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Significantly, and according to information I have had. So, scanners/cameras are placed across and along the full length and width of every motorway lane. As a result a radar picks you up as stopped in a motorway lane.

Naturally, the authorities are supposed to be on hand immediately to attend your broken down vehicle. So, and move you off the motorway. So, You legally sit there in your broken down vehicle. Whatever lane you are in and nobody is likely to run into the rear of your vehicle and kill you because of two reasons.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara clutch replacement: duel mass flywheel replaced.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement
Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Alright, mate! Today, let’s chat about something that’s been causing a bit of a stir in the motoring world, especially for us folks in the UK: the “Dual Mass Flywheel” (DMF) clutch system. Now, you might be wondering, “What’s this all about, then?” So, let’s dive in, but don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple and sprinkle in a bit of local charm!

First things first, the DMF is a clever bit of kit

This has been around since the second half of the 1980s. Although it is a flywheel, it is not the same flywheel that your grandfather used to use; rather, this flywheel is a little bit more sophisticated. The purpose of this is to lessen the vibrations and noise that are typically experienced while driving, particularly in diesel engines, which can make a sound similar to that of a tin of loose bolts at a jumble sale.

Consider that you are in the process of driving through the breathtaking landscape of Yorkshire, possibly in the direction of the famous Piece Hall in Halifax. If you are driving a vehicle that has a conventional flywheel, you will notice that whenever you shift gears, there is a slight judder. It is similar to the sensation of riding over the cobblestones in the historic town centre of Halifax. This is the problem that the DMF intends to solve. Those gear changes will be as smooth as a pint of Yorkshire’s finest ale, thanks to the fact that it is composed of two components that are able to move independently of one another.

Nevertheless, there are some bumps in the road, or perhaps, I should say, driving.

The DMF has the potential to be a delicate flower. When it is functioning well, it is wonderful; however, if it suddenly wobbles, it can be a costly task to restore. According to some, it is just as erratic as the weather in the United Kingdom! This is the reason why those of us who own garages need to keep our wits about us. It is essential that we provide our consumers with advance notice regarding the potential fees that may be involved.

You might be wondering why they came up with this idea. Car makers were forced to research ways to make engines run more smoothly and quietly as a result of the increasing sophistication of automobiles and the tightening of regulations on emissions, particularly in the United Kingdom. In order to satisfy those Euro emissions criteria without having automobiles sound like a brass band on a Sunday morning, they came up with the DMF as their solution.

So, there you have it: Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

a concise explanation of the dual-mass flywheel’s operation. In a way, it is comparable to a delicious Yorkshire pudding: when it is prepared correctly, it is outstanding, but when it is not prepared properly, it might leave behind a little sour flavour. Do you agree that it is always beneficial to have a basic understanding of what is going on inside your vehicle, regardless of whether you are travelling through the breathtaking scenery of the Pennines or simply going to the store nearby?

And with that, I will conclude. It is important to keep in mind that if you are in need of a new battery or simply some friendly guidance, you should contact your neighbourhood garage in Halifax, and we will take care of you. Be careful behind the wheel and take in the exquisite views and sounds that our beloved Yorkshire has to offer. Greetings!

Nissan Navara clutch replacement: Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

One of the car problems that increases after the winter driving period is a noticeable rise in the number of clutches that we fit. The other day was no exception. One of our first jobs that we booked was a Nissan Navara Clutch replacement.

Clutches fall into two main categories:. These are cars that are fitted with manual gearboxes and also automatic gearboxes. In the UK, the most popular type of gearbox, by far, is the manual type of gearbox.

Other types do exist, but they are mainly on upmarket car models and motorsport cars.

As most of my readers probably know, the clutch fits between the engine and the manual gearbox, and this Nissan Navara clutch replacement was no different.

The clutch enables the driver to change gears in response to the car’s engine speed. This enables a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the gearbox.

The clutch plate is made from a similar material to your brake shoes and will eventually wear away. Like anything else, it depends on how the driver treats the clutch and how long it will last. The guy with the Nissan Navara could feel the clutch slipping when the truck was fully loaded. He also had problems engaging his gears on occasions.Nissan

He brought it to us here in Pellon, Halifax, UK, for us to check it out. Sure enough, the clutch was slipping and in need of a new fitting.

The Nissan Navara clutch replacement meant removing the gearbox from the engine. The Navara is an inline unit, which means that the engine and gearbox are lined from front to rear, driving the rear wheels.

Alex was assigned the job,

and he soon started to remove the holding nuts and bolts. The Navara is a big vehicle compared to the clutches that we normally fit, and Alex had to use hydraulic engine stands to take the weight of the extremely heavy gearbox when it was removed.

