Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Test Chaos Continues

MOT Test Chaos Continues

MOT Test Chaos Continues
MOT Test Chaos Continues

MOT Test Chaos Continues

So this attached article is all about the chaos that the government caused by issuing the six-month exemption from your car’s MOT test! Of course, during last year’s lockdown.

Many garages and MOT centres are now short of work because customers have brought their MOT tests forward. To explain, most customers of garages would have their cars serviced at the same time. Now, because of the rush, garages have a void in their work schedule. Including us at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax .

So, in there wisdom,

The DVLA is advising motorists to bring their test forward. The Months with a void are now May, June and July. Because garage customers had their cars tested early, a huge void has occurred.

These cars are not due to have a test until August, September and October. It means to me that the six-month MOT exemption has completely thrown out the systems balance.

Businesses find this difficult to balance out and will be paying staff to be stood around . In my opinion the government should compensate garages to help them through this period until the Autumn.

Where are the DVLA telling the motorists ? MOT Test Chaos Continues

The attached article writes about the DVLA urging motorists! Unfortunately, I am wondering where this advice is going to be published ! I watch TV and listen to the radio all the time, but I have not yet seen any sign of the DVLA advising drivers.

So, I urge drivers to do anything. I suspect that what they mean is that we, the local garage, have to tell our own customers that getting an early MOT would be possible.

Another garage owner that I know says that he has been realy messed up by the government decision to the six month MOT extension. Frighteningly, he says that he has had no customers since March wanting an MOT test. He like me suspects that it will be like this until late August. The DVSA are doing nothing to help and I suspect garages will be closing down!

Finally, I believe that a six-month extension was not at all necessary!

The six-month grace meant that millions of drivers were taking the micky! Like my own garage, thousands of MOT centres are only doing a couple of tests a week!

This also includes the busy garages. I believe that the action that the government took is now causing the industry big problems. So, support should be given to MOT stations. We are losing revenue whilst still having to pay for MOT equipment and staff wages. This has been awarded to other industries requiring financial aid during these difficult times.

Financial Incentives could be the way- MOT Test Chaos Continues

Finally, I think that the government could offer a financial incentive to try and get an early MOT test. Otherwise, drivers will not be prepared to have their cars tested early. Understandably, most motorists leave there MOT test to the last minute. Most have a fear that the car may require expensive repairs, so, as I say, leave the test until the last minute.

The DVSA is urging motorists with a vehicle MOT due in August, September, October and November 2021 to bring their vehicle in for a test during May, June or July instead. It comes as MOT predictions

Source: DVSA urges motorists to bring MOT forward as exemption chaos continues

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