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Significantly, and according to information I have had. So, scanners/cameras are placed across and along the full length and width of every motorway lane. As a result a radar picks you up as stopped in a motorway lane.

Naturally, the authorities are supposed to be on hand immediately to attend your broken down vehicle. So, and move you off the motorway. So, You legally sit there in your broken down vehicle. Whatever lane you are in and nobody is likely to run into the rear of your vehicle and kill you because of two reasons.

car suspension parts

Suspension Arm Bolts-BMW 1 Series Car- Breaks Suspension Arm Bolts

Suspension Arm Bolts

BMW 1 Series Car in for He found that when the car had skidded and hit the kerb it had snapped the Suspension Arm Bolts

Sadly, on one of the worse windy and rainy days of the year. So, one of our good customers was out and about in his BMW 1 series car, 2008 model . Consequently, finding himself having to swerve his car. Thus, having to avoid a broken branch ! That had just snapped off a tree due to the high winds.

Dangerously, his car skidded and crashed into the curb. causing damage to the underside of the car. Of course, the customer suspected that something had broken the front suspension. Perhaps an “Arm Rubber Bush” or the “Suspension Arm Bolts.” Carefully, his car  limped into my garage in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Manager the garage department examined the BMW

Ryan Linton pulled the car onto a ramp. Of course, we examined the car to see what had happened. Ryan discovered this when the car had skidded and hit the curb. Indeed, it had snapped the suspension arm bolts on the multilink suspension that these BMW cars have.

Also, the TPMS sensor lights were illuminated! So when checking the BMW’s tyres . They were discovered to be inflated to the incorrect pressures. Unfortunately, we later thought that this could have caused the car to swerve. As a result, the car hit the kerb while attempting to avoid a tree branch.

So, the problem was discovered, and the hub had to be removed to solve the problem. Also, the broken stud was drilled out, as the stud had been snapped off flush with the hub. Subsequently, the bolt was drilled out and the hole was re-tapped. Of course, I’m up for a new stud. The other suspension arm bolts were BMW parts (supplied by the local BMW dealer in Wakefield, the nearest one to my garage in Halifax) that were also changed, and the assembly was re-fitted.

BMW car had low tyre pressures

In conclusion, we now think that the guys’ low tyre pressures were the cause. of the car correctly, not handling it when he swerved to miss the branch. Finally, we also checked and inflated his tyres to the correct pressures. Our happy customer went off on his way three hours later.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offers car and van servicing and repairs for all makes of vehicles.


BMW rear hub area where the Suspension Arm Bolts sheared from


Which Car Models Make Best Taxis- Right Now?

Which Car Models Make Best Taxis

Which Car Models Make Best Taxis

As the anti-pollution rules are coming into gradual effect with each passing year, the need to buy new taxis is also becoming increasingly evident to cab companies and taxi owners. So, chances are that you have already exchanged a few of your old cabs for newer models, or at least are planning to do so very
soon. Before you do though, take a look through the following list of cars that are guaranteed to deliver the best value for your investment.

Kia Ceed Sportswagon

The Kia Ceed Sportswagon is one of the best petrol/diesel-powered taxis that you can buy right now. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of long-term driver comfort with power lumbar support, driver seat adjustability, and steering wheel-mounted car controls. The Kia Ceed Sportwagon is also designed to be
practical and safe, so you will find even the base models equipped with automation features. It comes with automatic headlight control, smart cruise control, automatic speed adjuster, automatic window rolling, ABS with EBD, assisted lane keeping, parking cameras, reversing sensors, and so much more. If you are looking for hybrid/electric alternatives to the Sportswagon though, consider the Kia Niro/Kia Niro EV instead. Other than that, the Kia Ceed Sportswagon with its spacious interior and advanced automation features is one of the best options in fuel cabs right now.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sport

One of the more modern options on the market right now is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sport. This model replaced the Toyota Auris, and comes highly reviewed across the UK. While the name may sound long-winded, the car itself is anything but. This car has leans on hybrid power, and is popular amongst many taxi drivers.
It’s a sharp drive to car, which offers a smooth journey for driver and passenger alike. The Toyota Corolla Touring Sport has large space in the back, as well as in the boot, making it a great choice for any taxi company. As an added bonus, there is extra sound insulation, as well as LED-loaded compartment lights.