When we checked out the parts, the computer informed us that this model could be fitted with a duel mass flywheel (DMF). These were invented to take out many of the stresses and vibrations that were associated with diesel engine cars. In my opinion, some vehicles do not need it. This has become more obvious to me when certain clutch manufacturers make an alternative solid “Blue-Print” clutch to replace the DMF.

We contacted the customer and explained to him about the DMF and the solid clutch. He called back and gave us permission to fit the solid clutch. This was fitted, and the gearbox was built back up. The Nissan Navara clutch replacement was complete, and the customer collected his car, and away he went.

4 x 4 vehicle-general tyres

All-terrain Tyres: Land Rover or SUV owner?

All-terrain Tyres

All-terrain Tyres
All-terrain Tyres

All-terrain Tyres

Then, let’s have a conversation about all-terrain tyres, particularly when you’re installing them on your four-wheel-drive vehicle or one of those Land Rovers that are known for their durability. Given that the weather in the United Kingdom can be just as unpredictable as a cricket match, this is a subject that is very close to our hearts.

In the first place, let’s talk about all-terrain tyres.

These tyres are like the Swiss Army knife of tyres, don’t you think? This is the ideal solution for individuals who have a desire to engage in some off-roading activities on the weekends but are required to make a trip to the nearby shop in Halifax during the week. They are an excellent compromise between the chunky, rough mud tyres and the smoother road tyres. They are a wonderful compromise. You could think of it as being similar to owning a pair of boots that are just as comfortable while you are walking through the town centre of Halifax as they are when you are hiking near Ogden Water.

All-terrain tyres are a perfect match for four-wheel-drive vehicles and rugged Land Rovers.

They are a perfect complement for both of these vehicles. These cars are designed to embark on exciting journeys, and if you equip them with the appropriate tyres, they can effortlessly transport you from the cobblestone streets of Pellon to the rocky moors without causing you to blink an eye. They provide improved grip and stability on uneven ground, which is a blessing when you are facing the Yorkshire countryside or even just dealing with the hazardous roads during our famed British winters. They are a godsend.

But off-road capabilities aren’t the only thing that matters.

The adaptability of all-terrain tyres is one of the many advantages they offer. In addition, they are designed to perform well on asphalt, which means that you will have a smooth ride without the droning noise that you get from tyres that are more aggressive. You can think of it as having a pair of wellies that you can wear to the pub; it is not only functional but also does not appear out of place.

At Pellon Tyres, we have seen a good number of 4x4s and Land Rovers

And if there is one thing that we know for certain, it is that having the appropriate tyres is what makes all the difference. The peace of mind that comes with having all-terrain tyres is something that can be experienced whether you are traversing the rough trails of the Pennines or simply going on a school run. In addition to being long-lasting, they provide excellent traction in rainy circumstances and perform admirably on the road.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that they are masters of all trades. While they are capable of doing most things, they are not as specialised as tyres that are designed specifically for off-road or road use. Additionally, if you intend to engage in some real rock climbing or mudding, you might want to consider purchasing something that is a little bit more durable. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time driving on the highway, you could find that a highway tyre is more suitable for your needs.

In conclusion, all-terrain tyres are an excellent option for us in the United Kingdom

whether you drive a Land Rover or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The unpredictability of our weather and the diversity of our landscape are no match for them. You should also visit a local garage, such as Pellon Tyres, whenever you have any questions or concerns. While we are at it, we might even inform you about the most recent happenings in Halifax. We are always up for a conversation about the greatest possibilities for your motor, and we are always willing to talk about them. Keep yourself safe on those roads, and have fun making the trip!

There are many different types and makes of 4×4 and SUV vehicles on today’s roads, and so explaining which tyres to use for various vehicle makes becomes nigh impossible.

For this purpose, I am going to use the Land Rover for my explanation of all-terrain tyres.

All-terrain tyres are for the driver, who may do both on-road and off-road driving. Many of the SUV’s come with a standard summer tyre. But the type of tyre that most people associate this kind of vehicle with is a more rugged one.

This is where the all-terrain tyres, come into their own. A good example that I came across recently was at an agricultural show in Halifax, where my tyre business is based. The cars are all parked in a grassy area adjacent to the showground. I suspect that you now know what I am about to say because many drivers have experienced this for themselves.

The day started out to be sunny

but in the afternoon, heavy thundery showers were peppering the Halifax area. One shower turned into a torrential deluge, sending spectators and exhibitors to the shelter of the marques. The fun came when the visitors started to drift to the car park and then home. To my surprise, most small family cars did alright, apart from a little skidding.

