Waste Tyres Piled-Business illegally stock piled 45000 scrap tyres – Daily Echo

Waste Tyres Piled

Waste Tyres Piled- 45000 tyres
Daily Echo
A HAMPSHIRE tyre business has been fined thousands of pounds for illegally stockpiling 45,000 of waste scrap tyres at an industrial estate.

Eric Roberts says…

What caused the scrap tyres problem?

“All this has stemmed from the fact that waste tyres do not have any value.So,in fact the opposite is the case. Having to pay anything from 50 pence to £1 for Waste Tyre Removal and to be disposed of.Consequently, at one time. When remoulds were very popular. naturally, we would actually sell our old tyres to the remoulding industry. So,also to scrap tyre dealers. Who would come round collecting the old tyres for money.

The most popular scrap tyres to sell were the Michelin tyres. Subsequently, in the tyre trade an old tyre is known as a “casing”. Of course, the Michelin casings were the best quality casings that you could get. The same applies today, Michelin are still probably one of the best quality tyres. Hence, that you can buy. Although more expensive than other  brands. Michelin tyres are probably still the best  on the market.

Things started to change. Thus, with the introduction of new cheap tyres mass produced from China.Including, other “far eastern” countries. These cheap imports were flooding the market. Consequently,could be bought for cheaper than a remould tyre. Of course, it did not take long before the remould companies went out of business. Some of the remould companies concentrated on the remould truck market. Continuing in business, but the car re-molders soon closed down due to the lack of sales.

This caused us all a big problem we have all seen the Waste Tyres Piled on road sides, because no body wanted the old scrap tyres, it became a huge problem and European Union soon started to introduce new laws about tyre

Waste Tyres Piled up Illegally

Waste Tyres Piled

Waste Tyres Piled are still a problem across the world including the UK

disposal. This was followed by new companies setting up to dispose of the Waste Tyres. The most significant new law  would not let scrap tyres be used in landfill sites (tips). So solutions had to be thought of quickly. Germany had already started using old scrap tyres to burn in cement kilns to turn the liquid cement into the powder that we use in building things, but here in Britain we were a bit slow, but we are now looking at similar ideas. Most are now shredded and used in all sorts of applications including mixing the shredded rubber with tarmac to be used on road building.

All this however did not stop illegal Waste Tyres dumping and we still have the problem today. we have all seen old ones piled up in the country side or on waste land, and guys like the one who rented a large building or just land to fill with scrap tyres and then when they are full they just walk away and leave the problem to the owner of the building. One old mill in the Bradford area of West Yorkshire was filled with over a million scrap tyres and then the culprits just walked away leaving the problem to the environment agency, which in the long run has to be paid by the tax payer”.

Article by Eric Roberts…

Toyota Yaris Clutch Problem

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Micro Wave Technology-“Massive Breakthrough” New System for Breaking Down”WASTE TYRES”

Micro Wave Technology

Micro Wave Technology

Environmental Waste International INC Micro Wave Technology waste tyres

Incredibly, a huge breakthrough from a Canadian Waste Tyres  company will become a further step forward. Of course, towards the total problem of waste tyres.

So, the company uses Micro wave technology. So, to break down the different components that make up a tyre. The process pulls apart the molecular construction of tyre by using Micro Wave Technology which turn the tyres back to the original components, these are steel chords and belts, oil (a large component of a tyre) carbon black and other hydrocarbons

The president of EWI said,”The components you get out of it, the carbon black and the oil, are very high quality.” The company are making the Micro Wave Technology processing machines to sell all over the World and are targeting companies in South Africa,South America,Asia and Europe.

 Micro Wave Technology

Scrap tyres dumped like this may soon be a thing of the past due to Micro Wave technology

The Micro Wave Technology has taken over 20 years to develop

So, with an investment of over $40 million, a further $8 million has been invested in a new plant near Ontario (Canada), which will be expected to process over 300,000 waste tyres per- annum,and will be run by only 15 members of staff.

This plant will be the only re-cycling waste tyre plant in the World to see a full waste tyre going and coming out at the other end as a by-product, this will be a great step in the right direction and lets hope that the machine and plant will be bought by a British company and used here to help solve the problem of waste tyres.

Significantly, the normal way of processing waste tyres is to turn them into rubber crumbs. So, they are then turned into other products such as rubber floor tiles. Including, playground materials, but the new method eliminates this process saving up to $3 a tyre in the processing cost. 

