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Timing Belts


We only fit Unipart or original equipment timing belts with a two year guarantee, this includes the excellent “Anywhere in the mainland UK guarantee”, because we are a Unipart care centre.

Remember your timing belt is very important and if you buy another car make sure thetiming belt has been changed within the recommendations of the cars manufacturers limits or you could have big problems.

When do you Change your “TIMING BELT”

This is when you need to know about your timing belt, it could cost you £1000s Thetiming belt on your car will probably be the last thing on your mind. Especially when your car gets to three or four year old , ready for its first MOT test. Our customers nearly always have an MOT test and a service, done at the same time. This is usually carried out at the time of the test, which in our opinion is a very good idea and seems to work for most models of cars.

This procedure usually covers all parts of the cars wants and needs. If we find other things that need attention , such as brake parts or other MOT failures, we price the job up and contact the customer to see if the price is all right. We always use fair pricing because we are in Motorcodes organisation and this is one of the stipulations that enable us to be a member.

One of the other important points regarding the service is that we check out the timing belt changing periods. For this we use the Autodata computer system. This gives us the correct timing belt changing times either in mileage or in time period(ie 40000 mls or 48 months). This is then passed onto the customer, who can then decide when to have the work done. Failure to change the timing belt could result in the belt snapping and the engine blowing up.

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