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Car Servicing & MOT

Modern cars, are just like any other piece of machinery, they require maintenance on a regular basis. If your car is neglected it will become worn and tired and will eventually stop working . In my opinion this is what will happen. This is why car servicing is very important and if carried out regularly will ensure that your car performs at the optimum level for much longer. Not all car owners can afford to take their car to the garage for servicing and repairing, but because of the skill and knowledge of the service mechanics, your local auto-centre is best place to havecar servicing carried out.


Our cars can be booked the same time you are booking your car in to us for any work being carried out. Courtesy cars are supplied free of charge to be used locally, all you need do is provide us with your driving licence and we will lend you a car, until your car is ready.

Levels of Car Services

2012 Servicing Price ListThis is just a breakdown of the types of car servicing that you may encounter at your local auto-centre. Most safety conscious drivers will book their car in for a service at least once a year. This is generally the case with most drivers that care for their cars and also care about road safety.

As a standard rule, most auto-centres that service your car have four types of services to choose from. These are (in order of the number of checks carried out):

  1. engine service (oil and filter change) - Bronze service.
  2. medium service - Silver service.
  3. full service - Gold service.
  4. full service + MOT test - Platinum service.

Depending on the type of your vehicle and how much you use it, it is worth checking what is involved in each kind of these services. Especially if you like most of us are concerned about the money situation. This is because each service has a scale of things that are carried out and it may be that you could only afford to have an engine service and not the large Gold service. In my opinion this would be better than not having your car serviced at all, and letting your car degenerate.

The most basic service is the oil and filter change (engine service). This service changes your oil and oil filter, also checking basic safety things such as your tyres,lights and a visual check of the brakes.

If you use your car a lot throughout the year, you may consider booking your vehicle in for an medium service say every six months you can do this between your annual full service (gold service)

The next service is the silver service which will include somewhere in the region of 25–35 safety checks on your car, components such as brake fluid, handbrake travel, steering and suspension will be examined and reported on, if any further problems arrive.

The most comprehensive service an auto-centre offers is usually the Full Service(gold service). This is recommended by garages as an annual check-up, the gold Service will go through almost everything in a car using our special check list.

With well over 50 checks, a Gold Service will ensure that your car performs to optimum levels and should last the car right after the year following your service. The gold service is often carried out with an MOT to make a platinum service.

Not only do these service options act as fantastic preventative measures that will help to keep your car safe, but when you have booked your car in for a service the mechanics that carry out the work might spot things which could affect your MOT.

If small issues are found, these can be fixed before they turn into big problems that cost you far more money. Regular Car Servicing Saves Money >>

Booking an MOT Online

MOT CentreSome people encounter problems when working long hours and you just cannot get to phone ?? well if you live in the Halifax area or the Elland and Brighouse area, not forgetting Hebden Bridge or Sowerby Bridge, then you can now book online for your MOT. This is an easy way to book your MOT and service.