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All Car Repair Articles

of course car repairs are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when repairing a car.
We often have our customers ringing us. Significantly, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my car needs repairing”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the vehicle requires attention! So, when a car eventually arrives in the workshop. We treat it with extreme care and attention.

Block Exemption Regulations: CMA recommends new UK-specific regulations

Block Exemption Regulations

Block Exemption Regulations
Block Exemption Regulations

Block Exemption Regulations

“The Impact of Motor Vehicle Block Exemption on Local Garages in Halifax, UK”

Located in the vibrant town of Halifax, UK, where the past and modernity harmoniously coexist, there exists an inconspicuous saviour dedicated to maintaining the reliability of your faithful mode of transportation. I am referring to the nearby autonomous automobile repair shop, the friendly establishment one frequents when their vehicle needs some tender, loving care.

However, it is important to note that a significant portion of their capabilities can be attributed to a regulatory framework known as the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER). Let us explore the realm of MVBER and examine its impact on the operational efficiency of our nearby automobile repair shops.

What does MVBER stand for? Block Exemption Regulations

MVBER, although its name may be lengthy, is a revolutionary tool for independent garages such as the one I own in Halifax. These regulations grant garages the authority to retrieve current data from car manufacturers. This implies that they have the ability to effectively repair and maintain any brand or type of vehicle, similar to the nearby car dealership.

Dismantling the Obstacles

Prior to the emergence of MVBER, independent garages frequently encountered a formidable obstacle: obtaining the necessary technical information to effectively repair contemporary automobiles. Automobile manufacturers possessed exclusive access to this valuable collection of data, creating a challenging environment for local garages to compete on an equitable basis. However, MVBER revolutionised the situation.

Currently, independent garages in Halifax and other areas have the capability to directly obtain crucial information, such as service schedules, diagnostics, and repair instructions, from the car manufacturers. This implies that your nearby automotive repair shop is capable of handling a wide range of vehicles, including both classic Mini cars and cutting-edge Teslas. There is no necessity to undertake the lengthy journey to the dealership, as your reliable local technician is capable of meeting your needs.

Community champions- Block Exemption Regulations

Regarding trust, your nearby automotive repair shop serves a purpose beyond mere car maintenance. It is a fundamental cornerstone of the community. In Halifax, where we have a strong sense of pride in our past, our garages contribute to our collective identity.

These establishments are not merely commercial enterprises; they serve as a valuable repository of local expertise and foster social bonds. Your neighbourhood mechanic serves as more than simply a service provider; they are also a companion with whom you may discuss recent repairs and reminisce about past experiences.

The Effect on Halifax

What is the direct impact of MVBER on Halifax? Suppose you possess a vintage Rover, a valuable artefact from the era when the town thrived as a centre of industrial activity. With MVBER, your local garage can conveniently access up-to-date technical data to ensure optimal performance and maintenance of your classic vehicle.

If you possess a contemporary BMW or Jaguar, you can be confident that they are capable of doing such tasks as well, eliminating the need for you to travel to a dealership in a different city.

MVBER has equalised the competitive landscape by equipping autonomous garages with the necessary resources to provide for the inhabitants of Halifax and maintain our cherished vehicles in operation. It is not solely a matter of convenience, but rather a matter of bolstering local enterprises and safeguarding the allure of our community.

To summarise, Block Exemption Regulations

Halifax’s independent garages have a purpose beyond mere car repairs. They play a crucial role in our community, connecting the divide between the past and the advancements of today. MVBER has enabled these local individuals with the ability to obtain the necessary information to maintain your vehicle in optimal condition, irrespective of its brand or kind.

When you next visit your reliable mechanic in Halifax, bear in mind that MVBER is diligently working in the background to guarantee they possess the necessary equipment to maintain our vehicles’ optimal performance and contribute to the prosperity of our town.

The existing Motor Vehicle Block Exemption (MVBER) should be replaced with an updated UK-specific Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Order (MVBEO) and stay in place until 2029, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has recommended. The CMA

Source: CMA recommends new UK-specific Block Exemption regulations

First Time Drivers Guide

V W Problem Heater: VAG cabin heating problem

V W Problem Heater

V W Problem Heater
Secure Your New Vehicle

V W Problem Heater

Importantly, this also includes the following car models: Audi A3 (8V chassis), VW Golf (mk7), Seat Leon (5F chassis), Skoda Octavia (7N chassis).

