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Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Turanza

Australia was the first place in the World for these new Bridgestone tyres to be launched. The new tyre is named the”Turanza T001”, and has been hailed as the most silent tyre ever made, for the premium touring class of car.

Turanza Bridgestone TyreThese new Bridgestone tyres have been designed using the latest technology in tyre tread design, which includes the addition of special cavities in the tread area that trap and counter the noise from building up making the road and tyre noise dissipate and making an almost silent tyre.

The cavities act very similar to the noise reduction systems fitted under some makes of cars to lower the road noise by controlling the frequency due to different size shaped and sizes of small block, thus cancelling out any road noise made between the road and the tyres.

Bridgestone tyres are very pleased with the results of the Turanza drastically minimising the noise that can be heard on conventional tyres. The new tyre also reduced rolling resistance, which gives the tyres improved economy that is now a requirement of all tyre producers to reduce the CO2 emissions. The new tyre has also a much improved compound that helps tyre traction in wet weather.

Available from 15–18 inch wheel sizes

These new Bridgestone tyres will be available on Mercedes, Audi and BMW as original equipment and will provide excellent comfort with a silent ride together with a top performance that is needed on these top class cars. This article can also be seen on the link bellow.

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