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General Tyres

General Tyres history prior to Continental tyres.

General Tyres have always been part of the British and American tyre market. They are now part of the Continental Tyre Group based in Germany, but for many years they held their own in the Worlds tyre market. They were originally founded in Akron by two businessmen W.F.O Neil and W.E.Fouse.

General Tyres - AltimaxBy the time that General Tyres were making tyres in 1915 there were more than 300 other companies making tyres, this was due to massive increase in road traffic volumes in both Europe and America and things were moving at a rapid rate, by the early 1920s and 30s people were starting to race cars and so tyre development started racing ahead. General Tyreswere no different and decided to make premium replacement tyres for the after market. The first tyres from General that I saw were bias belted car tyres imported into Britain.

General Tyres were a very innovative company inventing carbon black latex and oil extended rubber,and at one stage became the technology leader in the tyre industry, indeed a company to be copied. They secured orders from all the leading truck companies for their excellent truck tyres.

The company then expanded into other industries such as plastics and chemicals, most of which were used as other car components. The tyres were very popular and at the outbreak of World War 2General Tyres were awarded contracts to supply tyres to car manufacturers as original equipment. This made General Tyres a much sought after business and it was no surprise that the tyre section of the business were sold the the German tyre giant Continental Tyres. This acquisition took part in 1987 and made Continental the fourth largest tyre company in the World. General Tyres are now famous for their rugged car, light trucks and 4x4 tyres.