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In this day and age, car tyres are one of the things that would be impossible to live without. If we get a puncture repair and the tyre goes flat, then we can not use our cars. It does not make any difference whether the car cost £10 or £10000 the vehicle is practically useless. The strange thing is that the motorists who drive these cars, simply do not want to pay for tyres. They

How modern car tyres are constructed to give us long reliable service

Tyres, are the thing that keeps you on the road. Especially, when you are exceding speeds, of over 100 mph. Or when your wife is expecting a baby you have to rush her to the hospital. Taking your car tyres for granted. One of my aims in this blog is put drivers in the picture of how tyres work and how they are produced.Thus, also how to maintain them correctly to give you maximum performance. And sample you with some of the tyre brands that are on the market.

 Our Blog is where we will put out news about tyres

and what you think is interesting things to do with cars, including interesting facts and car based product information, will put the best deals on here, so our loyal readers will see them first!

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Since writing this page, things have moved on at Pellonautocentre here in Halifax, Yorkshire UK. I now spend more of my time in my office at home. My primary task is to look after our online side of the business; I now run two battery sites  and as well as our other online facilities for our customers to buy online.

To offer prices that will compete with the large online companies we have joined a buying group called Point-S, and we are now part of a 250 depot organisation, giving us greater purchasing power to help us compete. Our latest website is Where customers, can select their tyres for next day fitting.

Eric Roberts MD of Pellon Tyre and Autocentre Ltd Pellon Lane Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK