All Part Worn Tyres Stuff

All Part Worn Tyres Stuff

Of course, we must keep on trying to stamp out the people who are selling these death traps. So, here in the UK we even import the old tyres that Germany taken off their cars. Explicitly, a stupid state of affairs it makes me feel sick.

In the UK, also fit Partworns  from junk yards, not knowing anything about it. We just fit these Unsafe deadly Tyres onto our cars, not knowing what dangers lurk inside them  and they could blow out at any time. Good luck to the RMA in America.

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres
Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Tyre Review RMA Warning: Unsafe Partworn Tyres

On-Sale Tyre Review The Rubber Manufacturers Association has taken a proactive stance regarding the sale of unsafe used tyres to consumers, issuing a news release to consumer publications and newspapers…

Are Part-Worn Tyres a Deal or a Danger Due to Their Growing Popularity?

When it comes to keeping the family automobile on the road without breaking the bank, it is common knowledge that everyone is constantly looking for the best deal. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the vehicle. As a result of the fact that the expense of living is biting harder than a Yorkshire winter in Halifax and around the United Kingdom, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people resorting to partially worn tyres as a solution that appears to be friendly to their wallets. Is this tendency, however, a genuine necessity for individuals who are working with limited financial resources, or are we moving in the direction of greater risk than reward?

What Makes Part-Worn Tyres So Appealing
When it comes to the cost of car maintenance, which is already rather high, the appeal of part-worn tyres is not simply about saving a few pounds; rather, it is frequently regarded as an important necessity. This is because many families in our community are responsible for every penny. Generally speaking, you can purchase a tyre that has been partially worn for a fraction of the price of a brand new one. This can seem like a godsend when you are trying to balance your costs.

There is a proliferation of shops selling these tyres all over the place, from the backstreets of Halifax to the main routes of Leeds, providing drivers with an alternative that is more convenient and less expensive. The majority of the time, they are obtained from automobiles that are no longer in need of them, possibly because the owner has upgraded or the vehicle has been demolished. For someone who is trying to stretch each paycheck, selecting part-worn may appear to be a financially prudent choice.

The Costs That Are Not Visible. Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the initial cost savings are appealing, there is more to these tyres than meets the eye. When it comes to safety, worries regarding tyres that are only partially worn are serious business. A significant number of times, these tyres are sold with very little to no information regarding their past. There is a possibility that they originated from a motor that has been written off, or even worse, that it was engaged in a serious collision. Given that you wouldn’t put a used helmet on your head, why would you put your loved ones and yourself in danger by using tyres that will keep you and them stuck on the asphalt?

It’s possible that many tyres that have only been partially used don’t meet the safety criteria that are in place in the UK. Despite the fact that the minimum tread depth required by law in the United Kingdom is 1.6 millimetres, safety experts advise replacing tyres far before they reach this level. Unfortunately, some part-worns are marketed close to this limit, which can considerably increase the danger of accidents, particularly in conditions that are wet or slippery, which is something that we are not unfamiliar with here in Halifax.

Is This a Fake Economy? Unsafe Partworn Tyres

To get down to brass tacks, the initial savings can end up costing more in the long run than they initially could have saved. You will need to return to the tyre shop sooner than you might imagine if you have tyres that are getting close to the end of their lifespan because they will not last as long. The increased chance of a blowout or failing your MOT owing to tyres that are not in good condition can further add unanticipated expenditures and hassle to the situation.

Avoiding Danger and Being Wise
Shopping wisely is the key for individuals who are working with a limited budget. It is not necessary to resort to part-wear when there are alternatives available that are both safe and inexpensive. There are several tyre manufacturers and merchants who provide budget choices that are brand new, dependable, and comply with all safety criteria without being prohibitively expensive. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for sales or specials at local garages; you might be able to find a discount that does not compromise on the quality of the product.

The Final Thoughts, Unsafe Partworn Tyres

It is not worth it to purchase tyres that have only a portion of their tread left on them, despite the fact that we all enjoy a good deal, especially when times are difficult. It is possible to maintain your safety on the road without having to compromise on safety if you ensure that you are well educated and consider all of the available options. Keep in mind that it is not just about saving a few pounds; it is about ensuring that you and your family are safe each and every time you journey on the roads of the United Kingdom, which are notoriously unpredictable. Enjoy your safety, Halifax!