Nissan Leaf

If you would rather invest in an electric/hybrid taxi, look at the Nissan Leaf instead. The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric model and it’s been voted several times across several nations to be the best fully electric taxi available for purchase right now. The Nissan Leaf is fully equipped to handle the growing push
towards electric cars and no other fully electric model can provide a better value for money as a cab. Note that you can’t go wrong with any of the 2021, 2022, or 2023 models, but the 2022 Nissan leaf is the sweet spot in terms of matching price with features. It’s also priced quite nicely, allowing for affordable upgradeability.

A lot depends on the kind of taxi service you provide, of course, which means that you can’t exactly use a Mondeo to replace a limousine. As for taxi companies that don’t just offer one type of service, the ones listed here are all among the best in their field.

car clutch Clutch Vibration Problem

Peugeot Partner Vans Clutch problem-cost customer an “arm and a leg”-lessons to be learned?

Peugeot Partner Vans Clutch problem

Peugeot Partner Vans Clutch problem

As the owner of an independent garage, Hence, we service and repair many makes of cars and vans. Because of this, it also depends on which main dealer garages are in your area. Therefore, to explain, if you have a Ford garage in the area, then you are very likely to have a good number of Ford cars visiting your garage. especially after the warranty period.
This also applies to my garage here in Halifax, UK. Subsequently, we repair many cars in the Peugeot, Range Rover, and Vauxhall car models. This is because when the warranty period expires, drivers prefer to bring their cars to my garage.
Halifax is a small town. Unlike our Huddersfield neighbours, who most likely have main dealers for every make of car. However, we are extremely thankful for the local business that we already get. As a result, it has kept my family fed for the past twenty-six years.

Back to the Peugeot partner vans problem?

I should actually say “vans.” One particular day, we received phone calls from the owners of two separate vans; both were Peugeot Partner vans. At first, I thought that it was two calls about the same van. Nonetheless, it was discovered that the vans were different but had a similar problem?
Consequently, both drivers were male.
John had a Peugeot Partner van with a noisy clutch pedal. As a result, the first call was from a driver in the Halifax area. John was the name of this van’s owner. John had a problem with the clutch pedal. To be more specific, he stated that the clutch pedal became squeaky and creaky around the clutch upper extents.

I asked if the van drove okay. John said, “It did, and he could still change in the early stages of the problem.” However, the problem began to get progressively worse. Particularly when the van was idling or running at low revs. John also said that the van gave out a squealing, high-pitched sound. This sent out alarm bells. Consequently, I recommended that he bring the van into us for a mechanic to examine.

Peugeot partner vans a 1.6 2003 petrol model

When the van finally arrived, Hence, one of my mechanics diagnosed the van as having a problem with a noisy bearing. Without doubt, the high-pitched squealing sound was a sign of a clutch bearing that was on its way out.
As a result of our diagnosis, the guy left his van. We split and stripped down the gearbox to allow us to examine the clutch. Sure enough, the clutch bearing was very black due to overheating. thus requiring replacement.
After speaking with the customer, John, we suggested that he also have a new clutch plate and cover installed. Because, the old clutch did not have much life left. John gave us permission, the job was completed, and the van was as good as new.

Second Peugeot partner vans clutch problem a diesel van

As we were repairing the first van, Consequently, the second owner of a Partner van called us for help. The second guy was called Ron. Ron had been doing a delivery in the Hinckley area of Leicestershire. This time, Ron knew that the problem was his clutch. On account of this, his van let out some loud squealing, and then the clutch pedal lost any play. Ron could not get any gears, and the van came to a stop at a road junction.
The first thing for me was to ask Ron if he was a member of any of the motor vehicle rescue organizations. Believe it or not, his membership in the AA had expired. Because Ron was stuck without any gears and in trouble, Then I promised to help him from Halifax.

Peugeot partner vans clutch problem towed back to Halifax UK

My first “call to port” was with the AA. for the reason that he was a past member. Thus, the AA said they would help, but it was going to cost him £420 for recovery and a year of membership. After contacting other breakdown companies, Then the AA was going to be the cheapest.
Once I had the facts together, I contacted Ron in Hinckley. Because he was completely stuck in a hard place, he agreed to pay the money. Consequently, the partner van was towed to Sheffield and then from Sheffield to Halifax. because the drivers can only cover so many miles.
The next day, we repaired the van and installed a new clutch assembly. Ron’s van was as good as new, but the lesson is to make sure that you are a member of one of the national or European breakdown schemes. This would have saved Ron at least £420.

car clutch Clutch Vibration Problem

Peugeot 206 Clutch-This customer had a double problem with her clutch?

