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Narrow Tyres ; How does the BMW i3 handle so well on such narrow tyres? – CNET

We take a closer look at Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP500 tires for the 2015 BMW i3 electric car. Source: This article asks how the new BMW i3 car can handle well with such narrow Bridgestone tyres? Well it is not too many ago that all tyres were thin and narrow and do you know? they worked perfectly well. The difference is that today’s tyres are made from different materials and [...]

Michelin Tyres buy 40% stake in French Online Tyre store

Original Article by Eric Roberts on Michelin Throw Down the Gauntlet with the 40% Acquisition of French Online Company ALLPNUES Wow I have been saying for the past two years that we in the tyre trade are living in interesting times, but this announcement is one of the most interesting stories I have yet to come across? Michelin are going online? This will be done with a 40% acquisition [...]

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels. It’s important to regularly check the electrolyte (it really isn’t just water) level in your car’s battery, for two reasons: first, because it naturally evaporates and second, because a small amount… Source: This is a thing that you have thought was second nature to car owners? But it is not. Drivers just do not know much about the car battery and how [...]

XV31MF Batteries : Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah

X31MF, Lucas XV Supreme Leisure Battery 110ah, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.Totally Maintenance Free.Comfortable And Robust Carry Handle., Numax, Power/Batteries Source: As a Lucas and Numax battery dealer i know that these two batteries are made by the same company. They are both the exact same quality and are extremely reliable. They are a twin post battery, which enables the owner to connect more than one battery to each other [...]

ups battery information

We are battery supplier in India. Such as Traction battery, trontek battery and many more. Source: UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries are a very important aspect of today’s modern living. These batteries are their to protect the owner such as perhaps an hospital, bank or any business that have computers or important electrical systems that need to be kept running in case there is a mains outage and the [...]

Car Brakes can be Affected by the Weather?So look out for Rusty Brakes This Spring –

On Thursday, April 9, U.S. safety regulators warned drivers in states where salt is used to melt snow and ice on roads to get their brakes checked for corrosion. Source: Thia is a good article about something that people do not think about? That is the affect that bad adverse weather conditions can have on your car in winter, especially your BRAKES/ Car brakes and bad weather don’t [...]

Apollo Tyres-TS Harihar positive, target Rs 225-230

TS Harihar of HRBV Client Solutions has a positive view on Apollo Tyres with a price target of Rs 225-230… Source: One the up and coming new boys in the tyre world is undoubtedly Apollo tyres. They have taken the bull by the horns and gone on a spending spree with major expansion plans. I do not particularly have any problems with this, as i think that the product [...]

V8 Supercars introduces Beru f1-TPMS Systems tyre sensors for Perth

Crucial pressure information will make V8 Supercars even closer says Red Bull team boss Source: TPMS system; when was it started? The first production car to fit the TPMS system was the Porsche 959 in 1986. More recently the Peugeot 607 was fitted with one of these systems in 1999. In America the TPMS was introduced by General Motors for the 1991 model year for the Corvette in conjunction [...]

Firestone Tyres Sets the Wheels in the Motion at Indy Grand Prix – WGNO

AVONDALE, LA (WGNO)– The Indy Grand Prix made its historic debut in New Orleans this weekend.  Story Block Media spearheaded the Grand Prix’s social media campaign, giving fans a unique perspectiv… Source: Could this be a Firestone revival attempt? Firestone tyres have been in the doldrums since a catastrophic era when many f their tyres failed. I now sell the Firestone product and they are an excellent tyre, now [...]

Tyre Laws when driving in Spain-Information On Spanish Tyre Law – Soltimes providing news & views to Expats in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Costa Calida & the Costa Blanca. Your No1 source for Spanish News in English Source: A good article reminding visitors to Spain ,including the people who live there about the responsibility, within Spanish tyre laws  to look after and maintain their tyres. Although the actual tyre laws a very similar to the UK’s because of EU tyre [...]