So, this article explains the repair instructions for a problem with the vehicle’s heater not working correctly. Fixing the heat exchanger blockage fixes the problem and is explained in this attached article!

Resolving Cabin Heater Problems in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda Automobiles

Greetings, esteemed group of automotive aficionados!

Presently, we shall delve into a prevalent concern that may induce chills within your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, or Skoda. You need not worry if you’ve ever been stuck in a chilly vehicle with a cabin heater that simply won’t turn off; we’ve got your back.

Although several automobile models- V W Problem Heater

such as the Skoda Octavia (7N chassis), Audi A3 (8V chassis), VW Golf (mk7), and Seat Leon (5F chassis), have pleased numerous motorists. Even the most technologically advanced systems can occasionally fail to keep you warm and cosy.

The Issue: Cabin Heater Difficulties

Consequently, what exactly are these cabin heaters? Frequently, the problem arises due to an obstruction in the heat exchanger. This vital component can become clogged with grime, debris, and corrosion over time, impeding the proper circulation of hot coolant and the subsequent heating of the cabin.

However, have no fear, as resolving this issue is not as difficult as it may appear. Instructions on how to restore the functionality of the cabin heater are as follows:

Equipment and Materials Required: V W Problem Heater

Protective mitts and eyewear
One-dish pan
Set of sockets
The clasp pliers for hoses
A brand-new heat exchanger (available at dealerships for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, or Skoda)
A kit for refrigerant funnels
New coolant (specific to your vehicle model)
First Step: Safety-First
Before beginning any work, ensure that your vehicle is situated on level ground and that the engine is completely cool. Gloves and protective eyewear are required, as you will be handling coolant.

(2) Remove the coolant

Identify the coolant discharge plug or valve located on the radiator of your vehicle. Carefully open the drain while positioning the drain pan underneath in order to extract the coolant. Be sure to dispose of the used coolant in accordance with the correct procedures.

Access the heat exchanger in Step 3.

There may be instances where accessing the heat exchanger requires the removal of interior ornamentation or panels. Consult the service manual for your vehicle model for specific instructions.

Step 4: Hose Disconnection

Identify the hoses connected to the heat exchanger and release and remove them using the hose clamp pliers. Anticipate the possibility of residual refrigerant escaping.

Remove the old heat exchanger in Step 5.

Remove the old heat exchanger’s mounting brackets by unbolting them. Remove it with caution from the vehicle.

Install the new heat exchanger in Step 6.

Install the newly installed heat exchanger and fasten it using the provided mounting fasteners. Reattach the hoses, ensuring that the hose connectors are used to secure them.

Step 7: Coolant Refill

Refill the coolant system with the proper coolant for your vehicle using the coolant funnel kit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the correct coolant composition and quantity for your vehicle.

Eighth Step: Bleed the Air

Fuel the engine and allow it to operate while the heater is engaged. This will assist in the evacuation of any air pockets present in the system. Monitor the level of coolant and replenish it as necessary.

Step 9: Conduct a heat test

After the level of coolant has stabilised, inspect the cabin heater. Warm air should begin to enter the interior, signifying that the heat exchanger obstruction has been cleared.

Everyone, that concludes it! V W Problem Heater

By employing some do-it-yourself expertise and the proper equipment, it is possible to resolve the issues with the cabin heater in your Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, or Skoda and resume comfortable travel experiences. Keep yourself toasty outside!

Opus IVS has released details of the diagnostic support its IVS 360 VAG team offered to a technician requiring assistance with intermittent heat problems. Job sheet Makes and models: Audi A3 (8V chassis), VW Golf (mk7), Seat

So, looking back to the good old days,

. Then the modern driver knows nothing about car heating problems. As an old but active garage owner, I can go back in time to when certain cars were equipped with a blanket.

Yes, a blanket was provided to put over our laps, keeping us warm. Heaters were very finicky and fragile, often failing to work at all. Especially in cold winters. My first job as an apprentice mechanic brought me into contact with the first British Leyland minis.

These little cars were also freezing cold, with very ineffective heater systems that often failed the driver. Thankfully, things have changed a style including the addition of air conditioning to most car models these days.

Source: Problem job solved: VAG cabin heating not getting hot – Garagewire

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Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems
Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Toyota RAV 4 problem just happened overnight

So, as I have said before, one of the great things about owning a garage. Importantly, there is a diversity of jobs that we can encounter. Hence, in any busy working week,. This past week was no exception. One of our lady customers called it with her car, a Toyota RAV 4 !

