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Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT
Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn-out vehicles failing MOT

So, this is something that we at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax have been noticing. However, it is not rocket science! Modern-day cars are meant to run all the time and have regular servicing. During the on-going pandemic, cars have been stood outside houses without being run at all. This can effect many of the vehicle’s engine parts, causing a failure on emissions when taking the MOT test.

We know for a fact that many cars have missed out on years of service.

So, this can lead to dirty oil and, indeed, blocked air and oil filters. Even further down the line, engine valves could be sticking, of course, due to the lack of servicing. Older cars will find that their plugs were not changed on the due servicing date. Once again, this causes the vehicle to have lower emission standards and possibly fail the MOT test.

Other problems due to standing vehicles

So, its not just emission problems that have occurred; other things have become relevant. We have noticed an increase in broken springs and other suspension and steering parts. As I have explained, modern cars need to be used, and standing about has not done them any good.

Such things as coil springs

are put under pressure when they stand in one place all the time. The springs are under tension and will become more rigid and more likely to break once the car is finally driven. This metal fatigue also causes other tensioned parts to fail when put under pressure, like hitting a pot hole.

Almost 1.3 million vehicles failed their MOT last year because of faults relating to exhaust emissions, new data suggests. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVSA found more cars have failed on emissions

Source: Vehicles failing MOT in record numbers over emissions

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