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MOT Testing Why You Should NOT GO To Your Local Council

MOT Testing Why You Should avoid Your Local Council My garage Pellon tyre and Autocentre has now been operating for over 35 years and we have a reputation that is second to none. Over the years we have built up a fantastic reputation and trust, because we have always been straight and honest with our customers. I personally have been the owner of this garage here in Halifax for the [...]

Are Drivers Really Worried Which TYRES they Fit to Their Cars?

Which TYRES  should they Fit On Their Cars? Along the line, I have written many articles about the use of part worn tyres, some have been posted to LinkedIn and I have received many different replies, from other garage and tyre-shop owners across the World. This gives me some feedback and a bigger picture of what other people in the same industry are feeling about a certain subject, including the [...]

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen -Comes in for an- MOT TEST

Mot test MGB I could not believe my eyes when we were presented with this beautiful MGB sport car for its MOT test. I am just going to show the pictures so that you can see for yourself how nice this car is. SOME TIMES THIS IS WHAT A BLOG IS ABOUT. Pellon Tyre and Autocentre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are [...]

Check the Tyre Pressures of your Caravan-Motorhome

Check the Tyre Pressures of your caravan-Motorhome Many thousands of people will be getting their caravans and motorhomes ready for the British bank holiday season starting this year with the Easter holiday. This is time when thousands of holiday makers will be checking their tyres and tyre pressures, ready for their first trips away. We do this every year ,even though we know that we will be stuck in massive [...]

Mobility Scooter Battery- and- General Safety Advice.

Mobility Scooter Battery- and- General Safety Advice. We have all seen the massive increase in mobility scooter ownership over the past ten years or so. It is now a massive market place for the companies that sell the scooters and the companies who sell spare parts, including consumables such as scooter batteries and scooter tyres. In the past few years however safety organisations have become increasingly alarmed about the increase [...]

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)-Who would have thought that we Needed It?

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con) Air-con was one of the last things that you would have needed here in the United Kingdom’s cool climate, but now that we have it in almost every car, I do not know how we did without it? This time of year is when our customers are starting to get their cars ready for the summer and this includes have their air-con system serviced. I must admit [...]


WHICH FLAT TYRE SYSTEM DOES YOUR CAR HAVE? As a tyre retailer for 40 years, this is an increasing problem for the modern motorist.When the car manufacturers had to make their cars lighter so that they could hit their emission targets, then they looked at many ways to lighten the weight of their cars to make them lighter including different ways of doing without a spare wheel. The problem has [...]

JACKING UP YOUR CAR is NOT as Safe as it Used to be ?

Jacking up your car the correct way You may think that jacking up your is an exact science but believe me plenty can go wrong. Even our most experienced mechanics can make a mistake when jacking up a car. The worse thing to happen is if the jack is placed under a sill and not the re-enforced area just under the edge of car. Most models of car have a [...]

MOT TESTING Debate Has Been Re-Opened by UKIP.

MOT TESTING Debate Has Been Re-Opened by UKIP. The UK Independence Party, otherwise known as UKIP have opened up the can of worms about MOT testing across the European Union. I like the other 21,000 or so mot centre owners have been sent out a leaflet from UKIP basically saying that the debate is not yet dead…   More reading… They have sent out propaganda leaflets saying that they are [...]

Unipart Car Care Centre Halifax West Yorkshire

This year at Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre will be our 25th year in business. To celebrate we are holding a huge party for our customers and suppliers, who have supported us over the past years. In that time we have tried any many different trade associations to better us and the customer experience, by offering different things that would improve their experience when visiting our garage for tyres servicing or [...]