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Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

Continental Winter Contact-TS 850 

Continental Winter Contact TS 850 is the latest tyre test from the German Motoring Magazine “Auto Zeitung.“.

Continental Winter Contact-TS 850
Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

The German tyre results are very important. Especially when it comes to winter tyres. Germany still has many motorways. That do not have a speed limit. So during the winter, they are very choosy about which winter tyres will be best

Winter tyres are no longer the big chunky-tread tyres. They used to be. They now have to drive at high speed down the German motorways. Then up the mountains on their way to the ski slopes in Austria, Italy, and France.

The outright winner in the Auto Zeitung winter tyre tests.  Were Continental tyres, with their new tyre, the Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

The Continental Tyre Company is a German-based tyre company. They know how to make a winter tyre that can be driven throughout the winter months. In all kinds of conditions.

Continental Tyres’ Remarkable Evolution: A Winter Wonderland for Halifax Drivers

As the proprietor of a garage in Halifax, UK, I’ve had the opportunity to see the ever-changing world of automotive products and technology. The development of Continental tyre products is one area that has experienced amazing improvement. In this post, we’ll look into Continental Tyres’ intriguing journey, with a specific focus on their TS850 winter tyre series – ideal for our fellow Halifax winter fans.

A Trip Through Time

Let us take a moment to admire Continental Tyres’ rich heritage. This German firm, founded in 1871, has been at the forefront of tyre innovation for nearly a century. You may be wondering what this has to do with our little world in Halifax, but stick with me.

Halifax is no stranger to the need for dependable winter tyres, thanks to its scenic surroundings and occasional winter wonderlands. As we all know, the weather in this area can be pretty unpredictable, and having the proper tyres may make or break safety on our local roads.

Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

Let’s take a closer look at Continental’s TS850 winter tyre lineup, which is a true game changer for those who brave the icy and snowy roads of Halifax and its surrounding areas. These tyres are made with one objective in mind: to keep you safe in the hardest winter conditions.

Consider this: You wake up to a frigid morning, and the streets are blanketed in fresh snow. With the TS850 tyres, you can start out on your journey with confidence, knowing that you have a dependable partner beneath your vehicle.

Superior Traction and Control- Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

The TS850 tyres use cutting-edge technology to give unrivalled traction and control on snow and ice. As someone who values local history, you might be pleased to hear that Continental’s engineers were inspired by the tenacity of our forefathers, who travelled these same routes in tough winter circumstances.

First and foremost, safety.

As a business owner who values safety, I cannot emphasise enough the need to invest in winter tyres. Continental recognises this, and their TS850 line is loaded with safety features. These tyres cover everything from improved braking performance to improved stability in difficult circumstances.

Local Perspectives

Incorporating local interests and history into my pieces is a personal touch on which I am proud. Halifax has a rich tradition, with structures such as the Piece Hall and Shibden Hall each telling a unique narrative. Continental’s dedication to quality and innovation is comparable to the craftsmanship that went into creating these local jewels.


To summarise, Continental Tyres’ journey and the development of their TS850 winter tyre series is a monument to human inventiveness and a commitment to keeping drivers safe even in the harshest of conditions. So, the next time you go on a winter adventure in Halifax, be sure to outfit your vehicle with Continental’s TS850 winter tyres, and you’ll be ready to conquer the roads with confidence.

Stay careful and enjoy Halifax’s snowy wonderland, my fellow drivers!

Continental Winter Contact TS 850– Continental Winter Contact-TS 850

Continental Winter Contact TS 850 has come out on top in German magazine Auto Zeitung’s winter tyre test, closely followed by Nokian’s WR D4.

The Winter Contact TS 850 came in close first place, but the other big tyre companies all fared well with their winter tyre products. In snowy conditions, Nokian, Michelin, Goodyear, and Uniroyal (another product owned by Continental) were all slightly better, but they were all very close, and the  Contact TS 850 came up trumps in wet braking. This tyre has a very strong stopping capability, coming out best in wet conditions overall.

If you are a Continental tyre fan then this is the winter tyre for you. There is no doubt that the winter tyre market is hotting up, in terms of extreme quality and the ability to fulfil the massive number of different tyre sizes that are now on the market.