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Significantly, and according to information I have had. So, scanners/cameras are placed across and along the full length and width of every motorway lane. As a result a radar picks you up as stopped in a motorway lane.

Naturally, the authorities are supposed to be on hand immediately to attend your broken down vehicle. So, and move you off the motorway. So, You legally sit there in your broken down vehicle. Whatever lane you are in and nobody is likely to run into the rear of your vehicle and kill you because of two reasons.

Daewoo Matiz Engine management light problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem
VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

So, after the school summer holidays have finished,. Fortunately, then we start to get busier in the garage repair side of the business. Happily, the tyre side starts to pick up nearer November, with the approaching winter.

Like many other garages, we try to plan our work schedules. Booking the various car repair jobs accordingly.

One particular day last week

We were fully booked and very busy. Subsequently, a breakdown truck turned up on the forecourt with a black Volkswagen Passat on the back. Firstly, the car looked to have had a small front-end shunt. Because the front wheel was sticking out at an angle. The VW Passat was a 2009 TDi, and the car had been bumped when parked up in the local supermarket.

We pulled the VW off the trailer and pushed it onto a ramp. We soon discovered that the front wheel had been hit and had completely bent the steering arm. This totally disabled the car from being driven. The remedy was easy; a new steering arm was fitted, and the car was given a laser Wheel Alignment to correct and re-set the steering. The owner picked up his car and went home happy.

The next car with an engine problem: VW Polo Performance Problem

We were not so lucky with the next car that was booked in for the engine shuddering and banging. The car was a 2002 VW Polo 1.4 TDi. It belonged to a friend of the family’s son, who had just passed his driving test.

The VW Polo had been left with us, and we took the car out for a road test to try to find out what the problem was. The first thing that we noticed was that the clutch had gone, but there were other things going on at the same time; it was a mix-match of problems. Since the customer had great faith in us, we decided to fix the clutch first. We removed the clutch housing and found that the clutch had indeed gone.

After replacing the clutch, the VW Polo did go a little better, but the engine was definitely not right; it was shuddering and juddering.

The VW Polo Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) had to be checked out.

The MAF sensor is the instrument that checks the temperature and the weight of the air that is entering the VW Polo engine. This information is then sent to the on-board computer, which calculates the correct amount of fuel that the engine requires to operate.

The sensor works by measuring the current that is required to check the temperature while the air blows past. The MAF will start to clog up with dirt and other particles over time, and this blockage is the thing that can cause your engine to have problems. The symptoms are exactly what were related to this problem. Poor starting; the engine would not run properly and would not accelerate, especially up hills.

Clean MAF sensor: VW Polo Performance Problem

Some people say that if you can clean the MAF sensor at regular intervals, then these problems would not arise, but we have always found that we have had to replace the part. Importantly, we also fitted a new air filter, and the VW Polo was a different car. It was road tested, and the change of the MAF sensor revitalised the car, returning it to normal engine functions.

We also noticed that the steering had a knocking noise: VW Polo Performance Problem

and a vibration, and on inspection, we found that the car also needed a front arm rear bush. We fitted this new bush and adjusted the wheel alignment. Here at Pellonautocentre we can repair all makes and types of cars.

It was an expensive day for the customer, but you would be surprised at how many of our customers drive their cars until it drop to pieces. Nothing new there?

Just a few problems that we can get: in a busy garage.

Also sell Pirelli Car Tyres online from our website.

mot testing and car servicing

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

No Suzuki servicing could end up costing you a fortune.

Suzuki servicing is neglected
© Can Stock Photo / romarti

Suzuki servicing is neglected

This is not just one of my rants about car servicing, but I think that it is important to give a few sad cases of what can happen when the car owner neglects to have their Suzuki serviced.

carried out at regular intervals. Suzuki servicing is neglected

We all should be having our Engine Oil checked at regular intervals. If your car’s engine is in good condition and operating correctly, then you should not have to use any oil to top up the engine. In my opinion, there are a few variations to this theory, and one of them is if you are travelling long distances at high speed. Then it would be possible that your car may need an overhaul when you arrive at your destination.

