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VARTA BLACK dynamic C14 Car batteries-BatteriesOnTheWeb-Motorcycle …

VARTA BLACK dynamic c14 Car Batteries with entry levels of electrical equipment may need less battery power, but they still demand superior starting, consistent performance and absolute reliability. And that’s exactly what you get with … eric roberts‘s insight: Varta batteries have always been outstanding quality . We at batteriesontheweb.co.uk are VARTA BLACK stockists for the […]

Leisure Batteries Connected-How to Connect 2 or More Leisure Batteries? / Car & Leisure Battery …

Leisure Batteries Connected Connecting two or more leisure batteries is entirely possible, but it should be undertaken with caution. To connect the batteries, you’ll have to have enough space in the caravan to house the multiple batteries safely, as well as …   eric roberts’ insight: Connecting 2 or More Leisure Batteries It is entirely possible […]

Two Person Car-The world’s most aerodynamic two-person car achieves 110km/hr on batteries … – Quartz

Geeky gadgets The world’s most aerodynamic two person car achieves 110km/hr on batteries …   eric roberts‘s insight: Two Person Car-New car project will play a big part This new car design is claimed to be one of the most aerodynamic car ever built with greater efficiency than many other cars ever designed. The guy […]