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VW Polo-Wishbone Rear Rubber Bushes are a Common Problem?

One of the most common MOT failure problems here in Halifax is the failure of the rear suspension bushes on VW models such as VW Polo and VW produced cars, such as the Skoda and Seat cars. The reason for this in my opinion is twofold; the first reason is that we have a VW main agent in our local area, and we have more than our fair share of [...]

Car Tyres- tread Re-cutting-What next?

Re-cut Car Tyres-is it common practise in some countries? I was truly shocked and amazed at the same time when I first saw the video at the bottom of this post. At first I was outraged at what was going on and so was the writer of the original article, but after a while I cannot help feeling that this practice does actually go on in other countries of the [...]

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems(TPMS)-and summer tyres-can both give you Temperature Problems

In a strange kind of way I am bringing together related tyre problems. Most drivers will not have heard about either of these potential problems, and some will have. Both these problems are sort of related, but I will answer them one at a time, starting with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems). TPMShas been around for quite a while now. it was developed to compliment  cars that were fitted with [...]

Fiat Punto Clutch problems since 2004?

It looks to me that drivers and owners of Fiat Punto have had a raw deal when it comes to clutches on this model of car. We have noticed that we have done more than our fair share of clutches on this model of car. I decided to do a little research and found some real horror stories, going back to 2002 Punto models. One unlucky customer with a “52” [...]

Brake Juddering-What is it?

Foot pedal vibrations lead to the brake juddering experience One of the first signs of brake juddering problems is when you can feel a vibration coming through your foot pedal, when you press it, to brake and stop your car. Some of our customers say that it was a long drawn out process, but eventually the brake began to get worse and the vibrations also started to come through the [...]

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn I must admit that autumn is one of the times of year that I have grown to love. It is almost magical how the weather changes as autumn approaches. One day we have warm sunshine and then the next day we have gales from the west and heavy rain. You know that this is the end of summer and that winter [...]

Shock Absorbers- Nissan Micra – MOT Test-Failure if they are Leaking

Leaking shock absorbers are an MOT test fail The most frustrating thing about shock absorbers and struts, (which are basically the same thing) is that they are sealed units and although they are classed as maintenance free, they will very often start to leak. In some countries shock absorbers are known as dampers, because that is exactly what they do they damp down and level out the bumps that your [...]

Starter Motor on my Jeep made a loud Clunking Noise

Suspected starter motor A few week ago now, a guy came into my garage and asked us to fit him a new battery. We always test the old battery, unless the customer tells us the old one is completely dead. This guy had a Jeep and we said that the battery had been slow to start the car for about a month now and he thought that it was going [...]

Turbocharger-What Does It Do?

First turbocharger I am sadly old enough to remember when the mention of the word “turbo”it was something special. The first production cars to be fitted with turbos (as I am going to abbreviate them) was in the USA, back in 1962, when the Oldsmobile Jet-fire and the Chevrolet Corvair cars were fitted out with the first production car exhaust turbo. These cars did have a few teething problems such [...]

Flexi Exhaust Pipe-Astra VXR can it be Repaired?

The death of the mild steel exhaust pipe Over the past 15 years we have seen a massive change in the way that car manufacturers have changed the way that exhaust systems have changed. In the early days we used to keep huge stocks of exhaust parts in stock to service our customer’s cars. There were many different exhaust manufacturers around at the time supply the aftermarket with mild steel [...]