Used tyres are a Worldwide problem

Of course, the problem is of unscrupulous part-worn tyre dealers selling Unsafe Partworn Tyres . Consequently, those are not fit for purpose ! So this problem will not go away! Unless the law supports strong enforcement, This article from the “Tyre Revue”

points out the problem facing cash-strapped motorists all over the world .Including drivers here in the UK and the USA.

Authorities such as “Trading Standards” must keep on trying to stamp out the people who are selling these death traps. Here in the UK, we even import the old tyres that German drivers discard and take off their cars.

What a stupid state of affairs ! Unsafe Partworn Tyres

It makes me feel sick! Subsequently, we also fit unsafe, Partworn Tyres taken from scrap yards. Of course, these tyres are from end-of life cars and there could be any amount of structural damage to the tyres without knowing anything about it.

UK Motorists just fit these Unsafe Secondhand Tyres onto there cars ! As long as the price is right ! Of course, not knowing what dangers lurk inside them. Significantly, they could blow out at any time. So you are puttingthe lives of your families and other motorists at risk. Good luck to the RMA in America.

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

So lets all think twice before buying these potential death traps just to save a few pounds ?

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Driving on Bad tyres

Second Hand Tyres Causing Problems-Don’t Forget £575 fine and penalty points for defective tyres.

Second Hand Tyres

Old tyres like these are ending up as £20 Second Hand Tyres

£575 fine and penalty points for Second Hand Tyres

Impartial Reporter

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a bad case as Kalis “knew quite well” that his tyres were defective.

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Bald Tyres

This article in the “Impartial Report”.thus, proves that motorists do indeed get caught by the police . As a result, are prosecuted for having illegal part worn Tyres on their cars.

Although the police are not as abundant as they used to be. Then, it is no use risking a hefty fine. Such as  the fine that this guy received. He would also of course have to buy another set of tyres . Hence, in some cases he could have also received a ban from driving . As each tyre is three points on your license.

As in the picture of the British Police. Often have roadside checks. Consequently, stopping motorists to check the cars documents . Also other important things. As a result we have often have drivers coming to us with what we call a ” Pink slip”. The slip has to be taken to any MOT station . Once the defect has been corrected. Then the car is deemed as OK.

Therefore, if say the car requires two tyres. Then we will check the car again. Once the tyres have been fitted . We then sign the slip to say that the work has been carried out. Moreover, the driver then returns to the police station .Showing the police that the defection has been rectified.Without any further prosecution.

Second Hand Tyres-Another very important problem that we are coming across

Consequently, there is the number of our regular customers that are getting caught out. hence by buying illegal Second Hand Tyres . These tyres are deemed as legal. Especially, if they are checked out and tested with a certified suppliers stamp . But this is not usually the case.

Only the other day (late October 2014). Then,we had two customers call into us . Thus, had recently bought Second Hand Tyres. Because they had some tyre problems in a  near by town (Huddersfield). Both cases were in very similar circumstances. as a result, the first customer had come into us complaining . Because, his car was making banging noises. As a result, he thought it might be his brake discs and pads. When we removed the wheels . So to check out the brakes . Then we could not find anything wrong with the cars brakes. However , with the wheels removed from the car. We noticed a large egg shape . This  went all round the tyres tread and sidewall area.

When we told him he said that this could not be so because he had just paid £40 at a tyre dealer in Huddersfield. He then went on to say that according to the guy who sold him the tyre, then the tyre was brand new. This had only been two weeks earlier?.

Second Hand Tyres

So the guy had paid £40 for a tyre that lasted only two weeks? crazy. We recommended that he took the tyre back to them for a refund, but as in many of these cases the guy felt

stupid for buying it in the first place and instead bought a proper new tyre from us for £59.90, he could not believe it for only just short of £20 he could buy a brand new tyre, wow.

For full information about your tyre safety and legal requirements  take a look at the following web-site,,,

Driving on Bad tyres

Part Worn Guys Fail legal Requirements-Vast majority of part worn tyre retailers failing to meet legal requirements

Part Worn Guys Fail legal Requirements

So, this comes as no surprise to me. Part worn tyre sellers will never be stopped unless the law clamps down on them. Not to mention that the car owning public supports them more than ever. Of course money has much to do with the problem. When times are bad then people have less money available to spend on their cars.