Modern cars will have an oil level warning light, but older cars may not, so it is best to check the level just to be on the safe side. In fact, I had an experience myself on a recent trip to France. I drove my two-year-old Peugeot Partner van 700 miles to a Rufec in the Charente area of south-west France. The following morning, I went to the local supermarket for some odds and ends when my oil level warning light came on, much to my horror.

I know that my staff had serviced the van before my journey: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, I too checked the level before I set off on my journey. I stopped the van and turned off the engine so that the oil level could settle down to get a correct oil level reading. Some dipsticks are impossible to see, but mine was just below the minimum mark on the dipstick. I was still in the supermarket car park, so I bought a two-litre can of 10W-40 diesel oil (this is what the van used).

As I topped the engine up, I kept checking the level but found that the engine did not need much oil at all. I think some of the oil sensors are very sensitive, but your engine oil level is

very important, just as the young guy with the Suzuki Swift was about to find out. Another important piece of advice is that when you are topping up the engine oil again, put the oil in a small amount at a time. It is just as important not to overfill the engine with too much oil; this could cause too much pressure to build up in the engine, causing all sorts of expensive repair work.

The Suzuki did not have any servicing for two years, at least: Suzuki servicing was neglected.

The only warning he had was when the car engine started to make very loud noises. Unfortunately, this was on the M62 motorway. Doing 70 mph in the third lane. A cloud of black smoke followed this. Frighteningly,  followed by a complete loss of power. Luckily, the guy managed to manoeuvre the Suzuki across the carriageway and onto the hard shoulder.

He suspected the worst and called for recovery from a roadside assistance phone box on the motorway. The guy was either lucky or a very skilled driver! I am convinced that this sudden loss of power is the cause of many highway accidents.

The recovery truck brought the car into our garage

in Halifax, Yorkshire. Urgently, we started the postmortem on the lifeless Suzuki. We checked on the history of the car on our computer system.

Finding out that although the car had had a few MOT tests over the past few years,. We did not have any record of Servicing a Car. We asked the guy if he took the car to any other garage for his Suzuki Servicing. Frighteningly, he told us that we were the only place that the car had come to?.

Suzuki Servicing neglected
Suzuki servicing is neglected

The previous owner also brought the car into us: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, to be looked after, it was at the Suzuki Dealers. Indeed, the last service was three years ago. The car was a Suzuki Swift 1.6 petrol 2007 model and looked in good condition! Apart from the engine,.

It became obvious to Ryan Linton that the engine was completely gone. So, it was caused by a lack of engine oil starving the Big End Bearings due to lack of Servicing. That is to say, damaging the crank and much more.

The owner of the car was a 26-year-old man: Suzuki servicing is neglected

Consequently, he led a busy life and did not have time for his car. Hence, this is a thing that is most common these days. As for the car, we found that it would be more economical to fit a reconditioned engine. With the whole job costing around £2500 to the customer,.

The lesson to be learned is to have your servicing carried out at some sort of regular interval. Finally, this guy is not the first and will not be the last. But look at the price that he had to pay in the end?.

Choosing a Work Van

Finding The Correct Van

Finding The Van

Finding The Van That Suits Your Business
Finding The Van

Finding The Van

For businesses like our auto company, having vehicles capable of transporting equipment and staff is vital. One of the best all-round vehicles is a van, but there are so many different options to choose from, meaning that it can be hard to make the right decision. A business vehicle is a big investment, so it’s important that you find one that suits your organisation. Here are our tips on what to look out for when you’re searching for your ideal van.

Think About What You Need The Van For

The initial decision you need to make when searching for your perfect business van is what you’re going to use it for. There are many different types of business vans to suit a variety of uses, so review what you’re going to use the van for before you start visiting dealerships.

Work Out If It’s Worth Branding Your Van-Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

Putting your business’s branding on the side of your van could be a great way to get some free publicity and improve your brand recognition. However, if you’re unable to fit a lot of details onto the van, then this could be ineffective and pointless. Think about the branding and what you want to add to your van before you make a decision on the size and type of van your business needs.