Peugeot 206 Clutch

6 things to watch out for if your clutch was about to fail

  1. Slipping clutch: If the clutch seems to be slipping, or not fully engaging when you press the pedal, it’s likely that the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.
  2. Difficulty shifting gears: If you’re having trouble shifting gears, especially when the engine is under load, it could be a sign that the clutch is failing.
  3. Grinding or noise when shifting: If you hear a grinding or other noise when shifting gears, it could be caused by a problem with the clutch.
  4. Vibration or shaking when clutch pedal is pressed: If you feel vibration or shaking when pressing the clutch pedal, it could be a sign that the clutch is worn and needs to be replaced.
  5. Burning smell: If you notice a burning smell when you’re driving, it could be a sign that the clutch is overheating and needs to be replaced.
  6. Lack of response when pressing the clutch pedal: If the clutch pedal seems to be unresponsive or does not move as you press it, it could indicate a problem with the clutch linkage or master cylinder.

Peugeot 206 Clutch

Lady customers, now make up about 60% of our total customer base. Of course, this has built up over the years. Of course, it is no coincidence that we have also built our social media base over the past few years.
As a result, I believe that our attempts to give our best customer service are reaping results. Because, I am certain that our female customers are more willing to spread the word, especially on Facebook.
This short article is about one of our lady customers and her Peugeot 206 clutch problems. Hence, the lady’s name is Susan. Susan and her family are good customers of ours.
Indeed, Susan telephoned us about six or seven months ago. In fact, she was on her holidays, somewhere in Devon or Cornwall. Consequently, she was driving along and noticed that there was a click or knocking sound when she depressed her clutch. In order to help her, I recommended that she pull into the next safest place and call us back.
As a result, the clutch failed altogether, luckily just before she reached a supermarket car park. Without doubt, I surmised that her clutch had gone. Susan was five or six hours away from Halifax. So I had to arrange for another garage, the Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC), to repair her Peugeot 206 clutch.
Being a member of UCCC helps us repair our customers’ cars when travelling across the UK. especially when they are so far away. However, Susan’s car was promptly collected and repaired at a reasonable price.

To update to 2023, we are no longer members of defunct Unipart car care centres.

Peugeot 206 Clutch

However, fast forward six months, and Susan was hearing a similar noise when pressing the clutch pedal. Hence, her car was a Peugeot 206 1.4 with a petrol engine. Because of her concern, she left the car with us so we could take a look at it.
Our first job was to strip down the clutch to check other garages’ workmanship. This particular model has a hydraulic clutch. However, we noticed that the clutch release bearing, looked very black and burned. This is due to the bearing overheating.
When we looked at the car more closely, we saw that it needed a new clutch release bearing. The slave and master cylinders looked OK, but we bled them out just to be sure.
after building the clutch assembly back up again. Then we road tested the car, and everything was fine. As a result of our being a UCCC, we did not charge the lady the full price. She was very happy with this, and I am sure that we would have gotten yet another great review on social media.

varta battery

Varta Batteries Driven BMW…All Electric of 1972 – Top Gear

Varta Batteries Driven BMW

Varta Batteries Driven BMW powered 1602e was BMW’s first EV, and grand-daddy to the i8. Here’s its strange story

This was a surprise to me when i read about it?

So, I knew that battery driven cars are nothing new. But have never heard of BMW getting involved, and using Varta Batteries . Of course scientists are now developing the electric cars . Driven by a different type of battery. But, BMW apparently used the only technology available! The good old lead acid battery and Varta ones to boot.

Electric cars driven by batteries are nothing new?

Consequently, many car manufacturers have tried to produce the electric cars. Going back to the 1800’s. One of the efforts came from Ferdinand Porsche, the guy who started the Porsche car company.

So, he developed an electric car known as the P1 as far back as 1898. Consequently, he also developed what could have been the first hybrid in the world a car that was powered by a gasoline engine and a battery.

Thomas Edison also thought that electric cars were going to be the future and was always trying to improve a better batter to drive cars. Edison teamed up with Henry Ford to try to create lower cost electricity. Bur it was Ford who scuppered Edison’s plans by bringing out the model T, which would run on a petrol engine and not battery driven.

The cost of the cars driven on a gas engine was half the price of a battery driven model.

The gas engine cars out sold the battery cars and this was amplified even more when the starter motor was invented and it became far easier to start a car by pressing a button, than by hand cranking the engine to start the car.

