Waste car Tyres are being looked at

Waste tyres problem improving

Waste tyres problem improving

 Waste tyres problem improving
Waste tyres problem improving

Waste tyres problem improving

Waste TYRES problem improving; Here in Halifax we dispose of 150 to 200 tyres per week.

A few years ago, the European Union made it against the law for counsels to accept old used tyres in their landfill sites. This became a big problem for us tyre retailers. Where do we get rid of the old waste tyres?

It wasn’t long before businesses were set up. Hence, collect the old scrap and dispose of it. Naturally, in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, with the waste tyre problem improving,. We were charged £1 per item  to have them collected. Accordingly, this was passed on to the customers. Because the old ones were their property and not ours.

Britain produces well over 100,000 waste scrappers every day.

Therefore, methods of disposal had to be found quickly. The first thing that was done. Was to produce machines that could shred the old casings up. Hence, separate the steel wire chords for steel recycling. Of course, the rubber was made into tyre crumbs and bagged up for re-use.

Many of the larger  companies are looking for chemical methods to turn the old rubber into new rubber so the old chippings can be used to make new products again, but although some progress has been made, they are still a while away from making it happen. My own personal experience is that they will succeed and new tyres will be made from the  old rubber. All this was to help with the waste tyres problem improving.

Waste TYRES problem improving

In the meantime, the rubber crumbs from old tyres are now used for a number of things. Some are added to tarmac and used for road surfacing, especially in the USA and now here in the UK. Some are used to power the drying kilns in cement mixing plants. Many of the larger tyres are remoulded, which offers cheap tyres to hauliers. Remoulds are still not very popular with motorists, and there are only a small number of companies that make remoulds. These crumbs from old tyres are

also made into children’s play areas; indeed, we have a company here in Halifax that does this. They are also made into carpet underlay and athletic tracks, including play ground surfaces.

Old tyres are used under the sea now

One good invention in the USA turns the rubber crumbs into paving blocks: rubber flooring, and the old tyres are now used under the sea to create artificial barrier reefs and stop tidal erosion. I was critical of the EU at first, but stopping land fill has forced us to look for new ways to dispose of our old tyres.

I think that in a few years time there will be no “old tyre problem” and disposal will be free of charge, and perhaps they might go back to the old days and start buying the old scrap off us again instead of us having to pay. Also, rubber crumbs can be blended with natural rubber.