As a matter of fact we are entering one of the worse economic recessions on record . Of course due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Here at Pellon Autocentre we are already experiencing a rise in phone inquiries for part worn tyres. Fortunately, the price of cheap economy tyres have dropped in recent times. So, making it possible to up sell from part worn to cheap new tyres.

Another observation is the number of young people that are asking for part worns. Unfortunately when I speak to them they are totally oblivious, to the dangers of part worn tyres. Luckily, we find it easy to change their minds and they usually go home with some new tyres fitted to their cars.

However unless the government crack down with more and stronger tyre laws then these people are here to stay. In the light of this, I have now been in the tyre trade for over 40 years and nothing has changed. Part worn tyre shops are on every street corner in some cities. In addition, to the expansion of the “car wash” guys. Car washers are also turning into part worn tyre shops.

Finally as long as motorists buy these dangerous tyres there will be a market for them. Tyresafe are constantly keeping an eye on the subject but I fear they are alone in their efforts.

The majority of tyre retailers investigated by Tyresafe have been found to be selling tyres illegally. Of the 250 retailers investigated in the past five years, 93 per cent failed to comply with regulations. What’s more,

Source: Vast majority of part worn tyre retailers failing to meet legal requirements – Garagewire

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts-A surge following excessive UK temperatures

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

So, this is good advise from the attached article (Garage Wire). Importantly any extra heat build up will put any suspect tyres at risk. I am thinking mainly about tyres that have not been repaired correctly. Of course this brings me onto part worn tyres. In my humble opinion that unless these tyres are tested then the motorists could be driving on death traps.

Well worn tyres also come into this category. There is no excuse to be driving along on bald worn out tyres. However it is still surprising at the number of my customers in Halifax UK are driving about on such tyres.

So, tyres are produced under very high temperatures. Consequently heat is one of the tyres worse enemies. Thus the hotter the tyre gets during operations then the higher the risk of some kind of blowout. Any tyre that has been incorrectly repaired will be at a higher risk. Tyre repairs are governed by certain UK standards and laws. However, there are unscrupulous member’s of our society that ignore these rules. So putting the drivers who look for a cheap job on their tyres at risk.

Stick to new tyres if possible!

Of course as the owner of a tyre centre then I would say this wouldn’t I! However it makes safety sense to stick to buying new tyres where possible. Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, we try our best to give our customers  a good deal. We sock and offer a great range of quality brand cheap tyres. All are brand new and much safer in red hot weather, such as we have recently witnessed.

Motorists have this week been suffering with tyre blowouts this week after the UK was hit with its highest ever recorded temperatures. Driver were urged to remain vigilant as tyres are at a much bigger risk

Source: Tyre blowouts surge following excessive UK temperatures

Driving on Bad tyres

Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres
Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

TyreSafe has today distributed the following release:.

Of course, as members of “Tyresafe,” we are pleased to see that some of the people selling these things are brought to some sort of justice !

Including, the good news of recent convictions of retailers. Consequently, across the whole of the UK,. These have once again highlighted the potential risks. Significantly, it is aimed at unsuspecting motorists who take the risk of buying part worn tyres.

Cases in Scotland and London revealed how dangerous and illegal tyres were being sold. Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

Subsequently, part-worn tyre traders sell these to the public. So, they have been investigated by Trading Standards and TyreSafe. Resulting, in each instance, that the retailers have now faced stiff penalties and fines. Hence, totaling thousands of pounds.

Expressly, in December 2018, the owner of Springside Tyre and Valet Centre. So, in Irvine, Scotland, I was handed a 120-hour Community Payback Order.  Explicitly, for breaches in product safety and consumer protection regulations. Of course, following prosecution by Trading Standards officers from North Ayrshire. Accordingly, at the accused’s hearing,. So, it was revealed tyres had been offered for sale with an 80 mm nail through a sidewall. Including a worn tyre with a mechanics socket embedded in the tread.

In other cases, Danger Of Part-Worn Tyres

Subsequently, over a two-month period, three other part-worn tyre dealers were prosecuted. Henceforth, by Brent & Harrow Trading Standards had to pay a total of over £15,000. In another prosecution, in January 2019, the director of Greys Tyres (Kingsbury) was fined £3,600 and ordered to pay £1,112 costs. Including a £60 victim surcharge. Directors of S & F Tyres Ltd (Kingsbury) pleaded guilty on behalf of himself and his company. Both of which were each fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £1,122 costs and a £50 victim surcharge.

