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Ford Escort Steering Problems

Ford Escort Steering Problems

Ford Escort Steering Problems
Ford Escort Steering Problems

Ford Escort Steering Problems

In recent weeks, we have had a spate of Ford Escorts with steering problems. Therefore, I believe that the large number of “potholes” that we have are to blame. Hence, we have all gone down a pothole in recent times. especially here in Halifax, UK, where my garage is situated.
Furthermore, potholes do seem to affect older, more frail car models. As a result, younger generations are typically the ones who own these older cars. To put it another way, these younger drivers will probably try a DIY repair. They are at the lower end of the income bracket and cannot afford garage fees.

Ford Escorts fall into the category of cars for young drivers.

Fortunately, we have a large female customer base. As a result, women are able to budget for car repairs. So they are more likely to bring in their car for us to check out and give them a quote for work.
In the past three or four weeks, we have had a run of Ford Escorts with steering and suspension problems. Consequently, the first one was the wife of an old customer. Her name was Jane. Jane drove an old P-registered SUV that was handed down through the family. She loved her little car.

Ford Escort Steering Problems: Jane’s car pulled to the right?

Jane reported that the outsides of her front tyres were wearing down. Also, when she accelerates the car, it pulls to one side. In this case, to the right. Consequently, the car pulls to the left when she eases her foot off the gas.
Her husband had looked up the problem online. Because of this, he thought it could be either the “steering rack” or the “drive shaft.” Jane left her Ford Escort with us, and we proceeded to examine the ladies’ car.

Ford Escort Steering Problems: Suspension arm bushes were the culprits

Without doubt, we checked the steering rack and the driveshaft. But these were fine and in good working order. In this case, we found that the problem was the “lower suspension arm bushes.” This appears to be a common issue with this model. As usual, we contacted the customer. In this instance, Jane Jane was given a quote for the work, and we were given the go-ahead to proceed.
After the work was done, we readjusted the wheel alignment and took the car out for a test drive. Jane works for the local Nestle company in Halifax. She was also very happy with the service, so she brought us a box of chocolates for everyone to share.

The second escort was exactly the same?

We received another call later that week from a young man. Hence, whose name was Craig? Craig’s car was his pride and joy, a 1977 Ford Escort GTI. Once again, Craig brought in his car for us to check out. Sometimes, the car had a mind of its own. Steering wise.

Whenever I am driving along, the car keeps getting wobbly.

especially on bumpy roads with dips in them. Craig also reported that the Escort would pull to the right and then to the left. Of course, this sounded very much like Jane’s problem with her escort.
The car was left with us. Sure enough, the problem turned out to be exactly the same: the lower suspension arm bushes. Consequently, these were replaced, and the car also had a wheel alignment before a road test. Again, our customer was very happy and took his Ford Escort with him the same day.

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  1. Kenneth Douglas
    Kenneth Douglas says:

    Hi there please allow me to tell my storey , I have bought a mk 1 Escort ,Bell arched , Coilovers in place but car is unstable to drive wide wheels and new 205 60 13 tyres . when raised up with all wheels off the ground the front wheels steer oposit directions { near side to the verge and off side to road centre ] WHEN PUT BACK ON THE WHEELS IT RECENTERS AIMING STRAIGHT Any advice is welcome

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Hi it looks to me like a steering geometry problem ? I am not sure where you are from? but if you have your alignment checked then the mechanic can also check out the rest of the steering for you ? Also the Mk 1 escort was on 185/60R13 originally.Putting oversize tyres will only exaggerate any steering problems. I am sure thought that my first advice will resolve the problem ?good luck and a happy new year Eric Roberts

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