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About Us

Here at Pellon Auto Centre we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest possible standards so if for any reason you cannot find a product or service you are looking for please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Since my last update we at Pellon tyres have moved on, both on line and off line. We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary, with a party for all our staff/customers and friends, at the Raggalds Inn in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

We have also taken on a couple of new apprentices and I am pleased to say that the youngsters are doing well and have fitted in to our routine very well. Recently we have added another service to our portfolio, which is car engine re-mapping, and after a slow start we are now doing well with it.

On the internet side, I have added a new tyre website for our customers to buy off us online,

This is, in addition to the Point-S click and buys facility on the front of this website. We have also redesigned our online battery website which is already attracting more battery sales.

Pellon Auto Centre have been trading from our Halifax depot for over 20 years and more recently via our online tyre store.

All customers of Pellon Auto Centre have the security of knowing that we have full public liability insurance.

Customers can also take advantage of using one of our courtesy cars which are available by prior agreement.

If you need help and advice, please phone us for free on 0800 731 0965

History of Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre

Pellon Auto Centre was originally known as Pellon Service Station and used to sell petrol. They later started to sell cheap tyres and exhausts. At this time the garage was owned by the Martin family.

Eric Roberts, now owner of Pellon-Autocentre, used to sell the Martins Michelin tyres and later Goodyear tyres. Mr Martin had a reputation as been the cheapest tyre garage around Halifax.

Eventually the original owner passed away and the garage was taken over by his son Terry. Terry was eventually overwhelmed by strong competition from all the nationally-owned tyre companies and decided to sell up.

The petrol side of the business closed first, and the building was sold to ACE security, where they are still trading today. Tyres were the next to go and this part of the garage was bought by Stuart Cunliffe, who has since sadly passed away. Stuart rented part of the building to Colin Swiffen.

Colin was an exhaust fitter and rented two bays from Stuart Cunliffe to fit his exhausts. The lower half of the buildings were sold to Stuart and Bob as an accident repair centre, called Trimcraft.

A few years went by. Eric Roberts was at his first garage business called Kut-Kost tyres in Birstall West Yorkshire and once again things were pretty steady. Eric and his business partner Peter Winfield had expanded to three tyre depots and things were going well, until Eric was offered a large sum of money by Shell Oil for the business.

After a great deal of thought, Eric and Peter decided to sell out and go their separate ways. Eric became bored at doing nothing and soon began to look at other businesses. He purchased Pellon Tyres and also bought out Colin Swiffen, who at that time was suffering from ill health.

After a few more years, Bob and Stuart of Trimcraft decided they needed larger premises and bought new premises at Hanson Lane in Halifax. Eric bought the attached bays and gradually expanded his garage business.

With a few extensions Eric and Pellon Autocentre are where they are now and together with internet trading are now reaching all the goals that they can achieve.

All this took place between 1998 up to now, a fantastic achievement, a Great garage.