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Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems

Mitsubishi Shogun with smell problems The smell problem that came into my garage was on a 1997 Mitsubishi Shogun 3500petrol model. The owner said that he could smell odours that he thought were coming from the outside. We went out on a test run but typically we could not smell anything that was until the end of the test drive. We could smell a burning brake pad sort of smell. [...]

Peugeot 307 ABS Problems a common fault

As I have stated in other Peugeot related posts that I have written, then the garages that are scattered around a main dealer will inevitably get spin off work, when the cars become over two years old and out of the care of the main dealer. We hear in Halifax are no different and the Peugeot is one of our main supplies of business. I am not complaining and I [...]

Car and Van Drivers are running around without any Breakdown Cover

Car Drivers are Driving without any Breakdown Cover This is the sort of thing that never crosses your mind as a problem? I actually thought that breakdown cover was nothing much to do with me and that the general motorist would be sensible enough to take cover out, especially when considering a long journey. However I have now changed my mind, primarily because of the advent of cars that are [...]

Peugeot 206 has misfiring and pulling problem.

Peugeot 206 with engine problem When you own a garage in the same town as a main dealer, you tend to get second and third hand cars in with problems, rather than the customer taking their car to the usually more expensive main dealer. And why not in most cases we have just as good equipment and knowledgeable staff, than the main dealers anyway. If we get stuck with a [...]

Drink Driving is a grey area to me

Never really did much drink driving I must admit that I do like a drink now and then, especially when I go out for a drinkwith the wife. I am not a beer drinker, simply because as far back as I can remember, then beer did not agree with me. Some of my friends could drink four or five pints of good old Tetley’s bitter , but I could only [...]

Car Servicing and Cold Weather can bring drivers higher motoring costs

Sometimes I think that we are lucky with the winter weather here in the UK. Most winters are a mixture of mild weather with cold spells in-between. We certainly don’t get the extreme conditions seen in the USA, with ten foot of snow followed by temperature of 18C, causing the snow to melt and then flooding. As a keen blogger I know that the winter months are very good for [...]

Anti-Lock Braking Systems- ABS- have been around for 20 years or more

Anti-Lock braking problems are now a common thing One of the things that I love most about being a garage owner is when a car comes into my garage for brake problems sorting out? It is not the price that the person is worried about, but they know how important it is to have good brakes on their car. Before we remove the wheels to examine the brakes we have [...]

Jumper Cables are worth keeping in your Car Boot in case of your Car Battery problems

Keeping jumper cables in your car are a necessary requirement in my opinion. They are one of those pieces of equipment that you may never need, but you dare not do without them, in case your battery goes dead on you, or you are about to become a good Fitting a new Lucas car battery after the original failed to start and would not jump off Samaritan and be at [...]

Battery Storage systems could significantly reduce the power of the National Grids.

Posted originally on Battery storage was not an option The way that we built our national power plants, in some cases over a hundred years, will have to change in the future to meet our needs for the production of solar energy and its distribution through our homes and solar collection farms and wind turbine installations. These national grid plants were originally owned by the government in the first [...]