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Dangerous tyres supplier fined

Dangerous tyres

Dangerous tyres
Dangerous tyres

‘Dangerous’ tyres supplier fined

Cumnock Chronicle

Both of the £20 tyres were examined by an independent expert, who reported that one of the tyres had five areas of damage which had not been properly repaired and a nail still embedded in the tread.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Part-worn tyres are Dangerous tyres

This article is thus coming out in the Cumnock Chronicle . It is no surprise! Especially to all of us genuine tyre dealers selling new tyre products for a living. As a result, we are very concerned about the way that these people are setting up. So, all these back street part-worn tyre shops that have sprung up recently are making me cringe!.

Especially in the past couple of years. Making some areas look like the back streets of Cairo (this is what i saw on a recent visit to Egypt). Incredibly, there was a tyre shop on every corner. Staff in so-called tyre shops were inflating tyres with old foot pumps.

Since I wrote this article,

their has been a rise in the number of prosecutions for Dangerous tyres. That is to say, against part-worn tyre dealers who sell Dangerous tyres. In this case, that does not come under the law. So some dealers do act within the law and I have nothing against this. But it is the unscrupulous dealers that should be targeted.

I am amazed that people live in a civilised country like ours!

Would they think that they could buy a decent tyre for only £20? Local authorities throughout the UK and the USA are starting to clamp down on the illegal sale of these dangerous tyres. So, drivers are not aware that they may be driving their cars. Alarmingly, with the time bomb of worn tyres fitted to their vehicles,.

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