However, to my surprise, the cars that were suffering and getting stuck were the SUV’s .There were also some female drivers. The one I helped with was a BMW with brand new Continental summer tyres fitted. The car was useless and skidded all over the place.

All-terrain Tyres

Halifax is not what you could call a rural area. The terrain is hilly, with many small, steep, bendy lanes and “B” roads. We also have a successful Land Rover dealer in the area, and so it is a perfect scenario to fit a set of all-terrain tyres. These are the tyres you want if you are driving on a mix of road surfaces. You can go from tarmac roads straight onto dirt and farm and forest roads with high confidence of not losing traction.

The ratio of on/off road capability is most often about 60/40.

The one tyre that I would recommend based on my years of experience is the General Grabber AT. These all-terrain tyres are ideal for Land Rover owners and any other type of vehicle. The General Grabber tyres also carry the “snowflake” symbol, which means they are also ideal for bad winter weather and snow.

Fit these tyres, and you will be the person who gets to work on time, or can pull off the grass at an agricultural show?

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Broken Engine Mounting—Mercedes A Class: thought his engine was dropping out?

Broken Engine Mounting

Broken Engine Mounting
Broken Engine Mounting

Broken Engine Mounting

Without a doubt, let us delve into the subject matter concerning the detrimental effects that those infamous craters in Halifax have on automobiles, including the frequently disregarded concern of fractured engine mountings.

Halifax’s Pothole Syndrome: Unseen Dangers Associated with Defective Engine Mountings

Consider this: As you travel along the picturesque streets of Halifax, your gaze is fixed on the awe-inspiring Pennines and the city’s historic architecture. You are abruptly confronted with a pothole, one of those deceptive fissures that materialise seemingly from thin air. You hear a noise, and your heart begins to race. You then come to the realisation that damage has been caused.

The Problem of Potholes:

Like many other municipalities, Halifax is not devoid of defects. Our climate, which consists of a combination of snow, rain, and low temperatures, is detrimental to the road surfaces. Potholes, those hazardous depressions in the bitumen, are not merely an annoyance; they are an expensive danger as well. Potholes can cause significant damage to our vehicles.

The blatant harm: Broken Engine Mounting

Let’s begin by acknowledging the obvious. Potholes can damage the wheels and tyres of a vehicle. A rupture or a bent rim is frequently observed following a particularly severe impact. The true danger, however, lurks beneath your vehicle.

Mountings for Engines Besieged:

An frequently disregarded repercussion of encounters with potholes is the impairment of engine mountings. These are vital components that absorb vibrations and secure the engine in position. The force of a pothole impact can shock an engine, placing the majority of the load on the engine mountings.

Local Roads, Impact at the Local Level: Broken Engine Mounting

Due to Halifax’s distinctive topography, each of our highways has its own personality. Due to the picturesque slopes and valleys, potholes can be especially hazardous while traversing the road. However, this can be an enjoyable experience. Although our local expertise enables us to locate these flaws, it is not always feasible to circumvent them.

Signs of damage to the engine mounting:

Therefore, how can one tell if a pothole has compromised the engine mountings? Be on the lookout for unusual sounds, such as pounding or clunking during acceleration or deceleration. Your engine mountings should be inspected to see if they become excessively unstable or if engine vibration increases significantly.

Consequences of Neglect: Broken Engine Mounting

Disregarding damage to the engine mounting may result in more serious complications in the future. A loose engine has the potential to cause harm to additional components, including electrical connections and exhaust piping. Additionally, it reduces the safety and comfort of the voyage.

Maintenance and Prevention:

Maintain appropriate tyre pressure, exercise caution on pothole-ridden roads, and refrain from overloading your vehicle in order to reduce the potential danger. Inspect your vehicle with a professional mechanic if damage is suspected. Early replacement of engine mountings can prevent the need for expensive repairs in the future.

Our roads in Halifax may contain their fair share of craters, but we can minimise the damage to our vehicles through vigilance and prompt action. By remaining vigilant regarding concealed dangers, such as compromised engine mountings, we can guarantee the safety and comfort of our journeys as we traverse the picturesque yet occasionally arduous thoroughfares of Halifax.

The customer came into our garage here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax

UK, with what he thought: “Was the engine dropping out?”?

He told us that the Mercedes Class A caused an increase in engine noise and vibration felt inside the car, as if the engine was ready to fall out?. The customer thought that the noise was even louder when the car was standing still and idling. The guy was very distraught. He explained how the car made a noticeable thumping noise when he changed gears.