In February, the director of Pennant Tyres (Willesden) was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,117 and a victim surcharge of £75. Colleagues in Ealing brought charges against the director of JFH London Ltd, trading as Perivale Tyres (Greenford), who entered a guilty plea and was fined £500 and ordered to pay prosecution costs.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said:

“The continued vigilance of Trading Standards teams the length and breadth of the UK means at least some illegal and unsafe part worn tyres are being removed from the market. However, it is clear we are just scratching the surface of a trade where a completely unacceptable level of professional incompetence and worryingly high proportion of dangerous products are being sold. Nobody is arguing for an outright ban of part worns but when over 60% of tyres inspected by Trading Standards and TyreSafe are unsafe to return to the roads, it is clear that the sale of part worn tyres all too often represents a clear and present danger to road safety”.

Driving on Bad tyres

Tyresafe Partworn Campaign-About the dangers of buying Part Worn

Tyresafe Partworn Campaign

Part Worn Tyres Are False Economy

Post updated  2/2/2014

Tyresafe Campaign about part worn tyres; are just not worth the money ?

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Trading Standards

Pellon tyres are a member of Tyresafe and are concerned about part worn tyres

For all tyre safety matters this is the web-site to look at . So inwardly digest what they are saying.

Before buying Part worn tyres you must look at what they have to say?. To prove a point, the Tyresafe Campaign . By buying sample part worn tyre products from all over the country. Thus, working out the real worth of part worn tyres . Hence,  the facts are startling. As a result, you should not be buying these tyres. Unfortunately, not only could they be dangerous . But” pound for pound” they are not worth the money . Consequently, that you will pay out for them .

What constitutes a part worn tyre to be sold legally?

Many local council trading standards officers . Are pursuing part worn tyre outlets . Frequently, prosecuting the ones that are breaking the law. Not least Warwickshire County Council. Part worn tyres must be checked for cuts, bulges, exposed tyre cords . So, should have no foreign bodies embedded in them . Such as nails and screws. For this reason, they should be clearly marked as part worn tyres. Including, with a minimum tread depth of 2 mm all round. Before they can be sold.

Trading standards officers often pretend to be genuine customers and go round buying part worn tyres, to be tested. Janet Faulkner, Head of Warwickshire Trading Standards Service said:

Tyresafe Partworn Campaign

“Whilst all the tyres we purchased passed the tread depth test, only one was stamped as ‘part-worn’ and two failed because of tread separation or slow pressure loss, neither of which would be obvious to a consumer straight away. Our advice is that it’s always safest to buy brand new tyres, but if you are buying part-worn, make sure the tyre has been tested, check the tread depth, look out for lumps and bumps and keep an eye on the tyre pressure”

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Driving on Bad tyres

Part Worn Tyres Targeted-Calls for part-worn tyre ban following trading standards sting

Part Worn Tyres Targeted

Part Worn Tyres Targeted

This is great news. Especially for us tyre retailers that run a legitimate business. As a result, we are all sick to see all the back street tyre shops. Hence, that have recently opened, selling part worn tyres. We all know that most of the old tyres that these people sell are “Illegal”. Even more annoying, is that members of the public buy this rubbish for their vehicles.

I see this every day. Drivers think that they are saving money. However, it has been proven many times that this is false economy. In addition, we have had many disillusioned drivers calling into my depot here in Halifax UK. Disillusioned, because the tyre that they have just payed £20 for, only lasted them for two weeks. As a result, we examine many of the tyres that we remove. Hence, after being bought as part worn tyres.

Most of these tyres were the pits? They were just over the legal limit with cuts and cracks all over the tyres and many our well over the age limit. Including the sidewalls and the tread areas. The people who sell these tyres should be banned from been in business. In fact I have visited countries such as Egypt. These back street places resemble such third world countries.

Part Worn Tyres Targeted

As an industry we have fought for years to make tyre safety a priority. Including, tyre tread depth and rules about repairing tyres and the age which tyres should not be fitted. People who sell illegal part worn tyres should be closed down. I frequently pass these places and it makes me cringe. Thus, when I see regular motorists have these tyres fitted to their cars. Also I often see taxis having these death traps fitted. As I have said on many occasions. Then I do not mind the sale of “legal” part worn tyres being fitted. But looking at the state of these places then I very much doubt that anything about these companies will be carried out legally. Including, public liability insurance and many other things that we legitimate businesses have to provide to be able to trade with a clear consciousness.