Alarmingly, the reason was that the car was performing badly when trying to overtake. Especially when she put her foot down, the car was very slow to respond.

She had a new Duel Mass Flywheel fitted about six months ago ! Interestingly,  she had wondered if this could have anything to do with the car’s recent problem?

The Toyota RAV 4 was fitted with the 2.0D-4 D engine. Importantly, she had not experienced many engine problems in the past. In fact, apart from the clutch, the car had been trouble-free.

Ryan road tests the car ! Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Ryan, our workshop manager, took the car out for a test drive. So he noticed that the engine warning light was also illuminated . So on his return, he plugged the car into our diagnostic machine. I found that the code PO627 came up. When we looked up the code fault on our diagnostic site,. Then it stated that the problem could be a couple of things.

  1. The internal fuel was below the target fuel pressure that it should be, despite the engine ECU opening the Suction Control Valve (SCV)
  2. Fuel blockage.

Toyota RAV 42.0 D Engines are fitted with a Denso electronic high-pressure fuel pump.  Controlling the fuel rail pressure and the volume of fuel are both replaceable items. Denso also make the Fuel Pressure Regulator (we call it the SCV) that can cause power problems with the Toyota RAV4


Ryan suspected it to be the SCV, and this was confirmed by a quick phone call to a friend of ours who specialises in diesel engines and fuel pumps. He told us that the SCV valves had given him the most problems with this particular RAV 4 engine fault, and so we took it upon ourselves to tackle this particular problem.

A new SCV ordered for the Toyota RAV 4: Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

We contacted the customer with a price. Reluctantly, she gave us the go-ahead to carry out the necessary work on the car’s engine. We could only buy the SCV parts from the Toyota dealership. Unfortunately, they were not available from any of the local factors.

The first part of the job was to remove the two bolts that fasten the radiator expansion tank to the car. Allowing you more room to work. Importantly, you can see this in the picture the arrow is pointing to ! Where the fuel pump is located. Down near the yellow dipstick top. Ryan then had to remove the air intake/inter-cooler pipe.

The only difficult thing that Ryan could see was the location of the pump and where the SCV’s were located; they were located at the back of the pump, making the job a little fiddly.

When the new Toyota RAV 4 valves arrived,. Hence, they were both coloured differently. So, one was green and the other red. It was important that the new ones fit where the old ones had come from.

Hence the colour coding.

The valves are held into the pump by two heavy duty Allen screws each and were eventually freed by using an heavy duty Allen key type bit that fitted into an impact wrench set, with an extension tube to give him some leverage. This did the trick and the screws finally gave in to the pressure.

An important thing to watch out for is that the valve seats have two O-rings. These O-rings must be replaced and refitted into the valve seats; Ryan lubricated them when fitting them back, before the new valves were fitted back onto the pump.

Possible loss of fuel ! Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Another observation is that you will lose a small amount of fuel when doing this job, so protect the immediate area of the pump with some old cloth to soak up the diesel that comes out and you will not make a mess on the rest of the engine or the garage floor. We also thought it would be worth fitting a new fuel filter, and so we did.

When Ryan completed the work

he then re-set the Toyota RAV 4 engine diagnostic trouble codes , with our engine diagnostic machine and it then only took a couple of attempts to re start the engine. Because there would have been a little trapped air in the system from when the valves were removed. If you are doing this job at home inn one of these vehicles, we do recommend that you keep everything as clean as possible and do not let any dirt or other contamination onto the new valves.

The job only took about an hour

Including the ordering of the parts. Later the car was road tested and found to be cured of the problem. Happily, our lady customer picked up the Toyota RAV 4 paid us and went on her way a happy customer.

This problem can also be found on the following Toyota models

Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D (CDT220) 1999>2003,Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0D-4D (CLM20) 2001>2005,Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D (CDE110) 2000>2001,Toyota Corolla Verso 2.0 D-4D (CDE120) 001>2004,Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D (CDE120) 2001>2007 (90bhp & 109bhp),Toyota Previa 2.0 D-4D (CLR30) 2001>2007. This information is from Blue Print.

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Fibreglass Coil Springs

Fibreglass Coil Springs

Fibreglass Coil Springs
Shock Absorbers Update

Wow ! I could not believe it when I first heard about the new development in automotive coil springs.

