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MOT demand Moderate

MOT demand Moderate -Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown: An Overview of Recent Changes to MOT Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic unquestionably altered the appearance of the world in a variety of ways, and the pandemic’s ripple effects continue to have a significant impact on our lives even as we make progress towards returning to normal. The automotive industry is one sector that has undergone significant transformations as a result of the pandemic.

This is especially true in the United Kingdom, where the Ministry of Transport (MOT) testing has been subjected to significant revisions during the most recent lockdowns. The alterations were made to ensure the continuation of essential transport services while simultaneously protecting the public’s safety.

MOT demand Moderate -Extensions to the Emergency Situation: The Initial Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages, lockdown procedures prompted an urgent need to reevaluate the protocol for MOT testing. Because traditional methods required vehicle owners and MOT test centre staff to maintain close contact with one another throughout the inspection process, these methods posed a risk to both parties.

The initial response from the government of the United Kingdom was to offer an automatic extension of six months for all vehicles whose MOT certificates were set to expire between the 30th of March and the 31st of July 2020.

This decision was an important step in the right direction because it ensured that key workers and those who needed to make essential journeys could use their own vehicles without having to worry about MOT inspections.

The Cancellation of All Future Extensions and the Return to the Previously Scheduled Testing

As the MOT extension period progressed towards its conclusion in August 2020, lockdown restrictions gradually became less stringent. Once again, in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads, vehicle owners were mandated to have their MOT tests completed on time.

The growing concern that the extension could lead to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads that are potentially unsafe led to the decision to resume regular MOT testing. This decision was made because of the growing concern.

This choice did not come without its share of difficulties. The unexpected increase in the number of vehicles that needed to be tested caused backlogs in many testing centres. In addition, the necessary adherence to additional sanitization measures and social distance, which were both required, slowed down the process.

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Testing for the Ministry of Transport in the ‘New Normal’: The Revised Procedure

In order to remain competitive in the market, MOT testing centres were required to implement COVID-19 safety measures into their standard operating procedures.

Commonplace precautions included limiting direct contact with customers, using seat covers, sanitising high-touch areas of the vehicle before and after the test, and cleaning high-touch areas before the test.

In addition, MOT testing services are increasingly turning to technology in order to simplify operations and reduce the amount of face-to-face contact that customers have. The implementation of contactless payment systems, online booking platforms, and digital communication for the purpose of providing results has seen widespread adoption.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) encouraged drivers to book their MOT tests in advance and to consider getting their vehicles tested even if the expiration date of their MOT was extended. This was done so that the agency could deal with the backlog.

MOT demand Moderate What Should Be Done About Failed MOT Tests While the Facility Is Locked Down?

During the period of the lockdown, one of the most common concerns was regarding the processes that would be followed for vehicles that had failed their MOT tests. If a vehicle failed an inspection, the owner was instructed not to drive it again, with the exception of driving it to a repair shop or to a pre-booked MOT test after the repairs were completed.

However, some garages provided a collection and delivery service for vehicles that needed MOT tests or repairs. This was available to customers who needed to maintain their level of privacy.

MOT demand Moderate


The updates to the MOT testing that were brought about as a direct result of the lockdowns are a testament to the adaptability and resilience of the system in the face of a crisis that has never been seen before. As we work our way through the aftermath of the pandemic, it is unclear what other shifts may take place in the landscape of MOT testing. This is something that will be determined as we move forward.

However, the overarching objective has not changed; it is still to guarantee that vehicles operating on UK roads meet safety and environmental standards. The primary purpose of the MOT test continues to be of the utmost significance in terms of protecting both the general public and the environment, irrespective of whether or not a pandemic is currently underway.

So this attached article follows on from previous MOT testing updates! Of course which were brought about due to the recent “lockdown” due to the Corona Virus. Consequently, in their wisdom the UK Government suspended all MOT testing for a six month period! Un-surprisingly, this meant that there would be a bottle neck for MOT testing stations.

