starts working again. Reduces emissions from idling vehicles in a straightforward and highly efficient manner. In all honesty, why didn’t we consider doing this earlier on?

Now you know everything there is to know. Engine Carbon Clean Service

about how car manufacturers are stepping up their game in order to comply with the new emission laws in the UK. It’s a combination of creative thinking, some good old-fashioned engineering, and, let’s face it, a touch of desperation as well. Even though time is running out, businesses are stepping up to meet the challenge. It’s about time, isn’t it? Cheers!

All these new procedures have come about as a result of a change in the MOT testing rules in May 2018.  So, from May 2018, the smoke test limit for Euro 6 and some Euro 5 diesels will be halved.

This also ties up with the number of cars that have had their DPFs (diesel particulate filters) removed completely. So it will now be an MOT test failure if your vehicle does not have an EGR valve fitted and has had it removed.

Of course, this will affect drivers who have bought a second-hand car and are unaware of its removal. In a statement obtained by Garage Wire, the online care repair specialists, a Department of Transport  spokesperson said:

“We are taking strong action to stop the removal of DPFs. “We expect future changes to the MOT emissions test for diesel vehicles, due to come into force by May 2018, to make it easier to detect vehicles with failing or removed DPFs.”


Fuel and Oil are organic matter; when they are burned or left to naturally degrade, they form contamination, which adheres to different components within the engine, namely:

Over the last 20 years, engines have become more complex, and the tolerances within the engine have become finer. As a result, it takes just a small amount of contamination to adversely affect engine performance.

Pellon Autocentre invest in a new Carbon Clean machine

Your vehicle can now fail the emissions part of the MOT test due to the new stricter smoke test that comes under the Euro 5 and Euro 6 lowered limits. So to keep up, we here at Pellon Autocentre have invested in a new machine for Engine Carbon Clean Service on your vehicle’s engine. This can be done in conjunction with a regular service or to just get your vehicle through the MOT tests, which have stricter emission rules.

Modern engine design, coupled with a drive to reduce harmful emissions, has led to a significant increase in contamination-related issues, such as

  • Blocked DPF’s
  • Fouled Fuel Injectors
  • MOT emission failures

The Tec4 Carbon Cleaning Machine, backed up with our unique marketing package, allows you to fix these issues with minimal fuss and promote a preventative maintenance solution.

Some of the text in this post and the video were kindly provided by Tec4.