Consider The Best Finance Option

Vans are an expensive investment, and if you don’t have the money to buy the option you want, then you’ll end up with a substandard vehicle. Explore the various financing options available to you to see if one of them will help your company afford the vehicle you want. Alternatively, you could look into van leasing in the UK to find a lease that will save you money and allow your company to use the latest model.

Test Drive Different Vans- Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

While the size and capacity of the van are important, you also need to choose a vehicle that’s comfortable to drive, particularly if you and your staff plan to put in a lot of miles. Make sure that you test drive every van you’re considering before you make a commitment. If more than one team member will be driving the van, make sure that you all test drive your shortlist before you make a definitive decision.

If You Need Multiple vans, Get A Fleet Management Solution

For some businesses, one van may not be enough to carry all the supplies that they need, and in this case you should look into getting multiple vans. It can be a struggle to keep up with the activities of more than one vehicle in a business, so invest in a fleet management software product that will allow you to manage your fleet effectively and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.
Choosing a van that suits your business can be a challenge, but by following these tips you can find the perfect vehicle to give you and your team many years of enjoyment.

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car
Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Buying a good car is like making an investment! Because you could earn a decent profit when selling it. However, most people don’t know how to go about doing this and will sell their old car for much less than it’s worth, just because they want to get rid of it as quickly as possible and make room for their new vehicle.

If you’re a little savvier than this, then you probably want to squeeze every penny that you can out of your car. And so, in this piece, we’re going to be sharing our top tips for getting your money’s worth when it comes to selling your old vehicle. 

1.) Good Maintenance

If you want to make a decent profit when selling your car, you should develop a long-term strategy for doing so. This includes properly maintaining the vehicle while it’s in your possession. When you don’t take care of your car, it’s resale value significantly decreases because fundamental issues start to arise.

For instance, if you don’t regularly check the tyre pressure, this can lead to them becoming worn down. Rather than sitting on these problems, nip them in the bud before they develop into something worse that damages the vehicle in the long term. Nobody wants to buy a broken car, after all.

Thinking of Selling Your Car
Thinking of Selling Your Car

2.) Scrap Companies-Thinking of Selling Your Car

If your car is unsalvageable, then you probably won’t be able to sell it on to a new owner. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t get a little cash along the way. Rather than disregarding it or allowing it to collect dust in your garage, you can instead turn it over to a professional scrap company.

We recommend using Scrap Car Kings, as they are specialists in their field and will provide the very best valuation of your vehicle. This means you can get every penny your old car is worth.

3.) Fixer-Upper

Your old car is probably still worth a lot of money; it’s just a little run-down. In these circumstances, we recommend fixing what’s wrong with the vehicle before going on to sell it to others. Nobody will buy something that has loads of expensive problems attached to it.

Replace broken exhaust parts or install new alloy wheels, whatever it takes to increase the resale value. Just make sure you can still make a profit at the end of the day. Perhaps consult a professional mechanic for help in this regard.

4.) Focus on Aesthetics-Thinking of Selling Your Car

People are much more likely to buy something that looks good. The same applies to old cars. As such, it might be worthwhile giving your vehicle a new spray paint job or installing a swanky new stereo for the dashboard.

These before and after transformations can be pretty remarkable, plus they exponentially increase the resale value of your car, especially if the model is a limited edition. 

We hope that you have found our advice helpful and that you are Thinking of Selling Your Car for a decent amount of money.

Secure Your New Vehicle

Secure Your New Vehicle

Secure Your New Vehicle

Secure Your New Vehicle
Secure Your New Vehicle

Secure Your New Vehicle

You’ve just bought a brand-new vehicle, and the sense of pride and excitement is palpable. It’s shiny,
it’s powerful, and it’s yours. But with this newfound joy comes a hefty responsibility—keeping your
investment safe.

Car theft is not something consigned to the movies; it’s a very real threat, especially
if you live in a metropolitan area. So, what steps can you take to secure your new vehicle and sleep
soundly at night? From traditional methods to tech-savvy solutions, we’ll cover it all.

