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Winter Tyre Price List

Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre have an extensive range of Winter Tyres at competitive prices.

Size Make Price
205/55x16 Jinyu £69.90
185/65x15 Jinyu £57.50
225/45x17 Jinyu £84.90
225/40x18  Jinyu £92.50
185/55x15 Jinyu  £69.90
185/60x15  Jinyu £59.90
195/50x15  Jinyu £67.50
195/60x15  Jinyu £64.90
205/50x17  Jinyu £77.50
235/45x17  Jinyu £79.90
165/50x14 Rotalla £69.90
195/55x15  Jinyu £66.50
205/45x17  Jinyu £79.95
Commericial Van
195/70x15 Sailun £89.95
185/76x16 Rotalla £87.50
195/65x16 Sailun £94.90

What about changing the Winter Tyres back in the spring?

Pellon Tyres and Auto Centre will refit your summer tyres free the first time and after that for the competitive price of only £10 per wheel.

Choosing the Correct Winter Tyre

At Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre we have an extensive range of Winter Tyres to suit most vehicles. Visit us at our Halifax centre and we will help you choose the right tyres for your requirements.

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