Waste tyres have always been a problem

This new Micro Wave Technology waste tyre processing system looks a winner to me. Of course, and it shows the great move forward that we are making to solve the huge problem of waste tyres. The last article I wrote was about the use of waste tyres for making tarmac on road construction and I thought that that was pretty awesome, but this new system from Canada will be mind blowing and go a long way in re-processing waste tyres, perhaps we will be lucky enough to see the end of piles of scrap tyres cluttering the countryside and tyre dumping in our towns.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working, in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So having worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. So, before starting my first business. Now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK. Called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. A keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards . Finally we are also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.

Dangerous Part-Worn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres-RMA Warning: Unsafe Used Tyres for Sale – Tire Review

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Tyre Review RMA Warning: Unsafe Partworn Tyres

On Sale Tyre Review The Rubber Manufacturers Association has taken a proactive stance regarding the sale of unsafe used tires to consumers, issuing a news release to consumer publications and newspapers…


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Used tyres a Worldwide problem

Of course, the problem is of unscrupulous part worn tyre dealers selling Unsafe Partworn Tyres . Consequently,that are not fit for purpose ! So this problem will not go away! Unless strong enforcement is used backed by the law. This article from the “Tire Revue”

used tyres

This tyre was bought as a used tyre and only lasted two days, when the owner took it back he was politely told to go away, he then came to us a bought a new one.

points out the problem facing cash strapped motorists all over the world .Including drivers here in the UK and the USA.

Authorities such as “Trading Standards” must keep on trying to stamp out the people who are selling these death traps. Here in the UK we even import the old tyres that German drivers discard and are  taken off their cars.

What a stupid state of affairs !

It makes me feel sick! Subsequently, we also fit Unsafe Partworn Tyres taken from scrap yards. Of course these tyres from the end of life cars and there could be any amount of structural damage to the tyres without not knowing anything about it.

UK Motorists just fit these Unsafe Secondhand Tyres onto there cars ! As long as the price is right ! Of course, not knowing what dangers lurk inside them. Significantly, they could blow out at any time. So putting your families and other motorists life at risk. Good luck to the RMA in America.

So lets all think twice before buying these potential death traps just to save a few pounds ?


THE TYRE IN THE PICTURE WAS bought by a customer who asked us to fit it for them, including “THE NAIL

Thanks Eric

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Also sell tyres online from our website By using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering a  courtesy cars to local motorists ! Who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Importantly, we are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Trading Standards . Carrying out quality checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

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Part Worn tyre sellers-going under the Radar when it comes to the “Environment Agency” ?

Part Worn tyre sellers

 Part Worn tyre sellers re stacking old tyres are stacked in the view of the public is this is illegal ?


We are told that the average man spends hundreds of pounds(or dollars).Hence, on car cleaning materials. Actually, I can believe this? one of the reasons being that in the past five years. Thousands of cut price car washing companies have sprung up everywhere. Especially, here in the UK. It has also come to my notice that the same companies are Part Worn tyre sellers


I think that this has been a very clever ploy. Of course, by these small car washing companies . As a result,they have tied up the fact that car owners would rather have their cars washed than buying a decent tyre.

The car wash people have opened up on practically all the derelict main road sites in the country, mostly old petrol (gas) stations. Here in the UK they also Part Worn tyre sellers and second hand cars. I strongly believe that these people actually do things that are not legal.

[bctt tweet=”Tyre retailers have to abide by the law and dispose of our old tyres legally” username=”pellonauto”]

Part Worn tyre sellers

We all pass these premises and even probably have our cars cleaned there, but how many piles of scrap tyres do we see stacked up and left outside ?. This is NOT legal.As a result, we also have to store our scrap tyres in a suitable container, hidden away from the public, these are requirements of the law, but it does not apply to these car wash people.

What happens to the dirty water and detergents. Hence, that comes from the cars that are washed ? Surely, the dirty water should be filtered. Before going down the drain ?. I think that if I wanted a car wash that I would have to follow all manner of regulations. Thus, before the local counsel gave me permission . Therefore, it would be interesting to hear other opinions. but hey! Perhaps I am been just a “law abiding citizen”. Perhaps an “old fart”. But some of these car washers/part worn tyre places. Surely, do not look to fit into a modern health and safety Britain.


