Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials-A look into our excellent recycling procedures.

How Green Are We?

Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials

Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials

Most garages are very Green today, but not in the 1960s.

Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials

I can remember many years ago when I was an apprentice mechanic at a small British Leyland garage in Batley West Yorkshire. The garage floor was thick with old oil and grease.Naturally, which transferred onto our work boots. Thus the mess would then be trailed everywhere. The guy in the shop next door would go mad as we made a mess on his floor with our dirty work boots. The mess also went home with us.

We also wore dirty work-wear. My mother had to put the dirty clothes in a special wash to keep them from touching other clothing and contaminating them. In winter time, we would burn old oil, in a small pot-bellied stove.As a result giving off putrid black, from the chimney,(what a mess).

All the consumables were discarded, into landfill. All the rubbish just went into the bin and then to the landfill site. Old oil filters were just thrown out. Hence old tyres were also thrown out.Consequently, nothing was recycled. I am sure that some of the pollutants were dumped into the small river at the back of the garage.

This was called “Batley Beck”. As a result, no wild creatures existed. Hence due to the pollution.Naturally, this Beck was to run into the river Calder. Where all the waste products, from the textile mills, were emptied. You could almost walk on water. It was so polluted with old oils and dies. I suspect that many of these poisons would have been carcinogenic.

Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials

Things nowadays are completely different. My garage here in Halifax is almost 100% green. Most of the oils we use today are synthetic oils or recycled oils.Hence, these are made from different plant materials and are combined with oils from fossil fuels.

Many cars are now running on Bio-Deisel.So, are made from plants and converted into fuel. Our old waste oil is now stored in a large tank and collected every so often to be recycled and not thrown away in the local river.

All our waste paper is shredded and used as packing in boxes. Old oil filters are now saved a collected for recycling. None of these is thrown away in the land- fill sites the way they used to be. All our scrap battery and our old lead weights from wheel balancing are sent to be made into new batteries.Therefore, nothing is wasted.Because of all the old battery components, including the old plastic casings.Thus, are recycled into new batteries, a massive improvement on the previous procedures.

Pellon Tyres Environmental Credentials

It’s fair to say that most garages are now very environmentally friendly we certainly are here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax

Old tyres were the biggest problem. You can still see old tyres that have been dumped in local beauty spots. So, by unscrupulous tyre dealers that do not have any morals. We dispose of our old tyres in a completely legal and correct way.

Our waste tyres are collected by a locally registered collector. of course, and then they are taken to a shredding facility, in North Yorkshire, os Cheshire.

The trail of all my waste has been followed and checked on from my depot all the way to the final at Pellon Tyres; we are very proud of our green image.

All our scrap metals are taken on a weekly basis to a waste facility on Queens Road in Halifax. All our workwear is now collected and washed using non-polluting detergents by a reputable and controlled company, no dirty, oily water going down the drains.

Tyre Recycling

The tyre industry has strived to show itself as a “green” industry.naturally, is doing a great job. Together with Government incentives we now recycle many of our waste tyres.Consequently, waste tyres are used, from producing tyre “crumbs” to powering cement kilns. Including, many other smaller things that as a country we do to recycle tyres. In my opinion, we will are already neutralising, the problem. Therefore, an excellent attribute to all the people that work in the tyre industry.

“Improper removal of tyres is an increasing danger to the environment. It not only makes the setting unappealing but also degrades the ecosystem. For this reason, critical action must be taken for the right discarding and recycling of vehicle tyres. Breaking Down Tyres to Recycle Tyres are manufactured using plastic, an arduous material to burn off for reuse and recycling. The plastic undergoes a procedure called vulcanization. It’s this technique that provides this process its common variable, springy features.” excerpt from an article in the “”