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Michelin versus Budget Tyres- Planned obsolescence is ‘quite developed’ in the European tyre market

Michelin versus Budget Tyres Michelin versus Budget Tyres As a result ,of reading this along with other similar articles. Then I could not believe what came out from the giant french tyre company. Michelin of course. Consequently, many of the large tyre companies are now manufacturing tyres. That have a tread area that finishes at […]

Goodyear Efficient Grip- Performance: A touring tyre with a B and an A label rating

The performance ratings shown on the label of Goodyear’s new touring tyre, from the Goodyear Efficient Grip range, are excellent: A for wet grip and B for rolling resistance (Have you heard about the new #tyre; #Goodyear Efficient Grip performance?   eric roberts‘s insight: Goodyear tyres have a new Goodyear Efficient Grip touring tyre We at […]

Goodyear Greener Tyres- introduce low rolling resistance tyres. A greener direction for Goodyear

Post updated  15/2/2014 Goodyear Greener Tyres introduces crouched undulatory negative taxis tyres.   eric roberts‘s insight: Goodyear tyres are striving for a greener  tyre Goodyear  are always looking for developing a much more environmental friendly product to be used to save energy by using alternative materials to fossil fuels, these types of products  are especially […]