The Basics: Secure Your New Vehicle

Before we dive into advanced security systems, let’s not forget the basics. Yes, it’s tempting to rush
out of your car, especially if you’re running late or it’s just a quick stop at the supermarket. However,
Leaving your vehicle unlocked, even for a moment, could be an invitation to trouble. Always lock your
doors and close the windows before stepping away.

Contrary to what you might think, keeping a spare key hidden somewhere on the car isn’t wise
move. Sophisticated thieves know all the common hiding spots. Instead, keep your spare key at
home or with a trusted friend.

If you’re going away, consider bringing a spare set of car keys with you.
you. If you think losing a key will make it difficult for thieves, think again. Modern-day crooks can
bypass this with frightening ease.

Embrace Technology

While the classics never go out of style, technological advancements have made vehicle security far
more robust. If your car didn’t come with a built-in alarm system, consider installing one post-
purchase. Not only does this act as a deterrent, but modern systems also come with features like
smartphone notifications and remote control.

Don’t skimp when choosing a security system.

Opt for reputable brands and professional installation. While it may be tempting to cut corners financially, the safety of your vehicle is not something you want to take chances with. It’s worth noting that some insurance companies offer discounts for cars with certified security systems, which can offset the initial cost.

Investing in a GPS tracker could give you extra peace of mind. It’s like having personal security
guard who never takes a break. Plus, some trackers come with additional features like speed alerts,
which could be particularly useful if you have a teenager who’s just started driving. Companies like
Rewire Security offer GPS trackers for your car that show the real-time location of your vehicle,
which can provide you with peace of mind.

Be Smart About Parking

Choosing where to park your car is about more than avoiding door dings and tight spots; it can
significantly impact your vehicle’s safety. Well-lit areas with CCTV cameras are your best bet. The
The more visible your car is, the less likely it is to be targeted. And if you have the option, always opt for
secured parking lots that require a ticket or card for entry and exit.

Another smart move is to be consistent with your parking. If you park in random places frequently, it
becomes easier for a thief to track your habits and identify an opportune moment to strike. Also, if
you’re parking for an extended period, like during a holiday, consider using steering wheel or tyre
for added security.

Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe
Keep Your Car Safe

Keep Your Car Safe

When you own a car, you will know all about road safety and what to do when driving. What you might not be aware of, and what is not taught during driving lessons, is how best to protect your car when you’re not driving it.
It happens more often than you’d think. You park up, go to bed, and notice the next day that your car has been damaged. How do we prevent this?

Where do Park: When you own a car, you will know all about road safety and what to do when driving

Firstly, and crucially, where you choose to park is important. You may have a favourite spot you always park in that’s close to home or close to work that’s tricky to get to. Perhaps your spot is slightly ramped up on a curb. You might not notice anything at the time, but it’s possible that driving up and down on this spot daily is slowly damaging the underneath of your car. Potentially causing issues further down the road that could be costly.

There are some tips to prevent issues underneath your car, such as regularly cleaning to stop rust from building up and considering better places to park your car. Even if there’s no issue when parking underneath your car, that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with parking elsewhere. Cars and vans being parked underneath trees cause damage all the time when storms
hit; obviously, this is more circumstantial, but it’s worth considering when parking for the day.

Car Mats: Keep Your Car Safe

One thing that people sometimes don’t think about too often are good quality car mats. When getting in and out of the car you will press onto your car floor. Some vehicles, especially vans, will have a soft bottom, a more industrial non-covered part.

So, when you’re stepping onto the bottom you could be slowly damaging the floor to cause dents and other issues.
So, it’s important to get high quality car mats from proven sellers such as Mr Car Mats. You can get one to suit the motif of your vehicle as well as one that suits your needs. Remember, cleaning your car mat is important as your shoes will go on here daily and dirt can build up very quickly.

Valuables And Goods: Keep Your Car Safe

Having valuables in your car when you’re not in is usually considered a bad idea. It doesn’t have to be anything considered expensive either. If you were to leave even a jacket in your car that’s visible that might be enough for a potential thief to break open your car door or window to steal it.

