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Pirelli’s Tyres Top Investor Camfin Said to Discuss Sale to ChemChina – Bloomberg

Pirelli’s Top Investor Camfin Said to Discuss Sale to ChemChinaBloombergThe talks come as larger competitors Michelin & Cie. and Continental AG seek to expand with acquisitions, particularly in Asia. Source: This is not as surprising as i first thought. China will,be looking to buy existing western global companies, to increase their product knowledge and their world portfolio. This offer for a large part of Pirelli tyres does not come [...]

Tesla gearing up for release of batteries for the home

The same lithium-ion battery technology that powers Tesla’s electric vehicles will be used to develop a battery for the home, according to a statement by CEO Elon Musk. The batteries would be used… Source: I think that Tesla cars will have a part to play in the development of solar battery storage, but for the domestic situation there is no replacement for the good old AGM lead acid battery. [...]

Wheel Balancing is Important

Wheel balancing is important because it keeps your tyres, bearings and suspension system in order. Source: This is a short but to the point article about the importance of having your wheels balanced. it is something that we in the tyre trade keep harping on about, but never the less is important, most of us have witnessed their wheels out of balance, and had Wheel Balancing Problems when the steering [...]

Goodyear tyres chosen as Original Equipment for new Fiat 500X – Etyres

Goodyear tyres have been chosen to supply the Original Equipment tyres for the two new versions of the snazzy Fiat 500X in Europe. The tyres have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the newly-revealed Fiat 500X. As most of my readers will know ,i have a soft spot for Goodyear tyres and all that they do. The decision by Fiat to fit Goodyear tyres to their new 500X [...]

Varta Batteries Driven BMW…All Electric  of 1972 – Top Gear

Varta Batteries powered 1602e was BMW’s first EV, and grandaddy to the i8. Here’s its strange story Source: This was a surprise to me when i read about it? I knew that battery driven cars are nothing new, but have never heard of BMW getting involved. We are now developing the electric cars driven by a different type of battery, but BMW apparently used the only technology available in [...]

Continental’s tyres used in Daytona 24 hours motor race

Continental reveal the challenge of supplying tyres all the tyres for the Daytona 24 Hours motor race. With 55 cars on the grid we bring around 10,000 tyres Source: This good news for Continental tyres, the taking part and supplying tyres for the Daytona 24 hour race in the States. We are a great fans of the Continental product and look forward to further participation in the motorsport field. [...]

Michelin story-So How did a Company selling Rubber Tyres become the World’s Authority on Restaurants?

It actually makes a lot of sense. It’s also genius marketing. But really, how did the world’s most talented chefs and esteemed restaurants and come to be Source: This is a great article about the reason that the Michelin brothers, famous for their tyres decided to go into “evaluating restaurants “business. Well worth a read although nothing much to do with tyres. Michelin Guide was first introduced for motorists [...]

Storage Batteries-The Battle is on for home power storage.

Original article written by Eric Roberts on… With the ever increasing amount of solar panels, comes the question of how can we store more of the power that we produce? This is more topical to the home owner who may be isolated from the national grid of the country that they live. Things though are moving forward, and in recent times it has become possible to rig out a [...]

French Ban the Use of Speed Camera Detectors including Sat Navs and Mobile Phones

Switch off you Sat Navs speed camera location facility in France When a friend explained this to me in France, I thought that he was telling me some kind of joke and although I am a little out of date, I think it is important to keep reminding fellow Britain’s who happen to be going to France, Spain or Italy for their holidays by car. I must admit that I [...]

Remapping your car engine can save you loads of money in fuel costs by more efficient driving.

All modern cars are computer controlled for their emissions. The computer is called the ECU, short for Engine Control Unit. It is this unit that links all the different parts of the engines electronics that effectively controls the car’s engine and what the engine omits. When a new vehicle leaves the factory the engines computer is set to de-fault. This is because the cars may be sent all over the [...]