However this article thinks that the back log of test is not as bad as they first thought. Part Worn Tyres

Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK, we are about three weeks fully book for MOT testing. Importantly, like many testing stations then we have a good booking in system which works really well. This along with a reminder system has enabled us to keep on top of things.

Many of our customers have been very patient and understanding when it came to testing their cars and vans. So, any work that is required to get the vehicles through the test is carried out by our non-testing staff. So far this has worked out fine concerning the problem of MOT demand Moderate and things are moving very smoothly to date.

The number of MOTs set to expire in October and November is less than originally forecast by the DVSA. Data analysis by GiPA suggests that the number of MOTs due this month has decreased by 12.

Source: MOT demand not as bad as expected thanks to ‘beat the rush’ campaign, data shows – Garagewire

Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar
MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar


 Of course, it was a sad day when the government, in all their wisdom,

announced that Most vehicles manufactured or first registered over 40 years ago. Hence, will, as of May 20, 2018, be exempt from periodic testing unless they have been substantially changed.

This “substantially changed “part worried some owners at first. many of these cars have undergone some major changes. If parts weren’t available, specialised companies refabricated them.

However, owners fears were quashed-MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

when it was announced that their would have to be substantial changes to the chassis, running gear and engine capacity before the car was considered to be re-built in any way. Especially in the past 30 years of ownership.

According to the UK Government web site then the following changes would be fine- The following are considered acceptable (not substantial) changes if they fall into
these specific categories:
• changes that are made to preserve a vehicle, which in all cases must be when
original type parts are no longer reasonably available;
• changes of a type, that can be demonstrated to have been made when
vehicles of the type were in production or in general use (within ten years of
the end of production);
• in respect of axles and running gear changes made to improve efficiency,
safety or environmental performance;
• in respect of vehicles that have been commercial vehicles, changes which can
be demonstrated were being made when they were used commercially.

Of course, this clarified the worries and concerns from the owners of these cars. MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar

Meanwhile, as it happens, we still get these vintage and classic cars presented for the annual MOT Test. The E-Type Jaguar in my images is a great example. This was the car that every teenager wanted back in the day. I was twenty years old when this car came out and boy did we want one. 

I believe that many of these cars have to be MOT tested for insurance purposes. Importantly, make sure that the car was road worthy or not. Anyhow, the white MOT Test for White E-Type Jaguar, had many admirers from my other customers on that day. Including myself?

Finally, here at Pellon MOT station we recommend Bridgestone tyres for your Jaguar car.

Insane MOT Test Proposals

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

I could not believe my eyes when we were presented with this beautiful MGB sport car for its MOT test. So, I am just going to show the images that we took so that you can see for yourself how nice this car is.

The MGB was a very sought-after car in the sixties and seventies

In my opinion was one of the signs that you were doing better in life if you owned one, I had the poor relation the MG Midget. I remember working for a Dunlop tyres subsidiary at the time and the MG was fitted with 165×14 Mainly Pirelli Cinturato textile radials. The guys who owned them (it was a man’s car and not many females owned one) were mainly self-employed builders and architects, this was the car for them.

Of course, the fascinating thing to me is. So, out of the 387,000 cars produced, 90% were sold in America. Consequently, they were as popular as they were in the UK. Subsequently, these cars were built from 1962 until the last car in 1980. Hence, the first MGB GT versions rolled off the production line in 1965. As a result, by the end, over 125,000 of these splendid cars had been built. Of course, with about a third going for export.

The MGB became the world’s top-selling sports car: Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

Selling well over half a million cars. Therefore, it was the bestselling British sports car of all time. So, by this time, the cars were fitted with more of the Dunlop tyre products. Working for a Dunlop subsidiary. Thus, we had more and more of these excellent sports cars entering our auto centre. Of course, for tyres and car servicing.

