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MOT demand Moderate-Not as bad as expected thanks to ‘beat the rush’ campaign, data shows – Garage wire

MOT demand Moderate -Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown: An Overview of Recent Changes to MOT Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic unquestionably altered the appearance of the world in a variety of ways, and the pandemic’s ripple effects continue to have a significant impact on our lives even as we make progress towards returning to normal. The automotive industry is one sector that has undergone significant transformations as a result of the pandemic.

This is especially true in the United Kingdom, where the Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing has been subjected to significant revisions during the most recent lockdowns. The alterations were made to ensure the continuation of essential transport services while simultaneously protecting the public’s safety.

MOT demand Moderate -Extensions to the Emergency Situation: The Initial Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages, lockdown procedures prompted an urgent need to reevaluate the protocol for MOT testing. Because traditional methods required vehicle owners and MOT test centre staff to maintain close contact with one another throughout the inspection process, these methods posed a risk to both parties.

The initial response from the government of the United Kingdom was to offer an automatic extension of six months for all vehicles whose MOT certificates were set to expire between the 30th of March and the 31st of July 2020.

This decision was an important step in the right direction because it ensured that key workers and those who needed to make essential journeys could use their own vehicles without having to worry about MOT inspections.

The Cancellation of All Future Extensions and the Return to the Previously Scheduled Testing

As the MOT extension period progressed towards its conclusion in August 2020, lockdown restrictions gradually became less stringent. Once again, in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads, vehicle owners were mandated to have their MOT tests completed on time.

The growing concern that the extension could lead to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads that are potentially unsafe led to the decision to resume regular MOT testing. This decision was made because of the growing concern.

This choice did not come without its share of difficulties. The unexpected increase in the number of vehicles that needed to be tested caused backlogs in many testing centres. In addition, the necessary adherence to additional sanitization measures and social distance, which were both required, slowed down the process.

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Testing for the Ministry of Transport in the ‘New Normal’: The Revised Procedure

In order to remain competitive in the market, MOT testing centres were required to implement COVID-19 safety measures into their standard operating procedures.

Commonplace precautions included limiting direct contact with customers, using seat covers, sanitising high-touch areas of the vehicle before and after the test, and cleaning high-touch areas before the test.

In addition, MOT testing services are increasingly turning to technology in order to simplify operations and reduce the amount of face-to-face contact that customers have. The implementation of contactless payment systems, online booking platforms, and digital communication for the purpose of providing results has seen widespread adoption.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) encouraged drivers to book their MOT tests in advance and to consider getting their vehicles tested even if the expiration date of their MOT was extended. This was done so that the agency could deal with the backlog.

MOT demand Moderate What Should Be Done About Failed MOT Tests While the Facility Is Locked Down?

During the period of the lockdown, one of the most common concerns was regarding the processes that would be followed for vehicles that had failed their MOT tests. If a vehicle failed an inspection, the owner was instructed not to drive it again, with the exception of driving it to a repair shop or to a pre-booked MOT test after the repairs were completed.

However, some garages provided a collection and delivery service for vehicles that needed MOT tests or repairs. This was available to customers who needed to maintain their level of privacy.

MOT demand Moderate


The updates to the MOT testing that were brought about as a direct result of the lockdowns are a testament to the adaptability and resilience of the system in the face of a crisis that has never been seen before. As we work our way through the aftermath of the pandemic, it is unclear what other shifts may take place in the landscape of MOT testing. This is something that will be determined as we move forward.

However, the overarching objective has not changed; it is still to guarantee that vehicles operating on UK roads meet safety and environmental standards. The primary purpose of the MOT test continues to be of the utmost significance in terms of protecting both the general public and the environment, irrespective of whether or not a pandemic is currently underway.

So this attached article follows on from previous MOT testing updates! Of course which were brought about due to the recent “lockdown” due to the Corona Virus. Consequently, in their wisdom the UK Government suspended all MOT testing for a six month period! Un-surprisingly, this meant that there would be a bottle neck for MOT testing stations.

However this article thinks that the back log of test is not as bad as they first thought.

Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, we are about three weeks fully book for MOT testing. Importantly, like many testing stations then we have a good booking in system which works really well. This along with a reminder system has enabled us to keep on top of things.

Many of our customers have been very patient and understanding when it came to testing their cars and vans. So, any work that is required to get the vehicles through the test is carried out by our non-testing staff. So far this has worked out fine concerning the problem of MOT demand Moderate and things are moving very smoothly to date.

The number of MOTs set to expire in October and November is less than originally forecast by the DVSA. Data analysis by GiPA suggests that the number of MOTs due this month has decreased by 12.

Source: MOT demand not as bad as expected thanks to ‘beat the rush’ campaign, data shows – Garagewire

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