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Deadly Car Brake Pads

Deadly Car Brake Pads

Deadly Car Brake Pads
Deadly Car Brake Pads

Deadly Car Brake Pads

So, as a garage owner, I often wonder what will come next !

We are constantly being told that we are all breathing in too many particles of this and that ! On the other hand, the so-called experts are telling us that we are going to live to 100 years old.

It was not that long ago that you were lucky to get to 65. I can remember when I was a kid how dirty the river Calder was in my local town. One thing is for sure: there were no fish living in it. Now, in 2016, we not only have a large population of fish but also many species of birds that we would never dream of seeing in a dirty river.

We, too, are breathing in much better air quality than when I was a kid. Then, I suppose, came the car. The car has undergone major surgery since I first started to work on cars in the days gone by. I suppose if the truth is known, then much of the air pollution has to do with car emissions.

We then had a saviour? The diesel engine car.

We were told that the new type of diesel engine cars was going to be the answer. Millions of drivers switched to diesel engines. Then came the asbestos scare. If we touched the stuff, then our hands would drop off. If we breathed the dust in then we would be afflicted with cancer.

All the brake companies had to put their thinking caps on and come up with an asbestos-free brake solution. The dust that came from the worn-out brakes was carcinogenic. Of course, this is a substance or agent that can cause cells to become cancerous.

Consequently, by altering their genetic structure,

. So that they multiply continuously and become malignant. Asbestos dust from brake pad dust could be full of carcinogens. Unfortunately, a million mechanics, including myself, have been breathing this stuff in for years.

Subsequently, a new type of brake pad and linings had to be  invented ! So using asbestos-free materials. Of course , we thought that this would be the end of it ? But no !

In California, USA, they noticed that the fish that they caught were so saturated with copper that they were unfit to eat. The fish in the Bay area were not fit for human consumption. For years, they could not find a solution to the whereabouts of the pollution.

The Motor mechanics were able to identify the heard about this and reported that they could see small particles. Including particles of copper coming out of the brake pads as they wore away.

Deadly car brake pads have certainly had their problems.

Throughout the history of the automobile, and it has caused yet another environmental problem. It is a fact

that every time we break, tiny particles of dust come away from the Deadly Car Brake Pads. This is magnified a million times. Because of the number of cars on the road.

This has resulted in the passing of new laws to stop brake pad manufacturers from adding copper to their otherwise secret brake pad ingredients. I wonder if this affects other parts of the world. The brake pads must have been made for the whole of America and not just California?