Over the years, the MGB has retained its popularity. Even now, in 2014, there are many companies making and selling spare parts. You can even buy full-body shells. Hence, full-body shells were launched by British Motor Heritage back in 1988. Lastly, the shell was also used to produce the MG RV 8 in 1992.

The Rise and Fall of the MGB Sports Car in the UK Introduction:

 Picture yourself cruising down the picturesque British countryside in a classic sports car, the wind tousling your hair as you take in the scenic beauty. Chances are, the image that comes to mind might be that of the iconic MGB sports car. In this article, we’ll take a journey through time to explore the rise and fall of the MGB sports car in the United Kingdom, blending in a bit of local flavour to keep things interesting.

The Rise:

 The 1960s were an exciting time for the British automotive industry, and the MGB played a pivotal role in this era of motoring history. Introduced in 1962 by the British automaker MG (Morris Garages), the MGB quickly became a symbol of British sports car excellence.

 Its sleek and timeless design, featuring those iconic chrome bumpers, captured the hearts of many. Local Touch: The MGB was a common sight on the roads of the UK during the ’60s and ’70s. It became a symbol of British motoring prowess and was embraced by car enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

The Popularity Soars:

 The MGB’s appeal extended far beyond the UK’s borders. It found itself a fan base across the globe, making it a popular export. Its combination of affordability, style, and performance made it a true contender in the sports car market.

 Local Touch: Many MGBs were exported to the United States, where they found an eager audience, further boosting their popularity. The Fall: However, as time marched on, the MGB faced challenges that eventually led to its decline.

 Emission Regulations: In the 1970s, stricter emission regulations came into play, which posed a challenge for the MGB’s older engine technology. Modifications were needed to meet these new standards, and it affected the car’s performance. Local Touch: The UK also implemented these regulations, affecting the MGBs that remained on British roads.

 Competition: Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

The sports car market became increasingly competitive, with new entrants offering modern features and designs. The MGB, with its classic charm, struggled to keep up. Local Touch:

 British car enthusiasts had more options to choose from, including foreign competitors. Financial Woes: MG faced financial troubles and changing ownership, which impacted the company’s ability to invest in updating the MGB. Local Touch:

 The uncertainty around the brand’s future affected the confidence of UK buyers. Conclusion: The rise and fall of the MGB sports car in the UK is a tale of a beloved classic facing the winds of change. While the

MGB’s production eventually came to an end in 1980, Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

 its legacy lives on in the hearts of car enthusiasts, both in the UK and around the world. Local Touch: Today, you can still spot a well-maintained MGB on the roads of the UK, especially at classic car shows and local gatherings.

It’s a reminder of a bygone era of British motoring that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. So, as you take that imaginary ride through the British countryside, remember the MGB, a timeless icon of the UK’s automotive heritage.

Consequently, the technical details are as follows:

Tyres size: 165×14 and later 185x60x14 or 15 inch with alloys

 Engine: 4 cylinder in line

 Capacity: 1,798 cc

Bore & Stroke: 80.26mm x 88.9mm

Valve operation: overhead operated by tappets, push-rods, and rockers.

No of bearings: 5 main

Power output: 97 bhp at 5,500 rpm

Maximum torque: 105lb/ft at 2,500 rpm

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Carburation: Twin SU’s

Clutch: Single dry plate

Suspension: front; coil and wishbone; rear; live axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs.

Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front & rear

Steering: Rack and pinion

Brakes: hydraulic with servo assistance. Front; 10.75″ dia disc. Rear; 10″ dia drum

Maximum speed: 104 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 13.0 secs

Fuel consumption: 25 mpg.

Of course, the facts were courtesy of …


Insane MOT Test Proposals

Annual MOT Testing

Annual MOT Testing

Annual MOT Testing
Annual MOT Testing

Annual MOT Testing

Happily, as I have said before, this is a great time to be involved in the auto trade. Of course, as the owner of a successful auto centre. Then we take every day as it comes.  Consequently, apart from the work that we have booked in for that day. So, we had a run of cars that were all affected by “pothole” damage.

So, the first car was a Ford Fiesta !

Suffering from a broken coil spring . Caused by running into a pothole ! Incredibly, the second was a Vauxhall Corsa, with yet another broken coil spring . Unluckily, the spring had also penetrated the front tyre ! Once again, caused by hitting a pothole !

Thirdly, the damaged car was a VW Sirocco that hit a pothole and bent his steering arm. Urgently, we managed to fit these cars in between our car services. Consequently, those were already booked in . Happily for the customers, we managed to carry out the repairs, and we all had a good day !

After lunch, we had another bit of excitement for me. Annual MOT Testing

Unbeknownst to me, we had two vintage cars booked in for their annual MOT tests. Significantly, the first car was a regular one for us. So, it was a Rolls Royce tourer. It had a 5.6-litre engine and was built in 1936. Of course, the car easily passed the test.

Apart from a brake switch light, which we repaired on site. The company that owns the vehicle always gives their car a pre-MOT test. Of course, before it is brought into us for the MOT test. But the brake light switch must have been overlooked.

The second car that turned up was a black A35 Austin saloon.

It was manufactured in 1958 (I was ten years old then Respectfully, the great, great aunt of the woman who now owns the car was the previous owner.r ?

So, the aunt passed the car on to her niece, who later died. Subsequently, the car was then passed onto her niece, who is the current owner. Incredibly, the car was last serviced in 1990. Having only done 2000 miles, (it was then used to tootle around town. The car has a 948-cc engine

with drums on the front brakes. Including an old-fashioned rod braking system at the rear.

The car was then mothballed for the last ten days in a barn- Annual MOT Testing

So the latest in a line of nieces decided to bring it out and restore the car. She asked for the service of a local mechanic, who looked at the car to assess its condition. Incredibly, the  car only required a new battery and started up the first time. Urgently, the brakes needed some work done on them! Then he handed the car over to us for its MOT test. Lastly, the brakes were sorted using parts from an old MG Midget. Pleasantly, the engine was in immaculate condition and had only done 6,000 miles.

Passed mot test with flying colours

The old Austin had a new 063 ApolloPower battery fitted and passed the mot test in tip-top condition apart from some very slight corrosion I will see it driving up and down the street of Halifax here in West Yorkshire, UK this summer. I just love these cars with a bit of history and a story behind them. The A35 was also fitted with cross-ply tyres to the front and radials to the back.

Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed
MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

DVSA have agreed with Ministers to make the information publicly available following the announcement by Justine Greening MP in 2012, of the Governments’ commitment to the Garage Customer Experience.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

MOT Garages testing station, owners opinion

So, as the owner of an MOT centre, I am not sure what this will achieve. Consequently, I know that there are thousands of normal garages. Strangely, they claim that they do MOT testing. Incredibly, but in fact do not. What they do is take their customers cars to an approved MOT  testing station. Consequently, having what we call “a trade test” carried out.

Of course, I am not saying that the car will not be tested correctly? But the garage does not conduct the test, and they do not have control over the vehicle.However, if the driver has an issue, he can not take it up directly with the testing station.

Customers should look out for the official MOT testing sign, Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Concerned car owners should look out for an official MOT sign ! Usually outside the garage premises at the roadside. So it looks the same as the one in the above image. Some garages have lookalike signs but are not official testing stations.

I can only think that garages that have lost their licence: Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

So, to test cars because of a bad disciplinary record, still carry on taking cars in for testing but have a trade test done at another official testing station under the pretence that they still have a testing licence, or simply do not remove their MOT Garages signs as if they are still testing.

A list of banned testing sites will be published but i wonder who will read them?.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have been working in the garage, tyre, and battery business for 40 years. So. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business

Second-hand tyres

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?
1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Millions of UK motorists are clueless

about the legal requirement for MOT test, insurance, and road tax (Mot’s only cover approx 20% of your car being checked, but servicing covers approx. 70%, as I was told when I last…

As the owner of an MOT test station. 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Of course, I do believe these figures from the excellent Auto Express magazine. Significantly, this article makes for interesting reading ! Stating that 10% of UK motorists . Many car owners do not know that the MOT test is compulsory ! Importantly,  on cars that are over three years old,.

The British government is computerising the vehicle system. Including the whole system of car insurance and road tax, along with the DVLA MOT Rules. In my opinion, they would be better off aligning the three systems. This, of course, would make it much easier to regulate and also easier for vehicle owners to use.

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?
1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

So, it is impossible to have one thing without the other ! 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Of course, at the moment, they are not aligned . Incredibly, you could have a car insured without an MOT test. In my opinion, this will be the government’s aim. Because at the end of this year, the road tax disc will be abolished and the system will go online. To make it easier for UK motorists, the List of New MOT Rules and  details will probably have to be entered along with the insurance details. Thus tightening up on the whole system, which is at the moment flawed.

Today, in 2024, this will have all been implemented. 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Therefore, no UK vehicles have to show a tax disc ! Vehicle data is all computerised and also available at any time for police officers to check.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 45 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business.

See on

Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed
MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

In my mind, then, this falls in line with another aspect of the MOT testing scene

Last week, the transport minister announced the scrapping of the first MOT test for cars of 4 years old.

As the owner of a testing station in Halifax, UK. This would have been a huge mistake. As a result the current 3 year spell will be resurrected from the scrap heap. Common sense and a lot of pressure from the garage industry showed the government what a mistake it would have been to implement the four year gap from new to the first test.

The second part of this article

is about the introduction of a new MOT inspection manual. One of the implementations will be to to change the classification of a car’s defects so that they’re rated as dangerous, major, or minor.

This of course is one of those improvement that in my opinion existed on the old system. Just that the words have changed?

On this new system then the Minor is the same as the “old advisory” The major and the dangerous are both fails. The difference is that the dangerous part of fail is explained to the customer who will be warned that the car is too dangerous to drive away.

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed, some parts confuse me

The “dangerous part of the failure was also available on the old system that will be replaced. So, it just looks like the swapping of words. When talking to Ryan Linton, my MOT tester, about the changes, I became confused. We both agree that it did not seem like anything was wrong with the old part of the system with the old classes of mot reporting

It was either  pass or fail.

With the option to list the car as dangerous, which could be explained to the customer. As the tester, an explanation for the dangerous would be given to the customer. In my simple mind, then, the new system looks confusing. Like anything else, though, I suppose we will get used to it and everything will fall into place.

To finalise a great blog to explain all this, the “matters of testing” blog is worth a look at this subject.

The DVSA is to introduce its new MOT inspection manual for class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles to reflect changes to the MOT test which will be introduced in May 2018. The new manual, which must

Source: New MOT inspection manual to be introduced in May to reflect testing service changes – Garagewire

Insane MOT Test Proposals

Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown

Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown

Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown
Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown

Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown

As the owner of a UK MOT testing station.

Then I just fail to understand the number of MOT stations that have been shut down for fraudulent activities. According to the attached article, there are 143 testing stations. Of one type or another have had there testing facilities removed. Consequently, I am not able to carry out any more MOT tests.

The public is now able to report stations that they feel are not truthful in one way or another. Probably leading to more investigations. The end result was a station losing its MOT testing status. The mind boggles when you realise the importance of such a great system for testing vehicle safety here in the UK.

I believe that we have to be totally honest with both the DVSA and the public who bring their vehicles to us for a honest and reliable MOT test. We do hear of horror stories coming from customers with a long list of improper failures after a test on their cars.

Could things get worse !

What frightens me the fact that we are heading in for an economic downturn. So putting pressure on people to fail cars for the sake of more income. I have been in this industry for 50 years or so now and seen all this kind of thing before.

