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MOT extension- We’re in uncharted territory mistakes will be made but the MOT extension is a big one – Garagewire

MOT extension

MOT extension

MOT extension

So, here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, we are trying the “suck it and see” method. According to the statistics then there are a certain amount of drivers out there who will have their vehicle go through the MOT test. We currently have most of our staff off furloughing .

Unbalanced days have become the norm. Some days we are busy and others relatively quiet. Not wanting to brag but in the good old days we would be fully booked with MOT testing all the time. Enabling me and my staff to enjoy a comfortable life style.

We all work very hard but are successful because we feel that we are fair to the customers and really do try to give the best service in the Halifax area.

Covid 19 messed us all up

However enter “covid 19” and all our worlds were turned upside down! Thanks for that China ! Going forward I do think that we will recover partly thanks to the British Governments actions and the common sense of the British public. I do think that we were very disciplined when it came to “self-isolating.

Only time will tell! at least we are having some great summer weather! Could you imagine what could have been if it had rained every day ?

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Well these are interesting days that none of us have ever experienced the like of. Andy Parsons of Shortfield garage in Surrey. As we entered March this year, it was already clear that we were in

Source: Opinion: We’re in uncharted territory mistakes will be made but the MOT extension is a big one – Garagewire

MOT Closure Killer Blow

Four Dodgy Mechanics-Sentenced and ordered to pay £20K in fines for dodgy MOTs – Garagewire

Four Dodgy Mechanics

Four Dodgy Mechanics

Four Dodgy Mechanics

As the owner of Pellon Autocentre in Halifax this is a problem that would worry me. Subsequently, have a less trustworthy mechanic on my staff. Importantly, I have had some experience of this all be it well in the past.

So, one of my MOT testers was found to be accepting bribes to pass their cars MOT test! Lets say to pass their car without the correct procedure. Although we knew that it was happening it was difficult to prove! These guys are very clever and it is difficult to detect.

Know your customers ?

Mot testing bay owners should be very vigilant! Watch out for a good mix of customers. Most testing stations are visited by retail customers. These are the people who trust your garage including your testing staff. testing staff will build up a good rapport with the garages customer base. This is the case now at Pellon Autocentre. Both our MOT testers are well renowned and well trusted by our customers.

Being honest with your customers is imperative. Customers must be at ease when sometimes they will be receiving some bad news about their precious cars. Anyhow I digress! Garage owners should watch out for an increase in car traders and other small garages that do not do MOT testing. Subsequently, these guys are also looking for a cheaper MOT so they may be able to make a small profit.

Incredibly though, many dishonest mechanics do not even test the cars and take a “back hander” for the privilege. This is part to watch out for ? However these guys are very clever and the crime difficult to detect. Vigilance by the garage owner is the only way to try and prevent this happening. Garage owners should be very careful to show their testers that you are involved in the business. So, making the tester less reluctant to try and fiddle the garage owner and more important the legal MOT test.

Wait for a slip up ?

Vigilance will inventively help to catch the dodgy mechanic. Garage owners who show interest in their businesses daily MOT operations will be making it difficult for any dishonest member of your testing team. So, if your trade business begins to build suspiciously then have walk about when they present a car for testing. Keep an eye open! making sure that some of the cars are actually tested. Traders very often leave their cars for testing and then collect them at the end of the day.

This is where illegal things may happen. So, try to interfere in this procedure. Ask a few questions and keep an eye open for anything out of the order. Remember mechanics are very intelligent people. However most are very honest and hard working. So, its the odd few dishonest mechanics that garage owners that do MOT testing should watch out for.

In the end, our dodgy mechanic was caught out trying to fiddle me on another matter. Consequently, he was caught out and admitted his crime. We came to an out of court agreement and the guy left my garage staff. Remarkably, most of the traders that came to us for their cars testing vanished off the scene. Probably following the mechanic to his new appointment like the “pied piper”.

Vigilance is the key word ? ask questions and keep your eyes open with your testers. Show some enthusiasm and check out any new MOT testing procedures.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Four mechanics have been given suspended sentences of up to eight months and will have to pay nearly £20,000 in fines, after a DVSA investigation found they were issuing fraudulent MOT certificates. Garage owner Mark Huckstepp,

Source: Four mechanics sentenced and ordered to pay £20K in fines for dodgy MOTs – Garagewire

Garage Industry shock as governmant officially proposes four-year MOT exemption

Garage Industry shock

Garage Industry shock

Garage Industry shock

This is another shock to garage owners? Hence along with many other garage owners. I thought that this proposal had been put to bed. Of course, it has again raised its ugly head. Why try to fix something that is not broken. Of course, we are always told that our MOT system is the envy of the world. So why are this government messing about with it.

