Insane MOT Test Proposals

Annual MOT Testing: Two Old Timers-Call Into Pellon Auto Centre

Annual MOT Testing

Annual MOT Testing

Happily, as I have said before, this is a great time to be involved in the auto trade. Of course, as the owner of a successful auto centre. Then we take every day as it comes.  Consequently, apart from the work that we have booked in for that day. So, we had a run of cars that were all affected by “pothole” damage.

So, the first car was a Ford Fiesta !

Suffering from a broken coil spring . Caused by running into a pothole ! Incredibly, the second was a Vauxhall Corsa, with yet another broken coil spring . Unluckily, the spring had also penetrated the front tyre ! Once again, caused by hitting a pothole !

Thirdly, the damaged car was a VW Sirocco that hit a pothole and bent his steering arm. Urgently, we managed to fit these cars in between our car services. Consequently, those were already booked in . Happily for the customers, we managed to carry out the repairs, and we all had a good day !

After lunch, we had another bit of excitement for me. Annual MOT Testing

Unbeknownst to me, we had two vintage cars booked in for their annual MOT tests. Significantly, the first car was a regular one for us. So, it was a Rolls Royce tourer. It had a 5.6-litre engine and was built in 1936. Of course, the car easily passed the test.

Apart from a brake switch light, which we repaired on site. The company that owns the vehicle always gives their car a pre-MOT test. Of course, before it is brought into us for the MOT test. But the brake light switch must have been overlooked.

The second car that turned up was a black A35 Austin saloon.

It was manufactured in 1958 (I was ten years old then). Respectfully, the car was owned by the great, great aunt of the woman who now owns the car ?

So, the aunt passed the car on to her niece, who later died. Subsequently, the car was then passed onto her niece, who is the current owner. Incredibly, the car was last serviced in 1990. Having only done 2000 miles, (it was then used to tootle around town. The car has a 948-cc engine

with drums on the front brakes. Including an old-fashioned rod braking system at the rear.

The car was then mothballed for the last ten days in a barn- Annual MOT Testing

So the latest in a line of nieces decided to bring it out and restore the car. She asked for the service of a local mechanic, who looked at the car to assess its condition. Incredibly, the  car only required a new battery and started up the first time. Urgently, the brakes needed some work done on them! Then he handed the car over to us for its MOT test. Lastly, the brakes were sorted using parts from an old MG Midget. Pleasantly, the engine was in immaculate condition and had only done 6,000 miles.

Passed mot test with flying colours

The old Austin had a new 063 ApolloPower battery fitted and passed the mot test in tip-top condition apart from some very slight corrosion I will see it driving up and down the street of Halifax here in West Yorkshire, UK this summer. I just love these cars with a bit of history and a story behind them. The A35 was also fitted with cross-ply tyres to the front and radials to the back.