Fibreglass Coil Springs

So, coil springs have always been one of the most likely components to fail the British MOT test. Because they are stuck beneath our cars. Subsequently, they are open to everything that the elements and the roads have to throw at them. After all that, they are expected to help take the strain off the car. Of course, when going over bumpy roads and also cornering and generally helping our cars give the owners a comfortable ride,.

The springs are open to rusting and, at the same time, cope with the horrendous roads, full of potholes and generally in bad condition. The coil springs usually meet their end when the car does drive over a pothole and one of the coil springs breaks. Some rattle and bang, but some break off at the top or bottom and are not detected until the dreaded MOT test or they are sometimes spotted on a service.

Coil springs have been around ever since I can remember and much longer

But now there is a new kid on the block: a coil spring made out of glass fibre and epoxy resin (FRP). These new springs are everything that the old steel versions are not. They are weather-proof, which means that they will not rust, and they are chemical-proof and almost unbreakable.

The other added bonus is that they weigh a lot less than their conventional steel counterparts. The FRP springs also consume much less energy than their steel cousins.

This new technology has been developed by the Sogefi Group, which is very well known for their innovations and new developments in the auto industry, and they have now come out with this excellent coil spring product that I am sure will sweep the world and replace its steel counterparts.

The Sogefi group has specifically set out to create a replacement product for the steel coil spring and come out with something that is half the weight, which, along with other lighter materials, will help cars become more eco-friendly with less fuel  consumption than when fitted with conventional steel coil springs. Another plus point for the FRP coil springs will be the fact that they can be mass produced.

I am not sure that it will be a good thing for our garage businesses: Fibreglass Coil Springs

As replacing the coil springs, one of the main suspension parts, is part of our bread and butter income, if this helps the consumer, which I am sure it will, then I am all for progress and moving forward . I must admit, I have noticed that the steel-made coil

springs seem to be getting thinner in stature and not as robust as the ones that we have been replacing, so it might be time for a change, and who knows if they do break on impact . Because they are made of glass fibre and epoxy resin, they may just be repairable.

This material has been around for some time now and is very flexible and repairable. I was also wondering if we would still have to use our coil spring compressors. So, to remove and fit a replacement spring? probably. I also wonder if our replacement Fibreglass Coil Springs suppliers will have to keep both types of spring manufacturer products in stock, and will one replace the other?

Ford KA in for suspected broken coil springs. Fibreglass Coil Springs

This leads me to my next little snippet. About a car that was left with us the other day . So, with a knocking noise coming from the front of his car,. The car was an old-style Ford KA 1.3 (2006) with a petrol engine. The noise wasn’t easy to find ! Happily, we found that a broken spring was the culprit.

I have read about the new style of FRP replacement Coil Springs. I cannot find where it tells us about their strength. Hence, whether or not Fibreglass Coil Springs will outperform steel ones. But changing the steel spring has certainly become good business for us. So only time will tell.

We got permission to change the broken spring from our customer, and the job was done. The KA was picked up later that day and our customer went home a happy man.

mot testing and car servicing

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

No Suzuki servicing could end up costing you a fortune.

Suzuki servicing is neglected
© Can Stock Photo / romarti

Suzuki servicing is neglected

This is not just one of my rants about car servicing, but I think that it is important to give a few sad cases of what can happen when the car owner neglects to have their Suzuki serviced.

carried out at regular intervals. Suzuki servicing is neglected

We all should be having our Engine Oil checked at regular intervals. If your car’s engine is in good condition and operating correctly, then you should not have to use any oil to top up the engine. In my opinion, there are a few variations to this theory, and one of them is if you are travelling long distances at high speed. Then it would be possible that your car may need an overhaul when you arrive at your destination.

Modern cars will have an oil level warning light, but older cars may not, so it is best to check the level just to be on the safe side. In fact, I had an experience myself on a recent trip to France. I drove my two-year-old Peugeot Partner van 700 miles to a Rufec in the Charente area of south-west France. The following morning, I went to the local supermarket for some odds and ends when my oil level warning light came on, much to my horror.

I know that my staff had serviced the van before my journey: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, I too checked the level before I set off on my journey. I stopped the van and turned off the engine so that the oil level could settle down to get a correct oil level reading. Some dipsticks are impossible to see, but mine was just below the minimum mark on the dipstick. I was still in the supermarket car park, so I bought a two-litre can of 10W-40 diesel oil (this is what the van used).