Finally, it is good to see that trading standards are making some inroads into the problem. more reading

Eric Roberts

Source: Calls for part-worn tyre ban following trading standards sting

Driving on Bad tyres

Part worn tyres sold illegally-TyreSafe-UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

part worn tyres

Following the Local Government Authority’s warning and advice to motorists considering buying part worn tyres, TyreSafe is urging Britain’s motorists to be extremely vigilant if considering used and not new tyres.

Part-Worn Tyres and Driver Safety in the United Kingdom

The sale of partially worn tyres has become a source of concern in the UK automotive industry, with potential consequences for overall driver safety standards.

In this post, we will look at the impact of partially worn tyres on road safety in the United Kingdom, emphasising the importance of good SEO practises in raising awareness about this critical issue.

Part Worn Tyres’ Prevalence: The availability and sale of part worn tyres has increased in recent years, raising concerns about their impact on road safety.

Part-worn tyres may appeal to budget-conscious drivers, but the lower upfront cost may come at the expense of safety.

Partially worn tyres frequently have reduced tread depth, compromising their ability to provide optimal traction, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Increased Risk of Blowouts: Worn-out tyres are more prone to blowouts, which can lead to accidents and jeopardise the safety of drivers and other road users.

The reduced tread depth of partially worn tyres affects braking distances, increasing the risk of collisions in emergency situations.

Subpar Repairs: Partially worn tyres may have received subpar repairs, jeopardising their structural integrity and reliability.

Regulatory Concerns: Despite regulations governing the sale of used tyres, ensuring compliance with safety standards is difficult.

Tyre Maintenance Promotion: Raising awareness about proper tyre maintenance and the risks associated with partially worn tyres can help improve UK driver safety standards.

Keywords such as “part worn tyres,” “UK road safety,” and “impact on drivers” will help drive traffic to this important safety-related post.

Driving Responsibly: Putting road safety first means making informed decisions, such as investing in new and roadworthy tyres to ensure the safety of all road users.

Conclusion: The sale of partially worn tyres has raised legitimate concerns about UK drivers’ safety standards. It is our responsibility as drivers to prioritise road safety by purchasing new and dependable tyres.

We can all contribute to a safer road environment for everyone by raising awareness, adhering to safety regulations, and practising responsible driving habits.

Let us join forces to raise awareness about the dangers of partially worn tyres and make informed decisions that prioritise the safety and well-being of all road users.

Firstly let me say that I have nothing against selling part worn tyres. Hence, if they are ” LEGAL” part worn tyres. Of course, I will explain what i mean?

The crisis always starts at the end of an economic recession. Thus, buying part worn tyres is all part of drivers balancing household budgets. For some reason, tyres are not respected as a car safety item by all motorists.

Because of this tyres are one of those things that are put at the bottom of the pile. Accordingly, we in the tyre trade have seen this all this before. In fact the last time was in the 1990’s.

The older tyre retailers amongst us will remember all the little bucket shops that opened up over a result, selling second hand tyres. These people did not care about the condition of the tyres that they sold to the public. For this reason, the tyre trade protested adamantly.

Eventually, a new tyre law was introduced. This was to sift out the genuine second hand tyres from the rubbish that these back street tyre shops were selling.

The new law was also monitored by the trading standards organisation. As expected the trading standards went around enforcing the law and many of these illegal tyre shops closed down and heavily fined.

part worn tyres sold illegally

Time has since gone by. Hence, with the next economic recession raising it’s ugly head in 2008. This triggered another spate of part worn tyre shops.

This time they opened in mainly immigrant areas, along with the advent of car washes. Many of these bucket shops are run by young men who have never probably heard of tyre laws, including the one that regulates part worn tyres in 1995.

Once again we in the tyre trade are up in arms. The public should be warned about these tyres that could have safety issues.

This article should be given to every driver. where do part worn tyres come from, are part worn tyres safe, part worn tyres Preston, part worn tyres.

Source: Vast majority of part worn tyres continue to be sold illegally – TyreSafe – Promoting UK Tyre Safety and Driver Awareness

Driving on Bad tyres

Part Worn tyres Guy Fined-Guilty verdict for illegal part worn tyre seller – FleetNews

Part Worn tyres Guy Fined

A Lincolnshire tyre retailer faces up to 12 months in prison along with a £20,000 fine after being found guilty of supplying unsafe part worn tyres to the public.

