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Rover Street Wise- with a Timing Belt Problem.

I must admit that when I heard about a Rover Street Wise car in to us with an engine problem, I could not remember what one looked like? The car is a beefed up version of the Rover 25, but in my opinion the car is far better looking and I think that it made the car more appealing to younger drivers. The owner of this car is only in [...]

Vauxhall Corsa- Fails MOT Test- Because of Worn Out Front Suspension.

New Lambda sensor fitted after the emissions test failure. The Vauxhall Corsa is indeed a very popular little car, Especially with female drivers. The little car also makes a good city car, with very little problem when getting around town and parking. The Corsais well known for its light steering; Vauxhall Corsa for Mot repairs (power steering) which makes the little car easy to maneuver and along with its good [...]

Do Winter Tyres Affect Your Car Insurance?

I always find it strange to hear my customers say “will my car be insured if I fit winter tyres”. I used to think that they were joking at first, but for some reason, they were very serious, apparently it was something that they had read in a national newspaper. When I checked this out, it said that if you modify or change your car from the original specs, then [...]

Jaguar XF Brake Problems ?

We are fortunate to have a few of our customers who own Jaguar XF’s. I have always been a keen fan of the Jaguar cars, going back to when I was a young man working in a garage, as an apprentice mechanic. We were fortunate enough to have some wealthy JaguarXF hub showing a small deposit of rust that had built up customers who could afford to buy new Jaguars [...]

Toyota RAV 4 with Poor Acceleration Problems? Caused by the “Suction Control Valve” (SCV)

Toyota RAV 4 problem just happened overnight As I have said before, one of the great things about owning a garage is the diversity of jobs that we can encounter in any busy working week. This past week was no exception. One of our lady customers called it with her car, a Toyota RAV 4, the reason was that the car was performing badly when trying to overtake, when she [...]

Motorists are Still Risking Their Lives, Driving on Bad Tyres

Do our foreign visitors know what bad tyres, and our tyre laws? This is a question that I often ask myself as the owner of a tyre company. Have we as an industry educated the public enough about the dangers and safety aspects of having bald or other dangerous thing wrong with the tyres on their cars. Just as in every other walks of life in this world we have [...]

Ford Focus- Diesel TDi 2004-with Clutch Problems.

In recent weeks we seem to have had a run of cars with clutch problems, that have been brought into our garage Pellon-Autocentre, here in Halifax UK. I think that most garages will have these runs of cars with different problems, sometimes it may be brake problems, and sometimes we have a run of exhaust pipes dropping of. This particular time it has been clutch problems. Yesterday was no exception? [...]

Toyota Corolla Driver first noticed a Rattling Noise when Setting Off

1998 Toyota Corolla driver  thought his exhaust had gone This customer of ours had only bought his Corolla about six months previously in a private sale with no come backs, so he wasn’t very pleased when the car started to rattle when he was about to set off on a journey. My customer did not think much of the noise when starting off, he just thought that the exhaust needed [...]

Can We Repair Pirelli Run Flat Tyres?

When the run flat tyre first came on to the market I was not so sure what to think? The tyres were developed together with the car manufacturers and were developed to specifically fit the cars on which they were to be fitted. The whole concept surrounding these tyres is based on safety, both for their car and more importantly the driver. Another factor was that these cars could do [...]

Are Car Owners Really Getting Ripped off by Garages? And How To Cope with Disgruntled Customers.

Garages are becoming more transparent There are many recent reports about Servicing a Car and repair garages are ripping their customers off. I am not sure what these reports actually cover? Is it the one man band operations, the larger independent garages or the main franchise dealers? Or are we all being “tarred with the same brush”. I must admit though, no matter how you try in any trade, you [...]