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Following the Local Government Authority’s warning and advice to motorists considering buying part worn tyres, TyreSafe is urging Britain’s motorists to be extremely vigilant if considering used and not new tyres.

Part-Worn Tyres and Driver Safety in the United Kingdom

The sale of partially worn tyres has become a source of concern in the UK automotive industry, with potential consequences for overall driver safety standards.

In this post, we will look at the impact of partially worn tyres on road safety in the United Kingdom, emphasising the importance of good SEO practises in raising awareness about this critical issue.

Part Worn Tyres’ Prevalence: The availability and sale of part worn tyres has increased in recent years, raising concerns about their impact on road safety.

Part-worn tyres may appeal to budget-conscious drivers, but the lower upfront cost may come at the expense of safety.

Partially worn tyres frequently have reduced tread depth, compromising their ability to provide optimal traction, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Increased Risk of Blowouts: Worn-out tyres are more prone to blowouts, which can lead to accidents and jeopardise the safety of drivers and other road users.

The reduced tread depth of partially worn tyres affects braking distances, increasing the risk of collisions in emergency situations.

Subpar Repairs: Partially worn tyres may have received subpar repairs, jeopardising their structural integrity and reliability.

Regulatory Concerns: Despite regulations governing the sale of used tyres, ensuring compliance with safety standards is difficult.

Tyre Maintenance Promotion: Raising awareness about proper tyre maintenance and the risks associated with partially worn tyres can help improve UK driver safety standards.

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Driving Responsibly: Putting road safety first means making informed decisions, such as investing in new and roadworthy tyres to ensure the safety of all road users.

Conclusion: The sale of partially worn tyres has raised legitimate concerns about UK drivers’ safety standards. It is our responsibility as drivers to prioritise road safety by purchasing new and dependable tyres.

We can all contribute to a safer road environment for everyone by raising awareness, adhering to safety regulations, and practising responsible driving habits.

Let us join forces to raise awareness about the dangers of partially worn tyres and make informed decisions that prioritise the safety and well-being of all road users.

Firstly let me say that I have nothing against selling part worn tyres. Hence, if they are ” LEGAL” part worn tyres. Of course, I will explain what i mean?

The crisis always starts at the end of an economic recession. Thus, buying part worn tyres is all part of drivers balancing household budgets. For some reason, tyres are not respected as a car safety item by all motorists.

Because of this tyres are one of those things that are put at the bottom of the pile. Accordingly, we in the tyre trade have seen this all this before. In fact the last time was in the 1990’s.

The older tyre retailers amongst us will remember all the little bucket shops that opened up over night.as a result, selling second hand tyres. These people did not care about the condition of the tyres that they sold to the public. For this reason, the tyre trade protested adamantly.

Eventually, a new tyre law was introduced. This was to sift out the genuine second hand tyres from the rubbish that these back street tyre shops were selling.

The new law was also monitored by the trading standards organisation. As expected the trading standards went around enforcing the law and many of these illegal tyre shops closed down and heavily fined.

part worn tyres sold illegally

Time has since gone by. Hence, with the next economic recession raising it’s ugly head in 2008. This triggered another spate of part worn tyre shops.

This time they opened in mainly immigrant areas, along with the advent of car washes. Many of these bucket shops are run by young men who have never probably heard of tyre laws, including the one that regulates part worn tyres in 1995.

Once again we in the tyre trade are up in arms. The public should be warned about these tyres that could have safety issues.

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Source: Vast majority of part worn tyres continue to be sold illegally – TyreSafe – Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness