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Independent garages lead MOT testing-A look at the increased use of Independent Garages in UK

Independent garages lead MOT testing

Independent garages lead MOT testing

Moving forward to May 2021 then the covid threat to us all is now declining due to a great vaccination campaign by the conservative government. So, MOT testing has cleared the backlog caused by the pandemic and we are now testing on a level that is par to post pandemic figures. Of course it is not all over yet but as garage and MOT station then we are all safe and happy to see all our customers again.

This is a great article. Hence, and only emphasises the reason why many small garages are doing so well. Nonetheless, we should keep up with our high standards of customer service. Of course, we would be nothing if it was not for our staff. Staff and training are in my opinion, one of the most important factors. Thus of running a busy successful garage business.

Indeed, without good reliable staff then you may as well forget it. For this reason, our customers return time and time again. Please read the article ,it is filled with many interesting facts about your local independent garage. To be a successful MOT centre, then honesty is the key word.

Eric Roberts

Source: Independent garages lead in MOT testing

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