Worn Tyres Dangerous-One-in-six motorists puts safety at risk by driving on worn tyres – Irish Independent

Worn Tyres Dangerous

Removed from a very nice Mercedes ? Worn Tyres Dangerous

One-in-six motorists puts safety at risk by driving on Worn Tyres Dangerous?

Irish Independent

PENNY-PINCHING Irish motorists are throwing caution to the winds when it comes to their tyres.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Worn tyres problem not just Irish motorists.


This article in the Irish Independent highlights the problem in the UK as well as Ireland. In a recent survey carried out by Micheldever Tyres here in the UK

Worn Tyres Dangerous

This worn tyre was on a TAXI ? how bad was that?


they checked the tyres in a primary school. The cars were inspected in a school in the South of England, by showing the children how to check the tread depth of tyres.

The kids then checked their parents and teachers car tyres as they came and left school, it was found that most of the cars had at least one illegal tyre and in my opinion this is reflected all over Britain and Ireland. This is a terrible state of affairs regarding road safety , let alone the fact that kids are been driven around in cars with Worn Tyres Dangerous.

We  retailers see this type of thing all day long, and I started to take pictures of the worst examples of Worn Tyres Dangerous , but they were so many that i had to stop. The tyres in the picture are just a small example of what I am referring to including the one fitted to a taxi.

Thanks Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com

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Check about tyre safety…www.tyresafe.org

See on www.independent.ie

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