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Punctured Tyre: Lady Drove over 20 Miles on a Flat Tyre?

Punctured Tyre

Punctured Tyre
Punctured Tyre

Punctured Tyre

The female customer drove over 20 miles on this punctured Tyre ?

This is one of the strangest stories I have heard in the past two years. A lady customer called in to claim that she had a service done 

to her Audi estate about a month ago, and the car was now acting very strangely. She said that when the car was going around the bend, she could feel it swaying slightly, but it was steering perfectly normal on the straight roads. We asked her how long the car had been doing this and she said that for a couple of days or about twenty miles. We went to put the Audi on the ramp, but noticed the car was sloping to one side ?.

When we checked, she had a tyre that was completely ripped off on one of the side walls.

This punctured tyre had in fact been driving with the same characters as Continental Run Flat Tyres for more than twenty miles. The lady customer had not suspected anything because the car had not swerved violently or even veered from side to side, as you might expect from a big car such as the Audi estate.

The Punctured Tyre is the one shown in this blog, and the ripped-off sidewall can be easily seen. Credit should also be given to the Continental Sports Contact that took the battering; although not run-flat, it did remarkably well.

So to follow up on this ! Have you noticed all the old tyre treads and pieces of rubber tyre treads ! That are present on the sides of the roads and motorways. Especially car tyre treads.


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