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Avon Tyres a Great British Product

Avon Tyres over 100yrs of history

Avon tyres still trade in the same premises that they now occupy in Melksham, Wiltshire. The business was transferred there in 1890, when the business made rubber products which included conveyor belts, solid tyres and rubber components made for the railways. The first pneumatic to be made was for the then popular bicycles and it was not until 1906 that the first tyres for cars were produced. Over the years the company grew at a steady rate and in 1933 they were floated on the stock market.

The company bought out a rival company in 1956 called G,S. Moulton, and the joint venture began to make inflatable boats in 1959. The boat division did very well but was sold off in 1994 and in 1998 became part of a French company.

The next major change in the company was in1997 when Avon tyres were sold to American company Cooper tyre and Rubber Co. In my opinion I think that Cooper bought Avon to close it down, but as time went on I think that they realised that Avon was a great British institution, and the product was very popular here in the UK. I remember becoming a tyre dealer in Halifax for Cooper tyres but after a while I realised that the product was not as good as they said they were and started to deal with Toyo tyres, and dropped Cooper from my product range. We still bought the Avon Tyres for two reasons 1 – We liked the product and so did our customers

Avon had a small warehouse in Manchester which was very convenient for us to collect tyres from if we were stuck.

Over the years we have always sold Avon tyres on and off, mainly buying them from tyre wholesalers, but it was only a matter of time before we would be buying the tyre direct from Avon again. That time has come round again and in August of this year we at Pellon Tyres we will be doing just that, and will be buying Avon tyres direct from the manufacturers again.

New products from Avon Tyres

Avon tyres have recently been bringing out new tyre products the latest being the ZZ5. This tyre is an Ultra High Profile (UHP) tyre, and has been tested and developed with an Asymmetric tread pattern, the three tread zones are developed to give the tyre enhanced wet grip and water clearance, this gives this tyre great handling and cornering in very wet and dry conditions. The tyre is made from a compound loaded with polymers and silica , helping the tyre to have a quiet and smooth ride on all types of road surfaces, making these Avon tyres an excellent choice for all types of vehicles.

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