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Tyre Puncture Repairs

Yes it is worth having a tyre puncture repair.

Many motorists go through life without even having one puncture repair on their tyres. Some of our customers are forever having punctures and their tyres repaired. The reason this is could be the fact that they need new tyres fitting. Yes the reason that they have had a puncture is that their tyres have got low tread left on them . The tyres become “softer” when your tread is very low and the bald tyre will tend to pick up objects such as nails and screws, thus causing you to have a puncture. Having tyres with good tread actually deflects objects on the road. Some drivers are just completely unlucky and pick up objects even with a new tyre fitted, but this in general is not very common as I say most puncture repairs are due to the car having bald tyres, which can easily pick up nails and screws up from the road.

The common type repair that occurs in the tread area of a tyre is known as a “minor repair” these are covered by British standards BSAU159f:1990. This sets out the criteria for when a flat tyre can be repaired in the UK. The tyre to be repaired must be examined and can only be repaired under the following circumstances.

    1. The tyre must have the legal tread depth 1.6 mm or above across the central ¾ of the tread around the full circumference of the tyre.
    2. The tyre must be inspected for any run-flat damage or any damage to the tyres structure.
    3. The tyre should no signs of secondary damage caused by the injury.
    4. The tyre should show no signs of ageing, cracking on the bead area is usually a sign of ageing.
    5. Look for signs of any bead damage.
    6. Look out for any exposed cords protruding from the tyres casing.
    7. Look out for any old repairs that may coming apart.

These points are pretty common sense things because tyre repairs that are not correctly repaired can cost lives. We at Pellon tyres will only repair a tyre twice and will only repair the tyre if it is a clear penetration. Many tyres on todays cars are high speed and load rated and the customer should be notified if a puncture is not recommended for their type of car.

Run Flat Tyre repairs - information from the tyre manufactures.

“With certain types of punctures in the tread area, the Bridgestone Run Flat technology tyres may be repaired subject to certain conditions (Depending on how far and at what speed the car was driven after the puncture). Please consult your nearest RFT authorized dealer to have your tyres inspected.

Before attempting a repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tyres on its vehicles”… Bridgestone Tyres

This advice is also our policy at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

“Any Run Flat Tyre that has been punctured or has been driven in a low pressure condition that is manufactured by Goodyear, Dunlop & Michelin will be inspected and assessed if it is safe to be repaired under normal Puncture repair guidelines.

If the tyre has evidence of de-lamination ‚overheating (especially in the side wall area), cracking, a foreign object close to or in the side wall, we will not carry out a puncture repair as the future integrity of the tyre would be at risk and also the driver, the passengers, the vehicle and other road users. If None of the above defective evidence is present in the tyre presented to us we will carry out a puncture repair with a Mushroom type patch repair.

Some Tyre Manufacturers currently allow their tyres to be repaired even if they have not been driven in a low pressure condition, these manufacturers are Pirelli , Continental and any Bridgestone tyre Marked with “Do Not Repair Tyre” on the side wall. These tyres can not be repaired under any circumstances”… Trivett Tyres