Ryan Linton had a good idea of what it could be. Broken Engine Mounting

 Consequently, the customer left the car with us for examination. Like any other part of the car, the engine mountain can be prone to breaking. It is similar to a large exhaust bracket that supports the engine against vibrations. Once it breaks, it sounds like the engine will fall out.

A few weeks ago, we also had a Mazda 3 with a broken engine mounting problem. The Mazda had a top engine mounting problem that caused the car to vibrate badly when idling. Other cars show different signs, but in general, all the noises are stressful for the car owners.

Broken Engine Mounting

The mountings are checked on the MOT test, but the rubber part of the mountings can break apart very quickly.

Ryan checked out the Mercedes, and as suspected, the car had a broken engine mounting. Because we are a part of Unipart Car Care centres, all our work is guaranteed and covered by a nationwide warranty scheme. Because of this, we use replacement parts that are of the same standard as the original equipment parts.

The engine mounting is the part that holds the engine to the body.

Or to the engine cradle (sub-frame) of the car. This is to reduce the amount of engine vibration felt inside the car. Most engine mounts are filled with rubber, as shown in the image. Because there will be no direct metal-to-metal contact between the engine and the car body in most cars,

 Additionally, three or four additional mountings bolt the remaining components of the engine and gear box assembly together and keep them in place.

Ryan went ahead and removed the old mounting.

When the new one arrived, he fitted it, and the car was as good as new. Ryan road tested the car and gave the

thumbs up. When the guy picked up the Mercedes, he was highly delighted with the cost because he was convinced that he needed a new engine?

mot testing and car servicing

Peugeot 206 Misfiring: Fuel Injector problems?

Peugeot 206 Misfiring

Peugeot 206 Misfiring
Peugeot 206 Misfiring

Peugeot 206 Misfiring

So, when you own a garage in the same town as the main dealer,. You are more likely to get second- and third-hand cars in with problems. Of course, rather than the customer taking their car back to the usually more expensive main dealer,. And why not? In most cases, we have just as good equipment and knowledgeable staff as the main dealers anyway. If we get stuck with a technical problem,. Importantly, we also have a network of people who specialise in the making of cars. So from where has the problem arisen? So, we can always rely on their help if such an occurrence arises.

The problems that can happen are usually electrical, and although we have an array of scanners and computers, they don’t always get down to the problem, so we have to seek help from a friend who is a specialist in that field. This, however, did not apply to one of the jobs that a customer left with us the other week.

The Peugeot 206 started OK but did not pull on hills. Peugeot 206 Misfiring

The car was a Peugeot 206 2001 model and had started up in the morning with no problems. At first, the car drove along OK, but after about ½ an hour, the car started to lose power. The Peugeot 206 Misfiring, was still driveable, but he did notice a lack of power?

The car was also able to accelerate away when required, but his foot was down to the floor. He said that he thought that the car was asking for more fuel and had to keep it in lower gear, say third instead of fourth. He said that a few years ago, the 206 had a catalytic converter failure, and the symptoms felt very similar.

The guy left the Peugeot 206 with us, and Ryan decided the best plan was to plug the car into our scanner and see if anything showed up there. We often get similar problems with these

Sometimes the owner says that the engine feels like it is misfiring

Such as a guy who recently called in with his 206 GT. This one ended up having an injector problem, and we fixed it accordingly.

The scanner we used was a Solus Pro from Sun Equipment. Subsequently, we came up with the fault code R0270 in the injector cylinder 4 circuit. This was a very clear indication of what the problem was .

So, we contacted the customer: Peugeot 206 Misfiring

with a price so that we could go ahead with the job. One important thing to remember about these injectors. Significantly, on French cars such as the Peugeot 206, they are changed as follows:. Firstly, the number 1 injector is at the gearbox end. Secondly, the number 4 is at the driver’s side. Importantly, it is easy to replace the wrong one.

It has been known that the wrong injector has been changed?

Say number 2 could be mixed up with number 3. This would mean that you may have changed the injector but would still end up with the same engine problem, and this has probably happened hundreds of times to DIY car repairers.

After we were given the go-ahead by our customer, Ryan ordered the new part and fitted it upon its arrival. The code error was then cleared, and the Peugeot 206 was back to normal and collected by its happy owner.

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Fire risk In VW Group Cars: prompts UK recall of 10,000 hybrid cars

Fire risk In VW Group Cars

Fire risk In VW Group Cars
Fire risk In VW Group Cars

Fire risk In VW Group Cars

This article is now old news, original article was on April 12, 2022. However, we are still hearing about fires caused by the batteries in EV and PHEV vehicles across the world. Most recently, Luton Airport parking area.