As I topped the engine up, I kept checking the level but found that the engine did not need much oil at all. I think some of the oil sensors are very sensitive, but your engine oil level is

very important, just as the young guy with the Suzuki Swift was about to find out. Another important piece of advice is that when you are topping up the engine oil again, put the oil in a small amount at a time. It is just as important not to overfill the engine with too much oil; this could cause too much pressure to build up in the engine, causing all sorts of expensive repair work.

The Suzuki did not have any servicing for two years, at least: Suzuki servicing was neglected.

The only warning he had was when the car engine started to make very loud noises. Unfortunately, this was on the M62 motorway. Doing 70 mph in the third lane. A cloud of black smoke followed this. Frighteningly,  followed by a complete loss of power. Luckily, the guy managed to manoeuvre the Suzuki across the carriageway and onto the hard shoulder.

He suspected the worst and called for recovery from a roadside assistance phone box on the motorway. The guy was either lucky or a very skilled driver! I am convinced that this sudden loss of power is the cause of many highway accidents.

The recovery truck brought the car into our garage

in Halifax, Yorkshire. Urgently, we started the postmortem on the lifeless Suzuki. We checked on the history of the car on our computer system.

Finding out that although the car had had a few MOT tests over the past few years,. We did not have any record of Servicing a Car. We asked the guy if he took the car to any other garage for his Suzuki Servicing. Frighteningly, he told us that we were the only place that the car had come to?.

Suzuki Servicing neglected
Suzuki servicing is neglected

The previous owner also brought the car into us: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, to be looked after, it was at the Suzuki Dealers. Indeed, the last service was three years ago. The car was a Suzuki Swift 1.6 petrol 2007 model and looked in good condition! Apart from the engine,.

It became obvious to Ryan Linton that the engine was completely gone. So, it was caused by a lack of engine oil starving the Big End Bearings due to lack of Servicing. That is to say, damaging the crank and much more.

The owner of the car was a 26-year-old man: Suzuki servicing is neglected

Consequently, he led a busy life and did not have time for his car. Hence, this is a thing that is most common these days. As for the car, we found that it would be more economical to fit a reconditioned engine. With the whole job costing around £2500 to the customer,.

The lesson to be learned is to have your servicing carried out at some sort of regular interval. Finally, this guy is not the first and will not be the last. But look at the price that he had to pay in the end?.

Exhaust Systems Explained


 EXHAUST SYSTEM Last Longer Than They Did? Now drivers Benefit


Exhausts Changed


So, thinking about this, I suppose that there are many reasons that an exhaust system fitted to a modern car will last longer. Than say a car exhaust would 15 to 20 years ago. The cars of yesteryear were not subjected to the emission laws that today’s modern cars are. The big change came when all cars were fitted with catalytic convertors.

In fact, it was about 22 years ago that the new cars were produced. Hence, it had to be fitted with a petrol and diesel catalytic converter. Cars registered after January 1, 1992 (i.e., K prefixes onwards) .

This is about the same time that exhaust systems. Thus, they appeared to last longer than their predecessors. In the good old days, we used to buy car exhausts from the manufacturers directly in containers. We knew that certain cars were fitted with exhausts that would only last about 2 years.

Certain cars, such as Vauxhall Vivas and Cavaliers,. They were very vulnerable to their back box’s rotting. They used to collect the dilute acid from the engine in the tail boxes, and this would rot them from the inside.

catalytic converter
Better exhaust systems were made with the addition of the catalytic converter.

Also, there were many more models of cars produced by the manufacturers.

I would buy say 100x VW Beetle exhausts. Simply because there were so many of them out on the roads. Today, because of computers, car makers can alter and change a model within minutes using modern computer software. I believe that it is the same with exhaust systems. The designs are much better and are made of better materials than they used to be.

We in the trade do not stock the same number of systems anymore. Because of the large number of variations within one model of car,.

Of course, there was one exhaust to fit one model, whatever the engine size. Staggeringly, there will now be ten different systems and shapes for the different engine sizes. So, this could have to do with the different catalytic converter sizes that a different engine size may have to have; the rest of the exhaust will be a different shape or size.

The exhaust system has now become part of the emissions service.

We have now had to become qualified in car emissions, using sophisticated hand-held computers to diagnose any faults in the system. Also the addition of the catalytic converter to the front of the exhaust system. I also added the need for a better-quality exhaust pipe product.

The catalytic converter is made of a ceramic or stainless steel honeycomb core. A silica and aluminium wash coat, and a precious metal for the catalyst (platinum). The car makers then started to use aluminium exhaust systems to match the quality of the catalytic converters and enable the guarantee to extend to two years on a replacement system.

EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE-Your exhaust system lasts longer because they are now aluminised: EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Previously, most exhausts were made from mild steel, which would only last about eighteen months. Small niche businesses that produced replacement exhaust pipes from mild steel made these. Because of the growing demand for cheap exhaust prices from fast-fit centres,  such companies as Pioneer Exhausts did a roaring trade.

Companies like Bosal Exhaust system made aluminium systems for car manufacturers and gradually started to sell their products to motor manufacturers and specialised exhaust system wholesalers, who would in turn supply garages and fast-fit centres.

The only problem was that they were more expensive and would only be bought by customers with up-market cars; the regular guys still wanted the best price for exhaust for their cars.

The larger companies were on the streets ahead. EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Cleverly, with the equipment they used to make the catalytic converters and exhaust systems,. In fact, most of the exhaust system parts were built very accurately with “robots.”. The robots also made better exhaust systems. Because they are more precise when welding the parts together. Bosal Exhausts also added a small hole in their back boxes to allow the excess acid to drain away.

The simple fact is that yes, exhausts are made from far better quality products and built to a much higher standard (no dodgy welding); therefore, they last much longer than they used to, hence the two-year warranty given to the replacement parts fitted.


Catalytic Converter Theft: Watch where you park your car !

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Theft

So, here we are still in the grip of this terrible pandemic. Millions of businesses are now struggling due to government restrictions. Especially the pubs and catering establishments. Of course, as a businessman, I really do feel for the people who are pulling their hair out trying to survive. Fortunately, as a garage and MOT testing station, we are able to open.

So, earlier, we did have to close for a while!

Because of this, the government decided to suspend MOT testing for six months. Of course, this killed our business over night, and we kept one fitter to fit and repair tyres. Unfortunately, the rest of the garage staff had to be furloughed. Anyhow, we are back to almost normal trading at the present time and are thankful for all our loyal customers.

Our customers are supporting us, and we are keeping prices as low as we can to help support them in this terrible period of time. On the other side, we are also trying our best to support local businesses in the Halifax area!

Catalytic Converter Theft
catalytic converter

Increase in cat thefts

Sadly, we are now seeing an increase in Catalytic Converter Theft. Especially here in the Halifax area. This week, October 2020, we had two Honda cars submitted with the catalytic converters cut off. These cats are manufactured using precious metals. So, this is to filter the engine’s emissions to give us cleaner air.

Vehicle owners do not realise the value of  this part hanging underneath and connected to their exhaust pipe. Incredibly, most catalytic converts contain many different types of  precious metals! Including rare and precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. So, other valuable metals such as copper, magnesium, cerium, iron, and nickel are also in the mix.

This makes these cats worth stealing, and thefts are increasing. Catalytic Converter Theft

The worst case of this has come from a tyre wholesaler in Elland. All their vans were left out over the weekend. Consequently, thieves stole the catalytic converters from all the vans! Incredible!

Police advice to motorists: Catalytic Converter Theft

After looking at this problem, I have discovered that the problem is nation-wide. In fact, the police have given out some advice about preventing this from happening. The advice is given on the “West Yorkshire Police” web site.

The images are from one of the Honda Jazz cars, showing where the catalytic converter was cut off.

In recent months, there has been a concerning rise in the number of thefts of catalytic converters.

Naturally, from vehicles in the United Kingdom. Catalytic converters are devices fitted to the exhaust systems of motor vehicles. Importantly, they use a chemical process to convert harmful gases into less harmful substances.

The converters contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. So they are valuable to thieves. There are a number of ways to help prevent catalytic converter thefts. Such as fitting security devices to vehicles or parking in well-lit, busy areas.

Auto thefts in the U.K. have been on the rise in recent years. Catalytic Converter Theft

Unfortunately, one of the most common items targeted is catalytic converters. These devices, located between the engine and the exhaust pipe, are made of precious metals. Like platinum, palladium, and rhodium, and can be sold for scrap metal value.  In order to prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen,.

Nationally, officers of the Metropolitan Police Service recommend engraving your car’s registration number on the device. Alternatively, have it marked with a forensic coding system. CCTV cameras can also be effective in discouraging thieves


mot testing and car servicing

CAR OIL LEVELS: Check Them Regularly


car oil levels
car oil levels

car oil levels

This is one piece of good advice that I failed to carry out myself. So. I had driven to France on a short trip recently in my Peugeot Partner Van when the “Low Oil Level” light came on. Oh, I thought this must be wrong?

