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Yokohama and Chelsea AFC seal a five year sponsorship deal.

Yokohama seal a Sponsorship deal with the giant Chelsea Football club The strange thing is that I have just finished a blog about the involvement of tyre companies with professional football clubs and leagues across the world and especially Europe. I have just received a press release from Point-S, that Yokohama and Chelsea Football club have signed a sponsorship agreement that will, enable the display and the wear  the tyre [...]

Waste Car Tyres are being looked at by the EU Investigating Covering Roads With … Car Tyre Rubber

The European Union is spending €4.5 million on an experiment to turn old car tyres into an elastic material that can be put on road surfaces – particularly motorways – to reduce traffic noise, in an experiment that has, so far, hardly scratched the… Source: This idea is not new  but if implemented would use great amounts of our waste tyres. Waste car tyre may be a problem of [...]

City wants to buy your old waste tyres – WRDW-TV

New money, for old waste tyres. That’s one of the ideas behind a tire drop-off pilot program an Augusta Committee approved this week. News 12′s Jorge Lopez is on your side with how you could cash in if the commission signs off on it. Source: Tyre dumps like this one could be a thing of the past, if the rest of the world take up Augusta’s idea, of paying [...]

Earth-Mover tyres-Man dies as tyres explode at Qld mine – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 News

Another worker has been killed by an exploding tyre at a Queensland mine, the latest in a string of similar fatalities. Source: This is always a risk? these giant earth-mover tyres have to be fitted with huge machines and with care. From Car tyres to Earth-mover tyres Believe it or not this was to be only my second move from the car tyre industry. I had worked for [...]

AGM Versus Traditional Batteries-VSP News: Kolman’s Korner, Episode 69 -

Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, for the Trojan Battery Company, discusses the differences between AGM and traditional batteries. Source: A good battery video to watch for the Trojan battery fans amongst,us and this includes me. Trojan batteries versus traditional batteries AGM batteries are once again becoming more popular in the car and transport industry, because of the constant strain that on board computers [...]

Part Worn tyres-Guilty verdict for illegal part worn tyre seller – FleetNews

A Lincolnshire tyre retailer faces up to 12 months in prison along with a £20,000 fine after being found guilty of supplying unsafe part worn tyres to the public. Source: A Lincolnshire tyre retailer faces up to 12 months in prison along with a £20,000 fine after being found guilty of supplying unsafe Part Worn Car Tyres to the public. Good news for the battle against traders selling these unsafe [...]

Storage Batteries Power grids – Foreign Affairs

The plunge in oil prices that began in mid-2014 has been relentless. It has pushed a clutch of oil-exporting nations into deficit spending, hobbled Russia’s ambitions, and altered the calculus behind Iran’s nuclear program. Source: This is one of best articles that i have read on this subject and is based on a book, that i am certainly going to buy. it looks at all sides of the argument [...]

Power Storage Tesla battery could take your home off the grid with – Inhabitat (blog)

  Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you break up with your expensive utility company, essentially turning any home into an off-grid abode. Source: Is it legal to run off grid in the USA/ I might  sound pessimistic, but what if you are having problems with your battery power storage ? Who do call for help, it [...]

Hybrid Battery-Toyota dealer wanted $4400 to repair, fix turned out to cost $10 – Geek

  Cars are a lot more complicated than they used to be with less modular designs and more technology under the hood. That makes repairs more difficult and expensive, and then you figure in [...] Source: This is a great story about a hybrid car that went wrong? The battery was showing certain error codes and the local Toyota dealer wanted to fit a new battery costing???? Worth a [...]

Car batteries the Cold weather and your car: How to keep your battery from dying

  AA is getting a record number of calls for storm-related problems with nearly half being for dead batteries. Source: Another warning to vehicle users to have their car batteries checked before the winter and you will reduce the risk of being caught out in a snow storm? it would be like sitting in a fridge and i am sure that it does happen to some people, remember that [...]