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Avon Winter Tyres

In previous winters motorists used to think that because it hardly ever snows, winter tyres were a waste of time. This is not so and because of our constant promoting the safety aspect of winter tyres and explaining that they are designed to cope with all types of poor weather conditions and not just snow, and they also give you greater traction and roadholding on flooded and mudcovered roads, as well as through slush, snow and ice.

Avon Winter TyreOne of the main reasons for the extra grip is that Avon Winter Tyres rubber compound is specially formulated and now includes “Silica” in the compound for superior performance on wet roads, and during the winter months there is plenty of wet weather. Of course, if you do live in an area where you could have a sudden heavy snowfall, Avon Winter Tyres are specifically designed and made to give you maximum traction.

Avon Winter Tyres are also designed to perform well on dry roads, too, you should try some this winter, wherever you live. From November onwards you never know when the winter weather could catch you out, and with Avon Winter Tyres from Pellon tyres you’ll be well prepared for whatever the winter throws at us.

Some Avon Winter Tyres advice

This advice is from Avon Winter Tyreswebsite

  • Full sets are best — Fit Avon Winter Tyres — or M+S tyres, as they’re also known — in sets of four. Never mix them with normal road tyres. Studded winter tyres should also be fitted as a foursome; mixing studded tyres with the nonstudded variety will lead to unstable braking and cornering.
  • Running — Nonstudded tyres should be used at reduced speeds for the first 60 miles or so. Studded tyres take longer to bed in, so keep your speed down for the first 200 miles.
  • Speed ratings — The speed ratings for winter tyres differ from those of regular road tyres and very often have a reduced speed capability. Make sure you are aware of the maximum safe speed rating of your Avon Winter Tyres and drive accordingly.
  • Studs on tarmac — Away from the snow and icy conditions they are specifically designed for, studs give reduced roadholding and braking ability. So, on snow– and icefree surfaces, please do not exceed 62mph.
  • Keep your studs ‘directional’ — After a period of use, studs develop a pattern of wear that makes them most effective in the direction they’ve been travelling. When you take off your studded tyres at the end of the season, mark them in such a way that when next you put them on, they face the ‘right way”

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