We all know that new cars do not rust like they used to do. But tyres and brakes certainly need replacing before the MOT test. Thus, if it was stretched to four years.

Eric Roberts


Source: Industry shock as gov officially proposes four-year MOT exemption

Garage Owners in Shaky Times

Garage Owners in Shaky Times-It’s a worrying time for garage owners

Garage Owners in Shaky Times

Garage Owners in Shaky Times

Garage Owners in Shaky Times

So, like millions of other people the dreaded “Coronavirus” had no significance in our lives. Primarily because it all happened thousands of miles away in mainland China. Of course it never entered my head that these things could spread as quickly as it did. Here at Pellon Autocentre we have always prided ourselves on good service and at the same time offering our local drivers good prices.

Consequently, we have always remained busy and have made a steady living. As the owner I have always made a great effort to look after my staff. Only time has proved this point with most of my workers being long term staff. Profit is important but we have never focused on this as been the most important thing. So recently, liked most other people we looked at the coronavirus as someone elses problem!

How wrong were we

Tracking back in time, then I made a business decision to become an MOT Testing station. Firstly, I had to buy the end part of the building off a small car repair company. Sadly, this did not come cheap. However looking forward as I always do I went ahead with the help of the Yorkshire bank and bought the last piece of the jigsaw.

So, I borrowed heavily, Because the Mot bay was expensive to set up initially. After recruiting a few disappointing testers my star man Ryan Linton came to our rescue and became our main tester. So, the Mot decision was to be one of my best business decisions and like thousands of other garage owners the business model was to be built around the whole testing scenario.

Fast forward to mid-march! Coronavirus was rapidly spreading throughout Europe including here in the UK. Fortunately, we were to become one of the then lucky businesses who could remain open. Our Government whether right or wrong adopted a total “lock down” except for key people who would be able to support the NHS. This “lock down” is going to devastate the economy! Including thousands of small businesses and independent garages.

MOT Testing is our passion

However up to that point we remained confident that we could get by! MOT’s are our passion and blood line. Then came the massive blow! Our panicking government suspended MOT testing for six months. Of course, this was massive “kick in the teeth” to all MOT testing stations across  The UK.

Now like millions of other small businesses we could face closure after 40 years of trading. Of course, I say could? I am determined with the help of our customers to get through this crises that no one could predict would happen. The other side of this holds a rainbow of hope for us. Importantly, we will have to catch up with the massive backlog of MOT tests that will have to be carried out. Including all the work that will have to be carried out on the vehicles.

This is the driver that will make me determined to get through this by hook or by crook?

Eric Roberts

Eric RobertsTo start with it all seemed so far away, we were hearing reports of a coronavirus with flu-like symptoms in Wuhan, China back in January. Aaron Phillips of Jackson & Phillips Automotive Services in Leighton Buzzard. Then

Source: Opinion: It’s a worrying time for garage owners with difficult decisions to be made – Garagewire

Whats Rubber- Without rubber latex there would be no tyres?

Whats Rubber

Whats Rubber-Rubber tyres but what is it?

Rubber is one of those everyday things that we take for granted. We all use things made of rubber in our daily lives. In my case, I see large things made of rubber, namely tyres. Most of the Worlds rubber is manufactured from a white runny substance that is extracted from trees in huge rubber plantations that are grown in the tropical regions of the World. The white substance is called Latex and is obtained from the small trees from slits in the bark that allow the latex to run into collecting cups. These cups are then poured into bigger vessels and collected. The collection of the latex is very labour intensive and requires thousands of people to work in the vast forest plantations that stretch for mile after mile covering many acres.

This simple process marks the beginning of making tyres and all other Natural Rubber products. The latex has to move to storage factory facilities very quickly as it soon sets to a solid from its runny liquid form when it is extracted from the trees. The rubber is then split up to be used in separate products.

When the latex is in the process, of being moved. Such as during transportation. An amount of Ammonia is added which stops the latex from setting, before arriving at the factory for processing. When the rubber reaches the plant, it is allowed to set into sheets and is cut to size for shipping. It is often referred to as “Gum Rubber”.

Way, it is necessary to mix the gum rubber with other chemicals.


These are usually sulphur and peroxide or bisphenol. This mixture improves the resistance. Preventing the dough from perishing. This process is known as Vulcanisation. Naturally,  was seen as pioneering work by Charles Goodyear back in 1839. He also used carbon black. Hence, to improve the strength of the rubber mix that is necessary for the manufacturing of rubber tyres. Making tyres is a very complicated process of mixing the right chemicals and always needing and heating the rubber mixture using huge machines and would require another article, but I still think it is amassing how a tyre starts out in a rubber plantation as a white liquid and ends up like a tyre.