A Lincolnshire tyre retailer faces up to 12 months in prison. Including, along with a £20,000 fine. So, after being found guilty of supplying unsafe part worn car tyres to the public.

Good news for the battle against dodgy traders. Selling these unsafe tyre products to unsuspecting but gullible public.

Illegal Part Worn tyres

This is one of my pet hates. The fact that people are allowed to sell these illegal part worn tyres. Of course, and get away with it, (well some of them). This is not the first time that the part worn tyre problem has come to haunt the industry. It last raised its ugly head in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

There was a huge outcry from within the tyre industry. Consequently, which eventually led to the Government setting certain standards. Of course, that would allow part worn tyres to be sold legally. These are listed below courtesy of

Under The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg.7.) part of the Consumer Protection Act, it is an offense for anyone to sell Part Worn Tyres UK that do not meet the following principal requirements:

1-   The structural integrity must not be compromised. It should be free of large cuts, any bulges or lumps both internally and externally. No plies or cords should be exposed.

2- Tyres must have passed an inflation test prior to sale.

3- The original grooves must still be clearly visible in their entirety and must be to a depth of at least 2mm across the full breadth of the tread, around its entire circumference.

4-  Part worn tyres which have not been retreaded must clearly show the relevant ‘E’ mark alongside which ‘PART-WORN’ must be permanently and legibly applied in letters at least 4 mm high. These words cannot be hot branded or cut into the tyre.

5- Part-worn tyres that have been retreaded must have one of the following:

BS AU 144b, 144c, 144d, or 144e markings on the side wall (if first supplied as a retread on or before 31 December 2003 an ECE approval mark (if first supplied as a retread on or after 1 January 2004)

A permanent mark to identify the original model and manufacturer.

So, the word ‘RETREAD’ moulded onto or into its sidewall (in upper case letters at least 4 mm high) and further markings in accordance with ECE rules. You may need to seek further advice as to which rules apply

The indication ‘PART WORN‘ must also appear next to the BS or ECE approval mark, or next to the word ‘RETREAD’

For tyres marked BS AU 144e, a speed category symbol and load capacity marking should be present.

A tyre has to comply with all these requirements whether or not it is fitted to a rim.

– See more at:

Part Worn tyres Guy Fined

These rules (laws) were brought out to try and make re-used old ones  safer when sold to the unsuspecting public. After a few years things appeared to level off and the industry thought that things had calmed down.

Part worn tyres raise their ugly heads again

Then came yet another recession! So, the tyre industry began to suffer once again. Importantly, with the rise again of the illegal waste tyre trader. Small bucket shops began to open up all over the country. Selling any old tyre rubbish as Part Worn tyres. I thought that there would be no way that the public would buy from such places, but I was wrong?

Not only was I wrong but these tyres were being sold with total disregard for the 1994 regulations, it is as though they never existed? Many trade bodies have been lobbying our government and people like me have been venting our frustration at the way that these tyres have been openly sold without any regard to safety or the 1994 regulations.

My main concern is purely the safety aspects for the thousands of motorists that buy these things, not knowing there condition or where they came from. It is good however that some trading standards department are once again raiding the premises of these people and prosecuting them for their actions. This is also occurring in the USA, the whole world is finally opening their eyes to the vast safety problem associated with these part worn accidents waiting to happen.

Driving on Bad tyres

Part Worn Tyres: Am I getting soft?

Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn Tyres

 These are very alarming figures 22%, almost a quarter of the driving public, are buying these part worn tyres

But I am now thinking differently about the problem. In my opinion, the Part Worn Tyres market has increased due to the financial crisis and a lot of young families are having to make

huge economic changes in their household budgets, but they regard their car as a sanctity, a necessity, and they will keep it running at whatever cost, even if it means running the car without insurance or road tax.

This is also where part-worn tyres come into it. If it means keeping the car running, then they will pay, say, £20 for a worn tyre. I do not think that they care about its condition; all I can say is that they must trust the person that they are buying from, as long as it gets them about and they can keep their car running.

It is the tyre industry that should make sure that the tyres that these people are using are in fact safe to use and come under the Part Worn Tyres law (under the Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg. 7) part of the Consumer Protection Act) that we have here in the UK and probably other countries too.