I am always preaching to other people to check their car oil levels. Sure enough, the van’s oil level was below the minimum level on the dipstick, and I had two buy a two-liter plastic tub of 5W-30 engine oil for diesel-driven vehicles.

I also recommend that car owners take a small container of oil with them. Just in case it is needed in some remote spot. Luckily, I was near a supermarket. We usually recommend that you change your oil about every three thousand miles. But this does not apply to all makes and models of cars. Just remember, it is better to be safe than sorry, and a regular oil change or car service, is a safe option. Especially if you are a high-mileage driver and perhaps use your car for your job.

Most good garages now use servicing guides that are computerised

We use a system that tells us all the service intervals, including car oil levels, oil changes, and other important things such as the times to change your car’s timing belt. We also refer to the owner’s service manual, which gives us the correct intervals for changing your car’s oil.

So, most of our customers have servicing. Thus, they will leave their car with us for the day. So, either take public transport back home or to work. Also, we have a small fleet of courtesy cars that are available for their use. If they live in fairly close proximity to the garage,. Then we very often give them a lift. For instance, we have a local college nearby, and we are always giving the college tutors. Including some of the older students, a lift to work. While they leave their cars for the work to be carried out.

There is no doubt that it is also a good idea to learn how to check your own car’s oil levels. You should learn to open the bonnet catch. It would surprise you how many of our customers cannot find the catch that will help them open their old car bonnet (hood).

Check your own oil levels with the dip-stick- car oil levels

The second good thing to learn is the “dipstick,” which tells you what your car’s oil level is at the time of the check. Your car manual will show you where it is on your car, but you can also ask your local garage to show you where it is located. I am sure that they will only be too pleased to help.

Once you have located the dipstick, you must take it out and give it a wipe with a clean cloth or tissue paper. Pop the stick back into its housing until you have pushed the stick right in, and then pull it back out slowly so that you do not smudge the reading.

On the stick, there are two markings: a minimum marking and a maximum marking. This is self-explanatory; just top the car oil levels up until you reach the maximum level. Do not exceed the maximum level, because this is as bad as having a low oil level. Having too much oil can cause extra pressure inside the engine and cause your engine to be damaged or even explode.

So keep an eye on your car oil levels and check it at regular intervals. Have your oil changed at regular intervals. When you are checking your own oil levels be careful to check it slowly and carefully and do not overfill the engine with excess oil.

Also I would advise the driver to keep a small amount of the exact same oil that the garage filled your car with on a car  service, this can then be used for topping up purposes.

Most garages keep small containers of oil in stock especially for this purpose. Also make sure that the oil that you are topping up with is the

exact same viscosity as the oil in your engine and it is for either petrol or diesel. And finally always have your Car Oil  checked after a long or speedy journey.


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Good Garage

Good Garage

Good Garage
Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Good Garage

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen colleagues, friends, and family. Go to get their car serviced only to be completely ripped off because they are female. It’s really quite sad. Don’t even get me started on how polite the staff is to them. I’m not trying to be a man-hater. But it seems like every time a woman goes to get her car serviced, she is taken advantage of in some way.

They’re better than men when it comes to directions. They always know where they’re going. But when it comes to their car, they’re not always as confident. In fact, many women don’t trust their garage. Consequently, they’re always looking for a new one.

A great starting point is to look at Google reviews and check out the customer feedback!

When it comes to finding a garage that you can trust as a female driver, it can be tricky. You want to find a place with fair pricing, good service, and polite staff. It is important to find a place that you can trust to give you an honest estimate. Important, and one that will do a good job. Here are a few tips to help you find a great garage.

Some women drivers are often assumed to be bad at driving, and this stereotype often leads to women feeling as if they are unfairly judged when it comes to getting their car serviced.

Female drivers have every right

Women are also often assumed to be taken advantage of when it comes to being overcharged or upsold on unnecessary repairs. However, there are a number of reasons why women can and should trust their garage. First, most garages are fair when it comes to pricing.

Female drivers have every right to trust their garage and expect fair pricing, good service, and polite staff. But sometimes it feels like we get the short end of the stick. We know our way around a car, but we are often pigeonholed as the “dumb blonde” when it comes to car care. It is important to know your rights as a driver and a paying customer.