“Safety First: A Closer Look at the Recent Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Recall”

It is crucial to keep our consumers updated about the latest automotive world advances in Halifax, where we have been serving the community with our garage business and advertising websites that offer batteries.

Our focus today is on a worldwide recall of around 10,000 plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEVs). manufactured by Audi, Volkswagen, Cupra Seat, and Skoda due to fire safety concerns. Now that we’ve established that this is a problem, let’s look at additional instances where EV batteries caught fire.

Recall Across the Globe-Fire risk In VW Group Cars

Imagine a fleet of elegant PHEVs from brands like Skoda, Cupra Seat, Volkswagen, and Audi gracefully cruising the beautiful highways of Halifax and beyond. Among our local clients, these vehicles are highly favoured for their fuel efficiency and reputation as eco-friendly options.

A number of worries have been voiced in light of recent events.

Because of a possible fire hazard, the automaker is recalling around 10,000 PHEVs around the world. This recall is evidence of our unwavering dedication to prioritising safety above all else. The significance of our clients’ road safety is paramount to our garage business.

The worldwide effort to resolve any issues with the batteries in these PHEVs includes the recall.

Although these kinds of accidents are very troubling, it is important to remember that the car industry is always working to improve safety standards and quickly fix any problems that may arise.

Interesting Facts About Halifax’s Automobile Past

As we go into this worldwide recall, it’s interesting to consider Halifax’s own automotive past. From the humble beginnings of the motor industry to the cutting-edge, environmentally sensitive cars of today, our town has seen it all.

Lots of influential car dealerships had their start in Halifax in the early 1900s, when the city was still relatively young. Although these garages, the latest being Dews Vauxhall dealership, have closed their doors for good, the creativity and forward momentum that characterised our community are a lasting tribute to their legacy.

Additional Incidents Involving Batteries- Fire risk In VW Group Cars

Although the most recent recall is noteworthy, events involving electric vehicle batteries have garnered attention on multiple occasions. Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) that are part of this recall rely on lithium-ion batteries, which aren’t always trouble-free but are usually reliable.

The famous electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla was involved in one noteworthy event. A London parking lot fire involving a Tesla Model S in 2019 garnered headlines all around the United Kingdom. These incidents are infrequent, but they show how serious battery safety is for both companies and customers.

Conclusion: Making Safety a Top Priority-Fire risk In VW Group Cars

Finally, the recent worldwide recall of PHEVs from Audi, Volkswagen, Cupra Seat, and Skoda shows how seriously the car industry takes safety. If we want to keep our cars on the road in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and doesn’t endanger Halifax citizens, we need to keep up with news like this.

Even though events involving EV batteries are uncommon, they highlight the importance of constantly improving battery technology and safety regulations. Our garage is committed to preserving the quality of our clients’ vehicles, increasing road safety, and adding to Halifax’s illustrious automotive heritage while we adapt to the dynamic world of automotive innovation.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it concerns your car. Keep yourself educated, practise safe driving and continue to confidently navigate the picturesque roads of Halifax and surrounding areas of beauty.

Around 10,000 Audi, VW, Cupra Seat and Skoda plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are being recalled over concerns about a fire risk. It’s part of a global recall which totals more 100,000 PHEVs produced by the carmaker. An insufficiently

Source: Fire risk prompts UK recall of 10,000 Volkswagen Group hybrid cars

Shock Absorbers- Nissan Micra

Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra: MOT Test-Failure if they are Worn and Leaking

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

SShock Absorbers Nissan Micra

The most frustrating thing about shock absorbers and struts (which are basically the same thing) is that they are sealed units and although they are classified as maintenance-free, they will

very often start to leak. In some countries, shock absorbers are known as dampers because that is exactly what they do: they damp down and level out the bumps that your car is picking up as it drives along the road.

Depending on the model of your car, Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

If you are not sure what this is, then you can perform a simple bounce test. All you have to do is press the corner of your car a few times with your body weight and then stop the bouncing.

Once you stop

your Nissan Micra should settle back down straight away. If it bounces again more than twice, it will very often start to leak. In some countries, shock absorbers (Nissan Micra) are known as dampers and require changing. You do this procedure on each corner, bouncing the car and then releasing it.

In my opinion, this is not a very satisfactory way of checking your shock absorbers, but at the moment, I have not seen a satisfactory machine that will do the job. The best machine that I ever saw and consequently bought was a tester that was sold by SUN Equipment.

You drove the car onto vibration plates

which shook the suspension very violently, and then suddenly stopped. The action of the shock absorbers was then recorded on paper printouts via an ink needle, similar to the ones used in hospital heart machines. If the pattern was tight, then the car shock absorbers were good; if they were wide, then the shocks needed replacing.

