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Powder Coating and Shot Blasting Alloy Wheels

Bring your alloy wheels back to life.

Alloy WheelsOne of the most rewarding services that we offer to our customers, is having their alloy wheels re-furbished and restoring them back to a new like condition.

This service transforms your car wheels back to there former glory and will make you proud of your car again. The alloy wheels look that good when finished that we have not had one complaint and all our customers have been highly delighted with the quality of the workmanship.

The other thing that this service does is to completely shot blast the whole wheel, so that you will no longer suffer from those leaking alloy wheels every time you have a new tyre fitted. The wheels are completely shot blasted inside and outside to take the alloy wheels back to a nearly new state and therefore stopping any leaks that you may have had in the past.

We carry out the full service for you , we remove the wheels and tyres from your car, or if you like you can just bring in your wheels and we will remove the tyres and valves in preparation for shot blasting and then powder coating . Some customers prefer to take their own alloy wheels off or we can do it for you, the choice is yours.

alloy wheelsWe then take the wheels to one of the best powder coating companies in Yorkshire, who carry out the work us. We are able to negotiate a special price and this helps keep the cost down for our customers.

Colour chart is available to change the look of your alloy wheels

If our customers would like to see a finished wheel we can show them a sample that we keep in our reception in Halifax,UK. We will also have a small selection of sample coloured alloy wheels so that our customers can see the excellent quality and looks that will enhance the appearance of your car.

We guarantee the refurbished against any faulty workmanship, but up to we have had no problems in the past five years, the guys who carry out the work have a reputation second to none and have been in business for over 40 years.

Please look at this excellent video which shows you the process that your alloy wheels will go through...

The whole process from you leaving your car or alloy wheels with us will take about three days, we will remove and re-fit the tyres and when we get your wheels back we will fit a new valve (not electric valves) and also balance the wheels all in with the price.

The price for the complete job including VAT Prices at August 2013

Alloy wheels 16 inch £65 per unit
Alloy wheels 17 inch £70 per unit
Alloy wheels 18 inch £75 per unit

The price rises by £5 for every inch of wheel after that. If you have any queries or questions please give us a call on 01422-362030.