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Brake Servicing

Here at Pellon Autocentre we offer a complete Brake Service for all models of cars.

Brake pads usually need changing when there is about 25% of the pads left on and callipers have a system of measurements to determine how thin they are and whether or not they may need changing.

We here at Pellonautocentre offer a free brake check or can carry out a Brake Service for £29.90. If any brake work is required we can offer our customers a courtesy car, or give them a lift and back.

We only use Unipart or Original Equipment quality parts with a warranty that covers all the mainland UK.

We all should have a regular brakes service carried out on our cars

Along with tyres the most important thing to look after on your cars are the brakes. We should all have our brakes checked at regular intervals, either on the cars routine service schedule or a stand alone Brake Service.

Most motorists though ignore my advice, and do not know that they have a problem with their brakes until they hear the dreaded grinding of metal to metal as their pads wear out and touch the metal brake discs, making the all too familiar horrible grinding noise.

One of the other problems that the motorist has is that your brakes wear out very gradually. I am talking in particular about things like brake hoses and brake cylinder rubbers. Both these items are made of a rubber based material and eventually they will be eaten away by the brake fluid. This eating away would noticed by our mechanics on a routine service as the leaking of the fluid is easily detectable.

If the brakes including the metal pipes that carry the brake fluid round are not checked out, there is a possibility that they may leak causing brake failure. Luckily for us in the UK we have an MOT test on an annual basis and the test does pick up many faults, but it is a very wise person that has their brakes serviced at regular intervals. Motorists are especially wise if they have a brakes service carried out after Winter time. Winter is the time that you will use the brakes twice as much as in Summer time, because of motoring on ice and snow. Another reason to have a brakes service is if you live in a hilly or mountainous area, obviously you will be using the brakes much more when going down steep inclines and taking sharp bends, probably using the brakes twice as much as on regular flat roads such as in Norfolk.

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