Exhausts Changed

Exhausts Changed: Emission Laws

Exhausts Changed

Exhausts Changed

 Exhausts systems also cost much more than 10 years ago

I can honestly say that I have lived during the most radical changes ever made to cars, due to the new rules about “global warming” and emissions from cars. Back in time, when we had Vauxhall Vivas Cavaliers, Chrysler Horizons, old type Minis, and Ford Cortinas, life in the garage was much easier and certainly more stable.

The exhaust systems on those cars would stay the same year after year. So much so that we could order hundreds of systems at a time and keep a large stock that we always sold. In fact, we could order exhaust systems by the container load, and they would all be sold, (happy days).

Then the computer came along .

Exhausts Changed

Car manufacturers could very quickly change car models, they became very flexible, changing parts on different models at will.

This included systems. We were finding that Exhausts.  Like other parts, they would be left on the shelf unsold. Hence, we were becoming very reluctant to keep exhaust systems on the shelves. Without, getting stuck with them. Consequently, at this time, exhaust wholesalers began to spring up. As a result, and in a short period of time,. We decided not to keep any exhaust stock at all. So, leave it to the wholesalers. In fact. The last stock that we kept was from Bosal Exhausts. Probably, (the best exhausts in the world, and that was in the late nineties.

The next thing to affect exhausts were vehicle emissions controls.

Exhausts Changed

The British government introduced these. Thus, cars had to be fitted with “catalytic converters,” as we know them. Therefore, they are fitted between the car’s engine and the exhaust pipe system. The gas from the engine is filtered through the catalytic converter. into a very fine filter system. made from ceramics to withstand the high temperature. The cat also has some precious metals to help filter out the particulates. (This is why cats are so expensive.)

Some car models have a direct engine fit. Thus, the engine sends out waste gases. that are filtered by the cat. As a result, the cleaner gases pass through the rest of the system. The exhaust change boxes are made of fibreglass material. Naturally, that has an extra filter effect but will also muffle the sound that the gases make when leaving the engine. We all know how noisy a car is when the exhaust breaks.

Exhausts systems are better made these days

Some cars have two or even three boxes, depending on the size of the engine and the car. Here in the UK, we do not change the exhaust until it actually breaks, and then we have it replaced, and in my opinion, this is the best thing to do. Even the worst-looking rusty old car exhausts can last for years, and it is no use changing your exhaust just because it looks rusty and old; replace it when it breaks, unless it fails the MOT test. The main part to fail on the test will be the cat; if it fails the test, the cat will need replacing.

Foreword: now to 2024.

catalytic converter thefts on the increase.

Exhausts Changed

Catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise in recent years, particularly in urban areas. The value of the precious metals found in catalytic converters, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, frequently serves as a driving force behind these thefts. The thefts have caused problems for car owners, as the cost to replace a stolen catalytic converter can be quite high. Some police departments and insurance companies have started to track catalytic converter thefts and are working to find ways to prevent them.

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