Daewoo Matiz Engine management light problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem
VW Polo Performance Problem

VW Polo Performance Problem

So, after the school summer holidays have finished,. Fortunately, then we start to get busier in the garage repair side of the business. Happily, the tyre side starts to pick up nearer November, with the approaching winter.

Like many other garages, we try to plan our work schedules. Booking the various car repair jobs accordingly.

One particular day last week

We were fully booked and very busy. Subsequently, a breakdown truck turned up on the forecourt with a black Volkswagen Passat on the back. Firstly, the car looked to have had a small front-end shunt. Because the front wheel was sticking out at an angle. The VW Passat was a 2009 TDi, and the car had been bumped when parked up in the local supermarket.

We pulled the VW off the trailer and pushed it onto a ramp. We soon discovered that the front wheel had been hit and had completely bent the steering arm. This totally disabled the car from being driven. The remedy was easy; a new steering arm was fitted, and the car was given a laser Wheel Alignment to correct and re-set the steering. The owner picked up his car and went home happy.

The next car with an engine problem: VW Polo Performance Problem

We were not so lucky with the next car that was booked in for the engine shuddering and banging. The car was a 2002 VW Polo 1.4 TDi. It belonged to a friend of the family’s son, who had just passed his driving test.

The VW Polo had been left with us, and we took the car out for a road test to try to find out what the problem was. The first thing that we noticed was that the clutch had gone, but there were other things going on at the same time; it was a mix-match of problems. Since the customer had great faith in us, we decided to fix the clutch first. We removed the clutch housing and found that the clutch had indeed gone.

After replacing the clutch, the VW Polo did go a little better, but the engine was definitely not right; it was shuddering and juddering.

The VW Polo Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) had to be checked out.

The MAF sensor is the instrument that checks the temperature and the weight of the air that is entering the VW Polo engine. This information is then sent to the on-board computer, which calculates the correct amount of fuel that the engine requires to operate.

The sensor works by measuring the current that is required to check the temperature while the air blows past. The MAF will start to clog up with dirt and other particles over time, and this blockage is the thing that can cause your engine to have problems. The symptoms are exactly what were related to this problem. Poor starting; the engine would not run properly and would not accelerate, especially up hills.

Clean MAF sensor: VW Polo Performance Problem

Some people say that if you can clean the MAF sensor at regular intervals, then these problems would not arise, but we have always found that we have had to replace the part. Importantly, we also fitted a new air filter, and the VW Polo was a different car. It was road tested, and the change of the MAF sensor revitalised the car, returning it to normal engine functions.

We also noticed that the steering had a knocking noise: VW Polo Performance Problem

and a vibration, and on inspection, we found that the car also needed a front arm rear bush. We fitted this new bush and adjusted the wheel alignment. Here at Pellonautocentre we can repair all makes and types of cars.

It was an expensive day for the customer, but you would be surprised at how many of our customers drive their cars until it drop to pieces. Nothing new there?

Just a few problems that we can get: in a busy garage.

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