Are the Environment Agency ignoring this Part Worn tyre sellers developing problem

I also wonder if the EA, “ENVIROMENT AGENCY”regulations are being carried out, once again we tyre retailers are often checked by impromptu visits by the


“EA” to check to see if we have the correct documents and that we are storing and disposing of our old tyres legally, I know that this is not the case with some of these so called car washes who have got piles of old tyres stacked everywhere in the clear view of the public, in fact it looks to me that the old tyres are there to advertise the fact that they are second hand tyre sellers. Also if they openly flaunt the old tyres, then I wonder if they use waste transfer notes in the correct manner, perhaps they do?.

To conclude I think that these car washes should checked out by the EA , to see if they are complying with the law than we would all be in the same “playing fields” regarding the way these places look and work with proper health and safety laws and Environment Agency laws regarding the way that old tyres are stored and disposed of.

Eric Roberts.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

Tyres-Tarmac Mix Help Make a New Road A90 and Quieter Driving

Tyres-Tarmac Mix

Tyres-Tarmac Mix;First UK road to use the scrap tyres mix a great step forward

Breedon Aggregates have successfully completed the relaying of the A90 road in Scotland. Hence, the most remarkable thing about this is that they used a mix of tarmac and shredded waste tyres.

Tyres-Tarmac Mix

Tyres-Tarmac Mix;Waste tyre dumps like this will soon be a thing of the past. There are now many different ways of sorting out scrap tyres. One of the latest is to strip the old tyres down and remove the steel wires to use again, turning the rest of the tyre into rubber crumbs. These crumbs ca be used for all sorts of things including mixing with tarmac to build roads with.Che trial of the new tyres based tarmac was ordered from Transport Scotland and the new road with the new Tyres-Tarmac Mix, will be monitored and tested by them over a period of time.

As a result, this is a massive step forward. Consequently,the new Tyres-Tarmac Mix  has a very promising future.Of course, the A90 road runs between Perth and Dundee. Moreover, the road is a duel-carriageway for most of its length. Of course, this particular stretch of road is one of the busiest in the country. Hence, is expected to be a great test for the Tyres-Tarmac Mix experiment. This road carries about 35,000 vehicles a day. So is also exposed to very inclement weather conditions.

As intended, the new material will be rigorously tested over the next few years. One of the most important tests is a skid resistance test. Signs so far are very promising. As a result,the surface has so far passed all the tests.

Tyres-Tarmac Mix from Denmark

New technology for the success of the new mix came from a Danish company,Genan. Enabling, the rubber particles from the shredded tyres to bind with a binding agent at low temperatures. Which also helps the environment because very little heat is required.

Most people know that since 2006, European Rules have banned the disposal of waste tyres to the landfill sites, leaving very large amounts of scrap tyres to find other uses in many various forms of recycling. According to the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association, nearly 500,000 tons of scrap tyres arose in the UK in 2009. Studies show that for every ton of scrap tyres used for rubber modification of bitumen and asphalt, 1.1 tons of CO2 emissions are saved compared with burning of the tyres for use in Cement kiln heating.

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Tyres-Tarmac Mix-One day they may buy our old tyres again?

This is a great step forward and we must thank Breedon Aggregates for their work in this field to turn a waste product such as old tyres into a wonderful new product that will benefit us all in the long run. Breedon are now going to market the new product and sell it under the brand name of Breedon Polymer R+, and the tarmac will be produced at all its English and Scottish plants, a great step forward and who knows that some day companies may once again buy the old tyres from us again ?.

Tyres-Tarmac Mix

using the new mix on the A90 in Scotland

 Please click the link bellow for more information from Breedon Aggregates.


Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes- Could be used in “Hurricane Defenses” ?

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;British scientists come up with a waste tyres solution

 When the Waste Tyre Collection  problem first raised its ugly head, many of our top scientists were banging their heads together, to look for solutions to the problem of waste tyres and

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;Many other uses can be found for your old tyres including these tyre planters.Free Tyre Disposal UK

new technologies to try and solve the problem of processing them, were designed and built.

These included many different types of tyre shredding machines, that stripped out the steel belts in old tyre in order to re-use it and the shredding of the old tyre carcass into small particles to use in many applications such as additives to tarmac for play and road surfaces and many other uses for the Scrap Tyre Disposal.

One of the suggested uses was to weave the tyres out at sea to break down the wave action that pounded away at our coast lines. Here in the UK we were having bad problems on our East coast with miles of coastline eroded away into the North sea a many perfectly good homes were washed

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes

Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes;Tyre piles like this could soon be protecting the USA against Hurricanes ?

away in strong Easterly wind whipping up the sea and eroding the coastline, similar ,but not as severe as the hurricane (Hurricane Sandy) that devastated the USA coastline.