Creating rubber in the tyre factory is carried out in several ways. Extrusion is one of the most common methods used this is when the rubber is heated and passed through large rollers to mould the rubber. The rubber is then heated and the forced at high pressure through a small hole this method can produce long strands of rubber. Another method of creating rubber is compression moulding. This is done under heat and pressure, however, this time the rubber is heated in a mould. The rubber is then left to cool in the mould, and the rubber creates a replica of the mould. The final way of which rubber can be moulded is a method of injection moulding. This is achieved by heating rubber again which is then injected into a mould and cooled to create the ultimate product tyres.

 Eric Roberts



MOT Closure Killer Blow

MOT extension slammed- As ‘detrimental’ to the UK’s road safety

MOT extension slammed

MOT extension slammed

Extending the from three to four years is categorically unsafe!

Have actually remained in the motor repair profession for 40 years and also having multiple garages for the past 40. So, I have seen some wicked repair work and car repair failings. Majority being down to failing due to the lack lack of maintenance. So, leaving these to proceed for an additional year is going to result in more RTC’s (road traffic casualties) and also road related vehicle fatalities increasing.
I have seen vehicles coming in for the first a problem examination.  Where the back tracking arm mountings  have actually broken away ( body side).
In order to increase the examination to another year. So,would be extremely dangerous .

The mot examination should be left exactly how it is


Thousands of vehicle would just not be roadworthy. Especially if the “MOT Test” was to be extended in any way or form. In fact a year is just enough time to find dangerous mechanical problems on any older vehicles. Motorists are very reluctant to service their cars. So, opting for the psychic of leaving it until it breaks down. Importantly, the MOT Test finds thousands of problems that would not have been detected. Brakes are a perfect example. Brake pipes do eventually rot and require attention. Consequently, the pipes are hidden away! So if it was not for the annual test then rotting pipes would never be spotted/ So, leading to brake failure and probably a bad accident.

Another problem that we often encounter is worn out steering parts and broken suspension. Of the course the thought of any kind of extension to the cars having a annual MOT is beyond believe and frightens me to death!

However, governments do come up with stupid ideas ? Now we are looking at them scrapping all our cars and vans from diesel and petrol to electric ? The mind boggles lets hope the industry fights against this or we will all be out of work ?
Eric Roberts

Toyota Yaris Clutch Problem

Source: MOT extension slammed as ‘detrimental’ to road safety

Catalytic Converter Care-Regular Car Servicing can help look after your Cat

What do prisoners use to call each other?
Cell phones.

CATALYTIC CONVERTER CARE; Why does car servicing affect your Cat?

Catalytic Converter care

Catalytic Converter care

This is an interesting point; I suppose that regular car maintenance has an effect on all your car parts in the end. Your Catalytic Converter care, (CAT) is a crucial part of your vehicle. Therefore, is fitted with your engine and the rest of the exhaust system.Thus, some are attached to the manifold, onto the engine, these are known as manifold cats, and some are fitted at the end of a short front pipe on the rest of the exhaust system.

Bigger models of cars sometimes require two cats, cars such as BMWs and MERCs usually have two cats fitted, (very expensive to replace).Catalytic Converter care

Your cat’s primary job is to clean the engine particles that the engine omits. Catalytic converters are made out of ceramic. Thus, with added precious metals (another reason why Catalytic Converter care is critical). Naturally to filter the dirty particles from your engine. Thus reducing the pollutants from entering the atmosphere, this helps us to clean the environment and is part of the UK MOT test.

Catalytic Converter Care

Your cat will only work correctly if the engine operates with the correct ratio of air to fuel. Naturally, this was your car servicing comes in. aged.

Catalytic Converter Care

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. Of course, I have worked in the Garage and Pirelli Car Tyre market. For that reason, I am MD for online battery company I have worked for a couple of national tyre companies in my younger days, before starting my first business. I now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.

Mot testing at Pellon


Car Servicing Importance- Regular Servicing Could Also Save You Further Costs ?

Car Servicing Importance

Car Servicing Importance

The best way to compare the price of “car servicing”for your car is to look for all the right things when the time comes for your car servicing.

In these times of recession it is very tempting to skip on your car servicing, but in my opinion the very least you should, is to have an “engine service”, especially if your car has a diesel

Car Servicing Importance

Brakes are the first to suffer from not having your car serviced


A good example of this is your braking system. Many customers of ours skip car servicing only to find out that there brake pads that needed changing. This has now turned into not just pads but “discs and Pads”. This means that the pads would have been picked up as “very low” on a regular service. Would only costing perhaps £30, have been allowed to wear out causing damage to the metal discs and now costing £130.