Petrol became more popular! As oil was discovered in more and more of the American States. This meant that the new roads that were been built. Of course, all across the States and were serviced by petrol filling stations . All across the country! Giving the gas powered engine an even bigger advantage to the consumers. Who were buying these more affordable cars in droves. A new freedom had arisen ! People were wanting to explore the new road networks that were opening up all over America.

Petrol shortages spark interest in  electric vehicles driven by batteries

Nothing much happened in battery development for years. Bringing me up to the time when I became interested in cars. Working as an apprentice mechanic.Of course, here in Yorkshire UK, my home county.

The 1960’s and 1970’s the world was shook by the Arab Oil Embargo (1973). Which worried the USA about importing oil. So, in 1976 they passed a law authorising the development of battery driven electric and hybrid vehicles. Specifically, nothing new here, what goes round comes round?

General motors developed an urban electric car, in 1973

So, the American Motor company developed an electric battery driven jeep. To be used by the American post office in 1975. Of course, things were starting to move . But the problem of distance traveled on one charge, was rearing its ugly head. The same old problem that we are getting in today’s Lithium-Ion battery power trains.

Interest in the electric car then slowed down. Significantly, there were no further developments to name. As a result, regarding battery powered cars. That was until the 1990’s came along and the desire for cleaner air and pollution controls, Increased the interest once again, about developing the battery driven electric car.

Governments were introducing clean air acts and implementing emission controls on the car manufacturers. Unknown to the public which includes myself, governments were throwing billions of dollars in the surge to develop a better battery that would drive the electric vehicle of the near future. Oil prices were rising after the relatively cheap price of gasoline in the 1990,s and a similar scenario to the 1970’s was now emerging.

The world needed electric cars powered by batteries again

The race was on between the huge car companies in different parts of the world. Toyota of Japan was the first car maker to make big inroads. Into the electric car and hybrid car developments. In 1997 they introduced the Prius. Which became the first mass produced hybrid car. So, a car with a petrol engine and a battery train. This to me is still the better option than the elusive all battery driven car. Toyota used a nickel metal hydride battery to power the Prius. So, as I stated earlier the gas prices were starting to rise, which made this car a very popular choice for consumers.

Honda had also produced their new hybrid in 1999

Expressly, the developments after that are another story. This article gives my readers a little insight of a period. Hence, before the development of the new technology batteries. Such as the popular Lithium-Ion batteries, that scientists are still trying to perfect to this day.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy Varta Batteries products online.

mot testing and car servicing

Kia Sticking to Petrol Engines

Kia Sticking to Petrol Engines

Kia Motors is a South Korean automotive manufacturer that has been in operation since 1944. Consequently, these cars are very popular in West Yorkshire where I live.

 The company has a long history of developing and producing a range of engines for its vehicles, including petrol, diesel, and hybrid powertrains.

Over the years, Kia has made significant investments in research and development to improve the performance, efficiency, and emissions of its engines. One example of this is the company’s development of its Gamma and Kappa engine series. Of course, which have been used in a variety of Kia models and have won awards for their performance and efficiency.

In recent years, like most Automotive companies, Kia has also focused on developing alternative powertrain technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles. The company has released several hybrid and electric models, including the Kia Niro and Kia Soul EV, which have been well received by consumers.

Overall, Kia’s engine development efforts have helped the company to produce a range of high-quality, reliable vehicles that are popular with consumers around the world.

Kia Motors is a South Korean automotive manufacturer that has been in operation since 1944.

Consequently, these cars are very popular in West Yorkshire where I live.

 The company has a long history of developing and producing a range of engines for its vehicles, including petrol, diesel, and hybrid powertrains.

Over the years, Kia has made significant investments in research and development to improve the performance, efficiency, and emissions of its engines. One example of this is the company’s development of its Gamma and Kappa engine series. Of course, which have been used in a variety of Kia models and have won awards for their performance and efficiency.

In recent years, like most Automotive companies, Kia has also focused on developing alternative powertrain technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles. The company has released several hybrid and electric models, including the Kia Niro and Kia Soul EV, which have been well received by consumers.

Overall, Kia’s engine development efforts have helped the company to produce a range of high-quality, reliable vehicles that are popular with consumers around the world.

