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Centre-less Wheel Balancing

Here at Pellon Tyres we pride ourselves to be able to do all kind of balancing including “Centre-less Wheels”.

We at Pellon tyres have always believed in the correct equipment for the job and bought the equipment required to balance these special wheels. Some tyre dealers opted out of the new equipment needed for Centre-less wheels.

This is just a short article about the recent occurrence of certain alloy wheels on cars having NO wheel centres. These are known as centre-less wheels, this is because the wheel has no centre, just a solid piece of alloy.

This does not usually prove a problem to the cars owner but only becomes a problem when new tyres are fitted and the wheels require balancing. Normal type wheels fit onto balancing machines through a spindle and the wheel is tightened on the balancer by means of large locking nut , similar to the type of things used on Formula 1 cars to change a wheel.

The problem came when French car makers Peugeot and Citroen brought out new models with wheel that had No centres, making the wheels impossible to balance.

However this meant that balancing machine manufacturers had to make special attachments to their balancing machines that were able to balance these unusual centre-less wheels . This meant that the time to balance these wheels more than doubled because of time it took to bolt the wheels onto the machine.