Larger companies with massive overheads will be under even more pressure to increase their sales and profit margins. Recently, a good friend of mine decided that he had enough sales pressure from the large garage network that he worked for.

Encouraging the workers below him to report car faults that did not exist.

He did not mention specific MOT jobs but you could not rule this out. Customers were told that things needed replacing when they were perfectly fine. We have all heard of this, yet the companies keep on trading when the little guys get hit.

Finally, as long as we keep up our good reputation,

for honesty when testing cars and doing everyday servicing work, then to hell with the rest. We will not be involved in any dodgy MOT fraud crackdown.

Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown
Dodgy MOT fraud crackdown

The DVSA has published its annual report, outlining its 2020-2021 activities. Some 40,490,000 MOT certificates were issued from 2021-22, up from 38,790,000 in the previous period. Following on from the DVSA’s Beat the Rush campaign in 2020, the

Source: MOT fraud crackdown remains key focus for DVSA

MOT Test Tyre Failures

MOT Test Tyre Failures

MOT Test Tyre Failures
Peugeot 108 MOT test failure

MOT Test Tyre Failures

The MOT test is a reliable indicator of whether your car has been operating normally or is actually a big problem under the surface. The tyres are one of the key culprits that can cause your trusty vehicle to fail its MOT. So let’s study some frequent tyre failures, go into the world of tyres, and along the way, add a little local flavour from our Halifax streets.

1. Bald tyre treads

You’re going to fail, to start with, if your tyres are as bald as a coot. In the United Kingdom, 1.6 millimetres is the minimum permissible tread depth required throughout the middle three-quarters of the tyre. This is not just a fussy regulation; it is essential to driving safely, particularly in the frequently rainy and erratic British weather. Insufficient tread may cause your car to handle like it’s on an ice rink, which could be entertaining in a controlled environment but not when driving in rush hour on the M62!

MOT Test Tyre Failures
Skoda Yeti MOT test fail due to heavily cracked shoulder

2. Mechanical damage- MOT Test Tyre Failures

Next are any cuts, bulges, or other potential drama that your tyres may be concealing. A cursory glance could reveal a bulge from a pothole encounter on one of Halifax’s old cobblestone lanes or a gash from an incorrectly placed kerb at Sowerby Bridge. Such damage may cause your tyre to degrade and blow out. Recall that maintaining order and safety in the Calderdale Royal Hospital parking lot is more important than simply looking attractive. So check for any damage!

3. Issues with Pressure

An MOT failure might also result from improper tyre pressure. If your tyres are too low, they may heat up and wear out more quickly; if they are too high, they may provide less grip or break more quickly. Halifax’s hills and valleys give your automobile excellent exercise, but they also require properly inflated tyres to manage the city’s inclines and descents.

In spite of the fact that the tyre pressure itself is not examined during a MOT, legislation that was passed in 2015 stipulates that any vehicle that has a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that is either malfunctioning or non-functional will fail its MOT.

4. Damage due to ageing: MOT Test Tyre Failures

Tyres can age gracefully, much like a good wine or a vintage store in the Piece Hall. However, just like an ageing actor, they may eventually lose their energy for the role. Rubber cracks and other ageing indicators may be dangerous. It’s a good idea to check the date code that the manufacturer has imprinted on the sidewall of your tyres. If it’s been longer than the Halifax Gibbet (well, not really, but you get the idea), it may be time for a replacement.

5. Incorrect size, etc. MOT Test Tyre Failures

When a tyre is noticeably different from the rest, a MOT may reveal problems. Variations in tread patterns, sizes, or types pose a threat to both safety and the success of MOT exams. It’s not exactly the kind of team spirit you need for the game, like fielding a rugby team with one player dressed for cricket.

On the test you can have two different size tyres as long as they are on the same axle. Different sizes on the same axle will be a test failure.

