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Runflat Tyres Are Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer
Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

6 reasons to use run flat tyres

  1. You can continue driving even if you get a flat tyre. Run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls that allow you to drive for a short distance (usually 50–80 miles) even if the tyre is completely flat. This can be particularly useful if you are driving in an area where you cannot easily change a tyre, such as on a highway or in a remote location.
  2. You won’t have to carry a spare tyre. Because run-flat tyres can be driven on even when they are flat, you don’t need to carry a spare tyre in your trunk. This can save you space and weight and make it easier to pack your car for a trip.
  3. You won’t have to change a tyre in bad weather or a dangerous location. If you get a flat tyre in bad weather or on the side of the road in a dangerous location, you may be hesitant to change the tyre yourself. With run-flat tyres, you can simply drive to a safer location to get the tyre repaired or replaced.
  4. You won’t have to worry about getting stranded. If you get a flat tyre and don’t have a spare or the tools to change it, you could be stranded on the side of the road waiting for help to arrive. With run-flat tyres, you can at least drive to a nearby service station or garage to get the tyre repaired or replaced.
  5. You can still drive at high speeds. Some run-flat tyres are designed to be driven at high speeds even when they are flat, so you won’t have to slow down if you get a flat tyre on the highway.
  6. They can improve vehicle handling. Run-flat tyres are designed to maintain their shape even when they are flat, which can help to improve vehicle handling and stability. This can be particularly useful if you are driving in emergency situations or in challenging road conditions.

So what do run flat tyres actually do ? Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

In general, many of my customers complain. Especially, when they have to buy their first replacement runflat tyres. Customers simply do not understand how these tyres have evolved during the past 10 years of car design. Consequently, its all linked to greenhouse gases and your cars emissions.

Runflat tyres are safer and also help to reduce the overall weight of your car. Of course, this is done by not having a spare wheel, jack, or wheel brace. So, this reduces the overall weight of the car, thus making it more fuel-efficient.

No spare wheel reduces weight

Also, the fact that you do not have a spare wheel gives you more space in the boot and, as stated, a lighter load. Runflat tyres are also made with fewer materials than standard tyres. which also makes them more environmentally friendly.

As far as tyre performance is concerned, the BMW Run Flat Tyres are just the same as the conventional tyres. Providing all of the advantages of modern performance tyres. Predominantly, the main difference is that your car has a puncture while you are out driving.

Then the runflat tyre will not deflate, giving your car normal handling and cornering. therefore reducing the risk of an accident with other road users. So, in other words, run-flat tyres are safer. This is especially important if you were in the fast lane of the highway when the puncture occurred.

Your normal tyre would instantly deflate, making your car very unstable and possibly causing a bad accident. In fact, figures show that tyres cause a large percentage of motor related accidents, and the run flat tyres are a big improvement on the accident figures, enabling the driver to keep a straight line when a puncture occurs in one of the run-flats.

These new runflat tyre systems were originally created to keep drivers safe, Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

because punctures and blowouts can be dangerous. The vast majority of fatal road accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Apart from safety, a flat tyre can be a real inconvenience. adding time, cost, and sometimes embarrassment to your journey. Changing a tyre is fairly straightforward.

But it often occurs at the most inopportune moment. Frighteningly, getting stuck on the side of a motorway. Especially in the pouring rain with noisy kids in the back seat, this is really no fun at all! And trying to change a tyre on the hard shoulder can be dangerous in itself, or even impossible if you are disabled or elderly, In fact, many drivers have to call out the rescue services to change the wheel for them,

But the drivers with runflat tyres and tpms systems do not have to put up with this

Of course, once the tyre warning light comes on in the cab, they can safely tootle home or carry on with their journey (all be it at 50 mph, which is the recommended speed once you have a flat on your runflat tyres).

Runflat tyres are safer. Any vehicle fitted with runflat tyres , Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

should also include a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) this will show you whether your tyre pressure has been lost, This is because without it, the loss of pressure in your tyres will not be noticed

Of course, runflat tyres are designed to maintain

driving speed, handling, and smoothness. particularly when a puncture occurs. Indeed, even when driving on a motorway. A TPMS is essential to alert the driver to a loss in tyre pressure. To be sure, it will indeed become part of the MOT test in the near future. Your TPMS works from either a sensor in your wheel, which is usually a special valve, or from the car’s ABS braking system.

Almost all of the world’s leading tyre companies, Continental and Goodyear, among others, manufacture runflat tyres, including Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres. Cheap tyres can be bought online, but I recommend that you stick with the brand that you have on your car at the moment, or, as a good, cheaper alternative, we recommend Falken Tyres.

Since first writing this post, the popularity of runflat tyres has increased.

However, the public still begrudgingly pays for them. As a result, these tyres are now standard equipment on smaller car models. So, the problem starts when the cars become second-hand and start to need new tyres.

Fortunately,  runflat tyres are now available in “budget tyre” brands. One of the most popular tyre sizes is 205/55R16. Of course, this is also a runflat tyre size as well as a conventional radial tyre size. Significantly, this size is available in several brands. including the 205/55R16 WINMAX EURUS63 91V RFT at £67 fitted. Chinese tyre manufacturer Jinyu also makes the Jinyu YU63 economy runflat tyre range.

So these advancements have helped with the motoring expenses of the less well-off drivers with smaller cars.

There is no doubt in my mind now that these runflat tyres are safer. especially when driving on our overcrowded highway system. A poor motorist had a tyre blowout on the M6 just a few weeks ago. I know because I was caught up in the massive tailback.

As a result, a lady driver with a very flat tyre was caught in the fast lane with a tyre blowout. She looked terrified as the traffic began to back up and during the vehicles’ recovery. So I couldn’t help but think that if she had runflat tyres, she might have been able to limp the car off the highway and home. at 50 MPH. To put it simply, these Runflat Tyres Are-Safer and get drivers home safely.