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Wheel Alignment - £29.90

If your wheels are not aligned correctly it can throw the position of your steering wheel out and also scrub off your new tyres, that you may have had fitted.


This is when the front of the tyres and wheels are pointing inwards as the car drives along. This has the effect of scrubbing off your tyre tread as you drive your car along. The tread wears off on the outsides. So in affect if you notice that the tyres are wearing off on the outside, then your cars wheel alignment is towing in, and requires adjustment, using a skilled tyre technician or mechanic, with specialist equipment, such as the type that we use here at Pellon Tyres .


This is exactly the opposite to tow in. The difference is that the tyres on your car will wear off on the insides. You should follow the exact procedure as for toe in and set the wheel alignment to the correct setting for your particular vehicle.


The best time to have your wheel alignment done is at the point that you buy some new tyres. If this is not possible say due to the lack of time then you should have it checked within the next few days of having your new tyres fitted.

If you ignore this advice, then you will be throwing away a large amount of the tyres new tread and also your money, it is as simple as that.

Most good tyre centres will give you a free alignment check, as we do here at Pellon tyres and you only pay for the adjustment to be carried out.

The price for this is only £29.90 for the complete job doing, but this could cost you a lot more if you neglect to have your wheel alignment done.

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