 British marine engineers develop waste tyres to mix Ocean temperature

 This new idea for Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes is of a similar theme to the original developments regarding protecting the coastline in severe weather, by using waste tyres, this time out at sea and not near the land.

This Waste Tyres Plus Hurricanes idea has also interested the famous Bill Gates, who has joined a British team of marine engineers Nathan Myhrvold and Stephen Salter. The team are to patent the idea of joining thousands of waste tyres tied together and fixed together on giant plastic tubes that would be placed into the deep ocean.

The waste tyres and tubes would force the warm water to the surface from the deep ocean. This affect would mix the warm water with the colder water near to the surface. The result of this would be to reduce the water temperature so that hurricanes would not form.

 Waste tyres would be placed in “Hurricane alley”

Bill Gates will give the British engineers his complete backing to the idea and sees it as a viable proposition and an inexpensive way of solving a very costly problem while at the same time ridding the World of millions of waste tyres.

More interesting reading…

“hurricane alley,” the part of the Atlantic where most of the most dangerous storms develop.

The idea, which was first proposed by Salter post-Katrina, was picked up by Myrvold’s company, Intellectual Ventures, and backed by Gates.

There is an urgent need for hurricane suppression devices since seven of the ten most devastating storms to hit the United States have occurred in the last eight years.

More money is needed for research and development, but certainly if such a device has a chance of saving lives and averting property damage on a massive scale, it deserves a try. The government and private investors have spent money on much less urgent causes.

Scenes like this in New York may be a thing of the Past due to waste tyres ?More reading…

“When we first heard Gates was behind this, we made the assumption that it was going to be something very advanced by using computers to somehow simply better predict when the hurricane would come inland and exactly where it would land. However, we found that it is actually as simple as using some tubing and old tires”…

This article was compiled by Eric Roberts…

flickr Picture by david_shankbone

Waste TYRES problem improving-Now there are many solutions to the waste tyre problem

Waste TYRES problem improving

Waste TYRES problem improving;Here in Halifax we dispose of 150 to 200 tyres per week.

A few year ago the European Union made it against the law for counsels to accept old used tyres in their landfill sites. This became a big problem for us tyre retailers,where do we get rid of the old waste tyres?

Waste TYRES problem improving

Waste TYRES problem improving;Waste tyres can be used as wonderful flower tubs

It wasn’t long before businesses were set up. Hence, to collect the old scrap and dispose of them. Naturally, in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, with the Waste TYRES problem improving . We were charged £1 an item  to have them collected. Accordingly, this was passed onto the customers. Because the old ones were their property and not ours.

Britain produces well over 100,000 waste scrappers every day.Therefore, methods of disposal had to be found and quickly. The first thing that was done. Was to produce machines that could shred the old casings up. Hence, and separate the steel wire chords for steel re-cycling.Of course, the rubber was made into tyre crumbs and bagged up for re-use. Many of the larger  companies are looking for chemical methods to turn the old rubber into new rubber, so the old chippings can be used make into new products again but although some progress has been made they are still a while away from making it happen, my own personnel experience is that they will succeed and new tyres will be made from the  old rubber all this was to help with the Waste TYRES problem improving.

Waste TYRES problem improving

In the mean time the rubber crumbs from old tyres are now used in a number of things. Some are added to tarmac and used for road surfacing, especially in the USA and now here in the UK. Some are used to power the drying kilns in cement mixing plants. Many of the larger tyres are remoulded this offers cheap tyres to hauliers, remoulds are still not very popular with motorists and there are only a small amount of companies that make remoulds. These crumbs from old tyres are

Waste TYRES problem improving

Tyre dumps like this could soon be a thing of the past?

also made into children’s play areas indeed we have a company here in Halifax that do this. They are also made into carpet underlay and athletic tracks including play ground surfaces.

Old tyres are used under the sea now

One good invention in the USA turns the rubber crumbs into paving blocks, Rubber Flooring and the old tyres are now used under the sea to create artificial barrier reefs and stop tidal erosion. I was critical of the EU at first but for stopping land fill but it has forced us to look for new ways to dispose of our old tyres. I think that in a few years time there will be no “old tyres problem” and disposal will be free of charge, and perhaps they might go back to the old days and start buying the old scrap off us again instead of us having to pay. Also rubber crumbs can be blended with Natural Rubber.

Eric Roberts