You could live without the jacket, sure, but then you’ve got to deal with repairing the damage which would be much more expensive than one item. So, make sure every time you’re leaving your car you take anything that could be easily stolen, no matter how expensive or cheap it is. The police recommend this all the time.


These are just some ideas to get you thinking of car protection when you’re not on the roads. You should always take care with cars and know how best to keep them safe. There are other ways to keep your car safe if in doubt.

First Time Drivers Guide

Cars To My Employees

Cars To My Employees

Cars To My Employees
Cars To My Employees

Cars To My Employees

Cars for My Employees—Not for Me!

Plucked straight out of the ’80s and perhaps at odds with today’s modern city/commuter lifestyle, company cars still have something to offer as an effective employee perk across a number of industries.
Despite this continued popularity, many companies are caught between two minds regarding whether or not they should offer cars to their staff.

The benefits and pitfalls are numerous, with poor handling of the situation potentially costing business owners significant amounts of cash every year. In this article, we’ll outline the pros and cons of offering a company car to your employees and what key challenges to look out for as part of your plan to do so.

Pros-Cars To My Employees

First, let’s look at the benefits of handing out keys to company cars. Cuts out transport issues Whether it’s significant commuting time or a lack of company vehicles making it difficult to reach important meetings in time and in style, transport creates a number of issues for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Fledgling start-up or established enterprise, it doesn’t matter. You need to make sure your team is getting around comfortably, efficiently and in a state of mind that encourages them to give their all. While we’re all very familiar with video chats now, actually meeting associates, clients and potential partners in person is invaluable.

With so many businesses operating on a strict time and financial budget, they can’t afford to blow it all sitting on a crowded, overpriced train. A company car ensures that all-important members of your team have an effective and efficient way of getting to crucial meetings — and impressing as they do so.

An accepted part of a benefits package-Cars To My Employees

Benefits are a huge part of what attracts the very best candidates to specific positions these days. While everyone wants a great salary and the office culture to match, many younger professionals are interested in what companies can offer on top of the typical working experience, such as gym memberships, mental health support and the opportunity to experience training courses.

Company cars remain a popular example of this, and something many professionals may accept in place of a pay raise. While the initial costs of a company car may set you back further than a slight pay bump, over time that cost will even out, and you’ll be saving on wages by the end of the year.

Likewise, such an offering can help you balance the books by satisfying key members of the team. It makes them feel important to the business, encourages a greater level of professionalism and makes them less likely to enquire about other potential perks.

Money-saving options-Cars To My Employees

A company car isn’t just a money sink — they actually provide a number of ways to save on travel.  Public transport and overnight accommodation can be         extremely costly for a business, especially when you’re sending more than one member of staff. However, if they have a company car they can travel more freely and get home without relying on train timetables.

This cuts out a significant amount of overhead you’ll never get back. Smart driving also makes a car less of a financial burden. By coupling a company car with fuel cards, advanced route planning apps and training in how to drive more economically, you can turn your company car into something that costs a fraction of what it does for other businesses. Fuel cards will give you unique discounts on fuel, apps will make sure you pick the most economic route and a more efficient driving brain will ensure you don’t burn through that petrol in an instant.

Cons- Cars To My Employees

Now, let’s delve  into the issues that may arise when offering company cars.

Extra taxes

If you’re operating in the UK, paying tax on a company car rests on the employee who drives it. This may be off-putting to some employees. Especially those who had previously had no need for a vehicle and couldn’t afford the additional cost.

However, this cost can be mitigated depending on the make of the car and the type of fuel it uses. If you offer a ‘greener’ model as your company car,. Then this may entice a certain type of employee, regardless of the tax costs.

Cars require significant maintenance

A company car is for life, not just a motivational tactic. If you’re committing to handing out company cars,. So, you need to be ready to swallow the maintenance costs. Especially new tyres  and servicing costs.
While responsibility of the vehicle and making sure it is in working and legal order may fall on the driver,. hence, criticism can quickly come back to you.

Many  companies prefer to keep documentation themselves. Of course, and manage the car in-house. Rather than giving full responsibility to an employee. This can cause conflict and downplay some of the trust and reward a company car offers.