This was a great machine because it produced a print out so that the customer could see the state that his shocks were in. Ironically, the machine was scrapped by Kwik-Fit after I sold them the business’s and I don’t think that they are made any more.

How do Shock Absorbers work? Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

Some cars never have their shocks replaced, but with age, the ride of your car will get bumpier and the steering will be all over the place when cornering, although this is sometimes

blamed on the car’s tyres; it is more often than not the shock absorbers that need changing.

As I have said earlier, the most common problem is the fact that they leak oil.

Of course this can also be found in a suspension check! If this is the case, then they will need to change. Any kind of shock absorber works on the same basis. There is a piston rod that enters a chamber that is filled with oil. The piston has oil seals to prevent leakage.

As the piston is compressed by the weight, it takes on the force of the road surface and the car. Your shocks take all the up-and-down pressure (bumps), and the car’s chassis remains level, or as level as possible, while driving along.

When the shocks are worn or broken, you will get an uneven ride in your car. I think that the worst culprits for this are cars that are used as taxis. You can often feel the older cars bouncing up and down as you drive along, and apart from alcohol, I am convinced that this is one of the reasons that people are sick in the back of a taxi.

Shock Absorbers- Nissan Micra
Struts are normally fitted at the front of cars and are fitted inside a coil spring unit.

These are known as McPherson struts,

and just like shock absorbers, they can leak oil. These struts, along with the springs that they are inserted into, can very often break, and the symptoms  are rattling and banging noises coming from the car when going over bumps in the road. This is another problem that the potholes can cause. “Broken springs

An old perennial that keeps cropping up is that when a shocker has to be replaced,

should it be replaced in pairs? In my opinion, this is a grey area. The manufacturers always recommend that you fit two, and I think that this is the perfect scenario, but in practise, the customer wants to get away with having to spend as little as possible, and in general, only one is fitted.

The rule to this is simple: if your car is relatively new, then just change the one; the one on the other side should still be good, but if the car is an older model, then you should change the shocks on each side of the same axle, backs or fronts. This will give you an even ride and more stable cornering.

Normal shocks are fairly easy to change for the home mechanic

But the struts are more difficult and require some special tools, such as spring compressors, so I would take your car to a local garage for the work. Shock absorbers nissan micra oem, Shock absorbers nissan micra cost, Replacement shock absorbers nissan micra.

Nissan Micra shock absorbers, Nissan Micra price, Replacement shock absorbers, nissan micro, Best shock absorbers nissan Micra, nissan Micra shock absorber price.

Camshaft Sensor Peugeot 206

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem
VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

So, after the school summer holidays have finished,. Fortunately, then we start to get busier in the garage repair side of the business. Happily, the tyre side starts to pick up nearer November, with the approaching winter.

Like many other garages, we try to plan our work schedules. Booking the various car repair jobs accordingly.

One particular day last week

We were fully booked and very busy. Subsequently, a breakdown truck turned up on the forecourt with a black Volkswagen Passat on the back. Firstly, the car looked to have had a small front-end shunt. Because the front wheel was sticking out at an angle. The VW Passat was a 2009 TDi, and the car had been bumped when parked up in the local supermarket.

We pulled the VW off the trailer and pushed it onto a ramp. We soon discovered that the front wheel had been hit and had completely bent the steering arm. This totally disabled the car from being driven. The remedy was easy; a new steering arm was fitted, and the car was given a laser Wheel Alignment to correct and re-set the steering. The owner picked up his car and went home happy.

The next car with an engine problem: VW Polo Performance Problem

We were not so lucky with the next car that was booked in for the engine shuddering and banging. The car was a 2002 VW Polo 1.4 TDi. It belonged to a friend of the family’s son, who had just passed his driving test.

The VW Polo had been left with us, and we took the car out for a road test to try to find out what the problem was. The first thing that we noticed was that the clutch had gone, but there were other things going on at the same time; it was a mix-match of problems. Since the customer had great faith in us, we decided to fix the clutch first. We removed the clutch housing and found that the clutch had indeed gone.

After replacing the clutch, the VW Polo did go a little better, but the engine was definitely not right; it was shuddering and juddering.

The VW Polo Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) had to be checked out.

The MAF sensor is the instrument that checks the temperature and the weight of the air that is entering the VW Polo engine. This information is then sent to the on-board computer, which calculates the correct amount of fuel that the engine requires to operate.