Kia Sticking to Petrol Engines

Kia are opting for the Hybrid cars that work from a battery and a petrol engine. When circumstances necessitate it, switching from one technology to another. In my opinion, other car makers will follow this, which will reduce car emissions by at least half. So, as I have said, I believe other obstacles will happen. Importantly, I just can’t see the giant oil companies giving in and reducing their oil sales to next to nothing. Either they will raise oil prices so that we cannot afford to buy fuel, or we will leave the UK entirely.

Remember that other countries are not ploughing ahead with this suicide target of stopping selling petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Source: Kia upgrades engine manufacturing facility amid electrification push – Garagewire

Falken all weather and winter tyres

BMW 320i Winter Tyres-BMW being tested out through its paces in the Snow – Douglas Park.

BMW 320i Winter Tyres

6 good reasons to fit winter tyres on your BMW 320i car

  1. Improved traction: Winter tyres are specifically designed to provide better traction on snow and ice. This can be especially important when driving in cold and slippery conditions, as it can help you maintain control of your vehicle and reduce the risk of accidents.
  2. Enhanced safety: Winter tyres are also designed to improve handling and stability on cold and slippery roads, which can help you avoid accidents and keep you and your passengers safe.
  3. Better braking performance: Winter tyres are made from a softer rubber compound that provides better grip on cold surfaces, which can help improve braking performance and reduce stopping distances.
  4. Increased fuel efficiency: Winter tyres are designed to be more efficient in cold weather, which can help improve fuel economy and save you money on gas.
  5. Longer tyre life: Winter tyres are designed to perform optimally in cold weather, which can help extend their lifespan and save you money on replacements.
  6. Legal requirements: In some countries and regions, it is required by law to use winter tyres during the winter months. Failing to do so can result in fines and other penalties.

BMW 320i Winter Tyres

There is no doubt, that BMW owners, would benefit greatly by fitting winter tyres at the right time of the year. Hence, we find that it is the third owner of the BMW’s that ignores the thought of fitting winter tyres. This type of vehicle is usually still in great condition. Thus, even when they reach old age, This car is a very powerful machine. This makes it a double requirement to fit winter tyres.

The BMW range is well equipped with wide summer tyres These cars are very capable of reaching high speeds. This also makes them more vulnerable in snow and icy weather. A double whammy is the cars excellent braking system. Any driver of these large and powerful cars will know that the braking systems are very keen and accurate.

In my opinion, winter tyres are a must and an important safety factor. The same goes for cars of similar size and power. The car in this video, the BMW 320i xDrive M Sport, was tested at Douglas Park. Therefore, watch as we drive completely up a 170-metre ski slope. as a result, which has a gradient of 10-15 degrees in 300mm to 400mm of snow. The vehicle was tested on snow with a 200-mm thick underlayer of ice at -12 degrees Celsius.

Caravan tyre Pressures

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Many drivers with older BMW Minis find the tyres Expensive?

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Many owners of BMW Minis are are just coming to terms with run flat tyres. Here in Halifax, we pride ourselves on our excellent client base, from mini drivers who trust us to carry out servicing on their cars. Trust is essential when it comes to advice about your car.

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Price is important when selecting the correct run flat tyres

 A few years ago I could see the writing on the wall. Of course, regarding a popular car. BMW mini and the high cost of parts including BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres. Hence, when the cars were becoming second and third hand. This time has now arrived. Therefore, with drivers looking for Cheap Run Flat Tyres.

The original Minis (British Leyland) were build, for the main masses of the population. Thus, to enable working class motorists to afford a good reliable little car. I myself have owned five minis (old type) in my time and loved them all. You could get the up-market minis. Such as the mini cooper.

But you would expect to pay a higher price for such things as new tyres. The normal tyres for Mini Cars were 145×10 and they would cost the same price for years on end (except for inflation). You knew that if you went on to a mini cooper you would have to pay more, because the tyre size was 16570×10, Get what I am on about ?.

Run Flat Tyres

Then bringing us back to the present. Hence, came the BMW mini. Naturally, a completely different animal. This car has all the modern gadgets on board. Hence, to help in the battle against greenhouse gases. Therefore, is fitted with many things that were not dreamed of when the old minis were around.

Cars must now be made much lighter, and one of the first things they did was experiment with spare wheels and no spare tyre in the boot. In my opinion, this had a dual effect: it reduced the weight of the car while also lowering the cost of the tyre and wheel, which adds up to significant savings when multiplied by millions. Most BMW minis started to come out on what we now know as “run flat” tyres. This simply means that if you have a puncture, the tyres will remain strong enough to get you to safety, provided you only drive at 50 mph.