17% of drivers would also keep buying part worn tyres.

In my opinion, the economic crisis has hit us all to the extent that we will probably never recover again. The retail market has changed considerably over the past years, with consumers having to make huge cuts in their spending habits. This includes everybody, and I have to admit that includes my family. We are changing our shopping habits, and the companies that are making changes to cope with the lack of consumer spending are becoming the winners.

Starting at the top of the chain, families are now shopping on a daily or twice-weekly basis. Here in the UK, the winners are becoming the smaller chains such as Lidl and Aldi, who are pushing the huge supermarket customers into second place, primarily because of the changing shopping habits of the consumers. We also have cheaper clothing retailers who are doing well in this climate; stores such as Primark are sweeping the floor with much cheaper clothing than the high-street stores, who are suffering from the general downsizing of consumers.

In my opinion, this is also the same problem that is affecting the tyre market at the moment.

Drivers at the lower end of the economic scale are forced to buy part-worn tyres to keep their cars on the road. According to the recent survey, 17% of these drivers would also consider a repeat purchase of part worn tyres, which could mean that these people are taken out of the new car tyre market altogether. There has always been a slice of the tyre market that has bought second hand tyres, but this time the increase is quite significant and is effecting many of the smaller tyre retailers up and down the country.

Fighting back with cheap budget tyres

One of the knock-on effects of this gap in the market is the price deflation of budget tyre brands. My own business has seen a sharp increase in the cheap new tyre market. The manufacturers that are suffering are in the mid-range tyre market, and the leading companies appear to be holding their own, we are still getting our customers asking for their favourite brands. These are usually the older drivers that are known as the “Silvers,” and that includes me?

These are the drivers that will stick to Michelin and Dunlop and can still afford to pay the price for them.

I am only forming my opinion on the facts that are affecting my tyre business here in Halifax Yorkshire UK. But asking about and travelling around has opened my eyes to the fact that the number of part-worn tyre bucket shops that have opened up in the last few years has quadrupled. The increase in these operations has opened my eyes to the extent of our industry-wide problem. We seem to be more at the battle front in the poorer northern towns, especially the ones with a large immigrant population, such as Halifax.

Part worn tyres are also affecting the large companies

This problem probably multiplies the more depots that you own , so huge tyre companies such as kwik-Fit must be pulling their hair out, in fact This recent survey was financed by Kwik-Fit, and its findings were released to the rest of the industry. Roger Griggs of Kwik-Fit said…

“This research highlights the problems that British drivers have experienced with part worn tyres. Many of the second hand tyres sold in the UK are brought in from Europe by the container-load, having been taken off cars across the Channel. Motorists considering a part worn tyre should perhaps ask why a tyre that is no longer good enough for a Dutch, German or Danish driver would be good enough for them.

‘We recognise that drivers are keen to keep their motoring costs low, and we work hard to provide products and services to help them do that. There comes a point where cutting costs can compromise safety and this is especially true with tyres. After all, these are the only thing connecting a car with the road, so we urge drivers to consider whether they really need to opt for the unknown quality of second hand tyres.”

My problem with part worn tyres is the number of tyres that were found to be failing due to the damage that was already present

Of course, when the tyres were fitted to the new customer’s car,. This is due to the fact that tyres that are sold are not sold legally. Here in the UK, we have a set of rules that state that part worn tyres should be tested for any faults, damage, or objects in the tyres, and the tyres should be checked while under pressure. Then, after the tyre is checked and found to OK, a special patch should be stuck (vulcanised) to the tyre with the name of the company or tester displayed on the tyre.

I now know that the effect of part worn tyres on the businesses of reputable tyre retailers

Having forced them to start selling these part worn tyres themselves, and in a way, I cannot blame them. One guy that I know has set up a separate small depot specifically for selling these tyres. He has kept the two companies separate for obvious reasons, but at least he is now clawing some of the lost business back, and he is also running the operation within the current part worn tyre laws.

I can now understand better the predicament that many people find themselves in. Forced by financial circumstances to buy these second-hand tyres. So, I think that we have all been affected by this crisis and will be for some time to come.

We now believe that they is a place for part worn tyres, but they must be bought and sold within the law, and we must get rid of these people who sell all the rubbish and dangerous tyres by strengthening the current laws and, more importantly, by clamping down on these dodgy tyre businesses that sell this rubbish through stronger law enforcement.