Good Garage
Good Garage

What Women Want:

The unfortunate reputation women, in general, have when it comes to all things that have to do with cars is they are supposed not to know anything?. People tend to think that women buy a car on account of whether the colour looks good on her or if the upholstery is nice. The truth is, while there are a few who may be that way, many

Women are more mechanically inclined than you think.  Here are a few things that women want in a good garage.

1.      Positive Feedback about the garage concerned: Good Garage

Women are born shoppers, for the most part. And while a few know exactly what they want and buy it at first sight, most prefer to window shop. Asking around and getting feedback from people who have used the Car Garage is one of the most reliable ways to gauge how good (or bad) the services are. You don’t expect the manager or sales person who works for the Good Garage to say anything negative, do you? So getting recommendations or cautionary tales is the best way to weed out the good from the bad.

2.      Professionalism as soon as you enter the Garage

If a woman’s reputation is that she knows nothing about cars, the reputation of mechanics leans towards the seedy and lecherous who think a woman’s face is below her neck. By doing an inquiry in person and getting a sense of the people she will be dealing with, a woman will know that the garage is not meant for her if they make her uncomfortable with their behaviour or comments. There is a place and a time to be flirty. A good garage is not one of them. 

3.      Handling Complaints: Good Garage

While this may come together with the feedback, it is important for women to find out how complaints are handled. Women are meticulous in general, so if something is not up to snuff and she wants it repaired or redone, will the garage be reasonable or bully her until she gives up?

Ask around about how the garage you are looking into handles complaints. The after service response can be a very telling sign if the garage gives good service because this is where you find out how they handle back jobs and complaints. Check also how many complaints they get on average. Too many complaints is a signal of poor service.    

4.      Affiliations (is the garage a member of an association)

A woman wants to know that a Good Garage is backed by more than word of mouth. If she knows that a garage has affiliations with companies that provide support and training for them, she will rest easier in choosing them.  

5.      Guarantees(ask the  Garage about their guarantee scheme)

While there are no guarantees in life, a garage should have a guarantee on their parts and/or services. If they are as good as they make themselves out to be, they should not hesitate to give a guarantee on the work.

So if a woman finds all of this in one garage, she will most likely choose that one. Lucky for her,  can help her find these kinds of garages from among their 700 independent and vetted garages nationwide. 

·         An open and honest approach with the customers

·         A high standard of work and excellent value for money

·         12-month guarantee on parts and labour

·         An open invitation to inspect, review and rate the garages of your choice to make the best informed decision for your needs  

Best advice on which tyres to fit, including cost comparisons.

A happy woman customer in a Good Garage

Should you even be looking anywhere else? Finally, it is recommended that these jobs also be carried out when thinking about selling your car.

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Steering Wheel Not Straight

Steering Wheel Not Straight

Steering Wheel Not Straight
Steering Wheel Not Straight

Steering Wheel Not Straight

The steering wheel is not straight.

This article reminded me of the number of customers that come to my garage here in Halifax with the same problem. Hence, their steering wheel is not straight.

or many of them say that when the steering wheel is straight then their car pulls to the left or the right. It really does make driving uncomfortable when this is the problem.

Modern cars now have much more refined steering and suspension systems. Steering Wheel Not Straight

This makes wheel alignment even more important than ever.

Correct alignment also ensures that your tyres do not wear out prematurely. Another problem after this long, wet, and snowy winter is the large number of potholes that are appearing everywhere.

As a result, many cars steering has been knocked out of alignment. Many cars will show this by pulling to one side. Thus making driving more difficult and not a pleasurable experience.

This also wears your tyres out prematurely. Steering Wheel Not Straight

You would be surprised at the number of cars that come to us for new tyres with one of the sidewalls worn out. As a result, sometimes it comes down to the steel cords of the sidewalls. Of course, this is the best time to set your alignment up correctly. So, when you buy some new tyres. many of our customers actually do this. Enabling your tyres to get off to a good start. Many tyres now, especially SUVs, are very expensive.

Therefore, the tyres really do need to be looked after correctly. Steering Wheel Not Straight

We do balance your wheels when we fit new tyres, but wheel alignment is a separate job altogether. When we fit a customer’s tyres, we do inform them if we suspect the alignment is out. We do a free check and charge from £34.90 upwards for the alignment to be corrected.

Eric Roberts

If you have a car, then this is a very important thing that you should do. So the thing is to check the Wheel Alignment.  Because this can save you many important things.

So, many steering wheel problems are generally caused by your car being out of alignment!

Source: Why to check Wheel Alignment?