Apollo Tyres

Of course, Apollo Tyres now include the famous Vredestein Tyre brands. Apollo Tyres produce two main ranges of tyres. Hence, the Alnac Range for cars. Including the Apoterra for SUV/4×4 vehicles. Finally Both ranges include winter tyre versions.

Avon Tyres

Significantly, Avon are one of the older tyre brands! So,with their racing pedigree. Avon Tyres are famous for producing sports tyres . Subsequently, such as the ZZ5 ! But they also produce tyres for every day use. Including a great range of winter tyres.

Bridgestone Tyres

The Bridgestone range of tyres is extensive and includes sports tyres like the Potenza, Budget Tyres like the Ecopia for better fuel economy, and winter tyres like the Blizzack.

Continental Tyres

The Continental Range of Tyres includes  the Eco Contact an budget tyres for better fuel economy and noise reduction, the Premium Contact for shorter braking distances and the Sport Contact a sports tyre for high performance cars.

Dunlop Tyres

The Dunlop range of tyres includes tyres for just about every type of category. The Dunlop SP WinterSport M3 for example is a winter tyre which also uses run on flat technology.

Firestone Tyres

Firestone have a prestigous reputation when it comes to sports tyres but they also produce a number of budget tyres and tyres with run flat technology.

General Tyres

General Tyres are famous for their 4×4/SUV tyres with the Grabber being their most well known but they also produce an excellent sports tyre and winter tyre in the Altimax range.

Goodyear Tyres

The Goodyear range of tyres is extensive with many well known such as the Eagle, a high performance sports tyre range and the Wrangler range of tyres for SUVs/4×4 vehicles.

Kumho Tyres

In their Ecsta range Kumho produce both sports tyres and tyres for 4×4/SUVs. However their main range of tyres for 4×4/SUVs is the Road Venture range. They also produce the Solus KH17 a general tyre for small to medium hatchbacks and saloons.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin produce an excellent number of sports tyres in the Pilot range and 4×4/SUVs tyres in the Latitude range which includes the Latitude Alpin a superb winter tyre.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is most famous for its sports tyres and who’s range is quite extensive. Pirelli also produce a range of budget  tyres, the Cinturato, boasting Energy Efficiency and made from eco compatible materials.

Toyo Tyres

Toyo produce the Open Country range of 4×4/SUV tyres and the Proxes range of high performance sports tyres which also includes a 4×4/SUV version in the PROXES T1 Sport SUV. In the Nano energy 3 Toyo have also produced an excellent fuel saving eco tyre for compact/mid range cars.

Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein produces an all season tyre range in the Quatrac but they also produce two dedicated ranges of winter tyres in the Snowtrac and Wintrac. A is Runflat version is available in the Wintrac range and several versions are available in the Ultrac range of summer tyres.

Winrun Tyres

As well as the Maxclaw  4×4/SUV tyre range Winrun also produces an excellent range of UltraHigh-Performance tyres.

Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama are well known for their sports tyre products like the exceptional Advan range have developed the Blue Earth range of eco tyres which has excellent environmental credentials. Yokohama also produces a range of winters tyres and 4×4/SUV tyre products.