Likewise, you need to consider the fact that many of your staff. Subsequently, won’t have the capabilities to store or drive a company car. A significant number of workers in major cities these days cannot drive or live in accommodation without parking spots. This would either render the benefit. Of course, useless or put it in a situation where it could get damaged.

A company car isn’t for everyone. There are many workers it won’t appeal to and keeping track of how it’s being used can add another layer of stress to your busy schedule. However, they remain a great gift for your top members of staff that can actually be quite economically effective in the long run.

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test
TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test

Of course, like most other MOT stations in the UK, we get our fair share of unusual cars presented for MOT testing.Today was no exception when this Naylor TF1700 was presented to us for its MOT test.

Key Facts About the TF1700

The TF1700 is a unique piece of British automotive craftsmanship, originally hand-built by Naylor Bros PLC in Bradford and later by the Hutson Car Company. This classic car was developed as an enhanced version of the original MGTF, boasting increased power, improved suspension, and better braking systems.

Production History

In 1985 and 1986, Naylor Bros produced 100 cars bearing the Naylor badge. These vehicles were fully type-approved and had the full backing of the Austin Rover Group, ensuring high standards of quality and performance.

Design and Construction

The TF1700 features a steel chassis and a body mounted on an ash frame with steel panels. Unlike the original MG TF, to comply with legislative requirements, the TF1700’s doors have forward hinges, and the instruments are positioned directly in front of the driver for better ergonomics and safety.

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test
TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test

Engine and Performance

An Austin Rover “O” series 1700cc engine, producing 77 BHP at 5180 rpm, powers the TF1700 under the hood. This engine provided a notable improvement in performance over its predecessor, making the TF1700 a more capable and enjoyable drive.

Transition to Hutson Car Company

The Hutson Car Company acquired Naylor Cars PLC in 1986. Following this acquisition, an additional 61 cars were produced, now carrying the Hutson badge. These cars continued to uphold the quality and craftsmanship associated with the TF1700.

TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test
TF1700 Naylor Sporty Car for MOT Test
Self-Assembly Variants

A few of the TF1700 cars were offered as self-assembly kits and were marketed under the name Mahcon. This option allowed enthusiasts to build their own cars, adding a personal touch to their classic vehicle.

The TF1700 remains a testament to British engineering and a cherished classic among car enthusiasts. Its blend of classic design and modern improvements makes it a standout model in the history of British sports cars.

Cars and Climate Change

Electric Car Servicing

Electric Car Servicing

Electric Car Servicing
Electric Car Servicing

Electric Car Servicing

There are now more than a dozen plug-in electric cars for sale in the U.S., but not all electric cars are created equal.

Eric Roberts’ insight:

Electric car Servicing

This is an interesting article about the difficulty that American motorists could experience when wanting to repair or service their electric battery-operated cars.

It tells of the state of California giving the car manufacturers a quota for the number of vehicles that they are to supply as compared to normal gasoline-engineered ones.

The problem is that the number of electric car servicing garages is in short supply, especially Toyota.

Fundamentally, the question on my mind is, “Whatever happened to the Right to Repair Laws” ! Naturally, those are in operation in the United States and in the European Union. Significantly, this states that service garages should be given access to  technical details. Including all the cars that car manufacturers are making.

So, why can’t the regular garages service these cars? In fact, recently, I hired an expert on electric cars to brief my staff about the impending influx of electric cars. Special equipment is required  ! Because these vehicle are extremely dangerous ! Of course, due to the possibility of electric shocks,.

Because of certain restrictions, it has always been a strong suspicion of mine.

So, that this work will be kept away from the independent garage sector. Resentfully, Electric Car Servicing will not be open to us. In many ways, they cannot be blamed for wanting to protect all their investment and development. However, every other product that has ever been produced. So, would have had to start out somewhere!

Accepting this is difficult for me and  this won’t stick with me. Consequently, we should all have a share in this market, as we do today. I hope the EU is looking at this so that they can legislate against car manufacturers’ protectionism ! Giving everyone in the garage business a fair deal. Thus allowing us to carry out electric car servicing alongside petrol engine car servicing.

