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Automotive Catalyst Diagnostics: How, Where and How Much

Automotive Catalyst Diagnostics: How, Where and How Much

Automotive Catalyst Diagnostics: How, Where and How Much

The catalytic converter is one of the most important devices which make up the vehicle system. It was designed and implemented to solve emissions problems and make a growing number of cars more friendly to the environment. But a cat performs its functions properly only when the device is clean inside. The worse the quality of fuel you use, the sooner shallow holes of the honeycomb inner structure of the converter get clogged. When this happens, the airflow is restricted and metal parts can crack under the strain. In the worst case some engine problems occur.

That is why it is required to keep the cat unclogged. This is useful and pragmatic, since it is much cheaper to maintain the device rather than buy another one prematurely. But before contacting an automobile repair shop, you should get to know how the procedure is conducted.

How Emission Problems Can Be Solved

A comprehensive vehicle inspection consists of the following steps:

  • Obtaining the vehicle history and to answer the questions concerning fuel consumption, whether the engine is hard to start, the cat has been repaired or replaced, etc.
  • Correcting codes of the engine. You should know that typically codes from P0420 to P0424 and from P0430 to P0434 in order indicate some catalyst problems.
  • Identifying and fixing exhaust system leaks.
  • Checking cat temperature, back pressure, O2 sensor, and internal cooling system.
  • Fuel system inspection.
  • Measuring emissions with the help of a gas analyser.
  • Running a cylinder balance test.
  • Examining the mechanical condition of the parts and devices.

If you have noticed some exhaust system troubles, the vehicle doesn’t need to undergo a full technical inspection. Contact a repair shop for just a catalyst testing.

In case the inspection has revealed a crucial catalyst problem due to which the device should be replaced, we suggest you look for a new one on the website This is the biggest catalyst market where you can select a catalytic converter for any car brand and model. The range comprises over 24,000 items! The company has been working in the market of catalytic converters since 2005. Each device on the website has real pictures and a detailed technical description for you to facilitate the selection process.

How Much Does Catalyst Inspection Cost

The price depends on such factors as the car brand and model, current condition of the device, the amount of solid fuel residue in the grid holes, etc. In general, a cat repair costs between $900 and $2500. If you fill your vehicle with the fuel of good quality and keep the engine maintained, you need to have the converter repaired not less than every 100,000 km kilometres driven.

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