The sensor works by measuring the current that is required to check the temperature while the air blows past. The MAF will start to clog up with dirt and other particles over time, and this blockage is the thing that can cause your engine to have problems. The symptoms are exactly what were related to this problem. Poor starting; the engine would not run properly and would not accelerate, especially up hills.

Clean MAF sensor: VW Polo Performance Problem

Some people say that if you can clean the MAF sensor at regular intervals, then these problems would not arise, but we have always found that we have had to replace the part. Importantly, we also fitted a new air filter, and the VW Polo was a different car. It was road tested, and the change of the MAF sensor revitalised the car, returning it to normal engine functions.

We also noticed that the steering had a knocking noise: VW Polo Performance Problem

and a vibration, and on inspection, we found that the car also needed a front arm rear bush. We fitted this new bush and adjusted the wheel alignment. Here at Pellonautocentre we can repair all makes and types of cars.

It was an expensive day for the customer, but you would be surprised at how many of our customers drive their cars until it drop to pieces. Nothing new there?

Just a few problems that we can get: in a busy garage.

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Suzuki Servicing neglected: Missed out Servicing causes a Bigger Problem

Suzuki Servicing neglected

Suzuki Servicing neglected

No Suzuki servicing could end up costing you a fortune.

Suzuki Servicing neglected
© Can Stock Photo / romarti

This is not just one of my rants about car servicing, but I think that it is important to give a few sad cases of what can happen when the car owner neglects to have their Suzuki serviced.

carried out at regular intervals.

We all should be having our Engine Oil checked at regular intervals. If your car’s engine is in good condition and operating correctly, then you should not have to use any oil to top up the engine. In my opinion, there are a few variations to this theory, and one of them is if you are travelling long distances at high speed. Then it would be possible that your car may need an overhaul when you arrive at your destination.

Modern cars will have an Oil Level Warning Light but older cars may not, so it is best to check the level just to be on the safe side. In fact, I had an experience myself on a recent trip to France. I drove my two-year-old Peugeot Partner van 700 miles to a Rufec in the Charente area of south-west France. The following morning, I went to the local supermarket for some odds and ends when my oil level warning light came on, much to my horror.

I know that my staff had serviced the van before my journey: Suzuki Servicing neglected

So, I too checked the level before I set off on my journey. I stopped the van and turned off the engine so that the oil level could settle down to get a correct oil level reading. Some dipsticks are impossible to see, but mine was just below the minimum mark on the dipstick. I was still in the supermarket car park and so I bought a two litre can of 10w-40 diesel oil (this is what the van used).

As I topped the engine up I kept checking the level, but found that the engine did not need much oil at all. I think some of the oil sensors are very sensitive, but your engine oil level is

very important, just as the young guy with the Suzuki Swift was about to find out. Another important piece of advice is, when you are topping the engine oil up again, then put the oil in a small amount at a time, it is just as important not to Overfill the engine with too much oil, this could cause too much pressure building up in the engine, causing all sorts of expensive repair work.

The Suzuki did not have any servicing for two years at least: Suzuki Servicing neglected.

The only warning that he had, was when the car engine started to make very loud noises. Unfortunately, this was on the M62 motorway. Doing 70mph in the third lane. This was followed by a cloud of black smoke. Frighteningly,  followed by a complete loss of power. Luckily, the guy managed to manoeuvre the Suzuki across the carriageway and onto the hard shoulder.

He suspected the worst and called for recovery from a roadside assistance phone box on the motorway. The guy was either lucky or a very skilled driver! I am convinced that this sudden loss of power is the cause of many motorway accidents.

The recovery truck brought the car into our garage in Halifax, Yorkshire. Urgently, we started the postmortem on the lifeless Suzuki. We checked on the history of the car on our computer system.

Finding out that although the car had had a few MOT tests over the past few years,. We did not have any record of Servicing a Car. We asked the guy if he took the car to any other garage for his Suzuki Servicing. Frighteningly, he told us that we were the only place that the car had come to?.

Suzuki Servicing neglected
Suzuki Servicing neglected

The previous owner also brought the car into us: Suzuki Servicing neglected

So, to be looked after it was at the Suzuki Dealers. Indeed the last service had been three years ago. The car was a Suzuki Swift 1.6 petrol 2007 model and looked in good condition! Apart from the engine.

It became obvious to Ryan Linton that the engine was completely gone. So, caused by a lack of engine oil starving the Big End Bearings due to lack of Servicing. That is to say also damaging the crank and much more.

The owner of the car was a 26 year old man: Suzuki Servicing neglected

Consequently, who led a busy life and did not have time for his car. Hence, this is a thing that is most common these days. As for the car we found that it would be more economical to fit a reconditioned engine. With the whole job costing around £2500 to the customer,.

