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Firestone Tyres

Firestone Tyres started in 1900 and were chosen by Henry Ford

Firestone Tyres were one of the Worlds earliest mass produced tyres. They first used on the Ford model “T” mass produced car are still popular today. Since them Firestone Tyres have gone from strength to strength and now produce some of the best tyres on the planet.

Here at Pellon tyres in Halifax we offer an excellent range of the Firestone Tyres. We source our stock from Britain’s leading wholesaler and offer it online across the country.

Firestone have been bombarded by many other tyre companies in the past and now is no exception,tyres are flooding into the UK from China and the far East but Firestone Tyresare holding out the opposition because of there quality and staying power across the many years of experience, in tyre manufacturing throughout the World.

We at Pellon tyres have sold Firestone Tyres for many years. I personally have even worked on fitting the Giant Firestone Tyres that you see on Earthmoving machines, they have always been a good product. Firestone also make tyres for racing cars, and that is where the development comes from to make the Firestone Tyres that we are now driving about on in our cars.

Firestone Tyres - AffinityFirestone as most peopleknow are now owned by Bridgestone tyres of Japan but because of the reputation that goes before them,Firestone have kept the original name.

And are still an excellent tyres that should give you a good mileage and smooth riding inall weathers.