Here is a brief overview of the tyre issues that could ruin your car’s chances of passing the MOT. If you keep an eye on these problems, you’ll not only probably pass your next MOT with ease but also make sure that your trips across our beautiful Halifax (or beyond) are secure and safe.

Make sure your tyres are prepared for the trip, whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a leisurely drive through the picturesque Calder Valley. If you’re ever unsure, stop by Pellon Autocentre garage; we’re always happy to chat and offer assistance with any concerns you may have regarding your vehicle!

Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Horror Submissions

MOT Horror Submissions

According to information from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), these are the top 6 MOT failures in the UK:

Lights and signalling:

Issues with lights and signalling are the most common cause of MOT failures in the UK. This includes problems with headlights, brake lights, indicators, and other important safety features.

In the UK, problems with lights and signalling are the most frequent reason for MOT failures. Problems with the headlights, brake lights, indicators, and other crucial safety features fall under this category.


Suspension faults can cause uneven tyre wear, decreased vehicle stability, and other problems that can affect a vehicle’s performance and safety.


Problems with brakes, such as worn pads and discs, can substantially impair a vehicle’s capacity to stop swiftly and safely, making them a significant factor in MOT failures.


Problems with the tyres, such as inadequate tread depth or tyre sidewall damage, can also result in a vehicle failing its MOT.

Driver’s view of the road:

This is any issue that makes it difficult for the driver to see the road clearly, such as chips or cracks in the windscreen, worn wipers, or other window-related concerns.

MOT horror submissions
MOT horror submissions
Emissions testing

has grown in importance as a component of the MOT in recent years. Excessive emissions or defective emissions control systems may cause a vehicle to fail its MOT.

MOT Horror Submissions

As the owner of an MOT testing station in Halifax Yorkshire. So, we have seen most things. Hence, when it comes to car owners and presenting their beloved vehicles in for the dreaded MOT test.

Of course, this applies to 90% of motorists. Consequently, these are the drivers who really care about their cars. They do most of the right things, by having the cars checked out before the test date.

You can tell though that they are worried and often pace up and down waiting for the tester to appear with the results of the test. Obviously many drivers are worried about the potential cost. Especially this time of year when approaching Christmas time.

With this is mind it is only understandable.

That when it comes to an annual MOT test. Then drivers can often be filled with dread often presenting mot horror submissions. Wondering whether they are about to be presented with a long list of failures. Consequently, that will leave them with nothing more than an immensely high bill!

MOT Horror Submissions-Check the easy things before the test

Subsequently, If your vehicle is due your MOT test. Then check all the common things that are easy to do. Such things as the lights and tyres. This will only take you a good 10 minutes and is part of the test. make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition and washers are working. Simple things that will ensure a smoother test experience.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been driving and what condition your car may be. So, no one actually enjoys the dreading feeling. Hence, of having to head to the local garage for their annual MOT test. We’ve heard all the horror stories. Including the multiple fails, the eye watering quote to fix any issues. Most garages are busy because they are trusted.

A lot of garages and MOT centres.

Pride themselves on providing the best service. Offering the  best prices possible as it is only this degree of customer satisfaction. That will ensure a continuous trade for the garage concerned.

However, there is a small percentage who operate with underhanded tactics and have incredibly questionable ethics that leave mechanics with a very tarnished reputation. These should be avoided at all costs. Because you will be asking for trouble and a big bill at the end of it.

MOT Horror Submissions-10% of drivers don’t give a damn?

Of course, the other 10% are the “couldn’t give a toss” brigade. These drivers turn up with their cars from hell. the car in the article image is a prime example. Worst than this some cars turn up with badly worn tyres and half the lights missing.

In general, though, things are good between our customers and testers. In fact, we have a great reputation for fairness and honesty, which is why we are always busy.

MOT test stations across the country are continuing to report dangerous defects and MOT horrors. One tester recently submitted pictures of a 2001 Nissan Micra to the DVSA after the station came across a cracked axle and

Source: Latest MOT horror submissions: have you seen worse than these?