The lesson to be learned is to have your servicing carried out at some sort of regular interval. Finally, this guy is not the first and will not be the last. But look at the price that he had to pay in the end?.

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Finding The Correct Van: That Suits Your Business

Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

Finding The Van That Suits Your Business
Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

For businesses like our auto company, having vehicles capable of transporting equipment and staff is vital. One of the best all-round vehicles is a van, but there are so many different options to choose from, meaning that it can be hard to make the right decision. A business vehicle is a big investment, so it’s important that you find one that suits your organisation. Here are our tips on what to look out for when you’re searching for your ideal van.

Think About What You Need The Van For

The initial decision you need to make when searching for your perfect business van is what you’re going to use it for. There are many different types of business vans to suit a variety of uses, so review what you’re going to use the van for before you start visiting dealerships.

Work Out If It’s Worth Branding Your Van-Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

Putting your business’s branding on the side of your van could be a great way to get some free publicity and improve your brand recognition. However, if you’re unable to fit a lot of details onto the van, then this could be ineffective and pointless. Think about the branding and what you want to add to your van before you make a decision on the size and type of van your business needs.

Consider The Best Finance Option

Vans are an expensive investment, and if you don’t have the money to buy the option you want, then you’ll end up with a substandard vehicle. Explore the various financing options available to you to see if one of them will help your company afford the vehicle you want. Alternatively, you could look into van leasing in the UK to find a lease that will save you money and allow your company to use the latest model.

Test Drive Different Vans- Finding The Van That Suits Your Business

While the size and capacity of the van are important, you also need to choose a vehicle that’s comfortable to drive, particularly if you and your staff plan to put in a lot of miles. Make sure that you test drive every van you’re considering before you make a commitment. If more than one team member will be driving the van, make sure that you all test drive your shortlist before you make a definitive decision.

If You Need Multiple vans, Get A Fleet Management Solution

For some businesses, one van may not be enough to carry all the supplies that they need, and in this case you should look into getting multiple vans. It can be a struggle to keep up with the activities of more than one vehicle in a business, so invest in a fleet management software product that will allow you to manage your fleet effectively and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.
Choosing a van that suits your business can be a challenge, but by following these tips you can find the perfect vehicle to give you and your team many years of enjoyment.

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car
Thinking of Selling Your Car

Thinking of Selling Your Car

Buying a good car is like making an investment! Because you could earn a decent profit when selling it. However, most people don’t know how to go about doing this and will sell their old car for much less than it’s worth, just because they want to get rid of it as quickly as possible and make room for their new vehicle.

If you’re a little savvier than this, then you probably want to squeeze every penny that you can out of your car. And so, in this piece, we’re going to be sharing our top tips for getting your money’s worth when it comes to selling your old vehicle. 

1.) Good Maintenance

If you want to make a decent profit when selling your car, you should develop a long-term strategy for doing so. This includes properly maintaining the vehicle while it’s in your possession. When you don’t take care of your car, it’s resale value significantly decreases because fundamental issues start to arise.

For instance, if you don’t regularly check the tyre pressure, this can lead to them becoming worn down. Rather than sitting on these problems, nip them in the bud before they develop into something worse that damages the vehicle in the long term. Nobody wants to buy a broken car, after all.

2.) Scrap Companies-Thinking of Selling Your Car

If your car is unsalvageable, then you probably won’t be able to sell it on to a new owner. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t get a little cash along the way. Rather than disregarding it or allowing it to collect dust in your garage, you can instead turn it over to a professional scrap company.

We recommend using Scrap Car Kings, as they are specialists in their field and will provide the very best valuation of your vehicle. This means you can get every penny your old car is worth.

3.) Fixer-Upper

Your old car is probably still worth a lot of money; it’s just a little run-down. In these circumstances, we recommend fixing what’s wrong with the vehicle before going on to sell it to others. Nobody will buy something that has loads of expensive problems attached to it.

Replace broken exhaust parts or install new alloy wheels, whatever it takes to increase the resale value. Just make sure you can still make a profit at the end of the day. Perhaps consult a professional mechanic for help in this regard.

4.) Focus on Aesthetics-Thinking of Selling Your Car

People are much more likely to buy something that looks good. The same applies to old cars. As such, it might be worthwhile giving your vehicle a new spray paint job or installing a swanky new stereo for the dashboard.

These before and after transformations can be pretty remarkable, plus they exponentially increase the resale value of your car, especially if the model is a limited edition. 

We hope that you have found our advice helpful and that you are Thinking of Selling Your Car for a decent amount of money.