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Citroen C4 Picasso wheel problem -We all hear about these monster cars with problems- News – What Car?

Citroen C4 Picasso wheel problem Citroen C4 Picasso wheel problem News – What Car? Seven rear tyres, six wheel alignments, and bills totaling £679 in three years were not what John Leslie and his wife, Isobel, expected from their  C4 Picasso.   eric roberts‘s insight:  Picasso had (wheel alignment problem) As a garage owner myself  […]

Continental tyres boost-high-performance tyres at Korbach plant – RubberNews.com

Continental tyres boost Continental tyres boost high-performance tires at Korbach plant RubberNews.com KORBACH, Germany—Continental A.G.   eric roberts‘s insight: Continental tyres keep on moving forward This is just one of the expansion plans and is a Continental tyres boost for the giant tyre company of Continental.The Continental Car Tyres company and all its subsidiaries have […]

Brake Problems- A good look at some common problems with Master Cylinder Auto Repair – Brakes Don …

Brake Problems Brake problems can be difficult to diagnose, but most drivers encounter these common symptoms: your brake pedal feels soft or mushy, when braking, your foot … Be Sociable, Share! Tweet …   eric roberts‘s insight: Master cylinder brakes  fluid may need checking at regular intervals This Brake Problems video and article written by Joyce […]

Goodyear Car Racing-NASCAR, teams hope new Goodyear tyre means better racing

Goodyear Car Racing Goodyear Car Racing slick tyres ready for the NASCAR races.[/caption] Post updated 20/3/2014 Goodyear Car Racing Tyres NASCAR racing news Kansas City Star NASCAR, teams hope new tire means better racing at Kansas SportingNews.com KANSAS CITY, Kan.   eric roberts‘s insight: Goodyear Car Racing tyres create a new compound for NASCAR at […]

Winter Car Servicing-Good Garage Scheme Car Servicing in Great Britain : Get Ready for …

Winter Car Servicing Winter Car Servicing at pellon Autocentre, Halifax UK[/caption] Winter Car Servicing With cold weather just around the corner and nights beginning to draw in, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to have their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the winter months …   eric roberts‘s insight: […]

Winter Tyres Work- Less Accidents when Cold Weather Tyres are fitted before winter arrives.

Winter Tyres Work Winter Tyres Work but this car struggled? Last winter saw snow like this at Sowerby near Halifax[/caption] Post Updated 10th Jan 2014 FleetNews Accident data strengthens Winter Tyres Work argument, FleetNews Snow and ice were the cause of more than 6,000 road accidents in Great Britain last year, according to statistics issued […]

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax leisure- Batteries can give you as much as 150 Amps per hour?

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax leisure LV22MF Numax leisure Batteries are amongst the best batteries available to the Caravan and Motorhome community, not forgetting the lucky people who own a river craft or a canal pleasure boat. All these types of vehicles require a battery. Or a number of batteries to supply them with electricity.Especially, where there […]