This also applies to the other parts on your car. Regular car servicing will pick up faults, that may have just started to wear out and by catching the fault early. This will not spread to other parts causing much larger problems at a later date.

By missing out on your “car servicing” your are storing up “problems” that may occur in the future. One of things that we recommend in these hard times, is to ask your service centre to give your car an “engine service” when your car has its next MOT test.

The lights, steering and brakes will all be checked on the MOT. You will then be notified by the testing station if any failures need attention. If the car passes then you can have an engine service, usually your “OIL and FILTER”changing, now knowing that your car will be in decent condition.

Car Servicing Importance

Hope you have picked up some good points in this Blog. Any motorists in the Halifax/Hebden Bridge areas of West Yorkshire looking for car servicing. They can be sure of excellent service facilities for their cars at Pellon Tyre and Autocentre

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists. This enables them to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Garage Owners in Shaky Times

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre-for Testing at Pellon MOT Centre

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre; This beautiful specimen Rolls Royce presented for MOT

So,our testers Ryan new tester Dale are always Happy. Especially, when a customer trusts them with to carry out work.naturally, or a test on such a Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre. We always treat our customer’s cars in such a way. But occasionally we are presented with a unique car that ends up in my Pellon Autocentre blog.

To bring this a little more up to date. Vintage cars and modern classic cars such as the Ford Cortina, do not need to be tested. This came as a directive from the European Union.Thus, after much wheeling and dealing became law here in the UK. The older vintage cars are usually kept immaculate. By their owners. Because of their high value. Many of our customers do have an annual test carried out every year.Therefore, this also keeps up to some insurance company stipulations. Because, the old cars still need to be tested to prove their road worthiness, in my opinion, a great idea.

I only hope that Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre will be the same for the so-called modern classic cars. One that springs to mind is the old Morris 1000’s. I was recently asked to look at one with perhaps the intention of buying the car, but when we examined it was just an old rust bucket, but did not officially require a ministry test. These are the type of car that worry me; I think that these cars need some tighter regulation, and I hope it comes from the insurance companies to insist on a test before the car can be insured.

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre; This car for on MOT is a 1937 Wolseley 1.7 1937

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre

Old cars visit Pellon Autocentre;1937 Wolseley

The company Wolseley started in business making sheep shearing equipment and later started to produce cars under the direction of Mr Herbert Austin. The company was bought out by the Vickers group but was then later sold to William Morris in 1927.

By the 1950s Wolseley became part of the BMC team and became one of the premier models in their group, which included Riley and MG cars. The cars were very well fitted out using wood and leather for the interiors; these cars were to become very specialised and are now valuable collectors cars. The cars became part of the new British Leyland company, and production was finished in 1975 a somber day.

MOT testing is carried out at our MOT department of We can collect customers cars, or a courtesy car can be booked by appointment. Mot tests are now on special offer at £39.90 quoting “ Wolseley Blog “ as the reference number.

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre


MOT Testing Number Plates- Information-Pellon Tyres-Halifax-Yorkshire-UK

MOT Testing Number Plates

MOT Testing Number Plates;This blog is part of a series written by Eric Roberts of Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK to advise motorists about the number plate regulations that affect your MOT Test.

This advice comes as part of the Road Vehicle Regulations, (Display of Registration Marks)2001.MOT regulations. Consquently, the new regulations (2001) state that the car must first of all , “have number plates fitted”, this must be that the background colour and words and lettering comply with the regulations. The words and letters should easily readable and in good condition.
The letters and numbers must be correctly spaced. The character font should be of the correct type .The number plate should match the one in your log book, and should comply with British Standard AU 145d.
Your plate should also display the name and postcode of the company that made up the plate for you. Official number plate sizes should be the following-If you have a Euro symbol on the plate the character width should be reduced from 57mm to 50mm. To conform to MOT Rules.

MOT Testing Number Plates

MOT Testing Number Plates;Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Height 79mm
Width 50mm other than figure 1 or letter I
Stroke 14mm
Character spacings 11mm
Group spacings 33mm
Top and Bottom and Side margins 11mm minimum
Vertical line spacings 19mm

MOT Euro symbol

The Euro-symbol must have the letters “GB” under the European flag if a plain number plate is used the vehicle must use a separate “GB” sticker when driving in another European country. Furthermore, private number plates must have the letters and numbers correctly separated apart and not clustered together to make up a name.
Hope this information is of use to you for more help you can contact…

Or email for any advice.

not a bad idea? Eric Roberts