Tyres Online Halifax- Most Local Tyre Companies now Sell Online-So Check Them out

Tyres Online Halifax

Tyres Online Halifax

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eric roberts‘s insight:

Tyres Online Internet companies tyre prices are leveling out as local tyre shops catch up with prices (Tyres Online Halifax)

 Prices in the biggest internet tyre companies are now leveling out. One of the reasons for this in my opinion is the fact that local tyre companies are now competing online with the big boys.

We at Tyres Online Halifax UK can now offer  online products at the same or even cheaper tyre prices as the well known internet sellers. The customer also has the added knowledge that not only is he getting a very competitive price, but his local tyre depot can give him the re-assurance that if a problem arises (and they often do), then the problem will be resolved at a local level, without having to battle it out with e-mails, because half these companies are not on the phone and e-mails are the only way to contact them. In the short time that it has been since writing this post, then things have changed. in fact things concerning buying your Tyres Online Halifax are speeding up, so to say?. I am referring back to the local tyre company theme and “what comes round Goes round”. it is not rocket science that the only winner in this online tyre war is the consumer. The internet has cut the cake up into many small pieces and lowered the margins of most companies that sell them for a living, using the traditional methods.

A few years ago a similar thing happened, but that time it was the tyre wholesalers that cut the price up and selling cheap car tyres to any Tom,Dick and Harry and lowering our profits once again. Well this time it is the giant internet companies who have now being joined by the likes of supermarket chain ASDA under the name of ASDA Tyres. Luckily for the smaller independent tyre retailer the cost of running your own priced up website has come down considerably and we can now all compete with the big companies that trade online. This is where we all are today and God only knows what the future will bring, but at least we can now compete and service our customers at a local level once again, only time will tell. 

  So when you are thinking of buying Tyres Online Halifax look for a “LOCAL” tyre company who will sell the same product as the big boys at the same price or less. Also you can look up www.point-s.co.uk for a local company in your area.

As an update Blackcircles have been bought out by Michelin tyres and tyre wholesalers are buying up retail tyre depots, to try keep their market share.

Thanks Eric Roberts

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