Run Flat Safety Tyres

In my opinion, the theory behind this idea is a good safety feature: the strength of the tyre does not allow the car to move, thus keeping the car in a straight line and avoiding other traffic. The problem occurs when the driver shows up at the local tyre centre.
most run-flat tyres will not repair once they have had a puncture

The people that buy second and third hand BMW minis are usually young people, and mostly females and when they realise the cost of new BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres they freak out, some of the sizes now cost £180 each, that’s buying them online at cheap tyre prices.

Cheap BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres may be bought in budget brands but do not go for part worn  run flat tyres as it is more important to know where they have been and used for (the history) than normal tyres.

Hankook Tyres-launches 4 HP

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres-Classic car fitted with 590/600×13 TYRES

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres

Sunbeam Rapier Cross-Ply Tyres-1961 Rapier had 600×13 whitewall tyres

One of the great things about my job. Hence, as MD of Pellon tyres. No two days are the same. Thus, the only unfortunate thing about this is that your time does fly when your having fun.

As expected, the other day I had a motorcycle battery to deliver, (we offer next day delivery). Because it was only a few mile away in Bradford, I decided to deliver the battery myself. I will very often provide batteries in the near by towns in West Yorkshire. We try to give the best service to our customers from our Tyre shop and web-sites.

However, I arrived at the house in Bradford. So the customer was out. Therefore, I hid the battery under a bucket and left a note. Thereupon, on my way back to my van I noticed an old car parked up in next doors drive. I love old cars and often write blogs about them. Hence, this was no exception.

The car was a Sunbeam Rapier. I was over the moon and took a couple of pictures. These cars reminded me of when I was a young mechanic, my friend Richard Ellis worked in Dewsbury at a Rootes garage, and I worked at a BMC garage ( soon to become British Leyland). We always shared stories about the good and bad points on the cars we worked on including the Sunbeam Rapier. I do not remember seen one until the other day in Bradford. I think the owner of he Sunbeam is a member of the Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club.

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply-Tyres

The Rapier was an up market version of the Hillman Minx the early ones only having a speed of 85mph. The Rapier was given tail fins and a new style grille for the radiator, with the options of a convertible body making the car look kool. As far as I can remember they originally came out on cross ply tyres in the sizes 590×13 and then 600×13 tyres but I stand corrected if you know better.

In 1961 the convertible came out and was a very sound car, it had whitewall tyres

and was fitted with a walnut dash with two tone paint, making the car look unique. The Rapier was out at the same time as the Vauxhall Cresta and the Ford Zodiac all iconic cars of the time.

Lastly, I hope this blog brings back some memories as it did to me. A story from a motorbike battery delivery sunbeam with 590/600×13 tyres

Mazda 5 Brake Problems

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure- lady customers blue TT started creeping downhill?

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure; The Audi TT has in the past had many problems with the handbrake. There have been several reasons for this issue.

Last week a good customer of ours told us that his daughter had parked her car on a slight slope while she went into the bank. When she returned, the car had moved down the hill about ten feet. Luckily for her, the cat had come to rest against a very high pathway edge.

She was kind of scared and reflected in her mind what could have happened?

His daughter was in her late twenties and worked as an insurance broker in Halifax UK. The family brought all their cars into my garage for servicing and repairs; this Audi TT was no exception.

The father then phoned us and told us the story. The first thing that we asked was “whether she had put the handbrake on at all?” He said that this was the first

the thing that she had checked.

The car finally arrived at the garage, and the young lady left it with us for the day. I often look at the particular forums on the internet. The Audi forum did come up with a few different problems associated with Audi TT handbrake failure problems.

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure

We put the Audi TT up onto a ramp and removed the wheels. Although the problem was with the rear handbrake, we always check all the cars brakes to be on the safe side. The car was registered in 2005 and was 1800 Turbo special edition. A 225 BHP engine powered the car, giving a high performance.

Alex had the responsibility to repair this car. He set to work examining all the parts that make up the handbrake. Everything looked in good order and so Alex greased the moving parts and began to examine the discs and pads.

The brake discs looked in good condition, but Alex noticed that the pads had a shine on them. Shiny pads usually mean that they had “gone hard.”

We decided to fit a new set of pads as we suspected that this was the culprit. Alex completed the work and tested the handbrake on some of the steep hills that surround Halifax. He ran the car making sure the brakes were hot and checked the handbrake again.

Finally, another satisfied customer drove away into the sunset.