Importantly, we can service “Hybrid cars” and indeed do so.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have been working in the garage, tyre, and battery business for 40 years. So. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business.

Electric Car Servicing

Here at Pellon Tyre and Autocente, we carry out electric car servicing, which involves specialised maintenance procedures and diagnostics to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With the rising popularity of electric cars, it is crucial to keep up with the unique requirements of these vehicles. Expert technicians equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools are essential for the efficient servicing and repair of electric cars. 

mot testing and car servicing

Ford Focus-Duel Mass Flywheel

Ford Focus-Duel Mass Flywheel

Ford Focus-Duel Mass Flywheel

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel, clicking noise?

Certainly! A dual-mass flywheel, also referred to as a DMF, is a type of flywheel that is frequently present in contemporary vehicles, particularly those with diesel engines or high-torque engines. Its position between the engine and the transmission makes it an important link between the two components of the vehicle.

In contrast to a single-mass flywheel (SMF),

Of course, it is also known as a simple, solid disc that rotates in unison with the engine. A dual-mass flywheel (DMF) is made up of two flywheels. They are physically separated from one another by a number of springs and dampers.

The crankshaft of the engine is connected to one of the flywheels, while the input shaft of the transmission is connected to the other flywheel. The two flywheels are able to move independently of each other thanks to the springs and dampers, which contributes to a reduction in the amount of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) produced by the drivetrain.

When the engine and transmission rotate at different speeds, the springs and dampers in a DMF work by soaking up and releasing the energy that is created as a result of this difference. Because of this, the experience of driving is made more comfortable and less noisy, particularly at low speeds and when shifting gears.

However, DMFs are more difficult to construct, which makes them more expensive, and they are also susceptible to wear and tear over time. Failure of a Duel Mass Flywheel can result in a number of issues with the vehicle’s ability to be driven, including vibrations, rattling noises, and other problems. The removal of the transmission is typically required in order to replace a DMF, which is a repair that can be both time consuming and expensive.

duel mass flywheel
duel mass flywheel

In a nutshell, a dual-mass flywheel is a component

that, when installed in modern automobiles with high-torque engines, contributes to the reduction of both noise and vibration. Even though it makes for a more pleasant driving experience, replacing it may be more expensive than the installation of a single mass flywheel.

The driver of this Ford Focus presented his car to us. He explained that he could hear a slight change in the engine’s noise, then a sort of ticking noise.

When asked when the noise occurred he said that it was when started to press the clutch down, to about halfway. Then after the halfway point the noise clears up? The same happens when the clutch is released.

When the car engine is idling, or when you are just driving along, then there is no noise. Then when your foot is off the clutch (either in neutral or driving in gear) there is no noise.

He said that he noticed for the first time, about a month ago. Ryan my service manager thought straight away that the problems pointed to the clutch and perhaps the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel.

The Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel is made of many small components and clicking or ticking sounds point towards the DMF (duel mass flywheel). The car radio muffled the noise, which was only slight.

Alex tackles Ford Focus clutch job !

At first we recommended that the guy should leave well alone and to see if anything else would develop. He agreed with us and went on his way.

We never saw the car again until a month later? This time the noise became a little louder.

Ryan still suspected the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel as being the problem. We took the car in and split the gearbox from the Focus engine to inspect the DMF and clutch. The clutch release bearing and slave cylinder were examined and found to be OK.

Some reasons for the diagnosis of a problem with your Duel mass Flywheel are as follows:-

1) If you have a slipping clutch; if the car revs higher but its speed does not increase; or if it feels like you are riding the clutch when driving along or changing gear. Or sometimes you can smell the pungent smell of the overheated, burning clutch.

2) Strange unfamiliar metallic noises (sounds like a rattling chain or bag of knife and forks being shook about). This noise will stop when the clutch is depressed then return of release.

3) If your dual mass flywheel has been wearing for a while then your starter motor may start to slip/spin, when you are starting the car.

The driver with the Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel problems came to us in good time. The DMF had started to break up and was replaced, along with a new clutch plate. So if you do hear these noises take it along to your local garage to be examined.